Saturday, August 19, 2017

ZHU and Nero Will See You in Their Dreams

😳 <--- being able to press play on brand new ZHU and Nero collabo. Both are overlords of the dark, haunting synths, which make their styles a match made in heaven. The only thing more perfect might have been releasing their new track, Dreams, on Halloween.

Timing aside, the track is as aggro as you would have imagined. Armed with a repetitive, trudging beat, ZHU added enough falsetto to keep it from getting too monotonous. The track is being released as part of ZHU's newly released four song stardustexhalemarrakechdreams EP and it coincides with the release/rebranding of the electroNOW playlist that will now be known as mint. It's another creative, buzzy release from one of the most mysterious artists in EDM. I for one am now a follower of the mint playlist, so feel free and join me if you've done enough circles around GWDJ Favorites...#Dreams

ZHU feat Nero - Dreams

Friday, August 18, 2017

Videos of the Week August 18th

Complete and udder randomness is what you can expect in this week's top five. Led by Gorillaz new augmented reality club video for Strobelite, the bar for creativity was set high from the start. But then it was quickly surpassed by Snapchat's new awe-inspiring Crowd Surf feature that debuted at Outside Lands last weekend. Basically through timestamps and such, they're able to splice together a whole lot of video and audio to create a seamless audio experience as the perspectives switch on the stories that are pieced together. It may seem like a small thing, but jumping from cut to cut of the same song is not a fun listen. Kudos to Snapchat for pioneering and Lorde for debuting.

Continuing the quirky, out of left field videos with Logic's animated cameo on the latest Rick and Morty episode. Definitely willing to cop to never having watched an episode before his cameo, but now I'm intrigued. Oh and did you ever wonder which of the Seven Dwarves Snoop wanted to punch in the face? Or how Snoop remembers passwords despite being high all the time? Well, luckily Jimmy Kimmel got some quality one-on-one with the Dogfather to ask him. And last, but one of the greatest closing videos of the week, we have the Kyrie and LeBron saga played to the tune of Eminem's Stan. The way it's able to creatively cut through the tension of the situation using Em's template is exemplary. Shout of to AOK for throwing that together. If you're at all familiar with the situation, you're going to be more than a little entertained by it...#Stan

Gorillaz - Strobelite (Video)

Snapchat Debuts New Crowd Surf Feature at Outside Lands

Logic's Cameo Spot on Rick & Morty

Kimmel Hosts Snoop Dogg for Three Ridiculous Questions

Kyrie and LeBron Parody Over Eminem's Stan

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, August 17, 2017

"Your Body, Tellin' Me Yes, Tellin' Me Yes"

Hearing Akon on a Sam Feldt track is like seeing an invention for the first time and thinking to yourself, "that makes so much sense, why didn't I think of that?" Needless to say, Akon's feel good vocals fit right at home over Sam's tropical chords. The gentle pace and pitter-patter of the drums may make you feel like you've taken a trip back in time to the Lion King soundtrack, but is that such a bad thing? Shoot there's even a playful body painting-filled video to tell the story of the track. As long as you can look past Sam awkwardly stirring paint in cans and DJ-ing in an overtly white room, there's plenty of eye candy to latch onto. Lucky for us, the track landed on iTunes and Spotify today, so feel free and vibe out to it without reservation y'all...#YES

Sam Feldt feat Akon - Yes

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Gimme Just a Little of Your Love"

There's an heir of positivity surrounding Haim's music that is impossible to ignore. The trio of sisters are all talented vocalists in their own right, but make an unstoppable team when they combine forces. If you haven't given a listen to their new Something To Tell album that dropped about a month ago, you need to catch up.

One of the standout tracks on the album, Little of Your Love, was recently injected with some tempo thanks to BloodPop. To his credit, he turned a pop sing along into a pop dance anthem. The vocals from the original are there, but let's just say this new mix is a whole lot more dance worthy. It's a fun track that BloodPop found a way to make even more accessible and energetic...#LittleOfYourLove

Haim - Little Of Your Love (BloodPop® Remix)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Louis the Child Drop a Chano Mix and Announce Fall Tour

Despite their stylistic differences, I have a hard time distinguishing Louis Futon's music with Louis the Child. Given the amount of music I've written about for each of them, I'm clearly a fan of what they're both doing. Tonight it was the Child's turn to step into the limelight with a remix of Chance the Rapper's All Night. For the uninformed who haven't taken a few laps around Coloring Book, press play on the YouTube video below for context...

Let's just say Louis the Child took the smooth vibe of the original and cranked the energy level up a few notches. Where the original bobs along with a bubbly bass line, the remix takes a decidedly different percussion led angle. You'll immediately be able to feel the Louis the Child influence post-drop around the one minute mark. The vibrant, bouncy chords are a dead giveaway. Whatever you do, don't miss out on that dope beat break down around the 2:37 mark. The throwback video game synths unleashed at a breakneck pace are a good look. Speaking of a good look, don't miss out on seeing Louis the Child on the road in the coming months. Tour dates below and I'll see y'all in the East Bay in early December...#LastToLeaveTour

Chance the Rapper - All Night (Louis the Child Remix)

Monday, August 14, 2017

"I'm Goin' Bonnie and Clyde Without You"

As promised, here's another standout track from Avicii's new six song AVĪCI (01) EP. If you're an avid Avicii fan, you've probably been F5-ing the internet for the better part of a year as you impatiently waited for the studio version to drop. Featuring standout vocals from Sandro Cavazza, Without You will push and pull at your heart strings as you figure out whether to sing along or dance. It's dripped with jubilance and comes equipped with a potent combination of piano/acoustic guitar and uplifting chords. If you're like me you've missed the hell out of Avicii and this serves as yet another example of his unmatched potential to story tell musically. If you haven't done a few laps around his new album, you're nuts...but here are the iTunes and Spotify links if you're in search of a reprieve...#WithoutYou

Avicii feat Sandro Cavazza - Without You

Sunday, August 13, 2017

"I Found Peace in Your Violence"

A few weeks after dipping his toe in Jersey Club, the mello man is back with a slow burner. Silence puts on full display Khalid's vocal abilities and serves as a reminder that Marshmello can run the full gauntlet of tempos. Without the gentle, slow drop, you'd be hard pressed convincing me this fits in the electronic phylum. But, therein lies the intrigue. It's not what you'd expect as it attempts to build a bridge to R&B that has yet to be fully paved. If you're in between relationships or debating whether to start one, you'll have a lot to latch onto with the one below...#Silence

Marshmello feat Khalid - Silence

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