Thursday, October 30, 2014

"I Believe in You, I Know You Believe in Me Too"

Same old awesome story with The Chainsmokers providing their own unique introduction to a new artist I've never heard of. This time it's Josef Salvat, who has a chill, indie/pop vibe as evidenced by his recent track Open Season. It's a little bit funky and the vocals are extremely easy to digest and well-delivered (below)...
The best part about The Chainsmokers' version of the track is how they were able to maintain the chill, uplifting vibe of the original while adding their own snappy rhythms. It's a coin flip between whether I like the new better than the original, but either way, I'm glad to have been introduced to Josef Salvat...#OpenSeason

Josef Salvat - Open Season (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Twista Never Sounded So Good Over EDM

So Dillon Francis's new album Money Sucks, Friends Rule dropped this week and to nobody's surprise, it rose to the top of the iTunes dance charts. I've already posted over half the album, but I found yet another favorite on the album. Seeing that it's track one on the album and features Twista and (up and comers) The Rej3ctz, it got my attention real quick. Full of fiery verses, it's about 90% Hip with enough pace and bounce to mix together in harmony. Man no matter how much I distance myself from Hip Hop, I will always have the utmost respect for Twista and his unique ability to clearly rap at a speed most rappers can only dream of reaching...#MoneySucksFriendsRule

Dillon Francis feat The Rej3ctz & Twista - All That

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Imagine Dragons Are Back With "I Bet My Life on You"

Vegas odds would put Imagine Dragons matching their debut album's success at about 100 to 1. It's damn near impossible to go double platinum nowadays, yet ID's Night Visions has gone double platinum since being released in 2013. Needless to say the expectations for their sophomore album are sky high.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how they managed to exceed my expectations with their lead single I Bet My Life. What starts out as a chill ballad erupts into an uplifting chorus around the 46 second mark. Following their tried and true formula of powerful, celebratory sing-along music Imagine Dragons did everything they could to make me excited about their new album. My only advice is, consume it quickly before the masses get to it because top 40 radio does not know moderation when it comes to music like this...#IBetMyLife

Monday, October 27, 2014

Scylla Gets After It, Filling RL Grime's Upcoming Void

RL Grime's new album Void comes out on November 17th. Why does that matter you ask? A month back RL gave us the first good reason in the form of Reminder and now he has taken our modest expectations and thrown gasoline all over it with Scylla.

My goodness, between the bass and aggressive synths, the track below gets AFTER IT! My suggestion is to have that seatbelt fastened when you hit the drops around the 1:08 and 3:25 marks. Unless you are feeling like getting a speeding ticket or wilding out like nobody is lookin', I'd exercise extreme caution and consume accordingly...#Scylla

RL Grime - Scylla

Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Who Am I Gonna Be When It's All Over?"

If you can't beat 'em, at least beat 'em to the punch. In response to Drake's latest song How Bout Now being leaked to the world without permission, he released two more new songs via OVO yesterday. Whatever medium the initial leak came from, it evidently had the two other songs on it, so in Drizzy's eye they were as good as leaked...

Out of the two tracks, I'm giving the nod to Heat of the Moment over 6 God. I'll concede that the beat on 6 God is on point, but I'm a sucker for a Drake ballad. All three tracks were on the chopping block for Nothing Was the Same and what better way to start gaining some momentum for Views From the 6 than releasing them as promo singles? Good decision all around, feel free to download all of them at your leisure and don't forget to send Drake a tweet both thanking him and wising him a belated Happy Birthday...#ViewsFromThe6

Drake - Heat of the Moment (prod by 40)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Far Away Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

Sometimes cover art can be deceiving, especially with electronic music. In this case, the cartoony design on Feed Me & Kill The Noise's new single Far Away perfectly fits the mood of the track. Anytime you can get a chorus of kids singing the hook and can seamlessly mix in some xylophone, good things can happen. Don't get it twisted, Far Away gets after it post drop, but the potential for earworm status comes from the kids. Chalk this up to another killer EDM collabo that managed to live up to the hype...#FarAway

Feed Me & Kill The Noise - Far Away

Friday, October 24, 2014

Videos of the Week October 24

Ran a bit heavy on the EDM for this week's top five, but I see no problem in that. Starting with the time machine moment where Dillon Francis and friends pretend like they were three years old again. Oh to be young again, eat too much cake, play duck duck goose and play in the moon bounce. David Guetta has now released two teaser videos for his upcoming Dangerous video, which leads me to believe it might be the coolest video of all time. In case you missed out on Tomorrow World, Kygo went ahead and posted his set from the festival, which was a nice olive branch. The most interesting of the EDM bunch was probably the trailer for Baauer's upcoming documentary detailing his experimental ways of making music. Really cool learning about all of the crazy ways he has obtained samples around the globe. Last but not least, your token Jimmy Fallon video of the week showcasing his new and wildly popular egg roulette game. At the very least, we should all appreciate how great he is at making really famous people seem extremely human...#EggRoulette
Jimmy Fallon & Bradley Cooper Play Egg Roulette

David Guetta & Sam Martin - Dangerous (Teaser)

Dillon Francis & Sultan & Ned Shepard feat The Chain Gang of 1974 – When We Were Young (Video)

Kygo's Set From Tomorrow World

Baauer: Searching for Sound (Trailer)
Photo Credit: YouTube

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