Sunday, December 04, 2016

"When You Need That Fiyah, I'm Your Messiah"

It's been a while since some new Alison Wonderland came across the radar, so you can imagine how stoked I was to press play on her new one Messiah. Staying true to form, she came correct with some stellar vocals and a hype beat cooked up with her partner in crime, M-Phazes. I'd characterize it as dramatic trap that has a distinct ebb and flow, but plenty of bounce. The verses lure you in with steady grace, only to sock you in the face with the hook. Speaking of the hook, if you're not singing along by the second go-around, you're not listening to the same track as me. Simply put, this did nothing but pour gasoline on my growing affinity for A-Wonder-DJ's music and I'm excited as hell to utilize Spotify for re-hashing the tracks that got my affinity to where it is now...#Messiah

Alison Wonderland X M-Phazes - Messiah

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Let Me Love You Gets Marshmello'd

As someone who moves on quickly from music created for Top 40 consumption, I'm already tired of hearing DJ Snake and Bieber's Let Me Love You. Yes, it's catchy af, but I'm more than ready for a reinterpretation already. Thankfully Marshmello came to the rescue this week with a characteristically vibrant mix of the original. The way he can chop up vocal samples into tones and use them as samples to spice up a track never fails to entertain. It's like adding some sriracha or hot sauce to leftovers, you still get the taste of the original, but now it tastes a little better than it did when you first made it. If you dig it, you know the drill, iTunes or Spotify to rent or buy...#LetMeLoveYou

DJ Snake feat Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You (Marshmello Remix)

Friday, December 02, 2016

Videos of the Week December 2nd

There wasn't really any rhyme or reason to this week's top five, so without further organization, here goes. Leading the way are visuals from everyone's favorite radio hit from DJ Snake and Bieber. Sure, Let Me Love You is catch af, but something tells me you might see an even better version of the track posted on here tomorrow (#foreshadowing). Moving along, someone finally managed to corner The Weeknd in a studio long enough for an interview. Hearing Zane Lowe interview Abel made me realize how my perception of him as some cracked out Starboy isn't entirely accurate. Sure, there has to be loads of talent in deck to get him to where he is now, but hearing about his process of making music and how his new album came together was an interesting watch. Mad respect Weeknd.

For a bit of concert porn, mau lovers got themselves something to get all excited about when Joel unveiled a new cube design for his live set. Knowing how much he nerds out over technology, I'm sure no expense will be spared in making it nothing short of awesome. For a bit of novelty, we got to see Flume re-imagine Ghost Town DJs My Boo live in studio with Vince Staples. Dude is a wizard on the MPC, so you could imagine how interesting his choppy, instrument driven remake sounded. And last, but never the least, MGK came through with Camila Cabello with some love/hate visuals that bring to life the story told on Bad Things. All I can say is, find me a more sexy and catchy hook out right now...#BadThings
DJ Snake feat Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You (Video)

Zane Lowe Interviews The Weeknd in Studio

deadmau5 Reveals His New Cube For Live Performances

Flume Covers Ghost Town DJs - My Boo With Vince Staples Live

Machine Gun Kelly feat Camila Cabello - Bad Things (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, December 01, 2016

"When I'm Not With You, I'm Not Me"

There's an assumed level of quality every time I press play for the first time on a Martin Solveig track. It's hard to explain, but in my mind there are artists that I'll always appreciate for their consistency, but never be a die-hard fan of their music. When I say that, there's no disrespect intended because songs like Places are really catchy and deserve a listen. The ode to that special someone has a smooth house vibe that gives Ina Wroldsen plenty of room to shine vocally. It gets plenty quirky post drop, but those who like funky house music will dig it. All in all a solid track, so feel free to rent or buy if you feel so inclined...#Places

Martin Solveig feat Ina Wroldsen - Places

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Here's Your Chance to Support the #NoDAPL Movement

In case you've been living under a rock and haven't caught wind yet of the violent conflict surrounding the $3.8 billion dollar pipeline traversing from Illinois to North Dakota, here's a quick recap. The pipeline, which was set to be constructed on sacred Native American land and cross under Lake Oahe, would carry over 500,000 barrels of oil per day. Like many terrible things in America, lots of money is behind this project, which ultimately means the pipeline is going to find a way to get built, especially since it's already 70% complete. I'm not going to lecture you on the dependency of fossil fuels, but let's just say that it's easy to sympathize with the Native Americans whose rights and property are being severely leaned on in a way that doesn't stand to benefit them at all.

So what does music have to do with the pipeline protest you ask? Well, Mr. Carmack decided to work together with Djemba Djemba on a project to help fuel the protest movement. This week, they posted a Bandcamp link to the Rekindling album that features the song below. What you can expect when pressing play is a slow, plodding, instrumental dose of trap music. So Blunt sounds tribal with the ethereal wind instruments and sharp percussion. It will remind you a lot of something Baauer and RL Grime would put out, which is about as complimentary as it gets in this neck of the woods. So I ask you kind reader, are you ready to join the fight by buying some music? If you are, head on over to Bandcamp to chip and in share your purchase with the world using the following hash tag...#NoDAPL

Djemba Djemba - So Blunt

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"And if You're With it Lady, Then We Can Make it Daily"

I'm really starting to miss good R&B. It's so rare that a vocalists decide to go the grown and sexy route, which has left a huge void on my recent playlists. Luckily, every now and then someone like 3Lau puts together a sexy mid-tempo, electronic ballad that manages to fill that empty space, if only for a minute. You Want More incorporates just the right amount of synths to make for smooth listen. To be honest, Max's vocals reminded me a lot of Miguel, which isn't a bad thing at all. It's not exactly what you'd expect from an EDM DJ, but that's what makes it so interesting. You know the drill, iTunes or Spotify to satisfy your fix...#YouWantMore

3Lau feat Max - You Want More

Monday, November 28, 2016

"We Can Just Be Rockin'"

Based on initial fan ratings, The Weeknd's new Starboy album has been a success so far. According to Metacritic, there have been 183 people who reviewed the album and out of those 183, 154 of them were positive reviews. I don't need to sell you on his collaborations with Daft Punk because I've gushed about them already here and here, but after giving it a deeper listen, I've got a new favorite. Rockin' is chalked full of speaker rattling bass, funky house rhythms, and smooth vocals. It's the upbeat pop, club track that comes off more feel good than the edgier album favorites like Starboy.

Simply put when it comes to setting the bar for R&B/Pop music, The Weeknd is still leading the way. And it's not just releases, his performances in concert keep getting better and better. Case in point his latest performance of I Feel It Coming/Starboy on Fallon this week. His stage presence is something he's had to work on, but the results are starting to really show...#Starboy

The Weeknd - Rockin'

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