Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Breathtaking Collabo Between Alesso and Dillon Francis

Finally, the long awaited collaboration between Alesso and Dillon Francis has arrived in its full glory. And what a beautiful love child it ended up being, mixing the styles of two of the most prominent EDM acts. Take My Breath Away will reel you in with a ballad-esque vocal build up, only to give way to an easy-listening, Top 40 drop. I say Top 40 drop because it's much more soothing than edgy and let's be honest, that plays best to the masses. I dig the extra bounce when the tempo begins to pick up too, it's a much needed element to differentiate the track from what you'd usually hear from each of the individual acts. If you've been waiting for this as long as everyone else has, here are the obligatory iTunes and Spotify links for your listening pleasure...#TakeMyBreathAway

Alesso - Take My Breath Away (Co-produced by Dillon Francis)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

More Melodic Rhythms From marshmello

First off, I can't tell you how pumped I am to finally cross "seeing marshmello in concert" off my bucket list in a few months. To this date, he's been elusive, always seeming to come to town when I had prior obligations or when I was out of town. On January 21st, I'm assuming I'll be privy to new material like his new single below. Last week I shared his collaboration with Far East Movement and Chanyeol. This week mello carried the momentum forward with Walking Out. The vibe leans more on the chill dubstep side, but manages to maintain the same high pitched, melodic style that I've grown to love. You're not going to start a party with this one, but it's more than adequate for zoning out to. You know the drill, iTunes or Spotify if you're interest is piqued...#WalkingOut

marshmello - Walking Out

Friday, October 21, 2016

Videos of the Week October 21st

In what can only be described as a rare week, this week's top five was dominated by music videos. With all the politics and subsequent late night comedy, you'd think that there would be more opportunity to blast the candidates. Yet, we're all probably so tone def to the madness that the numbness paved the way for music videos to step into the spotlight this week.

Even though all five are music videos, only two of the five I'd characterize as traditional music videos. Led by Pharrell's favorite up and comer Maggie Rogers debut single and Dillon Francis/Will Heard's strange new video for Anywhere, there was plenty of personality in the mix. That's when it all started drifting off the usual path. Porter Robinson and Madeon put together an Anime video for Shelter, which isn't really my thing, but you mind find it interesting. Then they was ZHU's eleven minute short film themed off his latest Generation Why? album. It truly does profile as more of a movie than a music video that made for more of an interesting watch. And then Chance the Rapper came through with the most unique video of the week. Shot completely on an iPhone, he and his cousin Nicole came through with a really solid video for How Great. My guess is many more people will follow suit on his homemade approach, but I really doubt they'll be able to match the energy that he and Jay Electronica brought to the shoot...#HowGreat
Maggie Rogers - Alaska (Video)

Dillon Francis feat Will Heard - Anywhere (Video)

Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Anime Video)

ZHU - Generation Why (Short Film)

Chance the Rapper feat Jay Electronica, and Francis & The Lights - How Great (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stranger Things Theme Get's Bonfired

As both a Strangers Things (Netflix show) and Childish Gambino fan, you could imagine how floored I was to see that both were combined together. I'm generally hesitant to post mash-ups, but this one was too hard to pass up. Not only is there the 1980s synth nostalgia from the Stranger Things instrumental, but there's also the nostalgia of Childish Gambino when he was ripping out hot 16s left and right. If you're like me, when you listened to the mash up below, you thought it sounded very familiar lyrically. Here's the original for those that need to catch up...
Bonus points for those who were able to immediately recognize the track as Bonfire from Childish's Camp album back in 2011.

As far as the mashup is concerned, it's a clash of two different moods with the instrumental amplifying the spooky and the verses projecting pure aggression. It's hard to tastefully blend moods the way this mashup did, which is why it's deserving of a post. As a side note, I'm equally excited to hear What So Not's remix of the theme song whenever it decides to drip drop all over the internet. Is anyone as excited as I am for season two to hit Netflix? Probably not, but join me in raging to this molotov of mystery below...#StrangerThings

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"It Ain't Deep, We Ain't Gotta Lose Sleep, Baby"

With years worth of artists trying to be their own unique snowflake in music, it's legitimately hard to do something "new" as an artist. That being said, I'm not sure that I've ever heard an R&B track that starts off with a 41 second acapella freestyle. And not just any acapella bars, a Nas verse effort that spotlights a lot of the gun violence issues having to do with people and police. Even though Nas's intro will get the most publicity, the vibrant bassline, whistle sample and hook are what stuck with me the most. You could convince me that Nas looping around for a final verse around the 3:30 mark was the highlight, but the track as a whole is the gift that keeps on giving. I really hope the next generation of Hip Hop artists learn from Nas's ability to come off intelligent when making a statement on the mic. My inclination is that I haven't seen much of that intellect and creatively lately from Hip Hop artist, so hopefully over time the artists like Nas and Kendrick Lamar will continue to set a positive example for others...#GoDeep

Robin Thicke & Nas- Go Deep

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Baauer Goes Hip Hop on Night Out

Seeing that my sweet spot for music drifts between Hip Hop and EDM on a daily basis, it shouldn't be a huge surprise why I like Baauer so much. He also rides both sides of the fence genre wise and does more than a lot of DJs by pushing the limits and blurring the lines between each genre with every single he releases. Despite his penchant for pushing boundaries, his new one Night Out definitely skews heavy on the Hip Hop. Featuring a crew of rappers that neither you or I have heard of, he managed to put together a bangin' track. The beat bounces, hits hard, and it provides a steady tempo for the fivesome to take their shots on the mic. On a side note, I'm a much bigger fan of this track than his other new one, Paauer. The latter was a bit too balls to the wall and crunk for my liking, but I appreciate the hell out of his experimentation....#NightOut

Baauer feat KEPHA, JB, kZm, PETZ & Chaki Zulu - Night Out

Monday, October 17, 2016

90s Flashback: MGK and Camila Do Fastball's Bad Things

As a daily purveyor of music, I've grown increasingly critical of artists when they decide to cover or sample songs. The years of music consumption has made me jaded of artists trying to make a name for themselves by piggy backing the success of others. In other words, it's so easy to take a noteworthy single, make a few changes and call it your own. There's an added level of respect given to original singles and that's the way it should be in my opinion.

All that being said, Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello (of Fifth Harmony) knocked Fastball's Out of My Head sample out of the park on their new single, Bad Things. For those of you who grew up on 90s music, there's a thick slice of nostalgia that's ahead when you press play...

Back in 1998, that was everyone's favorite song, hands down. And to their credit, the duo of MGK and Camila did their part by weaving together a stellar Hip Hop ballad. Led by a hook that will lure you in from the start, you want to keep listening. The tempo was perfect for MGK's pitter-patter flow and if there's one thing he does well, it's heartfelt verses. Follow me over to Spotify to put it on repeat for a few laps, y'all...#BadThings

Machine Gun Kelly feat Camila Cabello - Bad Things

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