Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Why the Hell'd You Put That Black Dress On?"

Oh man, when you haven't heard any grown and sexy R&B for a while, it's like free dessert when you're not expecting it. Such soul in the mix from Jamie Foxx with plenty of sultry percussion and a smooth bassline. Maybe it's because every woman has a sexy black dress, but there's something about the lyrics that make the imagination run on overdrive. Ain't My Fault is the second single in two weeks Jamie has let loose, following up his latest party favorite with 2 Chainz. Let's hope the pending litigation with the track goes smoothly so that there are no bumps in the road leading to a new album from the multitalented Foxx...#AintMyFault

Jamie Foxx - Ain't My Fault

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Bout Now, Views From the 6 is Coming

It's been a minute since Drake has released any album material music, so How Bout Now was a welcome surprise. What I wonder is if there's some sort of irony that the song leaked without permission on the same night that he came up a short on that jumper during UK's midnight madness (below)...

Lack of rim aside, Drake got back to his R&B ways with the help of Boi-1da and Jordan Evans. You might recognize the Jodeci My Heart Belongs to You sample throughout the track which takes on the tried and true "I made it so what's up now girl?" vibe that Drake has been on since he came up. It's hard for me to empathize because I'll never quite be able to put ex-girlfriends on blast like he does, but the spite he has toward those who did him wrong has to be the biggest motivation behind his music. Whatever the case, Views From the 6 will be coming soon enough in 2015 and I'm cautiously optimistic that his music will continue to age in a way that maintains its accessibility...#HowBoutNow

Drake - How Bout Now (prod by Boi-1da & Jordan Evans)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Chemical Brothers & Miguel Are Not Playin' Around

Well here's another triple-take inducing collaboration. Serving as the promotional single from the upcoming Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 Soundtrack, This Is Not a Game grabs you by the collar and promises to be different from what you usually hear. The grungy, industrial synths provide the edge while Miguel's vocals and Lorde's vocal samples cut the instrumental.

Therein lies the tension on the track, though. It's as if the track rides the fence between a listenable pop track and gritty anthem that sets the tone for another battle to the death. I'll still give Lorde all the credit in the world for pulling the Chemical Brothers and Miguel together, but in the end the conflicting styles go two directions boldly instead of going one direction together...#ThisIsNotAGame

Monday, October 20, 2014

"If You Could Be Back Home"

Now that more and more DJs are hopping on the Tropical House bandwagon, I'm gaining an even deeper appreciation for Thomas Jack. The Caribbean rhythms offer plenty of feel good percussion with soothing flutes and saxophone leading the way. The march of the beat always seems to give it just enough tempo to be dance-worthy, but if your drink doesn't include some sort of fruit juice when listening to this, it will taste like pineapple by the time the track is over.

The original version of Back Home was MYNGA and Cosmo Klein is surprisingly more uptempo than the remix. Check it below for proof...
The chill vibe started before the remix, but the original just doesn't sound right without the saxophone on the hook. When the new version has a key component that the original lacked, you know you did something right. Do you boy Thomas Jack a solid and give him an up vote on hypem so that he continues to get the credit he deserves for leading a new segment of dance music that is abundantly enjoyable...#BackHome

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein - Back Home (Thomas Jack Remix)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Run X Tour Cancelled Means New Music Sooner

I've found that clicking play on a new Baauer track is like getting one of those white mystery dum dum lollipops. You're never quite sure what it's going to taste like, but you're excited to try it because it's usually pretty good. Baauer's new one featuring UK's own AlunaGeorge is on par with those expectations, mixing sultry vocals with bouncy trap bass. While it's a huge bummer Baauer and Boyz Noise's Run X tour was recently cancelled, at least the reason was centered around having time to create new music. Looking on the bright side of things, at least Baauer stayed true to his promise of new music sooner...#OneTouch

Baauer feat AlunaGeorge - One Touch (VIP remix)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Madeon Found His Way to Imperium

It's long overdue, but Madeon is making his GWDJ debut tonight thanks to his new single Imperium. Slept on is an understatement, there's been a lot of hype building about the French prodigy while I've been off in my own world trying to fall in line behind the late adopters. But bygones will be bygones and I'm on the bandwagon after a few listens to his rhythmic assault below. For me, it was the drum and bass that reeled me in with the energetic chords providing the icing on the cake.

That's not the coolest part about the track, though. Known to play games with his fans, Madeon put together a game on his website. If you can figure it out and follow instructions, you get to download the track for free. Here's a hint, it may have been a game you played as a child. Assist to @awilliamsid for the DaVinci code work tonight since I don't read text on websites. Best of luck to you all on your journey to the free download...#Imperium

Friday, October 17, 2014

Videos of the Week October 17th

There's quite a bit of entertainment mixed into the top 5 this week. In my eyes, it's a toss up between Jimmy Fallon/Brad Pitt's break dance conversation video and Kevin Hart's freestyle as Chocolate Droppa. Anytime you leave Kendrick Lamar speechless while freestyling, you know something great just happened.

On the music tip, Alesso and Fall Out Boy released new videos for their latest singles. I'm always impressed with what Fall Out Boy is able to put together creatively and their new video was no exception. On a final note, I'm continuing to be intrigued by video companies partnering with Hip Hop artists on trailers for new games. This time the makers of Far Cry 4 got together with Childish Gambino to put together an interesting video detailing the collaboration between the two. Makes me wish they had more Hip Hop in video games back in the day...#FarCry4
Jimmy Fallon & Brad Pitt Have a Break Dance Conversation

Kevin Hart's Alter Ego Chocolate Droppa Freestyle with Kendrick Lamar

Alesso feat Tove Lo - Heroes (Video)

Far Cry 4 and Childish Gambino: The Collaboration

Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

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