Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"I Turn it Way High, I Don't Even See Y'all"

No matter what happens from now until the end of time, I'll always appreciate the buck wild energy Redman brings to the table every time he gets on the mic. That Method Man and Redman Blackout album has to go down in my top 25 favorite albums, hands down. Knowing that, it's been a bummer he hasn't released a lot of noteworthy music since the Millennium. Maybe it's because Hip Hop has started to take a back seat, maybe it's because I haven't been paying attention to Hip Hop or the fact that Redman released a new album back in 2015. The fact that I just learned that speaks volumes about how in tune I am with Reggie Noble's career.

But I'm not here to take a stroll down memory lane. I'm here to hype his new collaboration with 1000 Volts that showcases the same raw energy, but in a much more electronic setting. Led by the production of Jayceeoh, there's a bouncy trap vibe that will have you double taking. It's like a mash up of the past two decades with 90s Rap and Trap mixing together in an audio molotov cocktails of sorts. If you're ready to "let the dogs out" and like free stuff, then hop on over to theartistunion.com for a free copy of the fiery one below...#BitchImLit

1000 Volts feat Redman - B*tch I'm Lit (prod by Jayceeoh & B-Sides)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Zedd's League of Legends Theme is Lit

It's pretty crazy how massive E-gaming has become around the world. For one, it wasn't until recently that I learned there are dedicated play-by-play people who call the League of Legends World Championships battles. Here's a snippet of how it all goes down in a video that showcases a few stories that inspired the new track below...
Pretty cool to see neutral people calling battles who are so in-tune and know all the players and teams by name. And what's even better is how Zedd stepped up with Tim James to create a theme for the latest World Championship. Stylistically, it's as thumping and melodic as you'd expect. There's a palpable thump that leads the tempo, balancing out the mellow vocals and soft initial build up. I'm not a gamer, but that isn't stopping me from appreciating everything about this track...#Ignite

Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Oh Baby, Don't Call Me, Don't Call Me No Mo'"

Admittedly, I've been down on Hip Hop for a while now. For about a decade, the genre was lit, evolving daily and fueled by rampant creativity and one-upping. For about the past five years Hip Hop has more or less coasted without getting that much needed re-up. During that time EDM stole the flame and has enjoyed a similar one-upping from countless artists, which has resulted in the genre being pushed and pulled a million different ways.

Lately, it feels like Hip Hop is starting to branch out more with artists like Anderson .Paak and GoldLink being more live instrumentation and jazzy sounds back into the fold. I've posted countless Anderson .Paak tracks, but nipping at his heels is his fellow freshman. There's a unique, formulaic diction that GoldLink brings to the mic that is just plain different. I dig, but more so because anytime he gets on the mic I immediately know its him. Like for example his new one Rough Soul featuring the vocals of April George. It's more smooth than attention grabbing, but that seems to be the MO of these new jazzy Hip Hop tracks. If you dig the track, go ahead and cop it free joining GoldLink's mailing list...#RoughSoul

GoldLink feat April George - Rough Soul (prod by Kintaro)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Cause Baby I'd Kill for You"

It literally doesn't get any better than when Eminem and Skylar Grey collaborate. Whether it's I Need a Doctor, C'Mon Let Me Ride, Twisted or Skylar writing Eminem's hit Love the Way You Lie, there's a long history of great work they've done together. Their newest addition to that list, Kill For You, is an accurate portrayal of both their dark sides. There's an undercurrent of devotion, anger, and violence that bleeds through the lyrics, creating a powerful tone for the track. Sure, the gun shots mixed in at the beginning and end provide the dramatic flair, but it's a rare instance where the over-the-top sound effects actually fit the drama of the track. The best news out of all this is that Skylar has a new album coming out tomorrow. If Natural Causes is even half as good as the performance she put on at the Regency Ballroom on Friday, it's going to quickly become one of my favorite albums...#NaturalCauses

Friday, September 23, 2016

Videos of the Week September 23rd

Normally I'm a Jimmy Fallon guy, but kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for bringing the heat this week with performances from Usher and Desiigner. Both brought the heat with brief sets and they did it their own way. On one hand you had Usher doing his usual dance routine while spicing it up with videos of fans around the world dancing to No Limit. And on the other hand you had the raw energy of Desiigner performing his hype new single Timmy Turner. To be blunt, I'm still on the fence about Desiigner as an artist. He walks the line between hype and over-the-top, which is why I want to like him, but in manageable doses.

If you have five minutes and have to choose one video to watch this week, there's no doubt that it should be Elton John and Gallant performing Weight in Gold. It's an awe inspiring performance by a legend and an up-and-comer whose voice is on another level. If escaping reality through animation and adventure is more what you're looking for, then you'll dig Zeds Dead, Diplo and Elliphant's collabo on the video for Blame. And last, but not least, there was the time Hillary Clinton went Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. If you've seen any of the episodes in the series, there's a level of awkward situational humor that always ends up being surprisingly funny and this one did not disappoint...#BetweenTwoFerns
Elton John & Gallant Perform Weight in Gold

Desiigner Performs Timmy Turner on Kimmel

Zeds Dead & Diplo feat Elephant - Blame (Video)

Usher Performs No Limit on Kimmel

Hillary Clinton Goes Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, September 22, 2016

"We Don't Pray for Love, We Just Pray for Cars"

Well...feel free to file this one under the "set the internet ablaze" variety of hyped singles. It doesn't get more buzzy than a collaboration between one of the hottest vocalists (The Weeknd) and a legendary EDM duo (Daft Punk). Still, Starboy manages to stare those lofty expectations in the face and live to fight another day.

The first thing I noticed was the "Kanye-like" kick on the drums that seems to punch and keep punching with increasing intensity throughout the entire track. Like most Weeknd tracks, it rides the fence between soulful and edgy with pleading vocals and unapologetic lyrics. It may not be as "electronic" as you'd expect from a Daft Punk collabo, but I was pleasantly surprised given how it all came together. As it stands now, this one will be the lead track on Weeknd's upcoming album due out on Thanksgiving. I find it entertaining that two of the tracks have names so far with the rest being shrouded in secrecy by being labeled as generic track numbers...#Starboy
The Weeknd feat Daft Punk - Starboy

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Soul, Sax, and Synths Will Keep You Pushing On

As if we didn't have enough incentive to go out and immediately cop GRiZ's upcoming Good Will Prevail when it lands in our digital lives this Friday. The sax man went and recorded a track with a freaking church choir for his latest release! With the help of Basstracks and Eric Krasno, GRiZ's new one succeeds in its ability to capture the resilience of soul music. It'll take a minute or so for the energy to permeate your headphones, but from then on out its smooth sailing. Yes, it has breadcrumbs of EDM throughout, but my favorite part of the track is when all the electronics are stripped away and it's nothing but a piano, clapping, and choir vocals. It's a four and a half minute track and one third of the track is dedicated to a graceful, unplugged landing. Such a cool twist from GRiZ who continues to blaze new trails for a genre that needs more creative producers who aren't afraid to venture off the conventional path...#GottaPushOn

GRiZ feat Brasstracks & Eric Krasno - Gotta Push On

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