Thursday, September 18, 2014

K.R.I.T. Goes in on alt-J's Every Other Freckle

Here's another great example why Big K.R.I.T. is light years beyond the average Hip Hop artist. Yes, there are plenty of artists who also produce, but what Hip Hop artist goes out of his way to do a mix of a British Indie rock band's single? The only correct answer to that question is Meridian, Mississippi's own.

How you go about adding a beat to the original version of Every Other Freckle is beyond me. It's such a chill, slightly melodic track that you wouldn't think would fit under the purview of Hip Hop, but somehow K.R.I.T. squeezed in a top notch verse. For me, it doesn't get much more interesting when one of my favorite artist goes outside of his usual comfort zone, so consider it a treat tonight...#EveryOtherFreckle

Photo Credit: YouTube

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Arty x One Republic - "I Swear I Lived"

It's not for everyone, but some bands just remix well with progressive house. More specifically, bands who are led by great vocalists sounds great when mixed over an uplifting chord progression. To that point, Arty deserves a lot of credit for what he did with One Republic's I Lived.

While the original is more of a chant-along ballad, the remix takes it up a notch energy wise to a much more melodic place. The building excitement of the beat gives way to a jubilant drop that has the ability to take you to a happier place. Happy and easy listening go well together and when you're dealing with a foundation built by One Republic, good things will happen...#ILived

One Republic - I Lived (Arty Remix)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dillon Francis x Major Lazer = Bouncy Tribal EDM

I feel like I've posted about half of Dillon Francis's upcoming album Money Sucks, Friends Rule, but that should be an indication of how chalked full of energy it's going to be. The newest incarnation from upcoming release features some serious Diplo/Major Lazer influence with the part tribal, part reggae vibe. It's a bit a departure from Dillon's usual Moombahton sound, but that doesn't make it any less interesting. The raucous, booming beat mixes well with damn near inaudible reggae lyrics. With about a month and a half until the album drops on October 28th, I gotta admit, I'm starting to wonder just how good the end result might be...#MoneySucksFriendsRule

Dillon Francis - We Make It Bounce (feat. Major Lazer & Stylo G)

Monday, September 15, 2014

"Would Someone Get Me Out of Here?"

On first impression, you would expect a track by Steve Aoki and Flux Pavilion to be a rage-fest. Both are known for their ability to ignite clubs, so you'd think combining the two forces would be like putting gasoline on dynamite, right? Not exactly, but that doesn't take anything away from their soothing, melodic dubstep concoction below.

Kill those preconceived notions of the word soothing because even though the tempo of Get Me Outta Here doesn't push the needle, the drop still packs a punch. The controlled synths result in a formulaic ebb and flow, but the heavy bottom provides plenty of oomph. This is one of a hand full of tracks that I'm excited about on Steve Aoki's upcoming sophomore album Neon Future I...#NeonFutureI

Steve Aoki & Flux Pavilion - Get Me Outta Here

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Just Can't Lose With Crookers & Jeremih

Do you like booty shaking club bass? Does it make your day when R&B and EDM are mixed together in a way that makes you like them both more? If either of those are true, then you'll enjoy this brand spankin' new heat rock by Crookers and Jeremih.

In case you missed it, Crookers let loose an official single last week in Picture This. Whereas Picture This was rigid, phrenetic, and haunting, I Just Can't features Jeremih's soothing vocals that sound awesome when mixed with the high pitched synths. If you press play, just know, the song is meant to be played with volume...#Crookers

Crookers feat Jeremih - I Just Can't

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Knife Party Press the Reset Button and Begin Again

Up until this point, I've closely associated Knife Party with hard driving, almost haunting drum and bass combinations that are 80% rage and 20% harmony. Unless we're all being thrown for a loop, their second single off their upcoming album is a stark contrast to their previous releases. It's as if Rob Swire decided to channel Pendulum's sound and mesh it with the sound he and Gareth have created so far with Knife Party. I'll be honest, the 80s style synthesizers throughout definitely threw me for a loop, but the energy level of the song was very Knife Party-esque.

Before you get all "WTF this isn't Knife Party", you might want to do a bit of research on how they evolved into Knife Party. I applaud them for creating a funk driven track with vocals that goes directly against their usual style. Abandon Ship will be here in just over a month (Oct 27) and if you're like me, your excitement levels are appreciating by the day...#AbandonShip

Knife Party - Begin Again

Friday, September 12, 2014

Videos of the Week September 12

If you were to ask me what word describes this week's top 5, I'd use the word silly. Aside from Chris Brown reflecting on what it took to finally grow up, there a lot of tom foolery. The biggest and (to me) most entertaining video was the baby black bear playing with the pin on the green. I don't know why but those types of genuinely authentic moments I find really entertaining. Channing Tatum just invented an interesting way to "shake hands" and deadmau5 felt the need to take his new McLaren 650S out for a spin to promote his web series and Uber. Pretty sure I would have lost it if he showed up to pick me up. Finally, I got super nostalgic watching Jimmy Fallon and everyone's favorite Sesame Street characters. Sure, it was doubly funny hearing them read funny tweets, but I grew up on that and it will never get old...#LoveSesameStreet
deadmau5 Drives For uberX

The D*ck Graze by Channing Tatum

Baby Bear Circus Act on Golf Course

Jimmy Fallon - Sesame Street Hashtags #WhenIWasAKid

Chris Brown on How Him and Drake Are Cool With Each Other

Photo Credit: YouTube

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