Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"I Just Wanna Be Part of Your Symphony"

Remember two months back when Clean Bandit released their latest single Symphony with Zara Larsson? It was a pretty chill House track that represented exactly what you'd expect from Clean Bandit. Smooth chords, solid feature vocals, and beat that invites you to dance.

This week Cash Cash gave the track a new lease on life by injecting a bit of jubilant vibe into the original. Armed with a bright chord progression and tribal flare, it has the personality of a Progressive House track mixed with Soca rhythms. Where the original was smooth, this one is much more fun and exciting. Credit Cash Cash, they succeeded in delivering a new sounding track, taking a completely awesome new direction...#Symphony

Clean Bandit feat Zara Larson - Symphony (Cash Cash Remix)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"I'm Waiting for it That Green Light, I Want it"

It doesn't matter who is responsible for the original, when Chromeo remixes a track it's game over. The layers of funk they're able to impart on any form of music is exemplary. Take for example their new-ish remix of Lorde's Green Light. They took the quiet embers of the original, upped the tempo, and gave it a second life with some steady guitar riffs. Truth be told, I haven't seen Chromeo in concert, but I already know I'd be dancing myself clean because their brand of music is fun af. I can't say I was a huge fan of Lorde's original, but you'd be hard pressed to get me to skip through the remix...#GreenLight

Lorde - Green Light (Chromeo Remix)

Monday, May 29, 2017

"I Just Need to Get it Off My Chest, More Than You Know"

It may only be a four song EP, but Axwell Λ Ingrosso's new one is stacked front to back. I recently posted Renegade, which still hasn't run it's full course on GWDJ Favorites yet. And just when you think their style is drifting more toward a funk vibe, they drop an addictive, vocal driven anthem chalked full of arena-filling horns. I loved what Axwell Λ Ingrosso were doing way back from the Swedish House Mafia days. Even though they're past that chapter in their careers, they've managed to find a way to keep broadening their sound. Beware before you press play, you're going to find yourself humming the chords later on today, it's that type of track. And if you haven't give their More Than You Know EP a listen yet, then you have full permission to bounce out of this hood of the internet to a place where you can run a few laps around their new gem...#MoreThanYouKnow

Axwell Ingrosso - More Than You Know

Friday, May 26, 2017

VIdeos of the Week May 27th

Like many weeks, this one was ruled by a slew of new high profile EDM released. My personal favorite of the bunch was Odesza's Late Night video put together by some of their most adventure seeking fans. Whether it's jumping out of planes, dangling feet off of cliffs or scaling mountains, the experience they put together was pretty awesome. Nipping at the heels of #1 was Kygo and Ellie's video for their recent collabo First Time. Plenty of sorrow and memories mixed with fire and ashes, which makes for an emotional video. Rounding out the EDM videos is Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan's new one for There For You. Shot in beautiful San Francisco, they couldn't have picked a better setting for their new track. #ImBiased

Outside of EDM, it was cool to see an updated trailer for Marvel's next money pot, Spiderman: Homecoming. It's going to be hard to continue the roll the franchise, but they've got an optimized formula for making movies that has everyone eating out of the palms of their hand. And round out the top five was a hell of duet from John Legend and Gallant. If you weren't already considering seeing John in concert, you should reconsider that decision because Gallant will be joining him as the opener. Their rendition of In the Room was well worth the price of admission...#DarknessAndLight

Odesza Fan Created Video for Late Night

Kygo feat Ellie Goulding - First Time (Video)

Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For you (Video)

Spiderman: Homecoming (Trailer)

John Legend & Gallant Perform Overload In the Room

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Oyster Perpetual, My Time is Expensive"

Might as well keep the Murda Beatz momentum going with his new production for G-Eazy and Snoop Dogg. Get Mine follows yesterday's post of Travis Scott's new one that was also tee'd up by Murda. Where last night's cut was mellow, Get Mine goes a bit harder. Led by a leadoff hook from Snoop Dogg that'll remind you he hasn't lost a step, you'll find plenty to latch onto off top. Then you've got Young Gerald who bobbed and weaved through a few verses with a clear IDGAF undercurrent emanating throughout.

One thing's for sure G-Eazy's new album definitely isn't lacking star power. Snoop joins the growing list of legends showing up on his new music that includes E-40 and a 9th Wonder production. Side note - I really wish every artist would celebrate their birthday by releasing four new tracks like G-Eazy. Nothing like being able to celebrate along side one of your favorite artists when they let loose a quarter of an album all in one day...#GetMine

G-Eazy feat Snoop Dogg - Get Mine (prod by Murda Beats)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"M&M's, Sweet Like Candy Cane"

Last week I made a best of Travis Scott playlist in an attempt to reel in all my favorite tracks of his throughout the years. Of the favorites, Dance on the Moon, Wonderful, and Oh Me Oh My stood out as a top three, but that was before I heard his new one below. Butterfly Effect deserves to be in the same upper echelon as the top three because it has exactly what the other tracks have. It has a mellowed out beat with sing-songy vocals and sharp ad-libs mixed throughout. Credit to Murda Beatz for setting the tone on this one. His simple, but somehow not monotonous steady clapping beat with quiet synths painted a perfect canvas to showcase Travis's wide range of vocals and bars. I can't honestly tell you what in the hell the song is about, but it doesn't matter because each time I listen, I find myself trying to sing along. A trademark of good Hip Hop is that it can be about nothing at all and the audience still feels compelled to try and keep up with their own vocals. Travis had mastered that to a T, which means I'm going to keep falling for his mellowed out brand of Hip Hop with each release...#ButterflyEffect

Travis Scott - Butterfly Effect (prod by Murda Beatz)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The List of Redbone Covers Continues to Grow

One of the most impressive surprises in music last year was Childish Gambino's Awaken My Love. It seemed a little weird at first, but the more people listened to it, the more they understood the genius behind Donald's vision for the album. It's no surprise that the standout track on the album, Redbone, has turned into a modern day classic. To this day I'm still finding it hard to imagine Donald singing the vocals and it doesn't match up. Multiple views of his performance on the track on Fallon have helped, but it's still a stretch.

Back in March, Snakehips & tackled the track head on in BBC Radio 1's studio, setting the bar high for remixes of the track. Check it below in case you missed it...

Wiz must have been listening because he wasn't shy about releasing his own Weedmix of the track. Based on the title you already know he flipped it into a two minute and 45 second Mary Jane promo. Subject matter aside, he stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. He has always had one of the smoothest deliveries on the mic and that was on full display below. He dropped a fire verse and then finished up with some soulful vocals than few rappers could claim to be capable of. Not sure about y'all, but I'm excited as hell for Rolling Papers 2. If you're one to indulge the green, check out his new growing simulation app Weed Farm too...#StayStoned

Wiz Khalifa - Stay Stoned (Redbone Weedmix)

Monday, May 22, 2017

"You Say You'd Be My Love, Don't Be a Liar"

Let's talk for a minute about how hard it is to stand out in the crowded genre of EDM. Among the endless sameness, there's an occasional gem like Lemaitre's new one with Maty Noyes. Higher sucks you in from the beginning with Maty taking the track by force with her melodic vocals. As her vocals quietly build the energy in the track, the Norwegian duo smack you in the face with a really dope down spiraling distorted guitar riff. It's twangy, high energy, and will take you to the two ends of the tempo spectrum. Join me in heading on over to Spotify to add this one to the weekly favorites mix...#Higher

Lemaitre feat Maty Noyes - Higher

Sunday, May 21, 2017

"When I Hear You Say, It's Gonna Be OK"

Man...when was the last time you heard the name James Blunt? Oh yea, it was definitely when he swept us all away with You're Beautiful in 2009...

Who could forget that unmistakably unique voice? Well, he's back to put his mark on what could be one of the bigger summer anthems in EDM. Robin Schulz's OK has everything you look for in an "anthem." It comes equipped with a memorable ebb and flow of emotion, augmented by piano led beat and an echoing hook you can sing along with. Who am I kidding, the steady repeat loop I'm in right now is caused in large part by Blunt's stellar vocals. It's less of a rowdy club anthem and much more of a "song you can play anywhere for any occasion and people will vibe out to it." I'm trying to get more selective with what I add to the GWDJ Favorites list, but this one was a no-brainer addition...#OK

Robin Schulz feat James Blunt - OK

Saturday, May 20, 2017

"We'll Never Be This Young in Our Lives Again"

Since The Chainsmokers ascension to pop culture prominence, there's been a huge void EDM remixes of Indie tracks. From Anna of the North to BANKS, I have them to thank for introducing me to a lot of talented, up and coming vocalist. Luckily, Sam Feldt is sweeping in to fill that void with a formal introduction to Frank Walker. Little did I know that Frank has been busy playing the Main Stage at Ultra this spring. Now that I've given a full listen to Run With the Real and Angel Falls, I get it.

Hat tip to Sam Feldt for applying his genuinely happy, vibrant style to Frank's latest single. It's a good example of how great vocals can be made even better with a fun chord progression. Feel free and check out the original, as well as the remix if you're a fan of what you hear below...#Young

Frank Walker - Young (Sam Feldt Remix)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Videos of the Week May 19th

Plenty of music and a few interesting cameos in this week's top five. Led by two funny and entertaining videos from Big Boi/Adam Levine and Train. Any time you've got Big Boi coming to retrieve his dry cleaning from a disorganized dry cleaning owner Adam Levine, hilarity will ensue. Similarly, any time you toss in cameos from comedians Ken Jeong, George Lopez, Jim Breuer with a Marshawn Lynch appearance, entertainment is on the way. If fiction is more your type, you'll enjoy the storytelling that accompanies Alan Walker's new futuristic video for Tired.

For a sprinkle of culture, how about some #feminism in the house? Needless to say, I'll be watching Wonder Woman's new movie when it comes out in theaters. And yes, she did get her own damn theme song thank you very much. Rounding out this week's top five is an emotional and well-constructed tribute to Paul Pierce. Having it narrated by Kendrick Lamar is about as perfect as it gets too. Tip of the cap to the Clippers for putting that together to commemorate such a legendary career...#ThankYou34

Big Boi feat Adam Levine - Mic Check (Video)

Train - Drink Up (Video)

Alan Walker feat Gavin James - Tired (Video)

Wonder Woman: Rise of the Warrior (Trailer)

Paul Pierce Tribute (Narrated by Kendrick Lamar)
Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Can I Say Something Crazy? I Love You"

Might as well chalk this week up to Chance because Lil Chano is taking it over. A few days back it was a new track with Kaytranada and now he found himself on a remix of one of my favorites from Francis & The Lights. Even if you're not fan of the track, you have to appreciate the lyrical acting from Chance and Francis Farewell Starlite on the video below...

There's a genuine nerdiness in Chance the Rapper that plays really well in today's more accepting culture of being proud of who you are. In other words, I don't think Hip Hop 10 or 20 years ago would have embraced his persona as much as people are now. That's more of a compliment to how much the genre as a whole has matured over the years and a credit to him for refusing to do anything but him as he has ascended over the past few years.

Needless to say Chance's contribution to the track wasn't anything less than stellar. From his measured, playful, roughly choreographed dance moves to his quiet, raspy harmony, it was an overall good look. If you haven't give Francis and The Lights latest album, Farewell Starlite!, a listen, this is a great opportunity to hop on the bandwagon...#MayIHaveThisDance

Francis & The Lights feat Chance the Rapper - May I Have This Dance (Remix)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mura Masa and Desiigner Go All Around the World

What happens when bubbly meets grimy? Good question, press play below on Mura Masa and Desiigner's new one and you'll know what I'm saying. Generally Desiigner spits recklessly on the mic, which can be an endearing quality in the right context. When you pair him with Mura Masa's instrument driven, melodic style, that's when it all gets interesting. Luckily for us, Desiigner can get in where he fits in by being able to take on a more sing-songy approach on All Around the World. It's a mellow track, which isn't at all what I expected, but in a good way. At the very least, this conjured up a good bit of curiosity that led me to do another run through of Mura Masa's discography. Shame on me for missing out on Suicide Blades. That track is chill af and I can't believe I passed through it when I did a run through his previous Soundtrack to a Death album. Let's just say I'm listening now, I get the allure of Mura Masa, and you can expect a lot more from him in the coming months as he ramps up toward his debut full length album dropping on July 14th...#AllAroundTheWorld

Mura Masa feat Desiigner - All Around the World

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Formal Intro to the Potential of XXXTENTACION

In Hip Hop it seems especially easy to write off so called "one-hit wonders." The genre as a whole seems to cater to quick viral cash grabs, but not all fizzle out. Enter 19 year old XXXTENTACION, who about a year ago put his name on the map with Look At Me. Make no mistake, that beat and track as a whole goes hard in the paint.

Fast forward to this week where triple XXX did another cannonball on the scene with two new releases. First it was Gospel with fellow splash rapper Rich Chigga. I don't need to get into Rich Chigga's awesomeness was well documented by other rappers months ago. But that track was small potatoes compared to his new one with Diplo. Looking for a Star sounds nothing like what you'd expect from the young rapper as he adopts a much more sing-songy tone on his new one. There's something unique and tropical about it that forces you to keep listening. And for those who keep listening they're awarded with a five-star masterpiece riddim cooked up by Diplo around the minute and a half mark. It has the feel of an unfinished track, but that doesn't make it any less likeable. All in all, the jury's still out in XXXTENTACION, but there's no mistaking the momentum he's gained back this week...#LookingForAStar

XXXTENTACION - looking for a star (CANT GET YOU OUT MY HEAD) (prod by Diplo)

Monday, May 15, 2017

"Smoke Like a Sailor, Curse Like a Chimney"

There's something incredibly genuine and endearing about Chance the Rapper. His ability to effortlessly go between harmony and rhymes is something unmatched by any artist in Hip Hop. He's doing his absolute best to bring some lime light back to gospel with the way he's able to incorporate it into his music. Take his new with Kaytranada for example. It starts with a childish call and repeat intro that leads into a piano led sing-songy track. Not many could pull off the almost silly tone of the track, but somehow, some way he found a way to sprinkle in some soulful power vocals around the 2:30 mark. It's not the usual funk beat that you'd expect from Kaytranada, but it's further proof that he just plain makes great music. Not sure where this one will end up album wise as it was just debuted on Pharrell's Beats1 OTHERTone Radio yesterday, but wherever it ends up will be a place that'll be frequenting...#AndTheySay

Chance the Rapper - And They Say (prod by Kaytranada)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

"Let It Go, Cause I'ma I'ma Go For Broke"

There's a lot to sink your teeth into with Machine Gun Kelly's new single Go For Broke. First and foremost, Hip Hop heads like me immediately noticed the "Ahhhhh" breadcrumb at the start of the track signifying a Runners beat. Needless to say, their contribution to the track was a huge reason why it necessitated a post. Second, if you're an X Factor fan, you'll enjoy that season 9 winner James Arthur chipped in a stellar hook on the track. His voice alone was a golden ticket to Top 40 appeal. And all this is not to take anything away from Machine Gun Kelly who has vaulted himself into the lime light with a succession of noteworthy singles. When you add this to At My Best and Bad Things, you've got yourself a foundation for a great album. Speaking of which, Bloom hit e-tailers on Friday. At this point if you haven't already jumped over to Spotify to give the album a listen then you're missing out...#GoForBroke

Machine Gun Kelly feat James Arthur - Go For Broke (prod by The Runners & Monarch)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Baby I'm a Renegade, Baby You're a Firestorm"

Funk isn't something I look for when listening to Axwell Λ Ingrosso, but that's exactly what they delivered on their new one Renegade. Serving as the first release off their upcoming More Than You Know EP, it has the feeling of a Nu-disco vibe. There's a throwback allure to the vocals on the track that compliment the mix of heavy synths and vibrant chords. Credit to the Swedish duo who continue to re-shape my expectations with each new single they release. They can make so many different styles and tempos of dance music, it really is like opening a surprise gift with each new release. Free streaming options are limited on this one, but that doesn't mean you can't grab yourself a copy on iTunes or stream to your hearts content on Spotify...#Renegade

Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Renegade

Friday, May 12, 2017

Videos of the Week May 12th

When all is said and done, this past week will be known for having a bit more culture than a usual VOTW top five. Starting with the odd, but awesome pairing of Logic with Neil deGrasse Tyson, there was some nice discussion depth surrounding the lack of concept albums in Hip Hop. It was cool watching both of them share mutual respect and genuinely want to support each other in a positive way.

In the world of music, there were two noteworthy, power collaborations that rose to the top. Linkin Park's new video for Good Goodbye featured some electric (literally) dunks and then there was a whole lot of Nicki Minaj gyrating around in not a lot of clothes in the Light My Body Up video. Yes, it's getting cliche to see it, but she's a beautiful woman, I'll leave it at that. If silly is what you want you'll appreciate the new DJ Hanzel chapter. For this most recent episode he gave some DJ lessons and hilarity ensued. Rounding out this week's top five was Tinashe who hooked up with Complex to prove that sneakers are not just for guys. In the words of John Oliver...#Feminism

Logic & Neil deGrasse Tyson on Their Collaboration

Linkin Park feat Pusha T & Stormzy - Good Goodbye (Video)

David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - Light My Body Up (Video)

DJ Class With DJ Hanzel

Tinashe Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, May 11, 2017

"I’m Only a Particle, a Drop in You, Forever Dissolving"

At this point, there's no limit to the amount of ass Skrillex is capable of kicking. He may not get the credit he deserves for the wide range of sounds he's capable of maneuvering, but his recent run of production credits is awe inspiring. Just over the past six months he's reunited with his emo rock crew From First to Last for a comeback single, helped produce a house compilation, blown collective minds with an all-star EDM collabo and now you can add the production of Hundred Waters new one to the list.

Particle is exactly what you'd expect if you're already a Hundred Waters fan. If you're not and you see the Skrillex production credit, you're probably going to wonder wtf. I geek out over unexpected collaborations like this because they're such a treat if you're willing to open up your mind and be open. Nicole’s vocals on the track are the definition of stand out. When combined with the tranquil vibes on the beat, you've got yourself a dynamic duo. This one is going to get worn out on my Spotify over the next few days, beliedat...#Particle

Hundred Waters - Particle (prod by Skrillex)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"I'mma I'mma Be There, I'mma I'mma Be There"

As polarizing as Krewella has found themselves the past few years, you have to credit them for rising above the negativity. Nobody has ever questioned their vocal talent, but I'm even more impressed with their ability to use EDM as a vehicle for positive energy. Take for example their new one, Be There. It's a track aimed at conjuring up nostalgia in anyone who has ever relied on someone for support. The mix of a repeatable hook and an excitable drop make for a fun listen. The Yousaf sisters brought their A game on this one and top 40 is going to eat this one up soon enough...#BeThere

Krewella - Be There

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

"I Took You Off My Instagram and Told My Mom"

Manila Killa isn't a new name in EDM. He's been remixing tracks for years and more recently has churned out some quality new material. His remix of Flume's Sleepless and The Knocks Heat come to mind when thinking of standout mixes over the past few years. Last week he let loose a new one with up and comer AOBeats. I'm Ok shines in major part because of Shaylen's vocals and the intrigue of the stop and go drop. There's an almost Future Bass sound to it that contributes to its easy-listening feel. Don't be bashful, give it some hypem love if you're a fan...#ImOk

Manila Killa & AObeats feat Shaylen - I'm Ok

Monday, May 08, 2017

"Spice Girl, In the Coup, So Sick, Chicken Soup"

As if OWSLA wasn't already dominating EDM already, they're now going to churn out more house music. You wouldn't normally associate Skrillex with house music, but he's proven time and again to be a quite capable of making any music he sets his mind to. Like for example his new collabo with Habstrakt off the upcoming HOWSLA compilation. It's has the quirkiness you'd expect, but the non-stop energy and pace of Chicken Soup is addicting. It breaks the normal build up and drop formula with steady, thumping beat that is offset with simple, quick vocals. If the goal was to open up listeners' imagination and get away from the type of music you'd normally hear from the OWSLA, then I'd say mission accomplished...#ChickenSoup

Skrillex & Habstrakt - Chicken Soup

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Flume's Skin Gets Yet Another Addition

Is it me or does it seem like Flume has released like ten versions of his latest album, Skin? First it was the original album, following by the first companion EP, then the second companion EP, then a remix EP, and now a final extra track that looks like it's part of the second companion EP, but not really.

It may sound like I'm complaining, but there's no real downside to getting more new music from one of the standout DJs in EDM right now. What you can expect on Hyperreal is an upbeat House vibe with just enough quirkiness that it sounds like something Flume would put out. Kucka's light, airy vocals mesh well over the smooth, rolling bassline. I would go as far to say it's in my top five favorite tracks in the Skin collection, but it's a chill track that's more than worthy of a few listens...#Hyperreal

Flume feat Kucka - Hyperreal

Saturday, May 06, 2017

That Time Marshmello Graduated With Skrillex & Slushii

Only in a made up, happy Zelda music world can we all collectively imagine three EDM bosses like marshmello, Skrillex, and Slushii graduating from high school together. Moving On is a shameless nostalgia play using moving onto college as an apropos analogy that fits in nicely with the vibe of the track. It might be the most play dough soft EDM imaginable, but damn is it easy to listen to. Everything from the heavy bounce to the video game synths aligns perfectly with everything we've heard thus far from mello. Consider it a nice light snack with added novelty if you're in the market for a new motivational anthem...#MovingOn

marshmello - Moving On

Friday, May 05, 2017

Videos of the Week May 5th

This week's top five was unique in that it starts and ends with Jimmy Kimmel's monologue about the birth of his newborn son. If you don't get at least a little choked up over hearing the sadness in his voice over feeling helpless about the situation as a whole, then you need to check yourself. His story aside, I appreciated his story and how it directly relates the the healthcare bills that are being mulled over by the House this week. Let's just hope the listened and make the right decision, ultimately.

Aside from Kimmel's impactful story, there were a few videos in Hip Hop that had the internet collective pressing play over and over again. J Cole's 4 Your Eyez Only documentary was previously released via other outlets like HBO, but this week it got put on YouTube for consumption from the masses. The word real comes to mind when watching him go to the various cities in the South and hear stories from the people trying to make it through the day-to-day. Watching the documentary and then transitioning to DJ Khaled's star studded video for I'm the One was about as stark of a difference as you'll get in VOTW. Needless to say, everything about it was tried and true Hip Hop from the video girls to the pool parties to the immaculately trimmed hedges.

Making sure EDM got their contribution for the week was Gryffin and Illenium's Feel Good. The video is cool and all, but that candlelight version that features Daya's stunning vocals is officially where it's at. Speaking of where it's at, it wouldn't be a complete week without at least a few shennanigans. This time it came from Fallon's crew who put together a minute long mash up of Star Wars characters singing Smash Mouth's classic, All Star. It's kitchy, but it delivers the entertainment value you'd expect from a novelty like that...#AllStarWars

Jimmy Kimmel Monologue About His Son's Heart Condition

J Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only Documentary

DJ Khaled feat Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne - I'm On One (Video)

Gryffin & Illenium feat Daya - Feel Good (Video)

Fallon Mashes Up Smash Mouth's All Star With Star Wars Movies
Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, May 04, 2017

"I Don't Wanna Die Today, I Don't Wanna Die"

Few artists truly appreciate and harness the power they have in their voice. It's easy to dismiss the messaging in a lot of Hip Hop tracks because "it goes hard" or "it's dope", but for every ignorant Hip Hop track there are inspirational tracks like Logic's 1-800-273-8255. What's the significance of the phone number you ask? Well, that's the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline that Logic decided to make the song title in hope that it would make a difference in someone's life. Before you listen to the track, please watch his explanation of the story he told on the track.

The use of different perspectives on the song escaped me the first few listens, but given the amount of impact it could have on people, it's genius. Chances are we'll all find ourselves in one of the roles he detailed in the track either fending off our own thoughts or helping someone else step back from the edge. I gotta admit, I'm extremely impressed by the amount of thought and care Logic poured into the creation of this track. He's truly setting the bar how to use your voice as a positive weapon in the fight for social good. For those wanting to support Logic and his pursuit to help Everybody, you can do that by grabbing a copy of his album when it drops tomorrow...#18002738255

Logic feat Alessia Cara & Khalid - 1-800-273-8255

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

RL Grime is Back With New Banger Reims

Few things excite me more than reading "new single off RL Grime album that he's been working on for the better part of two years." Reims is every bit the thunderous trap anthem you'd hope for from someone who has stretched and pulled the genre of EDM to its limits. Like most things Henry touches, it's more controlled chaos than disorganized noise. There's an ebb and flow to the track that comes off as theatrical and dramatic the more you listen. At points you may find yourself waiting for the excitement on the track, but the gradual build makes it all worth it. I'll put it this way, if you like tracks like Scylla and Always, you're going to enjoy the direction of his new one below. Cop it at the usual outlets if you're as pumped as I am about his new one...#Reims

RL Grime - Reims

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Kill Paris Continues to Churn Out Great Music

If there's one thing I look to from Kill Paris, it's funky electronica. Knowing that, his new single, where r u, was literally music to my ears. It ventures off the beaten path a bit toward a more experimental sound, but what you get are a succession of interesting changes in tempo. Take for example around the 1:04 mark where the beat shifts into this downward spiral of dopeness out of the blue. If you're keeping score at home, where r u is the second single off his upcoming Awakening EP. Oh, and if you'll be near Philly, DC, or the West Coast over the next month, you might want to see if he'll be in your area. In other words, I'll see some of you in Sactown on the 19th...#LookingFowardToIt

Kill Paris - where r u

Monday, May 01, 2017

"Maybe We'll Meet Again in Another Life"

Last week was one star studded collaboration after another. This week is starting out on the same note with a massive collection of talent in the form of Another Life. It'll probably get buried in the lede, but Ester Dean's contribution to the track is what I geeked out on the most. She's been a part of some big songs, but for me her demo tracks going back as far as a decade were what really impressed me. It's more of a made for radio instrumental than a party starter, but Ester's vocals are what you'll end up remembering. Honorable mention goes to the burst of emotion on the drop by two of the best in EDM. If you're a Sci-Fi fan, you'll appreciate the animated, 3D depiction of the track below. Even better, they put the Radio Mix of the track on Spotify. Plenty of ways enjoy this one, so pick your favorite outlet...#AnotherLife

Afrojack & David Guetta feat Ester Dean - Another Life

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