Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TroyBoi Posterizes MJ on Wallz

A heavy, chopped up remix of MJ? Yes please! I'm not going to go as far as saying I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson's original version of Off the Wall, but there's a certain delight that goes along with re-discovering an MJ track for the first time. If you aren't familiar with the track from 1979, it was the title track for his fifth studio album. Ride with me in the wayback machine below...
So why did TroyBoi remix MJ out of the blue? Well, yesterday would have been his 58th birthday, so we were blessed with a fresh new trappy rendition of one of his less appreciated tracks. On the remix, you'll get the unrefined goodness you're used to from any TroyBoi beat set to the background of a bouncy, almost haunting beat. Tracks like this allow us to imagine what it would be like if MJ was still around to collaborate DJs of today. I see that is a gift, which is fitting considering it was made for his birthday. Hat tip TroyBoi, I enjoyed livin' on the wall today while reminiscing over the king of pop...#Wallz

TroyBoi - Wallz

Monday, August 29, 2016

Falling in Love Never Felt So Funky

Evidently the GoldLink and KAYTRANADA connection runs much deeper than we imagined. You want to talk about a funky way to start a week, the conversation starts with Fall in Love. That rolling baseline and spitfire flow from GoldLink is not to be trifled with. Add in some vocals from Ciscero and a production assist from BADBADNOTGOOD and you've got yourself a throwback sounding, new school funk anthem.

Songs like this make me feel remorse for being so checked out on the evolution of Hip Hop. If artists like GoldLink are going to bring funk back into the equation of Hip Hop, you might see this durable, one-song a day ship that is the GWDJ blog switch it's course back toward the island of beats and rhymes. Such a fun tracks, give it some Spotify or iTunes love if you feel so inclined...#FallInLove

GoldLink feat Ciscero - Fall in Love (prod by KAYTRANADA & BADBADNOTGOOD)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

"You've Got to Got to Got to Go Whole Heart"

It's been over 8 months since Gryffin released Heading Home and it's still in heavy rotation on my GWDJ Favorites Spotify playlist. Knowing that, he's long overdue for a follow up single. Enter Whole Heart, which features the vocals of Bipolar Sunshine (think DJ Snake - Middle). The track is unique in that it finds a way to capture the essence of folk music despite having an easy-listening, EDM/Pop sound. The soft guitar sample adds to the folk/acoustic vibe by adding an almost Country twist to the song. Between the Mumford-esque sing-along hook and vibrant, melodic drop, it's a very cool mix of a few different kinds of awesome. Kudos to Gryffin for finding a way to surpass expectations on the follow up single...#WholeHeart

Gryffin feat Bipolar Sunshine - Whole Heart

Saturday, August 27, 2016

"Everyday I Wake Up and Feel Like It's My F'in Birthday"

While asleep at the wheel a few months back, I swung and missed on posting Boys Noize and HudMo's collaboration Birthday. It's about as celebratory of a track you'll find with excitable synths and rowdy percussion samples adding to the already jubilant energy surrounding the track. Add to that a repeatable, sing-along hook from Spank Rock and you've got yourself a single-worthy effort.

It doesn't stop there, though, as Danny Brown and Pell decided to hop on a remix of the original this week. If you know anything about Danny Brown it shouldn't be a surprise that something as carefree as Birthday would be something he'd want to donate a verse toward. I favor the original over the remix because I'm more of an instrumental purist, but I can see why you'd feel the verses added to the general excitement of the track. Head on over to Spotify or iTunes to listen to them both or, while you're at it, check out Boys Noize stellar new album Mayday that is well deserving of the heavy rotation it's been getting in the GWDJ household...#Birthday

Boys Noize feat Hudson Mohawke & Spank Rock - Birthday

Boys Noize feat Hudson Mohawke & Spank Rock feat Danny Brown & Pell - Birthday (Remix)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Videos of the Week August 26th

There was a whole lot of straight up caucasian, whiteness to this week's top five. It all started with DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels video for Nobody Speak where a bunch of white politicians decided to duke it out. From there it got a lot less violent, but still stayed blanco with a new video from G-Eazy for Calm Down and another more than mildly entertaining video from Lil Dicky and Gronk. Those two need to go on tour together, straight up.

And for your usual late night fix, both Seth Myers and Fallon delivered the goods with entertaining guests. Current favorite Jon Bellion continued his rampage through pop culture with another rousing performance of All Time Low. Saying he's safe bet to rise to super stardom isn't even a bet anymore, it's simply a matter of when. Speaking of super-stardom, you're not going to find anyone more talented than Donald Glover. Not only is Atlanta on the horizon, he's also got an album and unique album debut concert experience coming up. I believe in all that is Childish Gambino, so count me in on whatever he decides to be a part of...#Pharos

DJ Shadow feat Run the Jewels - Nobody Move (Video)

G-Eazy - Calm Down (Video)

Lil Dicky and Big Daddy Gronk Talk Physique vs Technique

Jon Bellion Performs All Time Low on Late Night With Seth Myers
Jimmy Fallon Interviews Donald Glover on Fallon Tonight

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nobody Said Rock Music Couldn't Be a Part of EDM

There's kicking ass, then there's this. If you want to talk about taking electronic music to new heights, look no further than GRiZ's new single Can't Hold Me Down. Featuring some smooth guitar riffs and bluesy, rock vocals from London Souls' Tash Neal, you might find yourself asking why more DJs haven't dabbled in rock to date. There's such an undercurrent of positivity and overcoming adversity baked in the vibe of the track that it's damn near impossible not to like. The tone of the track aligns well with the title of GRiZ's new album, Good Will Prevail, which will be landing on e-tailers in about a month on September 23rd. If the album has any other songs as close to as dope as this track, it'll be one of my favorite releases in 2016...#GoodWillPrevail

GRiZ feat Tash Neal of London Souls - Can't Hold Me Down

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Missing Avicii? Have No Fear, Syn Cole Has Your Back

Those who were heartbroken over Avicii's retirement must be feeling like a huge void in the melodic house music space. To those fans, I say worry not because Syn Cole is about the best proxy you're going to find for inspirational, feel good EDM. His new single Follow Me is a stellar effort featuring the vocals of acoustic artist Joshua Radin. Between the piano lead in, the soulful vocals, and ever-so-bubbly chord progression post-drop, this has all the makings of a Top 40 hit. It's the type of track that I'll have on heavy repeat for the coming weeks because of it's easy-listening vibrance. Do yourself a favor and cop the original version on iTunes or the more clubby version a listen or better yet, add it to your recent Spotfiy playlist like I did...#FollowMe

Syn Cole feat Joshua Radin - Follow Me

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