Thursday, August 31, 2017

"I Come Through, Bull in a China Shop"

I never thought I'd get to say this, but Ice Cube's brash delivery on the mic is perfect for Trap music. Thanks to Troyboi's new Left is Right album, we no longer have to use our imagination to wonder what a crossover between 90s rap and modern day Trap would sound like. Thinking about it a bit more, Troyboi's heavy, chopped up style is the perfect bus stop for Hip Hop to hitch onto the EDM movement.

In all honesty, it's a chicken or the egg scenario. Did Hop Hop lay the ground roots for modern Trap music to thrive? Or did EDM blaze it's own path and start incorporating more bass, which made it appeal more to the Hip Hop heads? Is it now Hip Hop's turn to hitch a ride back onto the more relevant, boundary pushing genre in a evolve or get passed up sort of way? It's all fun food for thought, but what I do know is that Troyboi is running ahead of all of us in an effort to create the bounciest, most type form of music imaginable. That description right there is fitting for his new full length album. It's loaded, front to back. You'll get a few past favorites like ili and O.G., but for the most part, there's a ton of great new music to dive into. Feel free to choose your own iTunes or Spotify or Soundcloud adventure, but whatever you do, DO NOT sleep on this album...#LeftIsRight

Troyboi feat Ice Cube - Look At Me

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Tonight I Might Change My Life, All For You"

It's been a minute since I've felt like I'm on the same wavelength as Frank Ocean. I wasn't a huge fan of Biking, Chanel, or RAF, but I can zone out to his new one Provider. His buttery smooth vocals work really well over the simple, mellow beat. Frank is at his best when his soothing vocals match with the instrumental. There's beauty in simplicity and that's what he got right on Provider.

I really wish I could post the lyric video, but it's only available full screen via this link. If there's one thing I've learned about Frank, it's that he isn't afraid to do different and pick a path nobody else chose. Everything from the construction of the boombox to the bouncy Hello Kitty lyrics are quirky AF. But it makes for an entertaining watch while you're listening along. Cop this one on iTunes or Spotify and keep it locked for plenty more newness from Frank in the near future...#Provider

Frank Ocean - Provider

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Nero's Innocence Gets a Homemade Refresh

I wonder why more artists don't release remixes of their own tracks. You'd think the modular approach that many artists employ with samples couldn't be used more freely to create alternate versions of songs. Like for example, Nero's new, "Reopened" version of their classic Innocence. For full context, check out the original below..

Where the original was very heavily soaked in Dubstep, the new version embraces a much more thumping, progressive house vibe. Sure, the vocal samples are the same, but that's about it. You still get the dark, haunting chords mixed throughout, but the heavy, wobbly drops are nowhere to be found. In a lot of ways it shows how their sound as a group has evolved over time, which I can appreciate since it has coincided my ever changing EDM tastes. Join me aboard the hype train for their upcoming new album?...#Innocence

Nero - Innocence (Reopened)

Monday, August 28, 2017

"People Say, Love is Just a Energy"

Wu-Tang stand up! People Say is a blast from the past with Redman teaming up with the W's finest. Method Man, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck and Masta Killa all chipped in hot 16's to power the new single produced by Mathematics. It plays more like a cypher than a polished single, but with this cast of characters, that's all good with me.

Despite not being on the track, the release coincides with RZA's recent announcement of an upcoming Wu-Tang album, Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues. The album consists of new beats from Mathematics with previously recorded verses from Wu members. The album is slated to drop on October 13th and if there's more newness like the one below then I'll be having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...#PeopleSay

Wu Tang feat Redman - People Say (prod by Mathematics)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Snakehips Flips Lana Del Rey's Summer Bummer

Generally speaking, I like Lana Del Rey's music. Her throwback vocals always seem to reel me in because of how distinct and melancholy they sound. Even better, when she collaborates with A$AP Rocky, good things usually happen. Knowing all that, it was probably a surprise that I didn't post their recent single, Summer Bummer. Check it below for reference...

My issue with the track was monotonous vibe. Even though Lana can do melancholy with the best of them, it's usually because there's an emotional component to the instrumental that allows her vocals to shine. That didn't happen on the original version, but it did on Snakehips' remix of the track. They added a bit more bounce to the beat and clap to the percussion that really elevated both the vocals and verses. At the heart of it, this is why I love remixes. When done well, like Snakehips did, it can clear a new pathway to a track that previously wasn't there...#SummerBummer

Lana Del Rey feat A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti - Summer Bummer (Snakehips Remix)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Martin Garrix Drops Tomorrowland Closing ID Pizza

Those of you who were at Tomorrowland about a month ago are probably geeking out right now. Those that were in attendance got a treat when Martin Garrix dropped a new, melodic, progressive house anthem to close out his set. Check out a clip of Pizza being debuted live...

As the story goes, the ID was somehow given the nickname Pizza shortly after it dropped and that name was so appropriate that it stuck for the official single release. Don't expect a pizza party when you watch the video for the track below, though. It's more of a wild and crazy, live life to your fullest tour highlight themed video, but Martin is in fact eating pizza at the end of the video. Whether or not it's intentional, I can weave a story around the track being so universally likeable that pizza is a good comparison. The bright chords and orchestral highlights on the track make for an emotionally charged, hit you in the feels type of combo. It's one of my favorite tracks that Martin has put out, which is saying a lot considering his laundry list of singles...#Pizza

Martin Garrix - Pizza

Friday, August 25, 2017

Videos of the Week August 25th

A buffet of awesomeness is what you can expect for this week's top five. Starting strong with a space themed lyric video from one of Avicii's new hits, Friend of Mine. Normally lyric videos are reserved for daily posts and not the top five, but it's the first Avicii video in a few years, so it gets treated differently. Following close behind is Skrillex and Poo Bear's new video fro Would You Ever. Let's just say I never knew what skateboard dancing was until I watched that video.

In case you haven't given up on documentaries after watching the latest 2pac movie, we all get a chance for redemption with the new Biggie Smalls story. Much of the trailer is filled with legends like Nas and Jay Z waxing poetic about Big Poppa, but the fact that A&E put together the documentary gives me hope that it'll be better than the overly Hollywood 2pac documentary. Another video of note was Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj's comedian cameo heavy video for Swish Swish. It's an addicting track and the visuals did nothing but improve the chances you'll like the track. And last, but not least, the next Marvel hit is almost ready to come out of the oven. This time it's Thor with the the help of Hulk and Dr. Strange. Not being a comic book geek, I still nerd out over the different movies and story lines crossing over...#Ragnarok

Avicii - Friend of Mine (Lyric Video)

Skrillex feat Poo Bear - Would You Ever (Video)

Biggie - The Life of Notorious B.I.B. Documentary (Trailer)

Katy Perry feat Nicki Minaj - Swish Swish (Video)

Thor: Ragnarok (Trailer)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Let's Kiss and Then Take Off Our Clothes"

Another week, another Whethan heater. It's as if he's about to embark on a huge tour and he wants to keep a steady stream of his music on our recent playlists. Before I get too far, go ahead and take note when he's coming to a city near you...

As far as his new remix of Lorde's Perfect Places, it's out there, but in a good way. The same way you'll hear Baauer and RL Grime occasionally venture off the reservation, Whethan filled the remix with plenty of experimental samples. Between the pops, clacks, and clangs and vibrant synths, there's a whole lot of bass and sultry vocals. It's a fun, upbeat take on Lorde's original, playful pop track. You won't be able to track this one down on iTunes or Spotify, but if you're like me, you're all good with Soundcloud...#PerfectPlaces

Lorde - Perfect Places (Whethan Remix)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"You've Got a Fetish For My Love"

Normally I'm critical of Gucci Mane's dumbed down lyrics and syrupy flow, but today he gets some long awaited dap. Thanks to Galantis's slow-burning, dramatic synth laden remix of Selena Gomez's Fetish, Gucci was able to stand out. Without a doubt, it was the deep, arena filling horns that made his slow flow palatable for a change. For those who like to compare, check the original version below where Selena gets all wet and sultry...

The more I listen to the remix, the more it reminds me of Flume. To be more specific, it's the stop and go synths post-drop that draw the comparison. Where the original was a middle of the road pop track, Galantis morphed it into a stellar slow trap banger. Check it out on iTunes or Spotify if you geeked on that Gucci beat like I did...#Fetish

Selena Gomez feat Gucci Mane - Fetish (Galantis Remix)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring on the Buzzer"

Chance the Rapper is a rare artist that refuses to emit anything but positive vibes. I can say without hesitation that every time I've seen him on stage or holding a mic, he's worn that million dollar smile. It's as if his smile is as much of his routine as putting on underwear and socks everyday.

Want a recent example? Check him previewing new music via Instagram this week...

100% infectious. Sort of like the new unreleased track with his younger brother Taylor Bennett. Gimme a Call teeters between harmonious vocals and sharp barbed bars. The dash of playful piano mixed throughout provides a perfect backdrop for the Bennett brothers to show you exactly how much chemistry they have together. Unreleased tracks are great, but I can't wait to some more of his new reggae music, as well as his possible collabos with John Mayer and Bruno Mars...#GimmeACall

Chano X S.O.X Ft. Taylor Bennett - Gimmie A Call

Monday, August 21, 2017

"Make Love to Me Like You Never Have"

It took me a few listens to wrap my head around the one below, but I've decided I'm a fan. Simply put it's different. I haven't heard more than a handful of songs from Oshi, but this concoction of 90s style R&B with heavy bass is a good look. It's as if R&B and Trap had a one night stand and the result is a sultry love child in Stay. Even better, he reps positivity above all else. Peep the message below...

"with all the negativity goin on in the mf world yall need to realise that the only thing that perpetuates is the selfishness behind everyone wanting to be right, when in actuality if u all just shut up and listen to each other it might just help.. in other news i think i came out as bi officially today, so go make love to ur partner or partners ( no one is judging ) to this < 3 ily all –Oshi"

It's not hard to get behind someone who is unafraid to be themself in a world that is trending toward a lack of acceptance. Much love Oshi, keep repping love and others will follow...#Stay

Oshi - Stay

Sunday, August 20, 2017

"Not a Single Day Goes By That You Don't Cross My Mind"

With every new release I fall for A R I Z O N A a little bit more. It all started with Oceans Away, which led me to their debut album Gallery. If you head on over to Spotify, you'll learn that of the standout tracks on the album was Cross My Mind. Knowing that the track was such a slam dunk, A R I Z O N A went ahead and created a mini-mixtape with two alternate versions of the track, as well as a live version guessed it...the state of Arizona. How perfect!

But the real reason why you're reading this today is because Kiiara continued her vocal assault on pop music on Part 2 of the track. The vocals on the original are great in their own right, but her vocals give the new version a duet vibe that elevates it to new heights. I'm not a huge electro-pop guy, but I'm a fan of music that makes me feel something. I may have a tough time articulating what that means, but A R I Z O N A seems to have figured it out. Let's just say we're in the first quarter of posts you're likely to see in this neighborhood of the internet...#CrossMyMindPart2

A R I Z O N A feat Kiiara - Cross My Mind (Part 2)

Saturday, August 19, 2017

ZHU and Nero Will See You in Their Dreams

😳 <--- being able to press play on brand new ZHU and Nero collabo. Both are overlords of the dark, haunting synths, which make their styles a match made in heaven. The only thing more perfect might have been releasing their new track, Dreams, on Halloween.

Timing aside, the track is as aggro as you would have imagined. Armed with a repetitive, trudging beat, ZHU added enough falsetto to keep it from getting too monotonous. The track is being released as part of ZHU's newly released four song stardustexhalemarrakechdreams EP and it coincides with the release/rebranding of the electroNOW playlist that will now be known as mint. It's another creative, buzzy release from one of the most mysterious artists in EDM. I for one am now a follower of the mint playlist, so feel free and join me if you've done enough circles around GWDJ Favorites...#Dreams

ZHU feat Nero - Dreams

Friday, August 18, 2017

Videos of the Week August 18th

Complete and udder randomness is what you can expect in this week's top five. Led by Gorillaz new augmented reality club video for Strobelite, the bar for creativity was set high from the start. But then it was quickly surpassed by Snapchat's new awe-inspiring Crowd Surf feature that debuted at Outside Lands last weekend. Basically through timestamps and such, they're able to splice together a whole lot of video and audio to create a seamless audio experience as the perspectives switch on the stories that are pieced together. It may seem like a small thing, but jumping from cut to cut of the same song is not a fun listen. Kudos to Snapchat for pioneering and Lorde for debuting.

Continuing the quirky, out of left field videos with Logic's animated cameo on the latest Rick and Morty episode. Definitely willing to cop to never having watched an episode before his cameo, but now I'm intrigued. Oh and did you ever wonder which of the Seven Dwarves Snoop wanted to punch in the face? Or how Snoop remembers passwords despite being high all the time? Well, luckily Jimmy Kimmel got some quality one-on-one with the Dogfather to ask him. And last, but one of the greatest closing videos of the week, we have the Kyrie and LeBron saga played to the tune of Eminem's Stan. The way it's able to creatively cut through the tension of the situation using Em's template is exemplary. Shout of to AOK for throwing that together. If you're at all familiar with the situation, you're going to be more than a little entertained by it...#Stan

Gorillaz - Strobelite (Video)

Snapchat Debuts New Crowd Surf Feature at Outside Lands

Logic's Cameo Spot on Rick & Morty

Kimmel Hosts Snoop Dogg for Three Ridiculous Questions

Kyrie and LeBron Parody Over Eminem's Stan

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, August 17, 2017

"Your Body, Tellin' Me Yes, Tellin' Me Yes"

Hearing Akon on a Sam Feldt track is like seeing an invention for the first time and thinking to yourself, "that makes so much sense, why didn't I think of that?" Needless to say, Akon's feel good vocals fit right at home over Sam's tropical chords. The gentle pace and pitter-patter of the drums may make you feel like you've taken a trip back in time to the Lion King soundtrack, but is that such a bad thing? Shoot there's even a playful body painting-filled video to tell the story of the track. As long as you can look past Sam awkwardly stirring paint in cans and DJ-ing in an overtly white room, there's plenty of eye candy to latch onto. Lucky for us, the track landed on iTunes and Spotify today, so feel free and vibe out to it without reservation y'all...#YES

Sam Feldt feat Akon - Yes

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Gimme Just a Little of Your Love"

There's an heir of positivity surrounding Haim's music that is impossible to ignore. The trio of sisters are all talented vocalists in their own right, but make an unstoppable team when they combine forces. If you haven't given a listen to their new Something To Tell album that dropped about a month ago, you need to catch up.

One of the standout tracks on the album, Little of Your Love, was recently injected with some tempo thanks to BloodPop. To his credit, he turned a pop sing along into a pop dance anthem. The vocals from the original are there, but let's just say this new mix is a whole lot more dance worthy. It's a fun track that BloodPop found a way to make even more accessible and energetic...#LittleOfYourLove

Haim - Little Of Your Love (BloodPop® Remix)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Louis the Child Drop a Chano Mix and Announce Fall Tour

Despite their stylistic differences, I have a hard time distinguishing Louis Futon's music with Louis the Child. Given the amount of music I've written about for each of them, I'm clearly a fan of what they're both doing. Tonight it was the Child's turn to step into the limelight with a remix of Chance the Rapper's All Night. For the uninformed who haven't taken a few laps around Coloring Book, press play on the YouTube video below for context...

Let's just say Louis the Child took the smooth vibe of the original and cranked the energy level up a few notches. Where the original bobs along with a bubbly bass line, the remix takes a decidedly different percussion led angle. You'll immediately be able to feel the Louis the Child influence post-drop around the one minute mark. The vibrant, bouncy chords are a dead giveaway. Whatever you do, don't miss out on that dope beat break down around the 2:37 mark. The throwback video game synths unleashed at a breakneck pace are a good look. Speaking of a good look, don't miss out on seeing Louis the Child on the road in the coming months. Tour dates below and I'll see y'all in the East Bay in early December...#LastToLeaveTour

Chance the Rapper - All Night (Louis the Child Remix)

Monday, August 14, 2017

"I'm Goin' Bonnie and Clyde Without You"

As promised, here's another standout track from Avicii's new six song AVĪCI (01) EP. If you're an avid Avicii fan, you've probably been F5-ing the internet for the better part of a year as you impatiently waited for the studio version to drop. Featuring standout vocals from Sandro Cavazza, Without You will push and pull at your heart strings as you figure out whether to sing along or dance. It's dripped with jubilance and comes equipped with a potent combination of piano/acoustic guitar and uplifting chords. If you're like me you've missed the hell out of Avicii and this serves as yet another example of his unmatched potential to story tell musically. If you haven't done a few laps around his new album, you're nuts...but here are the iTunes and Spotify links if you're in search of a reprieve...#WithoutYou

Avicii feat Sandro Cavazza - Without You

Sunday, August 13, 2017

"I Found Peace in Your Violence"

A few weeks after dipping his toe in Jersey Club, the mello man is back with a slow burner. Silence puts on full display Khalid's vocal abilities and serves as a reminder that Marshmello can run the full gauntlet of tempos. Without the gentle, slow drop, you'd be hard pressed convincing me this fits in the electronic phylum. But, therein lies the intrigue. It's not what you'd expect as it attempts to build a bridge to R&B that has yet to be fully paved. If you're in between relationships or debating whether to start one, you'll have a lot to latch onto with the one below...#Silence

Marshmello feat Khalid - Silence

Friday, August 11, 2017

Videos of the Week August 11th

This week was dominated by high profile Hip Hop videos. Led by Jay Z's Friends spoof video for Moonlight, the week got off to an entertaining start. After a full week of Tidal only access, the Jiggaman threw us a bone by releasing a behind the scenes outtakes version of the eight minute long video for the track off 4:44. Following close behind was Big Boi's booty-smacking, liquid dripped video for Chocolate and Lil Yachty's theme park inspired video for Forever Young.

Switching gears for a hot minute, Maggie Rogers also pulled off a stellar cover of The xx's Say Something Loving on Triple J's Like a Version show. Is anybody still questioning whether she has that magical "IT" that Pharrell first uncovered? Nope. And last but not least was the ever-entertaining Vince Staples who decided to eat some really spicy wings and offer a few hot takes on the latest First We Feast's latest Hot Ones episode. I'm still warming up to his music, but there's no denying the charisma Vince has to offer...#HotOnes

Jay Z - Moonlight (Video) (Friends Spoof)

Big Boi - Chocolate (Video)

Lil Yachty feat Diplo - Forever Young (Video)

Maggie Rogers - Say Something Loving (The xx Cover)

Vince Staples Hot Ones Episode

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"I Might Hate Myself Tomorrow, But I'm on My Way Tonight"

I've heard of Christmas in July, but I'm never heard of Christmas in mid-August. Yet, that was the case today as Avicii dropped a six song EP out of the blue today. There had been rumors of him working on new music, but after abruptly retiring, my expectations were a single at best. Six new tracks, though? GTFOH!

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the vibe of the EP, but an early standout is Lonely Together with Rita Ora. It's a vibrant track that allows Rita to shine over the masterfully mixed tempos. Everything from the snappy build up, to the vibrant synths post-drop, to the melodic bridge will remind you why you missed Avicii the past two years. Consider this the first shot in what will probably be a next week littered with new music off AVĪCI (01)...#LonelyTogether

Avicii feat Rita Ora - Lonely Together

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

"Rewind Take It From the First Line"

In case Louis Futon's steady stream of flips haven't been enough, he's back with a brand new original. Rewind features vocals from up and coming vocalist Ashe and plenty of bars from Philly rapper Armani White. The vibe of the track is infectious, mixing a steady dose of chill with some intermittent trumpet for added intrigue. The steady thumping bass line and bouncy piano make for a potent combination and prove that Louis Futon is very much so on top of his game. There's plenty of room for uplifting tracks like this on any playlist of mine, so head on over to Spotify with me to add this one...#Rewind

Louis Futon feat Ashe & Armani White - Rewind

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

"I Think I'm 'Bout To Do Myself a Favor"

If you need some recent proof that OWSLA is building a stacked roster of talent, look no further than the track below. Favor meshes tranquil vibes of Vindata with Skrillex's edgy, energetic riffs. Add in some mellow vocals from NSTASIA and you've got yourself on hell of a collabo. The measured pace on the track affords a ton of room for the stylistic differences to shine throughout different parts of the track. If it weren't for Skrillex, I'd feel confident characterizing this as mellow electronica. But the high-pitched synths he's able to inject post-drop are what elevate the track to new heights. A quick hat tip is in order for Skrillex who continues to put out great music while continuing to build his own army of EDM badasses...#Favor

Vindata & Skrillex feat NSTASIA - Favor

Monday, August 07, 2017

"Chew You Like a Cannibal, Red, Redrum"

I'm torn between being confused and impressed by What So Not's latest remix below. I'm confused because it sounds nothing like his characteristically loud and raucous sound, but impressed at the same time because of his ability to pull off a subdued tempo really well. The track is Redrum by Era Istrefi who is a really talented vocalist in her own right. For proof of that, check out her original version below...

It's not that I don't like the original version, I'm just a much bigger fan of What So Not's version. Where the original was slow and melodic, the remix has much more of a personality. In particular, the slow and steady clang of the beat and excitable chords produce an intriguing mix of sounds that somehow create a cohesive vibe. Give it a right click save as on iTunes or save it for later if you're into leasing your music collection...#Redrum

Era Istrefi feat Felix Snow - Redrum (What So Not Remix)

Sunday, August 06, 2017

"Where'd You Go? Please. Does Anyone Know?"

Above and Beyond's newest single perfectly sums up how I felt this weekend. Laid back, relaxed, with a few moments of excitement. The excitement for me was watching a rare comeback Giants win vs the Nats last night, but the prevailing chill has conquered all the stress from the previous week. If only I had Marty Longstaff's tranquil vocals sprinkled throughout the work week to maintain the chill vibe that Tightrope embodied.

The track is already on Spotify/iTunes, but if you're more of a longform fan, you can catch a club mix of Tightrope on Above & Beyond's new Group Therapy 243 mix. It's rare that albums are actually mixed together for one cohesive, DJ narrated experience, but that's what you get when you unwrap a ABGT mix. Truly a choose your own adventure on this one, but we're lucky to be able to unpack an abundance of chill from the English trance trio...#Tightrope

Above & Beyond feat Marty Longstaff - Tightrope

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Mike Dean Delivers a Tour Version of Goosebumps

Even though Mike Dean stays behind the scenes making a lot of the music from your favorite artists, my ears perk up when he drops a breadcrumb or two on remixes. The latest example is his Tour Version remix of Travis Scott and Kendrick's Goosebumps. The remix isn't a huge departure from the original, but there's much more of an ebb and flow with the tempo breaks added on the remix.

In related news, if you're wondering where the moodiness of Kanye's music comes from look no further than Mike's new single Three Jewels. The edgy synths and reverb bass remind me of tracks like Love Lockdown off 808s and Heartbreak. Diving deep on the inner workings of who is responsible for music being successful is something I geek out on. You may not care about the ingredients as long as the final product sounds good, but without knowing the ingredients, I wouldn't have an appreciation for the Mike Deans of the world...#Goosebumps

BONUS - check Mike doing his thing in studio back in 2015...

Travis Scott feat Kendrick Lamar - Goosebumps (Mike Dean Remix / Tour Version)

Friday, August 04, 2017

Videos of the Week August 3rd

Tis the season for music videos! It's a rare top five full of 100% music videos this week. Led by a few heavyweight efforts from K Dot/Rihanna and Jay Z, every other video seemed to easily fit in the shadow of the first two. That being said, neither were my favorite this week. That honor goes to Major Lazer's cutting edge interactive video for Know No Better. It's an interesting feeling being able to poke around at different camera angles and experience a video from different, unique angles. I'm sure this is only the tip of the iceberg with where technology is heading, but it's a trend I hope to see continue. A close second this week goes to Macklemore and Lil Yachty's video for Marmalade. They did a really good job casting their younger selves in the video and the cameos were fun surprises. Rounding out the top five was the trailer for Eminem's new rap battle movie titled Bodied. Something tells me we've seen something like this cough, cough 8 Mile. Fingers crossed for a fresh story line in Em's foray into film...#Bodied

Kendrick Lamar feat Rihanna - Loyalty (Video)

Jay Z - Kill Jay Z (Video)

Major Lazer feat Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo - Know No Better (Interactive Video)

Macklemore feat Lil Yachty - Marmalade (Video)

Eminem's New Film - Bodied (Trailer

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, August 03, 2017

DJ Sliink & Skrillex Team Up With Wale on Saint Laurent

Is Jersey Club making a comeback? A few weeks back Marshmello paid homage to Bmore Club with his Mask Off remix and now we've got a DJ Sliink sighting this week. Saint Laurent is as energetic and chopped up as you'd expect from a Jersey Club track. It fits the stop and go, bass heavy vibe of many previous Skrillex tracks. I love that the beat reminded Wale of DC's Go-go style, building a bridge to his vocal contribution on the track. If you're used to the "usual" EDM sound, you'll enjoy the novelty of this one. Credit to the three superstars getting together to do something fresh that you wouldn't expect from any of the individually...#SaintLaurent

DJ Sliink + Skrillex + Wale - Saint Laurent

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

"Summer Vibes Killed In Cold Blood"

Man...I love it when Baauer brings in the arena filling horns. The word grandeur comes to mind when the deeply ominous, reverberating brass and kick ass bass hit all at once. Sort of like in Baauer's new remix of alt-J's In Cold Blood. The vocals are sparse on the remix, giving the beat more than enough room to rule the roost. The ebb and flow of energy throughout the track give added emphasis to the depth of the bass hits post-drop. If you're a fan of Trap music, you've probably already given this a spin or two, but in case you haven't, iTunes or Spotify to your heart's content...#InColdBlood

alt-J - In Cold Blood (Baauer Remix)

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"Kiss Me With Your Eyes Open"

Saying that Whethan is on a roll doesn't do justice to the epic streak of recent singles he's put out. Savage, Love Gang, and Good Nights come to mind when thinking of flame-worthy singles. The best part about it? All three of them are distinctly different. The first one's a banger, the second is an edgy pop single, and the third is a quiet Indie track.

So what about the new one you ask? I'd characterize Sleepy Eyes as chill electronica. Elohim's vocals set the tone, but the bubbly drop is what will cause you to save it to your newest playlist. It's rare that a new artist can be so all over the place, but in good way. In baseball you'd call that effectively wild. In the music sense, it's more of an inability to predict what's next, which makes for plenty of anticipation before hitting play. What will Whethan do next? Guess we'll see, but it churning out a fifth stellar single in a row will be a tall task...#SleepyEyes

Elohim & Whethan - Sleepy Eyes

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