Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Disclosure Takes Nocturnal to the V.I.P.

What's better than a Disclosure original? A V.I.P. mix with slightly more tempo than the original. If you didn't catch the original version of Nocturnal off their recent album Caracal, then catch up before you enter the V.I.P...
I'd call the original a fresh slice of funky house music that The Weeknd shines all over. The tempo is measured, to a point that it's almost difficult to dance to. And as you should know by now, Disclosure is all about the womp womp style Deep House that you'll find on their V.I.P. mix. The new version is much more their tempo, showcasing bouncy bass and a playful repetition. Basically if you liked the original, but just wished it had more tempo, they did you a solid on the new mix...#Noctural


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