Saturday, April 29, 2017

"Let's Catch a Shooting Star in the Sky and Rise"

A few months back I posted a warning shot from an up and comer named Whethan. Well, it didn't take him long to hit his stride because his new one with Charli XCX is bangin'! On first listen the edgy guitar riff caught my attention. The more I listen to it, the more I appreciate how Charli's soft vocals contrast with the heavy beat and stop and go tempo. The icing on the cake was that soothing chord progression around the two minute mark that invites you to come closer before smacking you in the face with another drop. Lucky for us, there are more than one free way to enjoy this one below. Enjoy picking a favorite below or head on over to iTunes or Spotify if you're already sold...#LoveGang

Whethan feat Charli XCX - Love Gang

Friday, April 28, 2017

Videos of the Week April 28th

This week's top five hit a wide range of emotions from serious to quirky to feel good to funny. Leading the way was Kygo and Selena Gomez's video for It Ain't Me. Neither artist star in the video and to be blunt, the story it told was much deeper and sadder than I imagined when listen to the track. Maybe it's the Trop House vibe or the sultry vocals, but I did not picture that tragic of a tale.

Moving on from the sad to a much more adorable, quirky story from Cashmere Cat. Let's just say the colorful instrumental matched the odd story quite well. If you're as geeked as I am about Big Boi's re-emergence, you'll enjoy his funk filled performance of Mic Jack on Fallon. Sticking with a positive vibe was Jeremih, Chris Brown, and Big Sean's colorful, dance heavy visuals for I Think of You. You had to imagine any video with Chris Brown was going to include some dancing. And last but not least some awkward, yet always on point humor from Jon Oliver. Can't make up some of the stories he tells, which makes it even more awesome that they're usually all true...#JonOliver

Kygo feat Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me (Video)

Cashmere Cat feat MØ & Sophie - 9 (After Coachella) (Video)

Big Boi Performs Mic Jack on Late Night With Fallon

Jeremih feat Chris Brown & Big Sean - I Think of You (Video)

Jon Oliver Interview by Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Odesza Drops Second New Single of the Week

You may remember back on Tuesday night when I gushed about Odesza's first new single since 2014, Line of Sight. Well, they weren't done releasing new music because less than 24 hours later, they let loose Late Night. I'm not going to mince words regarding a favorite between the two because if you read my post earlier this week, Late Night came in a distant second.

BUT...that doesn't take anything away from their smooth, ethereal new one below. It has a high pitched, chant-like vocal sample, vibrant synths, and a steady pace led by a somber guitar chord progression. All of it adds up to what you'd expect from the Seattle duo and make you appreciate that their years long hiatus is finally coming to an end. Remember when I mentioned going to Red Rocks to watch them perform all this new music in about a month? Well, I've listened to their new music so much over the past 48 hours that I decided to pull the trigger on tickets. See y'all in Morrison over Memorial Day weekend...#LateNight

Odesza - Late Night

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gorillaz x ZHU Works Like a Charm

Lately, Gorillaz have been killing it. They did everything they could to drum up excitement for months leading the release of new music and since then they've withstood all that hype by continuing to release exciting music. Adding to all that hype are artist like ZHU who took a recent release of theirs and flipped it into his own dark, deep house concoction. The original version of Andromeda features everyone's new favorite rapper D.R.A.M. and is memorable because of its theatrical, stop and go pace.

What I like most about ZHU's remix of the original is how well he amplified the "where it all goes down" vocal sample over his own beat. I didn't realize how awesome the original sample was until ZHU repeated it a few times and put it over his own beat. It's a testament to his ability to take great music and truly put his own mark on it by translating it to his own style. I probably don't need to tell you this if you're a Gorillaz fan, but they recently put out another new single with Rag‘n’Bone Man, Zebra Katz, and RAY BLK. Like much of their new music, The Apprentice an interesting concoction of styles all wrapped up in one track. Their new album, Humanz, will be dropping this Friday, so cheers to getting to unwrap that end of week present...#Humanz

Gorillaz feat D.R.A.M. - Andromeda (ZHU Remix)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Odesza's New Music Put a Pause on My Day Today

Christmas came early this year folks! After weeks of creating empty playlists, dropping snippets, and debuting music at shows, Odesza finally dropped two full length singles today.

Saying it was all worth the wait doesn't do justice to how excited I was to hear the full version of Line of Sight. Nothing against Late Night, but Line of Sight has already catapulted itself to near the top of my favorite all time Odesza tracks. It comes equipped with vibrant chords, soothing vocals, and a vocal sample that will beg you to chant along. Credit WYNNE and Mansionair for helping raise the instrumental goodness to heights it wouldn't have been able to reach alone. I just finished my fifth lap around the track and I'm going to do a couple more for good measure. Needless to say this is making my attendance at Red Rocks in about a month a damn near lock at this point...#LineOfSight

Odesza feat WYNNE & Mansionair - Line of Sight

Monday, April 24, 2017

"Lucky for You That's What I Like, That's What I Like"

This is starting to sound like a broken record, but Alan Walker is on such a roll right now, he seemingly can do no harm. Take for example his latest remix of Bruno Mars' That's What I Like. The remix comes armed with the vocal swagger of the original, but add in a soothing chord progression and an ever-so-gentle drop. It finds a way to be chill and uplifting at all once with a few delightful high notes sprinkled in to accentuate Bruno's growing excitement throughout the track. It's not going to shut down the club or anything, but it succeeds in its ability to take an already likeable track up another notch. Give it some love on iTunes or Spotify if you're as smitten as I am...#ThatsWhatILike

Bruno Mars - That's What I Like (Alan Walker Remix)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Hotter Than July, Super Colder Than December"

Continuing the Hip Hop momentum this week with a new one from Adam Levine and Big Boi. Few lyricists can match the buttery smooth delivery of Daddy Fat Sacks when he's on and you better believe he brought his A game on this one. Similar to the way he seamlessly integrated with the funky sound of Phantogram with Big Grams, his cruise control flow blended quite well with Adam's stellar hook. Don't get it twisted, this guy is headed to the top of Top 40, but there's enough funk baked into the beat that it's far from formulaic.

The word on the streets is Big Boi has a new album on the horizon. For those keeping score at home, Boomiverse would be his third full length album (not counting Big Grams). If that's old news to you, then you've probably already heard the other track he released along with Mic Jack, Kill Jill. Hearing Jeezy and Killer Mike on a track with Big Boi was definitely a breath of fresh air. Not sure what exactly "Coming Soon" means, but it's a safe guess that by the end of 2017 we'll have a new disc full of tracks to dig in on from one of the best in Hip Hop...#MicJack

Adam Levine feat Big Boi - Mic Jack

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