Monday, January 16, 2017

"Chemistry Means Way More Than Anatomy, She Mad at Me"

Usually I'm a sucker for the inspirational, against all-odds type of tracks that Big Sean usually puts out. His silky smooth delivery and next level wittiness is what puts him in a category by himself as a rapper, but he rarely puts out moody or depressing music. Halfway Off the Balcony definitely fits that description and even though it's not his usual vibe, the mic skills still shine through. My favorite part was when he slowed down the speed of his vocals at the 2:10 mark to add an element of emotion that words can't communicate. It added a unique, screwed type of feel to a track that sounds more Cudi than Sean Don.

Right now this is slated to be track 9 on Big Sean's upcoming album, I Decided. The release comes on the heels of two previous singles, Bounce Back and Moves. You've got about three more weeks to hold on your excitement before the album drops on February 3rd, so don't hesitate to keep the hype train moving along...#HalfwayOffTheBalcony

Big Sean - Halfway Off the Balcony

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life of Dillon Sure Know How to Brunch

In late 2015, Life of Dillon released one of my favorite songs that year with Overload. The mix of vibrant chords with ever-so-catchy, excitable vocals made for an addicting listen. It's one of those songs rare songs that have the ability to instantly flip your mood with how upbeat it is.

Now fast forward to 2017 and the trio from the UK are at it again. This time, they put together an equally catchy, but more mellow track in Sex for Breakfast. Their new one has more of an acoustic sing-along vibe, but they definitely hit the Millenial crowd with the lyrics. Chalk it up to the scattering of pop culture name drops and the casual tone they go about singing about the sex, drugs, and bad decisions that college is known for. If you're in the market for a mellow track that everyone can vibe to, this one will check all those boxes...#SexForBreakfast

Life of Dillon - Sex for Breakfast

Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Let's Show Them We Are Better, We Were Staying in Paris"

It's gotten to the point that when The Chainsmokers release a new single, the music world quietly pauses their life and presses play. I don't need to give you the, "I'm so proud of how far they've come speech" because you've gotten that enough from me. What I want to focus on with the release of their new single Paris is their ability to continually grow without losing the stylistic elements of what got them to where they are now.

Paris is more of a quiet duet than a festival banger, but between Drew continuing to flex his vocal muscles with Emily Warren and the underlying Indie tone of the track, there's a lot to appreciate. While some will quickly move on to the next track and dismiss this one because it's not as "catchy", others will admire the depth and nostalgia behind the track. We all long to be places we aren't and Paris seems to capture that sentiment with dead on accuracy. 2017 may have just begun, but something tells me Alex and Drew aren't going to be falling back on their successes from last year. Not sure about y'all, but I'm looking forward to all that is on the horizon for The Chainsmokers...#Paris

The Chainsmokers - Paris

Friday, January 13, 2017

Videos of the Week January 13th

Strange week for videos in that it was dominated by odd music videos and quirky cover performances. Leading off is marshmello's video for his new single Summer where he shares a moment with Vine star Lele Pons. It's hard to hate on any video at a skating rink, but the added eye candy is always appreciated. Then there was the over the top 80s and creepy video from The Weeknd for Party Monster. Put it this way, his videos make you think that there may be some things going on in his head that we find hard to imagine.

Moving on from music videos with an endearing Fresh Prince Theme cover from Ed Sheeran. His new music is downright dope, so I'll be tuning in to anything his name is attached to in the near future. Speaking of a Midas touch, The Chainsmokers felt the need to release a hype video to drum up some excitement for 2017. No disrespect, but I have a hard time imagining this being as successful as 2016 was. They've proven me wrong many times, though, so I guess nothing should surprise me at this point.

Just when you thought this was turning into a music only post, you knew I had to mix in some silly with Fallon. This time he was on stage with Kevin Bacon doing a word spelling parody of The Kinks 1970s hit Lola. Before you listen, I challenge you to think of as many words that rhyme with Lola. Let's just say they came up with a few more creative things to rhyme than the mental list you just came up with. Needless to say, I'm humming Lola now as I write this, so it'll stick with you...#Lola

marshmello - Summer (Video) (feat Lele Pons)

The Weeknd - Party Monster (Video)

Ed Sheeran Covers The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song

The Chainsmokers Are Out to Slay in 2017

Kevin Bacon and Jimmy Fallon Struggle to Spell Words to the 70s Hit Lola

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, January 12, 2017

"No One Loves Me Like the Piano in My Mothers Home"

Solo piano ballads seem like a thing of the past with music becoming more high tech with every year. The fact that good ballads are so few and far between make me appreciate ones like Sampha's new one, (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano. If you don't get even the slightest bit of nostalgia when listening to the song below, then you are no friend of mine. I got a warm sense of comfort from being home near family when listening to Sampha go on about his childhood and growing up. There's a simplicity about the quiet chords and soulful vocals that I really wish I had more of in my life. Mad love to Sampha on this one, make sure and check out his upcoming Process album that will be dropping on February 3rd...#NoOneKnowsMeLikeThePiano

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Weeknd's Hills Gets Triple Remixed

It sounds silly saying this, but you haven't truly made it until you create a track that someone has triple remixed. What's a triple remix you ask? Good question, it's when you create a track so good that it can be re-imagined three times and still sound fresh. Case in point The Weeknd's The Hills.

Over a year ago, RL Grime slapped his usual Trap treatment on the original, which was deserving of some GWDJ love. The remix must have been awesome because Porter Robinson then took it upon himself to flip it once more into what I'd describe as an ethereal, borderline epic reboot. Then, a YouTube user by the name of Red_ Hokkaido took Porter Robinson's version and transformed it into an even more epic, face-melting version. Better buckle up and hold on before subjecting yourself to the drop on that third mix, kids. This one runs the entire gamut of intensity, which somehow allows it to distinguish itself from the previous two versions. If your head is spinning, that makes two of us, but the good news is you've got three electronic versions to pick from now...#TheHills

Photo Credit: YouTube

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"I'm Talkin' Bout Sweet, Sweet F'in Love"

It was only a matter of time before Kaytranada's funk made it to the masses. What I mean by that is he's been making dope music for quite a while now, but he probably doesn't have near the following he should have given how great of music he consistently makes. That's all going to change soon when people get wind of tracks like his new one with Alicia Keys.

The best part of Sweet F'in Love is how well both Alicia and Kaytranada's styles blend together. For the first 40 or so seconds of the track you're duped into thinking that this is just another Alicia lullaby. Then the beat drops and the funk comes in with a smooth, but powerful vengeance. It's the best of both worlds, you've got the silky vocals from Alicia and the booty shaking funk that Kaytranada brings. I can't offer a link to stream or download yet, but you can bet that it will be available for mass consumption in the coming days. In the meantime, let's raise a glass for Alicia who is back to releasing top notch, exciting music...#SweetFinLove

Alicia Keys - Sweet F'in Love (prod by Kaytranada)

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