Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"My Heartbeat Baby, Won't Let You Down"

The proliferation of EDM tracks into mainstream music has brought about a lot of cool cross-genre collaborations. We've gotten a taste of Country through Newgrass, some Hip Hop sprinkled in through Trap and even some exotic rhythms via Tropical House. If electronic music is missing anything, it's a dose of soul music like on Autograf's new track, Heartbeat.

What you can expect when you press play below is a mellow, mid-tempo jam with a distinctive soul sample. It's so mellow that you'd be hard pressed convincing me that it's electronic. It's more piano driven than synth driven, giving off an easy-going vibe. The song will be surfacing on Autograf's five song Future Soup EP that is due out on March 11th. At this point, I've posted the first two tracks from the EP and there's a better than average chance you'll see the next three tracks in this neighborhood of the internet in the coming weeks. What I'm trying to say is, I think Autograf makes really good music and you should too...#FutureSoup

Autograf - Heartbeat


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