Friday, February 05, 2016

Videos of the Week February 5th

Sticking with a NFL theme this week seeing that the Super Bowl is this weekend. Although it was tempting, I resisted posting a few of the entertaining commercials before they air on Sunday. It truly wouldn't be the Super Bowl without crazy, ridiculous ads, so we'll leave those cats inside the box.

First, the novelty. The 2016 Bad Lip Reading video Part 1 might be one of the more entertaining videos I post all year. They never disappoint, year after year. Similarly, Fallon did an excellent job of roasting some of the players who will be taking part in the big game this weekend. On the music front, The Chainsmokers continued their EDM conquest on Fallon by performing their now #1 iTunes dance single Roses. Coldplay also released a new video with Beyonce's help, but I was a little confused about the lyrical content being about drunk and high...on life? Definitely a celebratory video and much more feel good than I imagined. To end the week, how about some dap for Ohene Savant. There are plenty of people who can either play a live instrument, or produce music or even rap. But can any of them do all of them with a degree of skill? Needless to say, he's much more the exception to the rule, so give him a look and don't be afraid to be amazed like I was...#GeniusLevel
2016 Bad Lip Reading NFL

NFL Superlatives on Fallon

Coldplay feat Beyonce - Hymn For the Weekend (Video)

The Chainsmokers & Rozes Perform Roses on Fallon

Ohene Savant Shows What It Takes to Be a Producer/Rapper

Photo Credit: YouTube


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