Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Missing Avicii? Have No Fear, Syn Cole Has Your Back

Those who were heartbroken over Avicii's retirement must be feeling like a huge void in the melodic house music space. To those fans, I say worry not because Syn Cole is about the best proxy you're going to find for inspirational, feel good EDM. His new single Follow Me is a stellar effort featuring the vocals of acoustic artist Joshua Radin. Between the piano lead in, the soulful vocals, and ever-so-bubbly chord progression post-drop, this has all the makings of a Top 40 hit. It's the type of track that I'll have on heavy repeat for the coming weeks because of it's easy-listening vibrance. Do yourself a favor and cop the original version on iTunes or the more clubby version a listen or better yet, add it to your recent Spotfiy playlist like I did...#FollowMe

Syn Cole feat Joshua Radin - Follow Me

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Skylar Grey Prefers the Road Less Traveled

I have a short list of artists that I will follow into battle no matter where they decide to go with their music. For reference, I used to think Drake was on that short list, but nowadays I like about half of the stuff he puts out. On the other hand, Skylar Grey can do no wrong in my eyes because she still has yet to put out a track that I can't vibe out to. It doesn't matter if she is slowing it up with a ballad, singing a hook for a high profile collabo or putting out a mid-tempo, inspirational new single because she always finds a way to excel at making emotionally provocative music.

Off Road is the latest example of pushing her sound to places she hasn't quite gone before. Although her music is undeniably provocative, her latest single showcases a much more mellow and adventurous side. There's a clear undercurrent of wanderlust baked into the lyrics that fit well with the carefree, electro-pop vibe of the track. In case you're wondering her new Natural Causes album is due out in about a month on September 23rd, so there's plenty more new music on the way to get excited about. Me, I'm so excited that I'll be seeing her next show in about a month when she visits the Bay Area...#OffRoad

Skylar Grey - Off Road

Monday, August 22, 2016

"I'm Cuckoo for You, Let's Talk"

Time is a powerful thing when it comes to healing wounds. Just a few years back, M.I.A. and Diplo went from lovers to sworn enemies in a very public way. Last year the hatchet had still not been buried as they continued to subliminally mention each other on Twitter.

But this week, the duo seemingly made amends when they released their first collaboration in years title Bird Song. The track is as tribal, bouncy, and quirky as you'd expect. Packed with more than a few play on words having to do with birds, the lyrics are borderline trolling. But, to its credit, it bangs in the headphones and will find a way to coerce you to wiggle a bit. You can catch the track on M.I.A.'s upcoming A.I.M. album due out on Sept 9th. Til then drop down and getcha eagle on...#BirdSong

M.I.A - Bird Song (Diplo Remix)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Drum and Queso from Two of the Best

I'm a sucker for good drum and bass. That's a big reason why I always seem to take the bait whenever Caspa and Rusko put out something new. Their new one, Cheese, delivers an energetic vibe loaded with a catchy vocal sample and steady mainline of synths and percussion. At first they lure you in with vibrant piano chords and a vocal sample tease, but it eventually gives way to controlled craziness with the ability to ear worm its way into your dome. It's like The Prodigy meets Keys N Krates, which is a match made in heaven. Give this one a look on iTunes or Spotify and while you're at it, give their recent three song EP 1 a listen...#Cheese

Caspa & Rusko - Cheese

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Frank Ocean is Back With a Visual Album

I dig Frank Ocean's music and all, but I feel like I'm still catching up to the hype surrounding his new "visual" album Endless. There's a lot to unpack about the concept on a visual album, but I'm beginning to wrap my head around the idea of creating a 45 minute movie to debut new music. It seems a bit much to create that long of a video to show off your new tunes, but I will cop to the creativity of the concept.

If you aren't an Apple Music subscriber and haven't watched Endless, there's still goo news. Frank released a new single in the form of a five minute movie for Nikes. The beginning feels like an interlude with over two minutes of distorted vocals and odd visuals. In the mix you'll hear tributes to Pimp C, Trayvon Martin, and even a cameo from A$AP Rocky. Having waited four years for a new single from Frank, it was nice to hear his distinct voice again. I'm not quite as drawn into the visuals, but Nikes did get me excited to hear more on his upcoming, full length EP...#Endless

Friday, August 19, 2016

Videos of the Week August 19th

There's a new breed of Hip Hop performers that are making a name for the genre on stage. If you're not picking up what I'm putting down then look no further than Chance the Rapper and Anderson .Paak's latest live performances. Chance took to GMA to show off his brand new single Summer Friends, while Anderson used every bit of space in the room for his tiny desk concert for NPR. Both artists are out to prove that Hip Hop music is fun to consume live and I'm digging every bit of their live shows.

Before we turn the page on Hip Hop, let's not forget about Logic's ode to everyone's favorite video game character. Everyone loves Mario and like you, I'd go ham if he brought him out on stage. If strange is what you're looking for, then look no further than Skrillex and Wiwek's new short movie for Still in the Cage. I'd at a loss for the whole plot line of that short flick, so I'm hoping you're in the mood for odd. And if you're missing out on aliens, then don't worry, Amy Adams is the translator you need. I'm stoked for Arrival and will be lining up at the box office when it comes out in November...#Arrival
Chance the Rapper Performs Summer Friends on GMA

Anderson .Paak Tiny Desk Concert

Logic - Super Mario World (Video)

Skrillex & Wiwek - Still in the Cage (Video)

Arrival Trailer

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Take it All, Ain't No Way I Can Break it Off"

With all the collaborations between Hip Hop and EDM these days, I'm beginning to raise my own bar for being impressed. That being said, a collabo between three of my favorite artists is probably starting out with a higher chance of eclipsing that bar than your average track. Seeing Big Gigantic, Logic, and Rozes on the same track together caused me to fumble with the mouse because I tried to click play so fast.

...and All of Me absolutely impressed! It was way more mellow than I imagined, but I was really stoked with how well Big Gigantic put together a slow, melodic Hip Hop sounding beat. There's a gentle drop, but if I closed my eyes and listened to it without knowing who was on it, I wouldn't have pegged this as a BG track. It was one of those rare times where I felt like I needed to re-evaluate my expectations for Big Gigantic because I clearly shortchanged his wide variety of sounds. Maybe the horns after the gentle drop are more of a tell than I thought at first, but it's much more slow trap than the usual sax driven beats he churns out. Even better, Logic chipped in a stellar 16, which along with Rozes hook, elevated the track well beyond what I expected. It's clearly one of my favorite new songs and I hope it, along with his upcoming Brighter Future album, is too...#AllOfMe

Big Gigantic feat Logic & Rozes - All Of Me

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