Saturday, June 24, 2017

"If I Can Live Through This, I Can Do Anything"

Back like they never left, Fall Out Boy ignited a relatively normal week with an inspirational new single. Champion definitely sets its sights high with the song title, but when you've got the vocal prowess of Patrick Stump anything is possible. The energy of the track ebbs and flows ranging from the dramatic, singy-songy rap verses to the high-octane vocals and guitar riffs on the hook. The combination of energy and powerful vocals give it the opportunity to reach the heights its name portends.

For those keeping score at home, their new can be considered Act 2 of their upcoming Mania LP. The follow up single comes on the heels of the equally lit Young and Menace that dropped back in April. Check the Spotify and iTunes if you're like me and interested in listening a few more times...#Champion

Fall Out Boy - Champion

Friday, June 23, 2017

Videos of the Week June 23rd

It's been a while since I've been this stoked about a trio of music videos released in one week. Led by the seductive Rihanna and smooth vocals of Bryson Tiller, DJ Khaled's Wild Thoughts started the week off on a high note. Then, around mid-week, two of my favorite songs in 2017 were blessed with visuals. Desiigner's white-hot fire track Outlet finally was anointed with the cinematic fire that it deserved. It's a rare soccer-centric sports anthem with Sidney rocking a Manchester United away jersey. Man...if that track and video doesn't get you hype and wanting to take on the world, I don't know what will.

On a more mellow, but equally interesting note, Odesza's Line of Sight took a more Sci-Fi route into the top five. The story of a young kid befriending a robot was apropos for the serene vibe of the track. As a side note, I'm more than a little excited to have the opportunity to see Odesza at The Greek in October. Even though it's months off and I just saw them at Red Rocks, they're without a doubt in my top three favorite live shows right now and I'm more than excited to see them again.

Outside of the world of music videos, Khalid did a superb cover of Frank Ocean's Lost in the BBC Radio 1 studio. The piano session was perfect introduction to the up-and-coming vocalist if you haven't given him a listen yet. And rounding out this week's top five was a novelty all the way from Germany where the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld did a orchestra cover of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. It's not the easiest track to cover, so tip of the cap to how they put it together with the computerized vocals and all...#RundfunktanzOrchester

DJ Khaled feat Bryson Tiller & Rihanna - Wild Thoughts (Video)

Desiigner - Outlet (Video)

Odesza - Line of Sight (Video)

Frank Ocean - Lost (Khalid Cover)

Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld : Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, June 22, 2017

"I'm Bout to Blow it All on Chocolate"

I never imagined living in a world where Big Boi would be churning out uptempo dance music. But here we are in 2017 and when you hear Chocolate, you're going to think it's a remix of a Big Boi original. Not so fast! It's that trademark funk that Daddy Fat Sacks brings to the table on ever track, but this time manifested with a bit more tempo and repetition.

At this point, I shouldn't need to sell you on checking out Boomiverse. It's an evolved version of Big Boi that continues a crusade of Southern swagger, but with added layers of dopeness. You've got the ATL mainstays sprinkled throughout the album, but it's songs like Chocolate that serve as a reminder that Big Boi is still on the grind and trying to push the expectations of his music. Life time achievements are a thing in Hip Hop and at this point, it's safe to anoint him as the poster child for longevity on a genre that has risen from relative obscurity to commercial success...#Chocolate

Big Boi feat Troze - Chocolate

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Marshmello Takes Future to Jersey Club on Mask Off

Evidently Marshmello was tired of being predictable. Just when we'd all warmed up to his happy-go-lucky style, he goes and drops a bangin' Jersey Club remix of Future's Mask Off. What's Jersey Club you ask?'s similar to a lot of the Baltimore Club tracks I posted waaaay back in 2010. If you're looking for a reference from back in the day, check out DJ Class's Party Crackin'.

I'm not sure which is more surprising, that Marshmello took a quick Hip Hop detour or that he dabbled in a style he's never touched before. Whatever the case, the mello man flipped the original like a pro. It's a perfect break beat style track to bang out in between tracks at a show. Admittedly, I'm not a big Future fan, but I can zone out to the mix below all day long. Tip of the cap to Marshmello as I'm going to have to re-evaluate what the breadth of music I thought you were capable of making...#MaskOff

Future - Mask Off (Marshmello Remix)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Don't Let This Feeling Fade Away"

It must be summer because of late I've been in the mood for bubbly EDM. Like for example Sam Feldt and Lush & Simon's new one Fade Away. Led by a vibrant chord progression and soft vocals from Inna, it's bubble-gumy af, but hard not to get caught up in its tropical wake. It's a welcome respite from the mid-week doldrums, which more than makes it post-worthy. Hat tip to Sam Feldt for continuing to churn out feel good EDM tracks. His consistency is a big reason why I'll always give his new singles a listen. Follow me on over to Spotify, roll the windows down, and don't hesitate to share this with those around you...#FadeAway

Bonus Video - Inna performing Fade Away acoustic in studio...

Sam Feldt X Lush & Simon feat Inna - Fade Away

Monday, June 19, 2017

HudMo Debuts New Track Passports on Silicon Valley

Leave it to Silicon Valley to debut a brand new bangin' HudMo track. As soon as the credits started scrolling on the latest episode the clanging synths came in with a truck load of bass. Then Remy Banks' slow flow comes in over the beat for added thug appeal. It's a perfect fit for what you'd expect from Mike Judge. Slightly obscure and packed with in-your-face intensity. The track is one of fourteen that will be surfacing on the new Silicon Valley Soundtrack that'll be landing on iTunes on June 23rd. If you're a fan of the show, you're going to want to take a few laps around this gem of an album...#Passports

Hudson Mohawke feat Remy Banks - Passports

Sunday, June 18, 2017

"You Mix the Wrong Guys With the Right Intentions"

Everything Calvin Harris has put out in 2017 thus far has thrown me for a loop. I was so accustomed to his EDM driven style that I'm still wrapping my mind around this airy, funk vibe he's been focused on of late. I get that artists and DJs need to keep evolving to keep their music fresh, but as an avid far of his previous music, the rapid transition has felt a bit forced so far.

Take for example his latest star-studded funk anthem Feels with Pharrell, Katy Perry, and Big Sean. It fits perfectly in my mental model for the type of music I'd expect from Pharrell. The funk is layered on heavy and when you add in a swaggy verse from Big Sean loaded with quoteables mixed with a bubbly Katy Perry hook, you've got yourself a Top 40 topping hit. Maybe it's too bubble gum for my liking, but it's all just too perfect. Give me a grimy EDM beat like on Slow Acid and I'll be good to go. Until then I'll be trying my best to maintain optimism until I get to do a few laps around Funk Wave Bounces Vol 1...#Feels

Calvin Harris feat Pharrell, Katy Perry, & Big Sean - Feels

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