Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Every Minute Without You Feels Like Torture"

As Cash Money continues to turn into a crumbling fortress of destruction with Baby and Lil Wayne feuding over millions, we've got a new bright spot emerging from Weezy's Young Money label. Enter 19 year old Austin Mahone who signed with Young Money back in August 2013. His new single Torture is about as quality as it gets for pop/R&B nowadays. He reminds me a lot of Colby O'Donis with his smooth vocal delivery. I'll admit that on first listen I thought he had to be a member of (fill in the blank boy band name), but given his affiliation and solo course to this point, I have a lot more respect for him. With YMCMB opening up doors for him, the sky is the limit for young Austin...#Torture

Austin Mahone - Torture

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Warriors Win, How Bout Oakland Tho?

How fitting, Louis Futon drops an Oakland track the night that the Golden State Warriors win the Western Conference Finals. It's been a while since Oakland has been on the map for basketball, so you an understand why the Bay Area is buzzing right now. All you Bay Area Hip Hop heads might recognize the vocal samples on the vocals on the track from Vell and DJ Mustard's Oakland below...
Little did we all know, all the track needed was some heavy bass and a few drops. Louis Futon did a hell of a job harnessing the hyphy in the original and changing the vibe of the track to more of a chill trap track. Best part about, he's giving it away from $free.50 via Soundcloud. No need to second guess on this one, join in the Bay Area celebration tonight by copping this one...#OaklandTho

Louis Futon feat Vell & DJ Mustard - Oakland Tho

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"It Keeps Holding On and On"

Well...if you had doubts about whether Disclosure could match their debut album that's about to change. A few weeks back they teased us with a new song Bang That, which by all accounts was a huge step in the right direction. Now, with the help of vocals from Gregory Porter, they just let loose an official first single in the form of Holding On. It's about exactly what you'd expect from the duo, weaving together deep house rhythms with funky vocal samples. No word yet on what their new album will be called, but if their two recent songs are any indiction of their stock's value, now is the time to buy...#HoldingOn

Monday, May 25, 2015

"Baby, You're Like Lightning in a Bottle"

99% of the time I'm focused forward with music trying to seek out new tracks with the potential to impact listeners. Whether it's happiness, frustration, elation, excitement, there's a place in life for music that moves people. Not often enough do I go back and sort through music of the past year to re-evaluate songs that I didn't quite give the attention they deserved.

That being said...this weekend I dusted a lesser known one off the shelf and couldn't stop listening to it all weekend. BØRNS' Electric Love is a song that you will remember no matter how many times you listen to it. If I were asked to describe the vocals of Garrett Borns on the track, I'd liken his high pitched harmony to Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale or Queen's Freddie Mercury. The drum beat lead in for the song will remind you of Beautiful People, but only for a few seconds before that catchy as hell guitar riff comes in. It's about as pop rock as you get, but the memorable vocals and easy-listening sound make it a smart addition to just about any playlist. If you're looking for more from BØRNS, check out his Candy EP and the acoustic version of the track that he did with Zella Day...#ElecticLove

Sunday, May 24, 2015

"That's What Happens When the Kitty's in the Lions Den"

Before you let the cart get too far in front of the horse, know that I'm going to resist using the phrase Detox in this post. Sure, it's awesome that a "new" single from Dr. Dre emerged on the front page of the internet today, but we've been okey doked many times before by the good doctor regarding his mythical album. Let's stick to the facts on this one folks. First off it's awesome to hear a verse from both Kendrick and Dr. Dre on the same track. Second, Jeremih's hook makes 2nite perfectly suitable for Top 40 radio. I'm even more hesitant to use the D word because the thuggish R&B sound of the track isn't exactly what you'd expect as a first single for a Dr. Dre album. Nonetheless, it's good to hear some fresh new material from Dre and if this is in fact the fossil discovery that leads to Jurassic World, then I'm with you, I'd love to look back on this track and say "this is where the ball finally got rolling"....#2nite

Dr. Dre feat Kendrick Lamar & Jeremih - 2nite

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nero is Forecasting Dark Skies Between II Worlds

I already closely associate Nero with deep, dark, haunting electronic music, so hearing their new single title was about as surprising as seeing ice in Antarctica. Dark Skies seems like a perfect track for a black and white animated movie like Sin City. The police sirens in the background are a perfect compliment to the aura of the track as you could picture a detective driving through a rain soaked city to investigate the latest crime. If you like Nero, you'll like this track because it's exactly what you'd expect from them stylistically. They make music that suits a given mood and they do it really well. Their new one will surface on their upcoming album, Between II Worlds, due out on August 28th. By my count, that leaves nine more tracks to get excited about until then, which means plenty more Nero features to come this summer...#DarkSkies

Nero - Dark Skies

Friday, May 22, 2015

Videos of the Week May 22nd

It was an extremely busy week for new music releases and an even busier week for music videos. Leading the way was Taylor Swift's new collabo with Kendrick Lamar that momentarily had the internet on pause. The video is up to 51 million views in less than a week, which speaks to how ridiculously big Taylor and K Dot are.

If you're wondering what it's like to be an aspiring electronic music DJ and you can put up with Zac Efron, check out the We Are Your Friends trailer. If you have been wondering what it would be like to see Snoop sailing through the clouds with Stevie, we've got some of that too this week. If crazy collaborations are what you're interested in, give D Guetta's new one a look. And if you are in the mood for a dramatic video that tells a gritty story, Machine Gun Kelly's new video for A Little More. In my eyes, it's in the lead for best Hip Hop track of 2015 at the quarter gate...#ALittleMore
Taylor Swift feat Kendrick Lamar - Bad Blood (Video)

We Are Your Friends (Trailer)

David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj, Afrojack & Bebe Rexha - Hey Mama (Video)

Snoop Dogg feat Stevie Wonder & Pharrell - California Roll (Video)

Machine Gun Kelly feat Victoria Monet - A Little Bit (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

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