Tuesday, March 03, 2015

"Now is the Time to Show Them What You're Made Of"

Just when you thought Kid Cudi had fallen off the face of the earth and drifted back home to Mars, he drops a long lost gem on us. Coming from his San Francisco sessions and featuring the production from Dot Da Genius, Love will remind you of everything you love about Cudder. You'll get nostalgic over the Ratatat Sunblocks sample and the gentle ebb and flow of emotion that makes Cudi's music so incredibly infectious. The whiny guitar sample provides such a contrast to the inspirational theme embedded within the lyrics. It's long overdue, but how can you not get excited about Man on the Moon 3 after hearing this. Shoot, just make a full album with Dot producing and Ratatat samples and I'm all in...#MOTM3

Kid Cudi - Love (prod by Dot Da Genius)

Monday, March 02, 2015

The Chainsmokers Will Never Let You Go

Generally The Chainsmokers seek out Indie acts to remix, but now they've recruited one of their favorites for a new original song. Enlisting the help of Brooklyn's own Great Good Fine Ok, they put together an ever so catchy new single, Let You Go. It's a emotion soaked progressive house ballad that you'll find yourself singing alone to in the car. The high pitched vocals and soothing, yet energetic post-drop chord progression stick with you after a couple listens. Chalk another one up for the good guys, Alex and Drew are on a roll!...#LetYouGo

Sunday, March 01, 2015

"All We Need is Somebody to Lean On"

In Diplo we trust! One day after posting the news about the Jack U album dropping, Diplo and friends are at it again. This time in the form of Major Lazer, who is now headed toward a third studio album. Featuring the lead vocals from Danish vocalist (Karen Ørsted) and support from DJ Snake, Lean On is about as fresh as a mountain air sandwich.

The moombahton flavored track is more chill and rhythmic than electronic dance. To put it frankly, the track reeks of Major Lazer so much you could smell the ganja before you pressed play. There's a clear reggae footprint that pulls you in from the start, but the quirky synths are what make it stand out as a creation from the Mad Decent lab. Between this track and their recent standout on The Hunger Game Soundtrack, Major Lazer is on fire and continues to be a trend setting presence in the realm of EDM...#LeanOn

Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat MØ - Lean On

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jack Ü Let Loose Debut Album After 24 DJ Set

Fresh off a 24 hour marathon DJ set, Skrillex and Diplo finally let loose their Jack U debut album. I'll be the first to admit that a Justin Bieber collaboration wasn't something I saw coming, but all things considered, Where Are U Now is pretty fresh. Thanks in large part to the tribal samples that Diplo threw in the mix, the beat sounds like deep house went to the jungle. Many times big time duos with differing styles don't mesh, but whenever Diplo and Skrillex get together it's always something new and unique. I haven't gotten a chance to check out the entire album yet, but the track below was another positive step toward something special...#JackU

Jack U (Skrillex & Diplo) feat Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Videos of the Week February 27th

Let's call it a "memorable" week for videos with a fun mix of new stuff, creative stuff and even a few covers. Kanye leads the way in the new stuff section with his debut of All Day at the Brit 2015 Awards. The track is chalked full of energy, but lyrically it's just a bunch of chest puffed out yelling. Hopefully there are more thoughtful tracks like Only One on his album, I've missed that side of 'Ye.

If you haven't listened to Big Sean's new album, you really are missing out. Skyscrapers is a stand out, but there's a lot more too. Ed Sheeran is a boss, so it only makes sense he remixed CoCo. Similarly, Fallon and Xtina nailed more than a few impressions, including a spot on one of Britney Spears by Ms. Aguilera herself. And last, but not least, a bit of novelty for the week. Kudos to the on fleek video editing by papakilatube for matching the Barney visuals to Straight Outta Compton...#Barney
Big Sean - Skyscrapers (Video)

Ed Sheeran - I'm in Love With the CoCo (Cover)

Kanye Performs All Day at 2015 Brit Awards

Jimmy Fallon & Christina Aguilera Play Wheel of Musical Impressions

Barney With Attitude - Straight Outta Compton

Photo Credit: Vevo

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Sky Keep on Fallin' With RL Grime & Salva

Yea, this is that dopiness you've been waiting on. Continuing a hot streak of Hip Hop songs turned Trap, RL Grime and Salva gave Travi$ Scott and Young Thug's Skyfall a shiny new paint job. For about the first minute, you're wondering what madness is going to ensue post drop. Then at the 55 second mark, you get a play-action-fake beat switch for ten seconds. That's when the addition of some heavy bounce is thrown in the mix with the bubbly synths.

After only a few listens, I'm not afraid to proclaim that this is one of my favorites from February. The depth and pace jives so well together that it hits home with the core of what I like going on between Hip Hop and electronic music right now. Best part about it, it's available for free via Soundcloud. Free things do come wrapped this nicely in packages, so do it justice and play it loud when you see that .part file become .mp3 in your downloads folder...#Skyfall

Travi$ Scott feat Young Thug - Skyfall (RL Grime & Salva Remix)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Welcome to the New World Scott Gold

It's starting to sounds like this whole acoustic EDM thing is catching on. Before Avicii was ballsy enough to dare mix acoustic/bluegrass with progressive house, you would have thought that mixing two polar opposite types of music was crazy talk. Enter Scott Gold, an up and comer from LA who is out to blaze his own path with the help of his new single New World. The track is part acoustic, part rock and mainly electronic, creating a surprisingly easy-listening sound. Tip of the cap to Shimon Moore for the vocals on the track too. The interesting adventure the instrumental takes you on is the reason you'll remember it, but the vocals are the reason you won't forget it...#ScottGold

Scott Gold feat Shimon Moore - New World

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