Monday, February 29, 2016

"Every Time I Skip Town They Get a Little Sentimental"

DJ Snake's Middle has gotten a lot of love in this hood over the past year. First there was the original. Then came the head turning "twerk freestyle" by Lexi Panterra, which wouldn't be the worst visuals to have attached to your hit single if given a choice...

Now, thanks to Sammy Adams, we have a Hip Hop version to hang our hat on. It features the same booty shake worthy beat to compliment a couple fresh out the oven 16s. It may not be my favorite Sammy track, but I will say he did his thing weaving in and out of verses while also doing his own hook. He's always been able to flow no matter what beat he's on. Consider this "Wizzyflip" some much needed hype that will build some momentum leading into his upcoming album (The Long Way), due out on March 24th...#TheLongWay

Sammy Adams - The Middle (WizzyFlip)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jon Bellion At His Best on Acoustic Version of All Time Low

Even though EDM is the usual subject in this hood of the internet, there's always room for multi-talented artists who simply make great music. When I think of said multi-talented artists, I think of the Ryan Tedders and Bruno Mars of the world. Those artists who are known for being amazing vocalists, but can also write and produce with the best of them.

In that vane, it might be time to start giving some love to Jon Bellion. Jack of all trades is a colloquialism that gets thrown around too much, but it's fitting for what Jon brings to the table. Yes, he's also the guy who has writing credits for the likes of Eminem, Jason Derulo, Zedd, B.O.B. and Cee Lo. Last year, he released The Definition to rave reviews and this week he's promising an "avalanche of new content" on the horizon. His song, All Time Low, isn't new, but it's one of his more noteworthy tracks of the past year. Check the original for reference...

Jon Bellion - All Time Low

The original was cool and all, but his group acapella style acoustic version truly showcases the limitless potential he brings as an artist. Honestly, the original version of the track is now sounding pretty mundane compared to his new, live version below. It's a fun watch, especially if you appreciate groups like Straight No Chaser. Even though this is the starting point for Jon's presence on this blog, you can expect to see a lot more of him in the future...#AllTimeLow

Photo Credit: YouTube

Saturday, February 27, 2016

"I'm Killin' Dem, No Murda"

Usually when I think of jungle dance music, Major Lazer or Jack U come to mind. Seeing that Skrillex makes up half of Jack U, it should come as no surprise that his new collaboration with Wiwek and Elliphant sounds like something taken out of a tribal rave. The gentle reggae build up will lure you into thinking it's a chill dance track, but that goes out the door post-drop when the bass comes in like a hammer. The mix of soft vocals from Elliphant contrasting with the sharp synths and jagged samples are what ultimately make the track memorable. Those of you looking for that hype new dance track may want add this one to the weekend Spotify playlist for tonight's party...#Killa

Wiwek & Skrillex feat Elliphant - Killa

Friday, February 26, 2016

Videos of the Week February 26th

Definitely a Hip Hop and R&B heavy week with a few unexpected quirks thrown in the mix. First and foremost, it would have been hard to not give love to Drake and Rihanna's new video for Work. Playing off their playful sexual chemistry, it makes for an interesting watch. In case you were wondering where Lauryn Hill went, she made an unexpected cameo with The Weeknd on Fallon. So great to see her back on stage doing what she does on the mic.

Speaking of Fallon, if you grew up in Big Ten country like me, you respond favorably to the familiar rat-a-tat-tat of the marching band's drum line. When you throw ?uestlove in the mix, it makes for a special minute of entertainment. In other news, if you've ever wondered what it took for DJ Khaled to become such a big deal on Snapchat, you'll find his interview on ABC's Nightline an interesting watch. So many catch phrases, I'm still in awe of how he became such a thing. At least he spits nothing but positivity, which the world could always use more of. And last but not least, Bart Simpson's Started From the Bottom montage was nothing short of epic. The whole slumlord, turning a dollar into baller status over the track was a thing of beauty...#StartedFromTheBottom
Rihanna feat Drake - Work (Video)

The Weeknd feat Lauryn Hill Performs Into the Night on Fallon
Questlove Plays With the USC Marching Band on Fallon (Video)
DJ Khaled Explains Snapchat Success on ABC's Nightline

Bart Simpsons Does Drake's Started From the Bottom

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Zedd & Aloe Blacc's Candyman Remake Feels So Good

As much as I find it incredibly annoying that corporate America is now treating EDM like their new best friend all the sudden, I'm going to choose to spin it in a positive light. At least we get more new music, right? And not just new music, an awesome new collaboration between two artists at the top of their respective games. Before I get into the who and what, give a listen to Sammy Davis Jr's cover of the original M&M's theme song The Candy Man...

Suffice to say you probably remember Sammy's jingle above or the original from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What I can promise you is that Zedd and Aloe Blacc's new cover of Candyman sounds nothing like those versions. In fact, the Future Bass vibe of the new version is undeniably catchy. Aloe's vocals bring the soul necessary to do justice to Sammy's cover and the bright, bouncy post-drop release is a perfect example of how electronic music is becoming more accessible by the day. Despite the corporate ties, I can't but help get all caught up in the awesomeness of this new one...#Candyman

Zedd & Aloe Blacc - Candyman

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"What if We Could Wake Up in a Dream?"

I'm not sure what it is, but this week is all about mellow House music. While Sam Feldt's new one with Dutch producer Dante Klein isn't quite as Tropical as I've come to expect from him, it's every bit as chill as I expected. Packed with soothing chords and enough cooled out synths to put your baby asleep, it's easy to understand why Sam Feldt's music is so easy on the ears. I'd be remiss if I didn't give credit to Milow's vocals that find a way to seamlessly get on board with the relaxed rhythms. Honestly I'm running out of ways to say this track is chill, but there are enough synonyms above to warrant a smh. Now that you've forgiven me, turn your attention to Sam's new Been A While EP that will be landing on e-tailers in about a week. It may only be six tracks, but I've already posted one third of the album, which should mean something...right?...#SamFeldt

Sam Feldt & Dante Klein feat Milow - Feels Like Home

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"My Heartbeat Baby, Won't Let You Down"

The proliferation of EDM tracks into mainstream music has brought about a lot of cool cross-genre collaborations. We've gotten a taste of Country through Newgrass, some Hip Hop sprinkled in through Trap and even some exotic rhythms via Tropical House. If electronic music is missing anything, it's a dose of soul music like on Autograf's new track, Heartbeat.

What you can expect when you press play below is a mellow, mid-tempo jam with a distinctive soul sample. It's so mellow that you'd be hard pressed convincing me that it's electronic. It's more piano driven than synth driven, giving off an easy-going vibe. The song will be surfacing on Autograf's five song Future Soup EP that is due out on March 11th. At this point, I've posted the first two tracks from the EP and there's a better than average chance you'll see the next three tracks in this neighborhood of the internet in the coming weeks. What I'm trying to say is, I think Autograf makes really good music and you should too...#FutureSoup

Autograf - Heartbeat

Monday, February 22, 2016

DJ Snake's Propaganda Gets Remixed Ten Different Ways

Just over a month back, I posted a new, exciting Trap track from DJ Snake titled Propaganda. To this day, the tribal rattle and heavy bass on that track continue to stick with me. It's easily one of the most provocative and unapologetically in your face tracks that I've heard from DJ Snake.

Whats even more exciting than the original is a full Propaganda Remix EP to snack on. Featuring reworks from the likes of Dillon Francis, Habstrakt and Kill the Noise (below), there's plenty of variety to latch onto. My favorite of the bunch is bouncy, dub-heavy mix by Kill the Noise. It's not for the faint of heart because you'll probably need to turn it down or risk not blinking for an entire three plus minutes. You better believe it goes hard and succeeds in harnessing the tribal energy from the original while adding a boat load of edgy synths to the equation. All in all, I hope you enjoyed the original because having it re-worked ten more times is a fun play at novelty, but skirts the line of being overdone...#Propaganda

DJ Snake - Propaganda (Kill The Noise Remix)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

"I'm Ridin' Round With My System Pumpin' LSD"

If you would have told someone did an acoustic cover an A$AP Rocky's track, it may have been difficult to hold back laughter. That being said, if the lyrics are interesting enough on any track and the artist covering it doesn't butcher the chords, it won't take a lot to transform anything into an acoustic cover. Before you rush to judgment, give a listen to the original version of A$AP's LSD...
Pretty trippy track and not as Hip Hop as you expected, right? Hence why Raury was able to get his foot in the door on the acoustic cover. If you haven't heard of Raury, he hails from the ATL and was on the highly acclaimed XXL Freshman class of 2015. Watching the live cover of the track will give you everything you need to understand why he's generating so much hype. He's got that Bobby Ray versatility and is very comfortable singing, rapping and rocking the guitar if you let him. At the ripe age of 19, there's no traffic on his highway to success...#Raury

Photo Credit: YouTube

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Star Wars Embraces EDM on Headspace Album

It's a sign of the times that electronic music and nerdiness are becoming more and more intertwined by the day. Sure, you've got the whole part about how electronic music relies on a lot of digital manipulation, which requires a lot of skill and artistry with computers that nerds have been known to know how to use pretty well. But until recently when video games started knocking on a lot of EDM artists' doors, there hadn't been a lot of soundtracks that were predominantly EDM focused.

Keeping all that in mind, today was a big day for electronic music. You don't get much bigger whales than Star Wars when it comes to hardcore fan bases. The fact that big names like Baauer, GTA, Kaskade, Galantis, and Troyboi were all featured on the new Star Wars Headspace album is nothing short of awesome. After giving the whole album a listen, I thought the album as a whole was a really solid mix of Star Wars samples and synths. It was not easy picking a favorite, but if you held a gun to my head, I'd go with Röyksopp's Bounty Hunters. If you close your eyes, you might think for a minute that you're listening to the Tron soundtrack, but around the 4:30 mark, the beat fully hits its stride. Really dope track overall, but by all means, give the full compilation a listen because Rick Rubin did an excellent job putting together a top notch collection of new music...#Headspace

Röyksopp - Bounty Hunters

Friday, February 19, 2016

Videos of the Week February 19th

You'd be hard pressed to find a more stacked week for videos. Truth be told, it was hard narrowing down the ten or so videos that were in the running for the top five. Between the Grammy performances and Kanye performing on SNL, there was a lot of content to pick from. In my opinion, the Kendrick Lamar and Justin Bieber/Jack U performances were the most memorable, but I'd give Lady Gaga's David Bowie tribute a solid honorable mention. And as far as Kanye goes, I don't really have word for Ultra Light Beams. It's dramatic, it's emotional and it's everything you'd expect in a Kanye performance.

In the land of non-live performances, Flume came through with some trippy and emotional visuals for his new single Never Be Like You. Love everything about the slow trap movement, which includes slow bangers like that one. And for some a humorous ending to the week, there's the third incarnation of musician Mean Tweets from the Kimmel Show. My favorite digs were on Ed Sheeran, Common and of course the creative Mumford jab in the end was worthy of mentioning...#MeanTweets
Kendrick Lamar Performs The Blacker the Berry and Alright at The Grammys

Jack U and Bieber Performance at The Grammys

Flume feat Kai - Never Be Like You (Video)

Kanye West Performs Ultra Light Beams With Chance the Rapper on SNL
Mean Tweets Music Edition #3 on Kimmel

Photo Credit: CBS

Thursday, February 18, 2016

"No One Wants to Fall Out of Heaven"

Initially, it seemed like Kanye was hell bent on keeping his new album on ice Tidal. Now it looks like he's continuing with that plan, but with a revamped version of his new album. First came the new version of Wolves and now there are rumors of tracks becoming longer. Whatever the case, I'm blindly guessing that the new track below is a leftover and won't be on the final version of the final album that may finally come later this week. Fall Out of Heaven showcases plenty of autotune from both Kanye and The Dream and is packed with plenty narcissism. It has a low key synth aided, slow jam vibe to it that is tempting to attribute to Bon Iver's influence on the track. There's not a whole lot that's unpredictable about this one, but in case you wanted an update on the debacle that is becoming Kanye's latest album release, then I hope you feel caught up...#FallOutOfHeaven

Kanye West feat The Dream & Bon Iver - Fall Out of Heaven

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Disclosure Takes Nocturnal to the V.I.P.

What's better than a Disclosure original? A V.I.P. mix with slightly more tempo than the original. If you didn't catch the original version of Nocturnal off their recent album Caracal, then catch up before you enter the V.I.P...
I'd call the original a fresh slice of funky house music that The Weeknd shines all over. The tempo is measured, to a point that it's almost difficult to dance to. And as you should know by now, Disclosure is all about the womp womp style Deep House that you'll find on their V.I.P. mix. The new version is much more their tempo, showcasing bouncy bass and a playful repetition. Basically if you liked the original, but just wished it had more tempo, they did you a solid on the new mix...#Noctural

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Could You Carry Me, On and On and On?"

So first off, let's get the bad news out of the way. Kygo's upcoming album, Cloud Nine, will be delayed a bit from it's planned February 12th release...
Hey guys, Im sorry to say the album is going to be a little delayed. Ive been working on this album for a year and a half, so I dont want to rush anything now in the end and I want it to be perfect when I release it! Its 99% done so its very close now! - Kygo (via Soundcloud)
To his credit, when he shared the news, he let us down softly by giving us a sneak peek into what is coming next. They're mostly minute long snippets, so keep your expectations in check before you get too excited...

All that being said, the above news isn't what this post about. It's about a new track currently called Carry Me with the understanding that both the track's name and completion are a work in progress. It's inspirational, symphonic Tropical House tracks like this that landed my fandom squarely in his corner in the first place. The vocals are on point and the beat is mesmerizingly awesome thanks in large part to the keyboard wizardry that his notoriety is built on. If I'm being honest, the track below has me more excited than any of the snippets above, but that's probably biased because there were a few snips that didn't even really take off before moving on to the next one. Even though we're going to have to wait just a little bit longer for the full release, I'm cool with chewing on this one for a bit to bide the time...#CloudNine

Kygo - Carry Me

Monday, February 15, 2016

Marshmello & Slushii Wanted You 2 Have a Happy V-day

Sticking with the Valentines Day love for just one more day since there was so much love in the music world yesterday. It was near impossible topping Macklemore's stellar effort on Spoons, but since I'm partial to EDM, I feel the need to not entirely skip of Marshmello and Slushii's electronic slow jam version of WaNt U 2. If you're confused about the phrase electronic slow jam, that makes two of us because as I typed it I was thinking to myself "wtf is an electronic slow jam."

Well, I'll put it this way, I've never heard a slower, more exaggerated drop than what I witnessed below on the VIP edit. I haven't listened to much Slushii, but the high pitched sample and overall happy tone has Marshmello's style written all over it. It's the first time I've thought to myself, if a 90s slow jam were to made of entirely synths, this is what it would sound like. There's a nice, bouncy tempo leading up to the drop, but the drawn out, sappiness of the drop is somethin' special. It's a rare remix where I'm finding myself liking it more than the original version. In a an electronic world where it's becoming harder and harder to be different, this one sure threw more for a loop that I actually kind of like in a weird way...#WaNtU2

Marshmello x Slushii - WaNt U 2 (Valentines Day VIP Edit)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

"I'm Spoonin' You, You're Spoonin' Me"

Man, there's something about offbeat humor that has made this Valentines Day weekend better than expected. First, it was the movie Deadpool. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to, but not with your kids or a even little cousin. It's about the funniest superhero movie you're ever going to see on the big screen and it covers all bases of humor from situational to ironic to circumstantial humor, it's got it all.

Now today, we've got a brand new modern ode to love from Macklemore. Featuring the vocals of Ryan Bedard on the hook and packed with plenty of sexual innuendo meant to make you nod and smile all at once. It's one of those, "man you gotta hear this sh*t type of tracks" that you need to hear to believe. It's so real and quirky that it ends up being incredibly endearing. Some people will brush it off as too corny, but for those of you grown folk out there who have experienced real, committed love, you'll get more than a few kicks out of it. That whole bit about the Netflix queue had me rollin', but there's so much content to latch onto that you'll hopefully find a way to make it fit into this revered day of love...#TwoSpoons

Macklemore feat Ryan Bedard - Spoons

Saturday, February 13, 2016

"I Hit the Gym, All Chest No Legs"

As we all continue to wait with baited breath for Kanye's new album, The Life of Pablo, at least have a new track to chew on to pass the time. According to the latest news, the album is being mastered now and the track below will be song 14 on the official release...
30 Hours is an accessible track that relies on Kanye's penchant for storytelling. There are plenty of one liners sprinkled throughout that will garner a chuckle or two, which in a way, shows Ye's endearing side. It's a smooth addition to the tracklist that is evidently still a work in progress if you're believing the company line that it's now Chance the Rapper's fault for the delay. Let's all collectively hope that super villain wannabe Martin Shkreli's $10 million offer to buy his new album has nothing to do with the yellow light we seem to perpetually be stuck in as we wait for that iTunes link...#LifeOfPablo

Kanye West - 30 Hours

Friday, February 12, 2016

Videos of the Week February 12th

Was it me or did all the news this week in music center around Beyonce and Kanye? While it was tempting to post snippets of Kanye's Madison Square Garden album launch fashion show, it was much better consumed live. Instead, let's pivot to Beyonce who is hilariously being threatened to be banned from Canada. Anyone who saw the Super Bowl performance was probably inspired by the aggressive and controlled demeanor of Queen B. The same description could be given to her real video for Formation where she steams ahead, proudly proclaiming Black Pride.

It's hard to follow that type of video, but if you haven't heard of Parson James, here's another example why he's going to be a household name soon enough. The dude is such a talented vocalist, there's no denying it. Word it has it Zoolander 2 comes out this weekend and it's receiving sub-part reviews. Along the same silly comedy lines, Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson played egg roulette on Fallon. Anytime you can see Hall of Fame athletes making a fool of themselves, it's going to be a good time. Speaking of making a fool of yourself, Kevin Hart is legitimately scared of reptiles. Not just little lizards, but also big snakes. In his words, "Snakes are racist!" Yea lots of laughs this week for sure...#Ophidiophobia
Beyonce - Formation (Video)

Parson James Performs Temple on Late Night With Seth Myers
Zoolander 2 (Extended Trailer)

Egg Russian Roulette With Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson on Fallon

Kevin Hart is Afraid of Snakes...Hilarity Ensues

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Oh, Ophelia, You Been on My Mind, Girl, Since the Flood"

Without hesitation, I'm taking a night off from the usual stream of Hip Hop and EDM to give you one of the better songs I've heard this year. The Lumineers? Folk music you say? You better believe it because their new single Ophelia is one of their better singles in recent memory. The quietly moving track showcases excellent vocals from lead singer Wesley Schultz, a mellow piano-led beat and an undeniably catchy hook. If you're not singing along to the "Oh, Ophelia..." at the beginning of the hook, then you're missing out. For those of you keeping score at home, this is the first of fifteen tracks that will be surfacing on their upcoming album Cleopatra that is scheduled to hit e-shelves on April 8th. We can only hope that the album is half as good as their lead single...#Ophelia

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Red Lips Always Lie"

Some remixes don't require much introduction or hype, they practically force you to press play on name recognition. File this one under that categorization as Dillon Francis and Skrillex went absolutely buckwild with GTA's Red Lips. You know how we do, we like comparing things in this hood of the internet, so check the original before imbibing in the "rebirth"...

Where the original is trappy and carried by some superb horns, the remix takes more on more of a skittish, tribal vibe. On one hand you've Dillon Francis covering the boomy Moombahton angle and Skrillex chipping in an speaker rattling, robotic samples. Definitely two very different sounds when comparing the original to the remix, but that's probably why they called it a rebirth. Can't complain about that free download via Soundcloud, though. Better get at that before the magical down arrow disappears....#RedLips

GTA - Red Lips (Dillon Francis X Skrillex Rebirth)

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Haywyre Keeps It Rolling With Impulse

Now that I've had a minute to do a full swan dive into Haywyre's new Two Fold Pt. 2 EP, I think I've found a favorite track. Topping previous favorites like Do You Don't You and Endlessly was no small task, but Impulse proved to outlast them all. What I like most about it is the mix of slow, rhythmic bass and experimental samples sprinkled throughout. It takes about a minute or so to ramp up, but the beat that follows is worth the wait. When he brings in the middle eastern sounding horns around the 2:16 mark, I almost lost it. Just a cool all around track that is growing on me with each listen. Best part about, Haywyre is coming with Seven Lions to SF on Thursday. See y'all there?...#TwoFoldPt2

Haywyre - Impulse

Monday, February 08, 2016

"Let Me Hit You With That Pep Rally"

As tempting as it was to re-post Super Bowl commercials, the national anthem or even the halftime show, I'm going to operate under the assumption that you probably saw the majority of it. What I'm going to highlight tonight was a somewhat unique release of a new single via Super Bowl commercial. Can't say I've seen that before, but we can thank Amazon and Missy Elliot's partnership for breaking new ice...
As as side note, it's pretty cool that Amazon Echo is becoming a new platform to develop on. Not sure Uber would be one of the top ways I'd utilize it, but Spotify integration looks pretty cool.

As far as the new Missy single goes, it's just as turnt up as her previous release WTF (Where You From). It doesn't have quite the catchy lyrics, but the steady 808 thump is impossible to ignore. The marching band vibe adds to the dance worthiness too, giving Pep Rally plenty of party starter appeal. At the very least, it's great to hear an artist from my upbringing come back to the game like she never left. Hoping this streak of great music continues on the way toward a new album at some point...#PepRally

Sunday, February 07, 2016

"Haven't Seen You Naked For a While"

With more people latching onto Tropical House through the Kygos and Thomas Jacks of the world, Sam Feldt is quietly making a name for himself as a player in the genre. I've posted a few of his tracks, but it's exciting to hear that he has a new five song EP coming out in early March. His new single, Been a While, should be more than enough to get people excited for what's to come in the next few weeks. Featuring plenty of flute, some easy-going whistling, and some horns from Q on the Trumpet, it has everything you'd want from a Trop House track. Not only that, if you're looking for a relaxing tune to combat the bumper to bumper Super Bowl traffic on your way home from the game tonight, this will hit the spot...#BeenAWhile

Sam Feldt - Been a While

Saturday, February 06, 2016

"Don't Let Me, Don't Let Me, Don't Let Me Down Now"

There are few things I've enjoyed watching more than The Chainsmokers meteoric rise. Despite the fact that they've come up, they're still trying their damnedest to maintain a real connection with the fans who helped boost them to where they're currently at. I say where they're currently at because they're killing it right now, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bieber, Adele, and Selena Gomez on top iTunes singles...

And the best part about it? They haven't stopped churning out great music. Case in point their newest creation, Don't Let Me Down, which features the vocals of Daya...who sounds strikingly similar to Rihanna, which is a big compliment. It's not their usual party starter, but it falls directly in line with a lot of vocal driven tracks they've done in the past. It's a testament to their ability to be comfortable at any tempo and know when they need to play the Chris Paul role by dishing out an assist every now and then to a talented vocalist in order to achieve a successful result. Tip of the cap to Alex and Drew for continuing to push the envelope creatively and for finding a way to resurrect this gem from the grave after losing the original to a hard drive crash...#DontLetMeDown

The Chainsmokers feat Daya - Don't Let Me Down

Friday, February 05, 2016

Videos of the Week February 5th

Sticking with a NFL theme this week seeing that the Super Bowl is this weekend. Although it was tempting, I resisted posting a few of the entertaining commercials before they air on Sunday. It truly wouldn't be the Super Bowl without crazy, ridiculous ads, so we'll leave those cats inside the box.

First, the novelty. The 2016 Bad Lip Reading video Part 1 might be one of the more entertaining videos I post all year. They never disappoint, year after year. Similarly, Fallon did an excellent job of roasting some of the players who will be taking part in the big game this weekend. On the music front, The Chainsmokers continued their EDM conquest on Fallon by performing their now #1 iTunes dance single Roses. Coldplay also released a new video with Beyonce's help, but I was a little confused about the lyrical content being about drunk and high...on life? Definitely a celebratory video and much more feel good than I imagined. To end the week, how about some dap for Ohene Savant. There are plenty of people who can either play a live instrument, or produce music or even rap. But can any of them do all of them with a degree of skill? Needless to say, he's much more the exception to the rule, so give him a look and don't be afraid to be amazed like I was...#GeniusLevel
2016 Bad Lip Reading NFL

NFL Superlatives on Fallon

Coldplay feat Beyonce - Hymn For the Weekend (Video)

The Chainsmokers & Rozes Perform Roses on Fallon

Ohene Savant Shows What It Takes to Be a Producer/Rapper

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Marley's Is This Love Gets a Stellar Update From Vicetone

Risky doesn't begin to explain how dangerous it is to try and re-imagine a Bob Marley classic. There's so much potential for failure and nobody has the audacity to think they can transform something as sacred as a track like Is This Love. All that being said, Vicetone stared down the aforementioned risks and said don't worry guys, I got this.

The resulting remix is nothing short of magical. It manages to capture the nostalgia of the original, while adding in a relaxing chord progression and sped up vocal sample to match the increased tempo. The electronics take the back seat in this "EDM" remix, finding a way to add in just the right amount of rhythm to compliment the vocal highlights from the original. Tip of the cap doesn't do justice to what I just listened to, so let's go with a full on *slow clap* for the Dutch production duo...#IsThisLove

Bob Marley - Is This Love (Vicetone Remix)

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Autograf Dishes Out a Warm Bowl of Future Soup

Hopefully you came to this neighborhood of the internet for some high energy, crisp house music tonight because Autograf came correct with his new one. With the help of some soulful vocals from Patrick Baker, Future Soup excels in its mix of wobbly chords and heavy bass. As an added bonus, you're in for a head massage treatment if you have some decent headphones. On a personal note, I appreciate it when there's a concerted effort made to set the tone on a track before brining in the vocals. That's exactly what Autograf did on his new one, which made me appreciate the complimentary vocals that much more. If you're a fan of the track, it will be released as part of a five song Future Soup EP that will be arriving on digital e-tailers on March 11th. Until then, join me in keeping this one on heavy repeat for the next month...#FutureSoup

Autograf feat Patrick Baker - Future Soup

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

"Do You Hear What I Hear, Do You Care if I Care"

I can't quite put my finger on why, but I really like Haywyre's brand of unique, quirky electronic music. He comes correct with noteworthy samples, some funk and a good deal of House vibes to boot. On his new one, Do You Don't You, you initially get smacked in the face with high pitched keys and thumping bassline. What follows is a swanky, upbeat house vibe that offers plenty of reasons to dance. The track is set to surface on his upcoming Two Fold Pt. 2 album that will drop next week. Looking back, the single comes almost exactly a year after I first posted Haywyre's crazy talent on the keys. All in all, it will be tough to top his Two Fold Pt. 1 album, but I'd say the new one below is a step in the right direction...#TwoFoldPt2

Haywyre - Do You Don't You

Monday, February 01, 2016

A Brand New Acronym That We Should Know - YWMO

It's been quite a while since we've heard from Wolfgang Gartner. Looking back, 2012 was the peak of my fandom when we he tearing it up with tracks like We Own the Night and Love and War. I'll always remember his DJ set at The Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana where he basically poured gasoline all over my interest in EDM.

A mere four years later, Wolfgang now finds himself in a crowded EDM marketplace where it takes that much more to impress. But a little competition never bothers the best and Wolfgang is in fact back with a vengeance. Call it new Nu-Disco or just funky electronic music, whatever you want to label his new single Y.W.M.O., it works for me. It's a bit bold inventing a new acronym, but when you've got the vocals of Gene Noble to pave the way, it's all good in the hood. Simply put, I dare you to try not to dance to this one. Better yet, I dare you not to dance to his entire new album, Ten Ways to Steal Home Plate. It just so happens to have landed on Spotify and iTunes this week, which means there's a whole lot to catch up one...#YWMO

Wolfgang Gartner feat Gene Noble - Y.W.M.O. (You Wear Me Out)

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