Monday, August 31, 2015

The VIP Mix You've Been Waiting For

Here's another one of those "I can't wait until the studio version leaks" type of tracks between two EDM powerhouses you've always wished would surface. Before you dive into the much hyped, alternate version here's a quick refresher on the original effort between Jack Ü & Snails that surfaced on Jack Ü's debut album...

If you thought the original was great, then the VIP mix might just blow your mind. Two phrases come to mind when listening to this mix, holy BASS and balls to the wall! It's as jumpy, quirky and heavy as you'd hope it would be. Shout out to Mad Decent's Director Paul Devro for letting this one fly a few days back via Reddit. If you're looking for the musical equivalent of caffeine, then download this one for free and turn the speakers up as loud as you can...#HollaOut

Jack Ü & Snails - Holla Out (VIP)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Parson James Steals the Show by Himself

Back in the day, you'd call a stripped down mix of a track the candle light version. That's the comparison I'd make for Parson James' solo version of Stole the Show sans labelmate Kygo. If you're in the mood for mellow, give it a listen below...

In the same way Aloe Blacc utilized Avicii to burst onto the scene, it looks like Parson James is spring boarding off the meteoric rise of Kygo. My point in saying that is not diminish the talent of two really talented vocalists, but it's to point out that I may not have gotten a chance to appreciate them had it not been for them initially riding the coat tails of the two world renowned DJs. However it came to be, I'm happy that it happened because I'm really looking forward to Parson's new solo album that is due out later this year...#StoleTheShow

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Diplo & Sleepy Tom Don't Walk Away From the 90s

It's only a matter of time before modern artists begin really tapping into the potential of 90s R&B music. It really was a golden age for R&B and a decade that shaped the way I feel about music in general, so I've got a soft spot in my heart for the decade as a whole. Something tells me Diplo feels the same way because this week he managed to refresh an early 90s classic from Jade. Press play below to take a trip down memory lane with me on Don't Walk Away...

Be Right There utilizes the hook quite well and adds a bit of tempo to give it a modern feel. You wouldn't think that early 90s R&B would translate to bouncy Deep House, but Diplo and Sleepy Tom proved that it can be done. This one is targeted directly at the late 20s/early 30s audience and as someone who fits that demographic, I'm taking the bait. Plenty of ways to consume this one, so don't be bashful y'all...#BeRightThere

Diplo & Sleepy Tom - Be Right There

Friday, August 28, 2015

Videos of the Week August 28th

The week featured a 60/40 split between new music videos and EDM promos. Leading the way on the music front was The Weeknd's new video for Tell Your Friends that features production from the Louis Vuitton Don himself. There's something to his mix of pillow talk and vulgarity that comes off as unique because he's such a talented vocalist. In other new music, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are back to making their own brand of interesting music. Downtown is part Uptown Funk, part quirky Hip Hop and an overall fun track. If you were hoping for a theatrical video that will leave a lasting impression, they sure did pull it off. Rounding out the new music of the week was Lil Wayne's collaboration with Charlie Puth. His name has been out there a lot lately, but if you haven't heard Charlie's track with Wiz Khalifa commemorating Paul Walker's life, you need to give it a listen to gain an appreciation for his vocal ability.

If you're as enamored with festival recap videos, then you can join me in wishing you made it to Boom, Belgium for Tommorrowland. The way they chronicled the journey through the stories of two women who attended the festival was cool. And last, but not least, if you're curious who the big money makers in electronic music were, Forbes has you covered. A couple things I learned from the piece: 1) I definitely would not have guessed that Tiesto makes twice as much as deadmau5. 2) Who knew Steve Aoki was such an awesome entrepreneur? and 3) Calvin Harris made nearly twice as much as Tiesto. That's racks...on racks...on racks...and then some...#Forbes
The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends (Video)

Highest Paid DJs of 2015 by Forbes

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Downtown (Video)

Tomorrowland Belgium Short Film

Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth - Nothin' But Trouble (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Skrillex Guides Bieber Toward Trop House?

If there was ever a track that had infinite storylines, it would be Justin Bieber's new single below. Let's see...where do we start, the production by Skrillex is noteworthy because he's single-handedly provided Bieber a golden pathway toward EDM with Where Are U Now? and now What Do You Mean?. As a side note, this trending toward Trop House movement that Skrillex has been drifting toward of late is a nice revelation. I could have gone through a list of 30 DJs who could have produced the song below and Skrillex probably wouldn't have been on that list. That alone is a pretty awesome development.

I'm fascinated that Bieber, who seems to be nearly universally disliked for his entitled-ness, is starting to carve a different niche for himself and somehow finding a way to become more likable. I don't know how in the hell he found a way to collaborate with the widely respected Diplo and Skrillex, but whatever happened worked well enough the first time that it happened again. And I'll admit, I do like the track below even though my gut is still telling me I shouldn't support the Biebs. I'd liken it to your best friend becoming friends with a complete a-hole. You're gonna support your best friend no matter what, but this new friend he made is not someone you want to associate with. What do you do in the long run? Time will tell, but call me befuddled, flabergasted and just generally perturbed because I feel like I just tasted something I'm allergic to and actually liked it...#WhatDoYouMean

Photo Credit: VidMe

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kygo Stays Tropical, Takes on a-ha

It's a new day, which means a new remix from Kygo. It's as if the Apple Music sponsorship either expedited the release of songs he's been sitting on or he's been working non-stop on creating new music since that announcement. Whatever the case, he's got a new take on an old classic from fellow Norwegians a-ha. And it's the track you hoped he'd remix, Take On Me. Feel free and experience a slice of nostalgia from the 80s below...

No matter what decade you're in, there's just something about that video that sticks with you. Original version aside, Kygo did his Trop House thing on the remix. It's as Caribbean as you'd hoped it would be, but I found the uptempo-ness a bit distracting. I understand he needed to match the tempo, but the relaxation gets lost when the tempo feels rushed. It's an interesting take on a memorable classic, but slow it down Kygo, I'm out of breath listening to something that should be relaxing. Remix aside, I can't wait for what's next from Kygo...#TakeOnMe

a-ha - Take on Me (Kygo Remix)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"That's Why the Dog Chased the Cat...Thundercat"

Whatever happened to the Ying Yang Twins you ask? I don't have a good answer to that question, but what I can offer is their most recent Trap cameo. With Lil Jon doing a full cannon ball into Trap music, it was only a matter of time before Ying Yang joined in on the fun. It should come as no surprise that they decided to get back into the party music scene by jumping on a track by ATL duo Pyramid Scheme. They've been lighting it up of late, so much so that it earned them the coveted Mad Decent badge. You might as well slap an awesome sticker on anything that label puts out. Thundercat is no exception as it features the wobbly womp womp bass that will make you think of Far East Movement. Late nights in clubs aren't happening as much for me in my old age, but you better believe I'd lose it when the ...THUNDERCAT! part comes in. Here's to hoping Pyramid Scheme continues to recruit in all of ATL's best Hip Hop talent in future releases...#Thundercat

Pyramid Scheme & Ying Yang Twins - Thundercat

Monday, August 24, 2015

Martin Garrix Can't Feel Your Face Either

Boy that escalated fast! By that I mean The Weeknd's latest single Can't Feel My Face, which has ascended to #1 status as radio stations refuse to take their collective fingers of the repeat button. The fact that Uber drivers are making full length videos of their passengers singing along should be evidence enough of it's pop culture relevance.

So...keeping up with the times, Martin Garrix stepped up and took a swing at translating it to a more synth driven crowd. Does the remix provide a novel enough re-imagination of the original? I'll give it a pass, barely because it still heavily relies on the vocals of the original, but the chord progression didn't move me as much as I had hoped. I will say that I did appreciate the gentle build around the 2:30 mark and if there was more of that sprinkled throughout the track, I would have liked it a bit more. It's hard to go wrong with a #1 single, though, so I bet you'll still get mad dap for breaking this one out at a party this weekend...#CantFeelMyFace

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Martin Garrix Remix)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dillon Francis Reimagines Madeon's Imperium

In the time where formulaic remixes of electronic tracks rule the land, it's nice to hear one that sounds unique. What I mean by that is Dillon Francis did something pretty cool when he flipped Madeon's Imperium into an aggressive, bass thumping crowd pleaser. Feel free to compare and contrast below and pay careful attention to how Dillon started the remix at 2:37 on the original track...

Not that the original couldn't be associated with the adjectives above, but the remix requires a seat belt from the get go. Where the original is more measured and harmonic, the remix doesn't waste any time getting straight to the point. There aren't many songs that can be released in the middle of the night and boast almost 200k plays in a 24 hour span. You know that phrase, the cream rises to the top? Well if this were a latte, it would look like this...

Don't sleep on Dillon's new mixtape/album either. It's one of the few braggadocios album titles that actually lived up to its name...#ThisMixtapeIsFire

Madeon - Imperium (Dillon Francis Remix)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Tonight is the Last Night, I'll See You in Paradise"

Some duos just make great music when they collaborate. In the context of the song below, I'm talking Chris Brown and Italian EDM mainstay Benny Benassi. You may remember their previous hit single Beautiful People back in 2011. Press play for a refresher...

Call it a top 40 ballad if you want, but it's catchy as hell. Breezy plays the build up so well vocally on dance tracks, it's not a surprise that he gets called on often by EDM's finest collaboration opportunities. I can't say for sure who is going to stake claim for this on an album, but Chris Brown has been releasing so much new music, I'd put my bet on it finding a way onto his upcoming Royalty album. When really talented artists get together it doesn't always go well, but it did here, so chalk another one up for the good guys...#Paradise

Benny Benassi feat Chris Brown - Paradise

Friday, August 21, 2015

Videos of the Week August 21st

Sticking with a heavy Hip Hop and R&B slant this week with new videos from Selena Gomez/A$AP Rocky and T-Pain/Juicy J. Like most things Hip Hop, the common thread between the two is the massive amounts of eye candy sprinkled throughout. It's not difficult to look at Selena Gomez, that is a fact. Another fact is that some music is best for gentleman's clubs. Without much thought, I'd put Make That Sh*t Work into that category.

If R&B is what you're looking for, you'll get a kick out of the Uber driver who took the time to film and create a compilation of people singing The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face. Kudos for the great idea and being fun enough to execute it. If you want a dose of EDM, Disclosure has a fresh slice of brand new house to satisfy that craving. And last, but definitely not least, Heidi Klum proves why she is a baller and could probably drink Jimmy Fallon under the table. Box of lies is a fun concept, especially when Fireball is involved...#BoxOfLies
Disclosure feat Kwabs - Willing (Video)

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Uber Edition)

Selena Gomez feat A$AP Rocky - Good For You (Video)

T-Pain feat Juicy J - Make That Sh*t Work (Video)

Heidi Klum & Jimmy Fallon Play Box of Lies

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another Piano Gem From Kygo

Well...if you were as much of a fan of Piano Jam as I was, then think fast because #2 is headed your way. #2 is even more stripped down than it's predecessor, but that doesn't mean it's any less noteworthy. Where #1 had a bit more ebb and flow to it, #2 seems to tell more of a story over the course of three minutes. Stylistically, you're starting to see more of a pattern from Kygo in that his pieces always seem to end with a bit of a high pitched crescendo. I'd liken his endings to a well developed conclusion to a novel. There are elements from earlier chapters, but there's a noteworthy twist that brings it all together. I can't say I like #2 as much as his first one, but you can bet I will be posting any and every random piano track that Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll decides to post on Soundcloud...#PianoJam2

Kygo - Piano Jam #2

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jackal Goes Animal Style on the Beat

It's hump day, meaning everyone could use a pick me up to get through the rest of the week. That pick me up came in the form of Jackal's new trap banger Animal Style. There's an assumed level of awesomeness that gets associated with any Mad Decent artist and the one below does not hurt that perception one bit. On the track, the quick 30 second build gives way to a heavy, bass thumping rhythm that falls into a bouncy chord progression. If you're a fan of the big boom, boom, clap type of beats, you'll enjoy the heck out of this one...#AnimalStyle

Jackal - Animal Style

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ODESZA Returns to In Return with Light

I'll be the first to tell you, I did not give ODESZA's sophomore album near the amount of time it deserved. In Return was one of the most heavily remixed albums of the past year and for good reason. The EDM duo from U dub seem to have a knack for crafting a wide range of diverse and melodic instrumental anthems. I can't blame them one bit from re-releasing their recent album as a deluxe edition because of how stacked it was front to back.

The best part about a re-release? We get a few new tracks added to the original tracklist. One of those tracks is Light featuring the mellow vocals of Little Dragon who does an excellent job of delivering mellow vocals over the slow beat that seems to tell a story with each beat clap. If you're wondering whether ODESZA makes only upbeat dance music, pump the brakes and listen to this chill dose of goodness. While you're getting excited for their tour this fall, don't sleep on that re-release that will be dropping in about a month...#InReturn

ODESZA feat Little Dragon - Light

Monday, August 17, 2015

Kygo Reworks a Nas Classic

Wait a minute, you're telling me Kygo created a piano mix of Nas's Life's a Bitch? Yes in fact he did and it's as mellow and snappy and you'd expect. How did this come about you ask? Well, it seems as if the whole Apple Music co-sign is opening up some doors for the rising star. Don't know what I mean, check out the following...

Boy it's as if Apple has their pulse on the early adopter audience by targeting Drake and Kygo to lead their new music service. Regarding the remix below, it was folded into the most recent Beats podcast in case you missed it. Is it my favorite Kygo track or something you should run and tell your friends about? Nah, I wouldn't go that far because it's nowhere near as awesome as say Piano Jam if you're wanting a fresh example. Still, the fact that he tackled an old school Hip Hop classic speaks volumes about his ability to find a way to inject his style in just about anything. Now, if he'd only go on a US tour, then we'd be talking...#LifesABitch

Nas feat AZ - Life's a Bitch (Kygo Remix)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Show Me to a Higher Place, Take Me to Outer Space"

Chalk this one up to one that slipped by the goalie about a month ago. Anytime you get Ne-Yo on an EDM track, I'm all ears. In Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike's case, if you throw in a few attractive women in the video, then we're really talking. Check it out below if you're curious...

All in all, it's an easy listening dance track that is equal parts pop ballad and top 40 EDM hit. It will remind you a bit of Calvin Harris's Feel So Close with a soothing, repeatable lead-in. Picture this one as a solid addition to a road trip playlist, where you're not looking for anything too flashy or loud, just something blend in and make the car ride go by quicker. Feel free and head on over to iTunes to cop this one and add to the aforementioned playlist...#HigherPlace

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Ne-Yo - Higher Place

Saturday, August 15, 2015

"No One Has to Say It's Alright, Cause I Think We're There"

I've got a special place in my music fandom for Seven Lions. His combination of soothing house and dubstep hit the spot when you're in the mood for something to zone out to. If you need one of those mantlepiece tracks to adequately exemplify what I mean, look no further than his remix of Tritonal's Still With Me (below)...
It doesn't get any more ethereal and classic than that when it comes to chill EDM. Fast forwarding to the present where Seven Lions just released a new single with Lights this week called Falling Away. It's an uptempo house track where Lights' shine all over the track with superb vocals (#cornyPun). You won't your the Dubstep fix if that was what you were after, but it's a solid mix of chill and uplifting. All in all a solid addition to his new Summer of the Occult EP that will be out sooner rather than later...#FallingAway

Seven Lions feat Lights - Falling Away

Friday, August 14, 2015

Videos of the Week August 14th

Novelty won over actual music in this week's top five. I say that, but the standout video of the week was from The Chainsmokers. While they normally err on the party side, they instead took a more theatrical, artistic angle on their new video. Kudos to Alex and Drew for giving the green light to something a bit more apropos for the visuals on Roses.

If you wish you knew more about the backstory of 8 Mile, then Honest Trailers has your back. If you haven't ever seen an Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies, then you're in for some fun. Then there's the Giants recreation of the Full House theme song, which couldn't have been more appropriate given the TV series was based on San Francisco. If you're in the mood for some sexiness and wanted to see Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj flirt a bit, then you'll want to check out Back Together. And last, but definitely not least, Timeflies came through with their own original mix of The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face. I'm starting to think that there isn't a song they can't cover successfully...#CantFeelMyFace
The Chainsmokers feat Rozes - Roses (Video)

Honest Trailer for 8 Mile (Video)

Robin Thicke feat Nicki Minaj - Back Together (Video)

The San Francisco Giants Full Club House

Timeflies - Can't Feel My Face (Remix Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, August 13, 2015

"I Say What's Your Name"

Bubbly, quirky, bouncy, effervescent...whatever you want to call Dillon Francis and Calvin Harris's new track, it's supercalifragilisticexpialidopeshit. From the beginning alarm clock ring, it demands your attention and does everything in its power to keep it for an entire three minutes and 49 seconds. Yes, the drops are some kind of wonderful too and are set up well by the immense amount of effort given to building up the energy pre-drop. I would understand if you called it formulaic, but on the other hand, it's a lot of fun and you can't deny the crazy amount of energy the track exudes.

I feel like at this point it's becoming old news, but Dillon's upcoming mixtape is seven straight shots of awesome lined up all in a row. It's got collabos with Skrillex, Kygo, Calvin Harris and Chromeo, which are all as promising as they look on paper. Living up to expectations isn't tough when you're making an album or mixtape without features, but including big talent and living up to the hype is a tough thing to accomplish. There aren't a lot of paid mixtapes worth staying up for at midnight to cop, but I'd make an exception for This Mixtape is Fire...#WhatsYourName

Dillon Francis & Calvin Harris - What's Your Name

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GRiZ & Big Gigantic Let the Good Times Roll

If you haven't caught onto this big sexy saxophone revolution, here's your perfect chance to hop on the bandwagon. Hands down, the two artists in the game that use the sax best are Big Gigantic and GRiZ and they just so happen to finally collaborate. They didn't just collaborate, though, they knocked it out of the park. Led by soulful, "take-em-to-church" vocals and a fun call-and-response toward the end, Good Times Roll wins on so many levels. Also, if you're into free stuff and have a Spotify account, then you get to enjoy the track for free. While you're at it, don't sleep on catching them while GRiZ and Big Gigantic are on tour too because there are plenty of reasons why they sell out shows on the reg...#GoodTimesRoll

GRiZ x Big Gigantic - Good Times Roll

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"You Think You're so Inner Circle"

It's been a minute since I've posted some new BANKS, so you could imagine how high my expectations were for her new funky duet with Chet Faker. I'll put it this way, if you like BANKS' brand of sultry, irresistible Indie sound, you're really going to like 1998. It starts off so simple with a chill, synth led build up, but it quickly gives way to the steady womp womp of a Deep House track. I haven't listened to much Chet Faker, but he went pound for pound with BANKS on the mic, delivering a noteworthy vocal effort. I appreciate how the energy and complexity of the song continues to increase as the song moves along. I feel like I've gotten so accustomed to formulaic build ups and drops that when artists break that mold, it can sound great. Do yourself a favor and head on over to iTunes to cop this diamond in the rough...#1998

Chet Faker feat BANKS - 1998

Monday, August 10, 2015

"I Wanna Be a Chapter in Your Book of Love"

Felix Jaehn is on a mission to become a household name in House music. Every since he set the hook on the Cheerleader remix, he's continued releasing great single after great single. The latest example came in the form of Book of Love featuring the vocals of Grammy winning singer/songwriter Polina. I wouldn't call it Deep House or Trop House (despite the bubbly samples), it's a much sexier brand of Chill House. The beat is incredibly easy to palate with the smooth guitar chords leading the way. If I've learned one thing this summer, it's that Felix Jaehn isn't going anywhere if you were banking on him being a flash in the pan...#BookOfLove

Felix Jaehn - Book of Love (feat. Polina) [Extended Mix]

Sunday, August 09, 2015

"Yeah I Been Dancin' With the Devil"

Chalk another one up for the good guys! And by good guys, I mean yet another successful Hip Hop and EDM collaboration. On Cash Cash's new one they not only got Neon Hitch to provide a stellar hook, but they got top notch verses from Bussa Buss and Bobby Ray. Full disclosure, Devil is just as much pop as it is EDM, but the tempo and build up/drop create a fun mash up of genres and sounds. I'm confident you'll find it head nod worthy and at the very least you'll appreciate the high octane delivery from Busta Rhymes that will take you back to late 90s/early 2000s when he was at the top of his game...#Devil

Cash Cash feat. Busta Rhymes, B.o.B & Neon Hitch - Devil

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Kygo Shows How Simplicity Can Be Beautiful

Even though Kygo is becoming known for being the leader of Tropical House, there's a lot more to his talent as an artist. If you haven't seen him play the piano live, then he's still probably one dimensional in your eyes. If you're like me, you get just as much if not more out of a great instrumental than a finished track with vocals. I've always admired the skill of producers and given them the lions share of the credit for a lot of artists' success. It's tracks like Piano Jam, where Kygo was evidently just playing around on the keyboard, that show the depth not usually seen when a track gets released to the masses. Many of you will listen to this and get bored by the 30 second mark because it sounds like elevator music. I love it for it's simplicity and if you're looking for audio that will help you tell a story visually, this track is perfect. My favorite part is around the 2:15 mark when the beat picks up and there's some clapping layered on for added effect. I'd equate this to a great freestyle from a Hip Hop artist. It's not something that would be released on an album, but it's a perfect snack that will keep you wanting more. Now, how about that debut album??...#PianoJam

Kygo - Piano Jam

Friday, August 07, 2015

Videos of the Week August 7th

Slightly Hip Hop heavy week with a sizable dose of silly. Leading the silly wagon is without a doubt the trailer for Zoolander 2. In case you haven't already seen the trailer as a preview for another movie in theaters, it's about as goofy as you'd expect. From the eerie galactic lead in to the absolute lack of intelligence from Ben Stiller's character, it all works quite well. Following up on a similarly goofy note was the creatively spliced Doug Funnie Trap Queen video. If you're familiar enough with the lyrics, you'll be more than a little entertained by how much the animated visuals match up with the audio.

On the music video tip, Drake/The Game came through with their Compton inspired video for 100. Speaking of Compton inspired, Kendrick Lamar had the audacity to make a music video for an interlude on his latest album. Can't say I've seen that happen since the 1990s, so kudos to him for having the huevos and knack for entertainment with the visuals on For Free? Rounding out the week comes from UK's own Calvin Harris who felt the need to show us exactly how deep love can go. And no, it's not a big surprise that his gf's friend was cast for the video...of course she was...#HowDeepIsYourLove
Zoolander 2 (Trailer)

Calvin Harris - How Deep is Your Love (Video)

Doug Funnie Sings Trap Queen to Patty Mayonnaise

The Game feat Drake - 100 (Video)

Kendrick Lamar - For Free? Interlude (Video)

Photo Credit - YouTube

Thursday, August 06, 2015

I Want S'More of marshmello

Over the past few months I've played the role of casual observer as marshmello has went from obscurity to the next big thing in EDM. First it was the quick support from Skrillex and now lately it's been the witch hunt to find his real identity. While the current best guess says Chris Comstock, aka Dotcom, is in fact marshmello, the real story here is there's a new song that's been released that's worth talking about.

HoMe is the new best reason to learn about marshmello. It's a bright, vibrant track that you'll remember for the high-pitched synths and quirky samples. If you're looking for an EDM track that personifies happy, then I'd nominate this one to be considered. The rumor was that marshmello's identity would be unveiled at Hard this past weekend, so if you wer like me and itching to finally pin your fandom to a face, you're going to have to wait a bit longer as you listen take in the great music below...#marshmello

marshmello - HoMe

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

"If I'm Still Growing Up, Up, Up, Up"

Some artists or duos are so genuine that it's legitimately hard to dislike them. Sitting high atop my list undislikable artists is without question Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. If you know anything about their story, you understand how improbable their come up was and how hard they worked to get where they're at today. To sum up their schtick - they write from the heart, their production is unique, and they don't shy away from emotional topics.

Given all that and the fact that Macklemore just had a kid two months ago, it was no surprise that out of nowhere the dynamic duo dropped a new heartfelt ballad about parenting. The track would have been on point without the vocals of Ed Sheeran, but he took it to another level. There's so much good in this track from the lyrics to the open letter to the steadily soulful, piano let instrumental. It's a tall order, but my guess is when all is said and done, we'll be talking about this one in the same breath as Same Love...#SloanesSong

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Ed Sheeran - Growing Up (Sloane's Song)

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

"Who Am I? Who Are We?"

After a bit of hiatus and plenty of rumors surrounding an upcoming Man on the Moon III album, a new single from Cudi has finally arrived. It's not exactly what I had hoped for as it resembles a rock-flavored WZRD track more than a trippy Cudder classic. There's plenty of crooning over vibrant electric guitar chords on Confused, which will invite you to keep listening. As expected, the hook is repeatable, urging you to sing along with the introspective lyrics. You might like it more than me, but despite being lukewarm on the lead single, I still have high hopes for Speedin' Bullet To Heaven....#SpeedinBullet

Kid Cudi - Confused

Monday, August 03, 2015

"Don't Say a Word While We Dance With the Devil"

There's something refreshingly 80s about Duke Dumont's new single Ocean Drive. I know...I know...I can already hear your eyes rolling since the 80s was such a beloved decade for music. Yet, there's a hint of Deep House in the smooth, synth-pop rhythms that make the track slightly less dated. You better believe it, if you give the track a listen or two, you'll find yourself singing along with the every-so-catchy lyrics. The real question is whether or not you're going to be in attendance at one of Duke's shows this fall. With his new Blasé Boys Club EP: Part 1 due out in about two months, there's plenty more to get excited about in the coming months for one of UK's finest DJs. I'll be in attendance when he comes to the Bay Area, you can count on that much...#BlaseBoysClub

Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Dillon Francis & Skrillex Set Fire to the Dancefloor

When Dillon Francis released the track list for his upcoming mixtape, there was one track in particular that everyone collectively circled. This week, his collaboration with Skrillex finally found its way on the internet. With a song name like Bun Up The Dance, there was an obvious expectation for some reggae flavor and it delivered. The rapid riddim, repeatable vocal samples and booty shake inducing bass make for a club favorite. With less than two weeks to go before This Mixtape is Fire drops, this one should continue the momentum that Bruk Bruk created a few weeks back...#ThisMixtapeIsFire

Skrillex & Dillon Francis - Bun Up The Dance

Saturday, August 01, 2015

"There'll Be Nothing Left For No One"

The law of averages says that there will come a day where I will not be head over heels for a new Kygo track. That day came this week with the release of his new single with vocalist Will Heard titled Nothing Left. It'd be fair to label the new single as slow jam highlighted by powerful vocals. There's a faint dash of Trop House toward the end of the song, but not so much that you'll feel comfortable labeling it as such. Heck, if this is a filler on Kygo's new album, then so be it, he was batting 1.000 before today, so he deserves to mix in a lazy fly ball to the center fielder every now and again. Fear not Apple Music, you've still got the right guy, but Nothing Left amounted to a bit of a snoozer for me...#NothingLeft

Kygo feat Will Heard - Nothing Left

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