Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HudMo Wields Chimes That Pack a Punch

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding new HudMo music and after seeing him live in concert last month, I can fully substantiate those rumors. One of the many heat rocks he let loose during his hour and a half set was Chimes. Make no mistake about it, your speakers will need to be able to handle depth and grandeur to appreciate his new one.

The track starts off harmlessly enough with tip-toeing synths, but then the back end comes through like a freight train to drive home the heavy sound. Nobody can match the crispness of HudMo's sound at the volume he's able to crank out music. Unfortunately, we may not be getting a full length album, but on September 30th he will be releasing a new four song Chimes EP to iTunes. Those four songs plus production on Kanye's new album is what we can look forward in 2014 from one of the best producers in the game...#Chimes

Hudson Mohawke - Chimes

Monday, July 21, 2014

"Knock Knock You About to Get Shell Shocked"

What...in...the...hell? This might be the corniest track lyrically in the past decade. The degree of selling out that it takes to get to this end result is so obscene it's almost admirable.

The frustrating part about it is that it's actually a bangin' track if you manage to not get caught up in the lyrics. Kill The Noise and Madsonik craft a trap beat that is 100% dope and the one two punch of Juicy J and Wiz is formidable. The most surprising part from my perspective was Ty Dolla $ign closing it down with authority on the final verse. I'd go as far to say this could have been one of the best Hip Hop EDM collaborations to date if the powers that be didn't go so far out of their way to make the lyrics "kid friendly" and movie relevant that it became the focus of the track. It is what it is, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie comes out on August 15th if you're interested in hearing this on the big screen...#TNMT

Sunday, July 20, 2014

"I Won't Waste, This, Love, Here Tonight"

Over the past few months, I've gotten used to hyping up Collin McLoughlin's solo ability to produce great music. As a result, you can imagine why I jumped at his recent feature on Dash Berlin's recent single Here Tonight. The vocals on the track provided by Jay Cosmic lead the way over high-pitched, energetic synths. It's a bit more pop than EDM, but it's a fun track. While you're at it, give a look to Dash Berlin's upcoming We Are Pt 1 EP featuring the likes of 3LAU and John Dahlback. Despite my extreme dislike for all this is Penn State, I will reluctantly fall in line with the following hashtag...#WeAre

Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic ft. Collin McLoughlin - Here Tonight

Saturday, July 19, 2014

After a Long Hiatus, Welcome Back Dialated Peoples

I’ll admit, when I saw Dialated Peoples featuring Aloe Blacc, I did a triple take. The first reason being, it’s been seven years since DJ Babu, Evidence and Rakaa banded together to create music together. The second reason, I have yet to hear Aloe Blacc contribute to a Hip Hop track. All elements combined piqued my interest in a real way.

After listening to the track, I was whelmed. Not over-whelmed or under-whelmed, the track is a really listenable Hip Hop track, which hard to come by these days. Aloe Blacc sounded at home singing the hook too, which was heartening. If you’re a fan of real Hip Hop that doesn’t concern itself with commercial viability, my suggestion is to catch up on the Dilated Peoples discography. In particular, my favorite track of theirs is No Retreat featuring B-Real of Cypress Hill. Word has it, the Dilated Peoples have an album coming out soon. Keep an ear out for Director's of Photography, it'll be in a store near you on August 12th...#ShowMeTheWay

Dilated Peoples feat Aloe Blacc - Show Me The Way

Friday, July 18, 2014

Videos of the Week July 18th

Well, let's call a spade a spade, this week's videos is more or less a Drake ESPY highlight reel. This was the first time Drake has gotten a big time hosting gig and it seems like he overwhelmingly knocked it out of the park. I'd say the biggest surprise for me was Drake and Chris Brown getting along and banding together in a skit. Word came last week that they were working together on music, but it seems like they've finally buried the hatchet.

Any award show host has to have enough clout to feel comfortable making fun of a lot of famous people and that's exactly what Drake did. He roasted all runners up with his Honorable Mention ballad, delivered an entertaining Manny Pacquiao impression, burned Danica and threw Macklemore under the bus while he was at it. It all resulted in a really entertaining night with plenty of great highlights. The only other really noteworthy video of the week was Weird Al's Handy, which spoofs Iggy Azalea's Fancy. Nobody does parody videos like Wierd Al and it's great to see he's still got it...#ImSoHandy
Drake vs Blake featuring Chris Brown Skit (ESPYs)

Drake & Brian McKnight Side Pieces Duet (Espys)

Drake Honorable Mention, The Song for ESPY Losers

Drake Sings Let It Go as Manny Pacquiao

Weird Al Yankovic - Handy (Iggy Azalea Fancy Spoof)

Photo Credit: YouTube via ESPN

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Your Wish My Command, Go Head Take My Hand"

So a few months back I mentally bookmarked the name Majid Jordan. I did so because one of my favorite blogs/crews, Octobers Very Own, seemed to be co-signing the talented R&B duo of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. We’ve all witness what happened with The Weeknd becoming a household name over the past year. To this point, you can’t really argue with the OVO track record.

Recently Majid released A Place Like This, which on first listen didn’t really stand out to me. But like a fine wine it has grown on me over time. In short, the song succeeds in its simplicity. The beat isn’t complicated, but the gradually increasing, whiny synths really stuck with me. Great R&B has to be able to evoke emotion and the duos somber and subtle harmony really work well with the beat. Reminds me a bit of Miguel’s first couple tracks where you listen to it and you know there’s a seed in there that’s destined to grow into something great. You better believe I’m excited for what’s to come from Majid in the near future…#PlaceLikeThis

Bonus: Check the newly minted video below...

Majid Jordan - A Place Like This

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Not Just Friends, Superfriends

Here’s another track that I ‘ve really grown to love over the past month and just haven’t gotten around to posting. I’ve waxed poetic a few times about ZHU’s uniquely awesome mix of funk and EDM and I can think of no better case in point than Superfriends. It has a few edgy screwed up Hip Hop samples sprinkled throughout with the high pitched vocals we’ve come to expect from ZHU tracks.

I’d liken the track to San Francisco weather. It may start out sounding like an upbeat dance track, then ten seconds later it sounds like a Hip Hop track. But then a little later it adds in an intriguing chord progression, followed by more Hip Hop and finishing with a calmingly refreshing percussion led fade out. In other words, you can go a few seconds (blocks) and have a completely different sound (weather). Semi-confusing analogy aside, if you haven’t checked out ZHU’s debut EP, you’re missing the bus…#NightdayEP

ZHU - Superfriends

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