Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"All I Need, Ooh-hey, is Your Arms Around Me"

Full disclosure on tonight's post - I'm about two months late chiming in on Hook N Sling's Arms Around Me. Let's just say, it slipped through the cracks, but thanks to their recent lyric video, I get second chance at sharing it with y'all. Follow along while pressing play below...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, lyric videos that amplify the emotion of a track may not be as flashy as a traditional music videos, but they're stellar at producing a mood for a track. Like in the video above, the theme of taking a road trip with the person you live is something that fits like a glove with the feel-good vibes of the track. Add in some playful, well-timed text and you're in business. If you're one to road trip often, this should definitely be on your open road playlist...#ArmsAroundMe

Hook N Sling feat Digital Farm Animal - Arms Around Me

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"Oh, Please, I Don't Do the Nose Bleeds"

I think I can speak for all of us when I say I miss Swedish House Mafia. As a trio they made a ton of really awesome music and it's a shame that couldn't continue indefinitely. But, like all breakups, there's a silver lining that can yield things that never would have come to light had the group not made the decision to evolve. While Axwell and Ingrosso have been churning out hit after hit lately, it appeared Steve Angello had become the lost member of the trio. Until last week when he unleashed an absolute banger with Pusha T.

Freedom is something you'd expect from a group like the Chemical Brothers. With a driving, forceful chord progression, Steve Angello was clearly out to make a statement. Helping amplify the strength of that message was King Push who delivered some cold, calculated bars to fill in the space between balls-to-the-wall beat. Calling it an a party-starter isn't doing it justice, it's dope af. You know the drill, Spotify or iTunes to your heart's content...#Freedom

Steve Angello feat Pusha T - Freedom

Monday, October 16, 2017

"Do You Remember How it Feels to be Young?"

Back in early 2017, I posted a Cheat Codes remix of D.R.A.M.'s Broccoli. At the time I made the comparison to Timeflies because of the sing-songy rap style they delivered on the remix. Fast forward to this week where they hooked up with Fetty Wap and CVBZ on a triumphant new anthem appropriately titled Feels Great. What I like about their new one is the slightly electronic, upbeat post-drop chrord progression. If I'm being honest, this one definitely skews more Pop than EDM, but there's always room on my playlists for music that is uplifting. Feels Great accomplishes that goal both lyrically and tempo wise, giving it plenty of replay value for me personally.

Better yet, below is a fun, color heavy lyric video that does nothing but amplify the feel good vibes on the track. Check the iTunes or Spotify links if you're as big of a fan as I am of the new single...#FeelsGreat

Cheat Codes feat Fetty Wap & CVBZ - Feels Great

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Illenium Finds Peace in Violence With Marshmello

Pretty cut and dried with today's post centered around one artist I really like remixing another one of my favorites. Two months back I posted the original version of Marshmello's Silence with Khalid. It was an interesting foray into R&B flavored, Chill House for both collaborators.

Fast forward two months to this week where some big names stepped up to the plate and took a crack at the track. To their credit, SUMR CAMP, Slushii, Illenium, and Tiesto all flipped the track in their own unique way. While Tiesto's Big Room remix was fun and Slushii's mix was as playful and vibrant as usual, Illenium's version emerged as my favorite. His ethereal style fit like a glove with the vocals of the original. It's that whiny, love making drum-and-bass that gets me every time. There's a little bit for everyone on the four song remix EP, so don't be bashful about copping it on iTunes or Spotify...#Mellogang

Marshmello feat Khalid - Silence (Illenium Remix)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

"We Can Do Revenge, Revenge, Revenge, Together"

Nothing like a playful song about making someone feel the same type of pain they made you feel. Conjured up by two of the most fierce, emotional artists in music, Revenge straddles the fence between spiteful and funny. These three bars by Pink sum it up quite well, "Sue you, take your dog, take your house, Take your shoes, take your heart, And now here comes that singin' part."

As for Eminem's verse, he doesn't hold back on his favorite derogatory female descriptors, but his tone is far from serious. There's an interesting harmony in both Pink and Eminem's verses that encourage retaliation too. The back and forth comes off as more of a game, adding to the playfulness of the vibe. The song emerged as one of the 13 songs on Pink's new Beautiful Trauma album that dropped yesterday. I haven't given the album much of a listen yet, but you can bet it'll contain at least a few chart topping singles. One thing that stood out to me is the lack of features on the album. I guess when you get to be as big as Pink, there's less of a necessity to pull in other artists to make great music. More power to her, looking forward to picking a few favorites from the album...#Revenge

Pink feat Eminem - Revenge (prod by Shellback and Max Martin)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Videos of the Week October 13th

This week's top five starts and ends with Eminem's fierce lyrical attack on Donald Trump via his BET Awards Freestyle Cypher. The amount of energy it generated throughout music and politics speaks to the time we're currently living in. As more and more of pop culture, entertainment, and professional athletes draw lines in the sand with their stance on our president, it'll be interesting to see who ends up "winning" the social media war in the end.

Aside from super-caustic freestyles, Odesza and Leon Bridges jumped in to remind us that music is as soulful and pure as ever. There's such a warmth surrounding the vibe of Across the Room and the video did a good job of capturing that feel-goodness. Speaking of feel-goodness, nothing butters my bread like some good ol' instrumental experimentation. Hard to imagine someone being more equipped to do that than Mura Masa and we were lucky enough to have the curtain peeled back a bit to see his creative process. If you're in the need of some hype to finish out the week, look no further than Goldlink's performance of Crew at one of his recent shows. You can always tell if an artist is hype but how the crowd reacts to his music. Watch that performance and tell me he doesn't have a hardcore following. Rounding out the top five is some Country music. Not just any Country music though, it's Kendrick Lamar's hits being flipped into Country. Fyütch took a page out of South Park's book with this one, but it wasn't any less entertaining...#CountryKendrick

Eminem Goes IN on Donald Trump via BET Awards Freestyle

Odesza feat Leon Bridges - Across the Room (Video)

Rhythm Roulette with Mura Masa

Goldlink - Crew (Live)

Fyütchology Ep 12: Country Kendrick Lamar

Photo Credit: BET via YouTube

Thursday, October 12, 2017

RL Grime Kicks His Tour Off With Dope New Single, Era

Here he goes again with those loud, arena filling horns. RL Grime has always had a reputation for being able to turn up to a level that most DJs could only dream of reaching. Need some recent evidence? Look no further than his latest single, Era, where he shows off that ceiling yet again.

The track takes a full minute to rev up and take off. When it does, it unleashes a symphony of bass, whiny horns, and a steady click-clack of percussion. What's cool too is the complete tear down and start back up of the beat multiple times throughout the track. Sure, all DJs love to follow the formulaic build up and drop model, but nobody does it quite as thoroughly as RL Grime. If you listen real closely, you might hear Redman cameo in the mix too.

Simply put, words won't do justice to how pumped I am to see him in concert next weekend in SF at Bill Graham. As an FYI, his tour kicks off tonight in Vancouver and will go all the way through Thanksgiving. Someone in between his upcoming Nova album will presumably drop, which means there's plenty of RL on the horizon in this neighborhood of the internet...#Era

RL Grime - Era

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