Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"My Wife Beyoncé, I Brag Different"

It would appear Jigga hasn't lost even a half step over the years when it comes to crafting legendary verses. Between his verse on Pusha's Drug Dealers Anonymous and his verse on DJ Khaled's new I Got the Keys, age clearly ain't nothin but a number to him skill wise. Judging by the ridiculous amount of cameos in the video below and Khaled's penchant for Snapchat mastery, there's little chance that this won't have staying power. It along with a whole lot of other fabulous cameos will be landing on Khaled's upcoming Major Key album. You know, that album where he's posing with a lion on the cover? Yep, that'd be the one. If you can get over Future's repetitive, autotune yelling, there's a bangin' beat cooked up by Southside underneath the madness that you can nod your head to...#IGotTheKeys

DJ Khaled feat Jay Z & Future - I Got the Keys (prod by Southside)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"You Chase Them All Night, I Pick"

Anybody thinking that G-Eazy peaked with When It's Dark Out just got a rude awakening today when he released two new heat rocks. The one I'm most stoked about is the DJ Mustard and Quavo assisted In The Meantime. You know when Mustard is on the beat, there's going to be plenty of bass on deck. Maybe I'm late to the party on his flow and verses, but Eazy dropped more than a few witty quoteables. The start of that third verse is straight fire! This one might end up being the tipping point when it comes to attending one of his many Endless Summer Tour dates. See y'all at Shoreline in early July...#InTheMeantime

G-Eazy feat Quavo - In The Meantime (produced by DJ Mustard)

Monday, June 27, 2016

"Unwrap That Candy, Baby She Got a Tootsie Roll"

Who could resist a dancing donkey piñata? I for one cannot, which is why I so quickly gravitated toward Dillon Francis's new one Candy. With a production assist from GTA and vocal assist from Snappy Jit, there's plenty of Moombahton goodness below. I'm trying to figure out whether Snappy's chipmunk style is completely synthesized or whether that's just the way he gets down. Either way, you'll definitely yourself shakin' it and/or droppin' it to the floor with this one. Good luck wrapping your head around the randomness of the video for it below. It starts out static like a lyric video, but then finds itself in this weird half-assed not quite a real video, but not a lyric video state. Maybe he's onto something new, but good luck topping it whoever decides to copy it...#Candy

Sunday, June 26, 2016

I'd Like to Welcome Everyone to the Ninth Parallel

In the world of EDM, there's plenty of room for genuinely talented pianists who enjoy energetic music. The more classically trained artists like Zedd, GRiZ and Big Gigantic who decide to make a career as a DJ, the better off we'll all be in the long run. I say that because when all your music isn't synthesized, there's another level of craft that gets injected into the music that helps separate the talented producers from the teenagers with a MacBook and a fancy software. Call me a purist or traditionalist, but I've always appreciated when DJs could step out from behind the turntables and flip an acoustic version of their hit song rocking only a piano.

This all matters because Ninth Parallel's claim to fame has always been flipping piano covers of hits like Sam Smith's Stay With Me or Porter Robinson's Sea of Voices. I find it extremely hard hating one bit on those covers because they do a great job of stripping down the tracks to their elemental form. Now, onto his splashy lead single Infinitum. The word I'd use to describe the track is impressive. I know the Madeon comparisons will come out of the woodwork since the vibe of the track sounds a lot like his style. Maybe that's because he opened for him back in 2014 in the ATL, but I'd like to think Ninth Parallel brings a different dynamic. Yes, Infinitum is an energetic, balls to the wall burst of energy, but I love how he took the last two minutes of the track to end on a non-synth note. It's those types of wild tempo and energy difference that I find fascinating when an artist can pull it off tastefully. I really hope this is the first of much more to come from Ninth because I'm a huge fan of what he's done up until this point...#Infinitum

Ninth Parallel - Infinitum

Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Goodbye Cruel World, I'm Leaving You Today"

Yessssssss!!! It's been a long time since I've felt energized to the point of slow clapping after listening to a new Cudi track. Everything about Goodbye is littered with what makes him such a force when he's on his game. I'm talking about the creepy, cinematic elements, and unorthodox, melancholy storytelling. With help from his right hand man and WZRD collaborator Dot da Genius, they were able to summon the greatness once again.

Off top with the 2pac "You right, I am crazy" sample from the movie Juice, the mood was set. Then came the eerie synths and heavy, forceful bass put Cudi squarely into his element on the mic. He dropped two stellar verses and sprinkled in a characteristically somber hook to for contrast. The Pink Floyd influence can't be understated because the original sample allowed for the duo to create such drastic shifts in mood on the track that forced you to keep listening. Peep the sample below if you aren't familiar with Goodbye Cruel World and stay on the look out for Cudi's new Pain & Demon Slayin album that's coming soon...#GoodbyeCruelWorld

Kid Cudi - Goodbye (prod by WZRD)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Videos of the Week June 24th

It was a very rare week where actual music videos dominated this week's top five. Led by the visuals from twenty one pilots' new track off the Suicide Squad Soundtrack and PARTYNEXTDOOR's slow jam Come and See Me, the music touched a wide variety of genres. Those two videos were cool, but my favorite music video was by far What So Not and George Maple's Buried. The slow motion action mixed with the melodic trap was an awesome combo.

In the land of non-traditional videos, Anderson .Paak showed everyone who he's the toast of 2016's XXL Freshman class. Such a charismatic dude with an abundance of talent oozing from his pores. And last but most definitely not least, we all got a firsthand look at how awesome of a vocalist Josef Salvat is. Led by some ivory tickling from Gryffin, the in-studio acoustic rendition of Heading Home gets the nod for top video this week...#HeadingHome
twenty one pilots - Heathens (Video)

PARTYNEXTDOOR feat Drake - Come and See Me (Video)

What So Not x George Maple feat. Rome Fortune - Buried (Video)

Anderson .Paak Freestyle - XXL Freshman 2016

Gryffin - Heading Home (Acoustic) (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Missy Elliot and Fall Out Know Who You're Gonna Call

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this new Ghostbusters theme. Part of me really wants to like it because Patrick Stump's vocals are always on point and Fall Out Boy is capable of making great music, but maaaaan, beyond that I'm Not Afraid was tough to take in. The Missy Elliot verse was a bit of a round peg in a square hole and that doesn't even begin to address the large square hole that was the original sample being morphed into this pop/rock sound. The closest anyone ever came to doing the theme justice was Chill Harris's Future Funk remix a few years back, but in general, it's a really tough track to improve upon. No matter what you're never gonna match the repeatability and over 80s-synthiness of it, so trying to remake it feels like a futile effort. I'm still looking forward to the rest of the tracks on the Soundtrack, but so far, it's been a bit of an underwhelming record so far...#Ghostbusters

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