Sunday, February 14, 2016

"I'm Spoonin' You, You're Spoonin' Me"

Man, there's something about offbeat humor that has made this Valentines Day weekend better than expected. First, it was the movie Deadpool. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to, but not with your kids or a even little cousin. It's about the funniest superhero movie you're ever going to see on the big screen and it covers all bases of humor from situational to ironic to circumstantial humor, it's got it all.

Now today, we've got a brand new modern ode to love from Macklemore. Featuring the vocals of Ryan Bedard on the hook and packed with plenty of sexual innuendo meant to make you nod and smile all at once. It's one of those, "man you gotta hear this sh*t type of tracks" that you need to hear to believe. It's so real and quirky that it ends up being incredibly endearing. Some people will brush it off as too corny, but for those of you grown folk out there who have experienced real, committed love, you'll get more than a few kicks out of it. That whole bit about the Netflix queue had me rollin', but there's so much content to latch onto that you'll hopefully find a way to make it fit into this revered day of love...#TwoSpoons

Macklemore feat Ryan Bedard - Spoons


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