Friday, August 28, 2015

Videos of the Week August 28th

The week featured a 60/40 split between new music videos and EDM promos. Leading the way on the music front was The Weeknd's new video for Tell Your Friends that features production from the Louis Vuitton Don himself. There's something to his mix of pillow talk and vulgarity that comes off as unique because he's such a talented vocalist. In other new music, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are back to making their own brand of interesting music. Downtown is part Uptown Funk, part quirky Hip Hop and an overall fun track. If you were hoping for a theatrical video that will leave a lasting impression, they sure did pull it off. Rounding out the new music of the week was Lil Wayne's collaboration with Charlie Puth. His name has been out there a lot lately, but if you haven't heard Charlie's track with Wiz Khalifa commemorating Paul Walker's life, you need to give it a listen to gain an appreciation for his vocal ability.

If you're as enamored with festival recap videos, then you can join me in wishing you made it to Boom, Belgium for Tommorrowland. The way they chronicled the journey through the stories of two women who attended the festival was cool. And last, but not least, if you're curious who the big money makers in electronic music were, Forbes has you covered. A couple things I learned from the piece: 1) I definitely would not have guessed that Tiesto makes twice as much as deadmau5. 2) Who knew Steve Aoki was such an awesome entrepreneur? and 3) Calvin Harris made nearly twice as much as Tiesto. That's racks...on racks...on racks...and then some...#Forbes
The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends (Video)

Highest Paid DJs of 2015 by Forbes

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Downtown (Video)

Tomorrowland Belgium Short Film

Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth - Nothin' But Trouble (Video)

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Skrillex Guides Bieber Toward Trop House?

If there was ever a track that had infinite storylines, it would be Justin Bieber's new single below. Let's see...where do we start, the production by Skrillex is noteworthy because he's single-handedly provided Bieber a golden pathway toward EDM with Where Are U Now? and now What Do You Mean?. As a side note, this trending toward Trop House movement that Skrillex has been drifting toward of late is a nice revelation. I could have gone through a list of 30 DJs who could have produced the song below and Skrillex probably wouldn't have been on that list. That alone is a pretty awesome development.

I'm fascinated that Bieber, who seems to be nearly universally disliked for his entitled-ness, is starting to carve a different niche for himself and somehow finding a way to become more likable. I don't know how in the hell he found a way to collaborate with the widely respected Diplo and Skrillex, but whatever happened worked well enough the first time that it happened again. And I'll admit, I do like the track below even though my gut is still telling me I shouldn't support the Biebs. I'd liken it to your best friend becoming friends with a complete a-hole. You're gonna support your best friend no matter what, but this new friend he made is not someone you want to associate with. What do you do in the long run? Time will tell, but call me befuddled, flabergasted and just generally perturbed because I feel like I just tasted something I'm allergic to and actually liked it...#WhatDoYouMean

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kygo Stays Tropical, Takes on a-ha

It's a new day, which means a new remix from Kygo. It's as if the Apple Music sponsorship either expedited the release of songs he's been sitting on or he's been working non-stop on creating new music since that announcement. Whatever the case, he's got a new take on an old classic from fellow Norwegians a-ha. And it's the track you hoped he'd remix, Take On Me. Feel free and experience a slice of nostalgia from the 80s below...

No matter what decade you're in, there's just something about that video that sticks with you. Original version aside, Kygo did his Trop House thing on the remix. It's as Caribbean as you'd hoped it would be, but I found the uptempo-ness a bit distracting. I understand he needed to match the tempo, but the relaxation gets lost when the tempo feels rushed. It's an interesting take on a memorable classic, but slow it down Kygo, I'm out of breath listening to something that should be relaxing. Remix aside, I can't wait for what's next from Kygo...#TakeOnMe

a-ha - Take on Me (Kygo Remix)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"That's Why the Dog Chased the Cat...Thundercat"

Whatever happened to the Ying Yang Twins you ask? I don't have a good answer to that question, but what I can offer is their most recent Trap cameo. With Lil Jon doing a full cannon ball into Trap music, it was only a matter of time before Ying Yang joined in on the fun. It should come as no surprise that they decided to get back into the party music scene by jumping on a track by ATL duo Pyramid Scheme. They've been lighting it up of late, so much so that it earned them the coveted Mad Decent badge. You might as well slap an awesome sticker on anything that label puts out. Thundercat is no exception as it features the wobbly womp womp bass that will make you think of Far East Movement. Late nights in clubs aren't happening as much for me in my old age, but you better believe I'd lose it when the ...THUNDERCAT! part comes in. Here's to hoping Pyramid Scheme continues to recruit in all of ATL's best Hip Hop talent in future releases...#Thundercat

Pyramid Scheme & Ying Yang Twins - Thundercat

Monday, August 24, 2015

Martin Garrix Can't Feel Your Face Either

Boy that escalated fast! By that I mean The Weeknd's latest single Can't Feel My Face, which has ascended to #1 status as radio stations refuse to take their collective fingers of the repeat button. The fact that Uber drivers are making full length videos of their passengers singing along should be evidence enough of it's pop culture relevance.

So...keeping up with the times, Martin Garrix stepped up and took a swing at translating it to a more synth driven crowd. Does the remix provide a novel enough re-imagination of the original? I'll give it a pass, barely because it still heavily relies on the vocals of the original, but the chord progression didn't move me as much as I had hoped. I will say that I did appreciate the gentle build around the 2:30 mark and if there was more of that sprinkled throughout the track, I would have liked it a bit more. It's hard to go wrong with a #1 single, though, so I bet you'll still get mad dap for breaking this one out at a party this weekend...#CantFeelMyFace

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Martin Garrix Remix)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dillon Francis Reimagines Madeon's Imperium

In the time where formulaic remixes of electronic tracks rule the land, it's nice to hear one that sounds unique. What I mean by that is Dillon Francis did something pretty cool when he flipped Madeon's Imperium into an aggressive, bass thumping crowd pleaser. Feel free to compare and contrast below and pay careful attention to how Dillon started the remix at 2:37 on the original track...

Not that the original couldn't be associated with the adjectives above, but the remix requires a seat belt from the get go. Where the original is more measured and harmonic, the remix doesn't waste any time getting straight to the point. There aren't many songs that can be released in the middle of the night and boast almost 200k plays in a 24 hour span. You know that phrase, the cream rises to the top? Well if this were a latte, it would look like this...

Don't sleep on Dillon's new mixtape/album either. It's one of the few braggadocios album titles that actually lived up to its name...#ThisMixtapeIsFire

Madeon - Imperium (Dillon Francis Remix)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Tonight is the Last Night, I'll See You in Paradise"

Some duos just make great music when they collaborate. In the context of the song below, I'm talking Chris Brown and Italian EDM mainstay Benny Benassi. You may remember their previous hit single Beautiful People back in 2011. Press play for a refresher...

Call it a top 40 ballad if you want, but it's catchy as hell. Breezy plays the build up so well vocally on dance tracks, it's not a surprise that he gets called on often by EDM's finest collaboration opportunities. I can't say for sure who is going to stake claim for this on an album, but Chris Brown has been releasing so much new music, I'd put my bet on it finding a way onto his upcoming Royalty album. When really talented artists get together it doesn't always go well, but it did here, so chalk another one up for the good guys...#Paradise

Benny Benassi feat Chris Brown - Paradise

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