Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Oh, Ophelia, You Been on My Mind, Girl, Since the Flood"

Without hesitation, I'm taking a night off from the usual stream of Hip Hop and EDM to give you one of the better songs I've heard this year. The Lumineers? Folk music you say? You better believe it because their new single Ophelia is one of their better singles in recent memory. The quietly moving track showcases excellent vocals from lead singer Wesley Schultz, a mellow piano-led beat and an undeniably catchy hook. If you're not singing along to the "Oh, Ophelia..." at the beginning of the hook, then you're missing out. For those of you keeping score at home, this is the first of fifteen tracks that will be surfacing on their upcoming album Cleopatra that is scheduled to hit e-shelves on April 8th. We can only hope that the album is half as good as their lead single...#Ophelia

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Red Lips Always Lie"

Some remixes don't require much introduction or hype, they practically force you to press play on name recognition. File this one under that categorization as Dillon Francis and Skrillex went absolutely buckwild with GTA's Red Lips. You know how we do, we like comparing things in this hood of the internet, so check the original before imbibing in the "rebirth"...

Where the original is trappy and carried by some superb horns, the remix takes more on more of a skittish, tribal vibe. On one hand you've Dillon Francis covering the boomy Moombahton angle and Skrillex chipping in an speaker rattling, robotic samples. Definitely two very different sounds when comparing the original to the remix, but that's probably why they called it a rebirth. Can't complain about that free download via Soundcloud, though. Better get at that before the magical down arrow disappears....#RedLips

GTA - Red Lips (Dillon Francis X Skrillex Rebirth)

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Haywyre Keeps It Rolling With Impulse

Now that I've had a minute to do a full swan dive into Haywyre's new Two Fold Pt. 2 EP, I think I've found a favorite track. Topping previous favorites like Do You Don't You and Endlessly was no small task, but Impulse proved to outlast them all. What I like most about it is the mix of slow, rhythmic bass and experimental samples sprinkled throughout. It takes about a minute or so to ramp up, but the beat that follows is worth the wait. When he brings in the middle eastern sounding horns around the 2:16 mark, I almost lost it. Just a cool all around track that is growing on me with each listen. Best part about, Haywyre is coming with Seven Lions to SF on Thursday. See y'all there?...#TwoFoldPt2

Haywyre - Impulse

Monday, February 08, 2016

"Let Me Hit You With That Pep Rally"

As tempting as it was to re-post Super Bowl commercials, the national anthem or even the halftime show, I'm going to operate under the assumption that you probably saw the majority of it. What I'm going to highlight tonight was a somewhat unique release of a new single via Super Bowl commercial. Can't say I've seen that before, but we can thank Amazon and Missy Elliot's partnership for breaking new ice...
As as side note, it's pretty cool that Amazon Echo is becoming a new platform to develop on. Not sure Uber would be one of the top ways I'd utilize it, but Spotify integration looks pretty cool.

As far as the new Missy single goes, it's just as turnt up as her previous release WTF (Where You From). It doesn't have quite the catchy lyrics, but the steady 808 thump is impossible to ignore. The marching band vibe adds to the dance worthiness too, giving Pep Rally plenty of party starter appeal. At the very least, it's great to hear an artist from my upbringing come back to the game like she never left. Hoping this streak of great music continues on the way toward a new album at some point...#PepRally

Sunday, February 07, 2016

"Haven't Seen You Naked For a While"

With more people latching onto Tropical House through the Kygos and Thomas Jacks of the world, Sam Feldt is quietly making a name for himself as a player in the genre. I've posted a few of his tracks, but it's exciting to hear that he has a new five song EP coming out in early March. His new single, Been a While, should be more than enough to get people excited for what's to come in the next few weeks. Featuring plenty of flute, some easy-going whistling, and some horns from Q on the Trumpet, it has everything you'd want from a Trop House track. Not only that, if you're looking for a relaxing tune to combat the bumper to bumper Super Bowl traffic on your way home from the game tonight, this will hit the spot...#BeenAWhile

Sam Feldt - Been a While

Saturday, February 06, 2016

"Don't Let Me, Don't Let Me, Don't Let Me Down Now"

There are few things I've enjoyed watching more than The Chainsmokers meteoric rise. Despite the fact that they've come up, they're still trying their damnedest to maintain a real connection with the fans who helped boost them to where they're currently at. I say where they're currently at because they're killing it right now, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bieber, Adele, and Selena Gomez on top iTunes singles...

And the best part about it? They haven't stopped churning out great music. Case in point their newest creation, Don't Let Me Down, which features the vocals of Daya...who sounds strikingly similar to Rihanna, which is a big compliment. It's not their usual party starter, but it falls directly in line with a lot of vocal driven tracks they've done in the past. It's a testament to their ability to be comfortable at any tempo and know when they need to play the Chris Paul role by dishing out an assist every now and then to a talented vocalist in order to achieve a successful result. Tip of the cap to Alex and Drew for continuing to push the envelope creatively and for finding a way to resurrect this gem from the grave after losing the original to a hard drive crash...#DontLetMeDown

The Chainsmokers feat Daya - Don't Let Me Down

Friday, February 05, 2016

Videos of the Week February 5th

Sticking with a NFL theme this week seeing that the Super Bowl is this weekend. Although it was tempting, I resisted posting a few of the entertaining commercials before they air on Sunday. It truly wouldn't be the Super Bowl without crazy, ridiculous ads, so we'll leave those cats inside the box.

First, the novelty. The 2016 Bad Lip Reading video Part 1 might be one of the more entertaining videos I post all year. They never disappoint, year after year. Similarly, Fallon did an excellent job of roasting some of the players who will be taking part in the big game this weekend. On the music front, The Chainsmokers continued their EDM conquest on Fallon by performing their now #1 iTunes dance single Roses. Coldplay also released a new video with Beyonce's help, but I was a little confused about the lyrical content being about drunk and high...on life? Definitely a celebratory video and much more feel good than I imagined. To end the week, how about some dap for Ohene Savant. There are plenty of people who can either play a live instrument, or produce music or even rap. But can any of them do all of them with a degree of skill? Needless to say, he's much more the exception to the rule, so give him a look and don't be afraid to be amazed like I was...#GeniusLevel
2016 Bad Lip Reading NFL

NFL Superlatives on Fallon

Coldplay feat Beyonce - Hymn For the Weekend (Video)

The Chainsmokers & Rozes Perform Roses on Fallon

Ohene Savant Shows What It Takes to Be a Producer/Rapper

Photo Credit: YouTube

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