Monday, November 20, 2017

Troyboi & Ekali Let Loose a Tour Favorite

Some of the best music we all end up hearing is a direct result of artists deciding to go on tour together. Case in point Ekali and Troyboi's latest creation Truth. If you've seen Troyboi on tour lately, this track is probably old news to you, but for many this is going to be an introduction.

The collabo hits on all the highlights of what you'd look for for the dynamic duo. You've got the melodic tones from Ekali mixing with the oriental, clangy bounce of Troyboi. It's a fresh instrumental, through and through. It skews more toward the smooth and refined front rather than a bass heavy party starter that both artists are capable of making. Not sure whether this is awesome or frustrating, but this is the type of unreleased track that may never get an official Spotify release. Still, you can't complain about a free download, so let's just say the options to consume are limitless...#Truth

Troyboi x Ekali - Truth

Sunday, November 19, 2017

"Love Life, Baby Give Me Love Like"

You may have missed it, but recently Major Lazer released a documentary called Give Me Future. The doc is centered around their performance in Havana, Cuba from Spring 2015 when a half a million people ended up showing up at their show. From there, it takes a deep dive into Cuban youth culture, unearthing the impact of improving US/Cuba relations. When watching, you may even be surprised at the hoops Major Lazer needed to jump through to make a Cuban show a reality.

But I digress, the track below is from the soundtrack to the documentary. Love Life is bouncy Reggaeton at its best. Marked by vibrant vocals from Azaryah, the vibe of the track is infectious. Good luck trying to keep your hips from swaying back and forth to the beat too. It's one of many great tracks off the Soundtrack that is worth a dedicated listen on further review...#LoveLife

Major Lazer feat Azaryah - Love Life

Saturday, November 18, 2017

"Cause I'm in Love With the Restless Sea"

I've posted so many behind-the-scenes, viral beat-making sessions by Louis Futon that you are hopefully more than a little familiar with his name by now. Side note, his latest Stranger Things inspired effort was particularly dope IMO. Beat-making sessions aside, in between opening for Louis the Child and Odesza, he's been cooking up some new material.

Yesterday he dropped Restless Sea featuring vocals from Opia. Blown away doesn't really explain how pleasantly surprised I was by the track. Everything from the slow burning, emotion dripped drops to the pleading vocals of Opia came together for a really dope track. The whiny guitar riffs and synths post-drop really compliment the head-nod worthy, steady-thumping beat. I foresee myself both rocking out to the beat and singing along, which underscores the likeability of the track. Don't waste anymore time reading these words, join me over at Soundcloud, Spotify, or iTunes where I'll be running laps all around this one this weekend...#RestlessSea

Louis Futon feat Opia - Restless Sea

Friday, November 17, 2017

VIdeos of the Week November 17th

It was definitely a performance-centric top five this week. Led by Travis Scott's memorable performance at the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards, the week got off to a noteworthy start. Not sure about y'all, but I would be pretty hesitant to be jumping around while performing when I'm standing on top of a giant floating bird about 30 ft about the crowd. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Butterfly Effect and the performance was lit, but join me in hoping he never falls off that big, menacing bird.

On a less dangerous note, both Daft Punk and RL Grime put out tour videos this week to give everyone a glimpse of what they're missing. Having recently seen RL live, it was cool to be reminded of how hype of a show he's capable of putting on. Switching to a more calming, intimate setting, Anime did his thing on NPR's Tiny Desk stage this week. He cycled through a few Good For You favorites like Caroline, Slide, and Wedding Crashers during the short set. And of course last, but always the most entertaining, Macklemore stole the show with his Corner Store performance on Fallon. Such an uplifting track and those horns man...such a solid track...#CornerStore

Travis Scott Rode His Huge Bird Performing at the EMA's

Daft Punk Alive Tour Video

RL Grime - Nova Tour Video Part 1

Anime Puts on a Tiny Desk Concert

Macklemore, Dave B & Travis Thompson Perform Corner Store on Fallon

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, November 16, 2017

"You Know I'm Neva Eva Givin' Up"

I've come to expect chopped up, heavy bangers from Troyboi, but they haven't always come loaded with a positive message. That changed on Never Give Up where a slowed vocal sample preaches a relentless pursuit of success. It's a slow banger with a calming ebb and flow of steady knocking bass. For those who can appreciate the beauty of simplicity, this one's for you. Steady stream this one on Soundcloud until the single drops on the official outlets...#NeverGiveUp

Troyboi - Never Give Up

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"I Will Rise and Shine, Even in the Coldest Night"

Same characters, but entirely different story. If you're thinking you're going to get another Lean On, think again. Instead, Diplo and took a Future Bass turn on Get It Right. Marked by a high pitched, wobbly vocal sample, there's a steady mix of Pop vocals and energetic bounce mixed throughout. It's destined to run a train on Top 40, but it may not have quite the ceiling of their previous collaboration. Saying that isn't a slight at all either, as the former was one of the tracks that will always be remembered from 2015. Needless to say, the Random White Dude has struck again and his new one below has some serious earworm potential...#GetItRight

Diplo feat MØ - Get It Right

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bassnectar's Music Can Transport You to Other Worlds

Wobbly, deep, ethereal, and vibrant are all adjectives I'd use to describe Bassnectar's new single Other Worlds. I feel like I've used all those words to describe Bassnectar at some point, but not all on the same track. That's a testament to him continuing to expand his reach stylistically while holding on to the Dubstep/Drum and Bass style that got him to where he is now.

Other Worlds and Slather are two teaser tracks that should get you excited for him new forthcoming Reflective EP Part 2 that's rumored to be dropping in December. In case you missed it, Reflective Part 1 was a six song EP that he dropped back in June. On the EP he had another collabo with Dorfex Bos that was equally as dope as the one below in Horizons. Maybe it's my current Stranger Things affliction, but there's something to these outer space sounding, eerie synth vibe tracks like the one below...#OtherWorlds

Bassnectar feat Dorfex Bos - Other Worlds

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