Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Sometimes You're Shootin' Broken Arrows in the Dark"

I'm not usually one to post podcast rips of tracks, but then again, it's not everyday that Avicii teams up with Zac Brown Band. Following the trademark "Newgrass" sound that he blazed a trail with on True, Broken Arrows is equal parts jubilant synth chords and folk vocals. To put it simply, it sounds very "Avicii" and that's very "awesome." You better believe I'll be impatiently awaiting the official release of this track because it just dumped an entire tank of jet fuel on the already flaming excitement I had for Avicii's upcoming album Stories. Apologies in advance to everyone at work tomorrow for attempting in vain to subdue my excitement for this track as I pretend to sing it with headphones on at my desk...#BrokenArrows

Avicii feat Zac Brown Band - Broken Arrows (Le7els Podcast Rip)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Dillon's New Mixtape is Pure Fire

On the heels of an extremely successful album, Dillon Francis is back at it with a new EP/mixtape. Appropriately titled This Mixtape is Fire, the EP is going to be chalked full of fresh new Moombahton. Exhibit #1 is below in the form of the boomy, speaker reverberating Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin). The track is more or less synth driven rowdy tribal music. Similar to the way Major Lazer brings in reggae and dancehall samples into their music, Dillon is a pro at weaving together dramatic drops and quick drum builds. It's a shame we'll have to wait until August 14th for the EP to drop, but the good news is there are Calvin Harris and Skrillex collabos on the way...#ThisMixtapeIsFire

Dillon Francis - Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Curiosity Yelled BINGO!

Today was the second consecutive Pride festival that I've attended in SF. You better believe it was off the chain this year with the same sex marriage legislation that passed through the Supreme Court this week. As hundred of people marched down Market Street with thousands of onlookers, I couldn't help but take notice of the electronic heavy tunes being pumped out of the majority floats passing through. Much of the music sounded a lot like the Bingo Players' new one Curiosity. Marked by upbeat, bouncy synths, the track mixes vibrant chords with a steady diet of piano to create a fun track. Word has it the track was premiered at EDC last weekend, but if you're looking to cop it, it'll be arriving at the e-store of your choosing tomorrow...#Curiosity

Bingo Players - Curiosity

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thomas Jack x Felix Jaehn Trop House Vol 8

The Trop House mixes keep getting better and better as more DJs continue collaborating with Thomas Jack. For number eight, Thomas Jack enlisted the help of up and comer Felix Jaehn to weave together a full house of all your favorite new house tracks. You'll hear goodies like Felix's remix of Ed Sheeran's Photograph, Oliver Heldens' Shades of Grey, The Magician's Together and Robin Schulz's Headlights to name a few. The key takeaway here is there's a lot of new House music that you probably haven't heard yet and it's delivered in a stream of consciousness that will allow you to press play and walk away. It's interesting to note that the mix is less "tropical" sounding than many of the previous mixes, but if you're unhappy about that then you're splitting hairs at this point. Whatever it is, cooking, cleaning the house or even hosting people, give this one a full hour when there's room for some background tunage...#TropHouse

Thomas Jack Presents Tropical House Vol 8 Hosted by Felix Jaehn

Friday, June 26, 2015

Videos of the Week June 26th

It's been a long while since I've gotten as much novel entertainment out of one week of videos. I found it extremely hard to narrow down a top five, which resulted in a list filled to the brim with quality. Like for example, when are you going be privy to watching Katie Couric interview Skrillex for 15 mins? Or how about watching NBA prospects dramatically read Drake lyrics and try to keep a straight face? Or how about the icing on the cake, how about Jimmy Fallon finishing Arnold Schwarzenegger's sentences? Nothing is greater than watching the Terminator giggle like a school girl.

If you were wondering how much Thomas Jack loves his dog Manny, you're absolutely in luck. Yes, Manny can sing too, so don't miss out on that. Finally, if you've every wondered what looks like or how well Diplo plays the guitar, we've got some of that this week too. Such a chill vibe on Lean On, I'm not sure I'll ever get sick of that one...#Fallon
Katie Couric Interviews Skrillex

Thomas Jack & Manny the Frenchie More Than Colleagues Documentary

Major Lazer, DJ Snake & MØ Perform “Lean On” on ‘The Tonight Show’
2015 Draft Prospects Dramatically Read Drake Lyrics

Jimmy Fallon and Arnold Schwarzenegger Brainstorm Together

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, June 25, 2015

"All I Ask is Keep it 8 More Than 92 With Me, 100"

It's been more than a minute since I've posted a slow, lyrical Hip Hop track. Truth be told I largely don't have the patience anymore for half the nonsense that 99% of Hip Hop artists have to say these days, BUT I will make an exception for two of my favorites, The Game and Drake. For a bit of background on the track, check out the behind the scenes in Compton for the upcoming video for 100...

On the track you can expect a very laid back duo casually trading bar after bar with one another for a full five minutes. They sport that smooth West Coast gangsta delivery that feels tougher than it sounds. For the Game fans out there, you can continue to look forward to The Documentary 2 in less than a week on June 30th while you F5 the internet and impatiently wait for the video to drop...#TheDocumentary2

The Game feat Drake - 100 (prod by Cardo & Johnny Juliano)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"I Think You're Always in Two Minds"

Any day of the week, count me in on whatever new track Nero is releasing. It's been painfully awesome getting fresh new tidbits from their upcoming Between II Worlds album over the past year. I enjoyed Satisfy and Dark Skies, but after hearing Two Minds, I have a new favorite.

Their new one is as boomy as you'd expect and it continues their unique style that walks a thin line between dark and melodic. Whatever you do, don't give up on the track after listening to the first minute. Around the 1:07 mark, there's a speaker thumping drum and bass chord progression that will absolutely have you shakin' your ass. It's absurd, but we all still have to wait until late August to hear Nero's new album in it's entirety. Can't wait to hear the eight or so songs that still have yet to be released...#TwoMinds

Nero - Two Minds

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