Friday, October 31, 2014

Videos of the Week October 31

Using the word interesting to describe this week's top 5 is an understatement. Starting with Jim Carrey's more than a little entertaining mockery of Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercial. That tiny little booger part had me rollin'! Then you've got actor Daniel Radcliffe proving that he's got flow and blowing us all away with the way he rocks a mic. Surprising is what I'd call the NPR sponsored a non-autotuned T-Pain tiny desk show. Random doesn't begin to explain the scenario, but I will say that his voice isn't as terrible as people make it out to be.

Rounding out the top 5 is Major Lazer's cartoon debut. I've always been a big fan of the Major and I'd be willing to put money on the show having the best music for an animated series. Last but not least is Calvin Harris's new single C.U.B.A. Open Wide. Yea, my reaction exactly, what happened to the original version of C.U.B.A.? Not that I'm complaining about Big Sean's presence on the track, it just threw me for a loop. Whatever the case, I'm still not sure I get the whole ballet dancer in the middle of a shoot out motif they were going for...#OpenWide
Jim Carrey's Parody of Matthew McConaghey's Lincoln Ad on SNL

Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious's Alphabet Aerobics

T-Pain Tiny Desk Concert Presented by NPR

Major Lazer Show Opening

Calvin Harris feat Big Sean - Open Wide (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, October 30, 2014

"I Believe in You, I Know You Believe in Me Too"

Same old awesome story with The Chainsmokers providing their own unique introduction to a new artist I've never heard of. This time it's Josef Salvat, who has a chill, indie/pop vibe as evidenced by his recent track Open Season. It's a little bit funky and the vocals are extremely easy to digest and well-delivered (below)...
The best part about The Chainsmokers' version of the track is how they were able to maintain the chill, uplifting vibe of the original while adding their own snappy rhythms. It's a coin flip between whether I like the new better than the original, but either way, I'm glad to have been introduced to Josef Salvat...#OpenSeason

Josef Salvat - Open Season (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Twista Never Sounded So Good Over EDM

So Dillon Francis's new album Money Sucks, Friends Rule dropped this week and to nobody's surprise, it rose to the top of the iTunes dance charts. I've already posted over half the album, but I found yet another favorite on the album. Seeing that it's track one on the album and features Twista and (up and comers) The Rej3ctz, it got my attention real quick. Full of fiery verses, it's about 90% Hip with enough pace and bounce to mix together in harmony. Man no matter how much I distance myself from Hip Hop, I will always have the utmost respect for Twista and his unique ability to clearly rap at a speed most rappers can only dream of reaching...#MoneySucksFriendsRule

Dillon Francis feat The Rej3ctz & Twista - All That

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Imagine Dragons Are Back With "I Bet My Life on You"

Vegas odds would put Imagine Dragons matching their debut album's success at about 100 to 1. It's damn near impossible to go double platinum nowadays, yet ID's Night Visions has gone double platinum since being released in 2013. Needless to say the expectations for their sophomore album are sky high.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how they managed to exceed my expectations with their lead single I Bet My Life. What starts out as a chill ballad erupts into an uplifting chorus around the 46 second mark. Following their tried and true formula of powerful, celebratory sing-along music Imagine Dragons did everything they could to make me excited about their new album. My only advice is, consume it quickly before the masses get to it because top 40 radio does not know moderation when it comes to music like this...#IBetMyLife

Monday, October 27, 2014

Scylla Gets After It, Filling RL Grime's Upcoming Void

RL Grime's new album Void comes out on November 17th. Why does that matter you ask? A month back RL gave us the first good reason in the form of Reminder and now he has taken our modest expectations and thrown gasoline all over it with Scylla.

My goodness, between the bass and aggressive synths, the track below gets AFTER IT! My suggestion is to have that seatbelt fastened when you hit the drops around the 1:08 and 3:25 marks. Unless you are feeling like getting a speeding ticket or wilding out like nobody is lookin', I'd exercise extreme caution and consume accordingly...#Scylla

RL Grime - Scylla

Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Who Am I Gonna Be When It's All Over?"

If you can't beat 'em, at least beat 'em to the punch. In response to Drake's latest song How Bout Now being leaked to the world without permission, he released two more new songs via OVO yesterday. Whatever medium the initial leak came from, it evidently had the two other songs on it, so in Drizzy's eye they were as good as leaked...

Out of the two tracks, I'm giving the nod to Heat of the Moment over 6 God. I'll concede that the beat on 6 God is on point, but I'm a sucker for a Drake ballad. All three tracks were on the chopping block for Nothing Was the Same and what better way to start gaining some momentum for Views From the 6 than releasing them as promo singles? Good decision all around, feel free to download all of them at your leisure and don't forget to send Drake a tweet both thanking him and wising him a belated Happy Birthday...#ViewsFromThe6

Drake - Heat of the Moment (prod by 40)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Far Away Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

Sometimes cover art can be deceiving, especially with electronic music. In this case, the cartoony design on Feed Me & Kill The Noise's new single Far Away perfectly fits the mood of the track. Anytime you can get a chorus of kids singing the hook and can seamlessly mix in some xylophone, good things can happen. Don't get it twisted, Far Away gets after it post drop, but the potential for earworm status comes from the kids. Chalk this up to another killer EDM collabo that managed to live up to the hype...#FarAway

Feed Me & Kill The Noise - Far Away

Friday, October 24, 2014

Videos of the Week October 24

Ran a bit heavy on the EDM for this week's top five, but I see no problem in that. Starting with the time machine moment where Dillon Francis and friends pretend like they were three years old again. Oh to be young again, eat too much cake, play duck duck goose and play in the moon bounce. David Guetta has now released two teaser videos for his upcoming Dangerous video, which leads me to believe it might be the coolest video of all time. In case you missed out on Tomorrow World, Kygo went ahead and posted his set from the festival, which was a nice olive branch. The most interesting of the EDM bunch was probably the trailer for Baauer's upcoming documentary detailing his experimental ways of making music. Really cool learning about all of the crazy ways he has obtained samples around the globe. Last but not least, your token Jimmy Fallon video of the week showcasing his new and wildly popular egg roulette game. At the very least, we should all appreciate how great he is at making really famous people seem extremely human...#EggRoulette
Jimmy Fallon & Bradley Cooper Play Egg Roulette

David Guetta & Sam Martin - Dangerous (Teaser)

Dillon Francis & Sultan & Ned Shepard feat The Chain Gang of 1974 – When We Were Young (Video)

Kygo's Set From Tomorrow World

Baauer: Searching for Sound (Trailer)
Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Why the Hell'd You Put That Black Dress On?"

Oh man, when you haven't heard any grown and sexy R&B for a while, it's like free dessert when you're not expecting it. Such soul in the mix from Jamie Foxx with plenty of sultry percussion and a smooth bassline. Maybe it's because every woman has a sexy black dress, but there's something about the lyrics that make the imagination run on overdrive. Ain't My Fault is the second single in two weeks Jamie has let loose, following up his latest party favorite with 2 Chainz. Let's hope the pending litigation with the track goes smoothly so that there are no bumps in the road leading to a new album from the multitalented Foxx...#AintMyFault

Jamie Foxx - Ain't My Fault

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Bout Now, Views From the 6 is Coming

It's been a minute since Drake has released any album material music, so How Bout Now was a welcome surprise. What I wonder is if there's some sort of irony that the song leaked without permission on the same night that he came up a short on that jumper during UK's midnight madness (below)...

Lack of rim aside, Drake got back to his R&B ways with the help of Boi-1da and Jordan Evans. You might recognize the Jodeci My Heart Belongs to You sample throughout the track which takes on the tried and true "I made it so what's up now girl?" vibe that Drake has been on since he came up. It's hard for me to empathize because I'll never quite be able to put ex-girlfriends on blast like he does, but the spite he has toward those who did him wrong has to be the biggest motivation behind his music. Whatever the case, Views From the 6 will be coming soon enough in 2015 and I'm cautiously optimistic that his music will continue to age in a way that maintains its accessibility...#HowBoutNow

Drake - How Bout Now (prod by Boi-1da & Jordan Evans)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Chemical Brothers & Miguel Are Not Playin' Around

Well here's another triple-take inducing collaboration. Serving as the promotional single from the upcoming Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 Soundtrack, This Is Not a Game grabs you by the collar and promises to be different from what you usually hear. The grungy, industrial synths provide the edge while Miguel's vocals and Lorde's vocal samples cut the instrumental.

Therein lies the tension on the track, though. It's as if the track rides the fence between a listenable pop track and gritty anthem that sets the tone for another battle to the death. I'll still give Lorde all the credit in the world for pulling the Chemical Brothers and Miguel together, but in the end the conflicting styles go two directions boldly instead of going one direction together...#ThisIsNotAGame

Monday, October 20, 2014

"If You Could Be Back Home"

Now that more and more DJs are hopping on the Tropical House bandwagon, I'm gaining an even deeper appreciation for Thomas Jack. The Caribbean rhythms offer plenty of feel good percussion with soothing flutes and saxophone leading the way. The march of the beat always seems to give it just enough tempo to be dance-worthy, but if your drink doesn't include some sort of fruit juice when listening to this, it will taste like pineapple by the time the track is over.

The original version of Back Home was MYNGA and Cosmo Klein is surprisingly more uptempo than the remix. Check it below for proof...
The chill vibe started before the remix, but the original just doesn't sound right without the saxophone on the hook. When the new version has a key component that the original lacked, you know you did something right. Do you boy Thomas Jack a solid and give him an up vote on hypem so that he continues to get the credit he deserves for leading a new segment of dance music that is abundantly enjoyable...#BackHome

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein - Back Home (Thomas Jack Remix)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Run X Tour Cancelled Means New Music Sooner

I've found that clicking play on a new Baauer track is like getting one of those white mystery dum dum lollipops. You're never quite sure what it's going to taste like, but you're excited to try it because it's usually pretty good. Baauer's new one featuring UK's own AlunaGeorge is on par with those expectations, mixing sultry vocals with bouncy trap bass. While it's a huge bummer Baauer and Boyz Noise's Run X tour was recently cancelled, at least the reason was centered around having time to create new music. Looking on the bright side of things, at least Baauer stayed true to his promise of new music sooner...#OneTouch

Baauer feat AlunaGeorge - One Touch (VIP remix)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Madeon Found His Way to Imperium

It's long overdue, but Madeon is making his GWDJ debut tonight thanks to his new single Imperium. Slept on is an understatement, there's been a lot of hype building about the French prodigy while I've been off in my own world trying to fall in line behind the late adopters. But bygones will be bygones and I'm on the bandwagon after a few listens to his rhythmic assault below. For me, it was the drum and bass that reeled me in with the energetic chords providing the icing on the cake.

That's not the coolest part about the track, though. Known to play games with his fans, Madeon put together a game on his website. If you can figure it out and follow instructions, you get to download the track for free. Here's a hint, it may have been a game you played as a child. Assist to @awilliamsid for the DaVinci code work tonight since I don't read text on websites. Best of luck to you all on your journey to the free download...#Imperium

Friday, October 17, 2014

Videos of the Week October 17th

There's quite a bit of entertainment mixed into the top 5 this week. In my eyes, it's a toss up between Jimmy Fallon/Brad Pitt's break dance conversation video and Kevin Hart's freestyle as Chocolate Droppa. Anytime you leave Kendrick Lamar speechless while freestyling, you know something great just happened.

On the music tip, Alesso and Fall Out Boy released new videos for their latest singles. I'm always impressed with what Fall Out Boy is able to put together creatively and their new video was no exception. On a final note, I'm continuing to be intrigued by video companies partnering with Hip Hop artists on trailers for new games. This time the makers of Far Cry 4 got together with Childish Gambino to put together an interesting video detailing the collaboration between the two. Makes me wish they had more Hip Hop in video games back in the day...#FarCry4
Jimmy Fallon & Brad Pitt Have a Break Dance Conversation

Kevin Hart's Alter Ego Chocolate Droppa Freestyle with Kendrick Lamar

Alesso feat Tove Lo - Heroes (Video)

Far Cry 4 and Childish Gambino: The Collaboration

Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Love Makonnen's Tuesday Gets a Fresh Makeover

A few months back I decided I'd rather be fashionably late to the I Love Makonnen party rather than an early adopter. On one hand you've got the Drake/OVO cosign that makes me want to adopt early, but on the other hand there hasn't been a track he's released that I have really vibed with. In particular, his lead single Tuesday walks the thin line between catchy and annoyingly repetitive. Check the original below featuring Drake for some context...

I can't say Dj Snake's remix completely fixes the dumbed down repetitiveness, but the chill trap sound of the track is really hard to ignore. After the first minute, the beat hits it's stride with an almost tropical house sound that gives way to a heavier trap sound as the mix progresses. If you can get over the silly, sing-along lyrics, there's a lot to like about the new beat...#ClubGoinUpOnATuesday

I Love Makonnen - Club Goin' Up On A Tuesday (Dj Snake Remix)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An Indie Funk Track Turned Chill House

I've posted a few Dave Edwards remixes over the course of the past year, but I can now say I have a new favorite. Full disclosure, I had not heard the Viceroy's original version of The Life with Penguin Prison prior to hearing the remixed version below. Where the original was full of funk and a touch of brass, the remix is soothing and upbeat. In my opinion Dave Edwards provided a huge upgrade to the original beat and made it a much more easy listening electronic track. Feel free and head on over to Facebook to cop the track at the cost of a like...#MyLife

Spotted at TSIS

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Slow Acid Furthers the Legend of Calvin Harris

A few months ago if you would have asked told me that Calvin Harris belonged in the same ultra-elite echelon of EDM artists with the likes of Avicii and Tiesto, I would have been hesitant to agree with you. With the release of C.U.B.A. and Slow Acid leading the way for his upcoming album Motion, it's clear that Calvin's talents go far beyond what I had originally thought he was capable of creating.

I completely underestimated his stylistic diversity within EDM and his two new single are perfect examples of that. Where C.U.B.A. was aggressive and unapologetically Spanish sounding, Slow Acid was methodic and bouncy. It's as if Calvin is saying, "my last album was good and all, but I am capable of much, much more." If this keeps up, you might just hear me mentioning the phrase album of the year like I did with Avicii and Tiesto's most recent releases...#SlowAcid

Monday, October 13, 2014

"If You've Got the Wrong Impression, Girl Not For Long"

The prospect of Bobby Ray releasing what sounds like a lead single from an upcoming album is downright exciting. The grown and sexy track featuring Trey Songz's vocals over cooled out synths found a way to hit the spot on first listen. Although the track is a full on easy-listening experience, the lyrics tell another story.

I'll put it this way, it takes a lethal mix of audacity and confidence to walk into a room and successfully step to a woman without regard for whether she's single. Not For Long puts into perspective the type of game Hip Hop artists possess and seek to instill in every listener. I've always found Hip Hop as a whole to be a great way to learn how to talk quick or at least walk with enough swagger to end up on the winning team by the end of the night. If you're wondering what exactly I mean by that, you should give this one a listen as you join me in hoping that it means more music from B.O.B. to come...#NotForLong

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Runners Are Back on A House Tip

Those of you who have been frequenting this block of the internet for over two years have observed a noticeable shift in music being posted on a daily basis. First it was Hip Hop with a little pop/electronic and not it's almost completely electronic with Hip Hop/pop cameos. I've maintained through the blog's existence that I post energetic music that moves me. I still don't have a good reason why Hip Hop fell out of favor other than the great producers stopped providing beats to the bigger Hip Hop names.

That being said, if you were to ask me to name my top 10 Hip Hop producers, The Runners would without a doubt be on that list. After a year or so hiatus, it's only fitting that The Runners return to the game with a distinctly progressive house flare. Teaming up with Alex Maire and Frederick, We Will Stand has an uplifting vibe that builds to a few different energy purging crescendos. I'd be kidding if I told you I saw this transition coming, but it makes me feel just a little but justified in evolving my music tastes when one of my favorite production duos turns over the same new leaf...#WeWillStand

The Runners & Alec Maire feat Frederick - We Will Stand (Radio Edit)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

"When I'm in Pain You're a Vision of Beautiful"

This Chris Malinchak guy is starting to grow on me. My first impression of him was more of throwback, pop/disco vocalist that reminded me a bit of MJ with his soft vocals. His new single, Happiness, featuring the deep house magic of MNEK completely changed my impression of his style. The smooth percussion over a heavy, rolling bassline produces an ethereal vibe that equal parts soothing and addictive. The stop and go beat provides plenty of room for Chris to showcase a soulful harmony throughout. To put it in concrete terms, Chris's upcoming show at the Rickshaw Stop just because a must-see event for me in two weeks...#Happiness

Chris Malinchak feat MNEK - Happiness

Friday, October 10, 2014

Videos of the Week October 10th

Unlike most weeks, there is a clear favorite video in this week's top 5. I don't know whether to applaud it for it's weird wilderness vibe or continue to question why Pharrell has some huge clothespins on his shirt. What I do know is that Gust of Wind is a great track and seeing huge prehistoric looking Daft Punk heads come to life to sing the hook felt appropriate. Beyond that, there was quite a bit of Hip Hop released this week with Logic's epic crime spree short movie and Ne-Yo's ode to pole dancers leading the way. The surprise of the week came from Ed Sheeran's dance moves. Evidently dude isn't just a great singer, he can also cut a rug when given a chance. Finishing out the week is the obligatory silly and entertaining Jimmy Fallon video featuring Steve Carell. In the video they take random quirky words and try to fit them into casual conversation. Hilarity ensues, making it a great pick to round out the top 5...#FallonTonight
Pharrell feat Daft Punk - Gust of Wind (Video)

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Video)

Jimmy Fallon & Steve Carrell Play Word Sneak

Logic - Under Pressure (Video)

Ne-Yo feat Juicy J - She Knows (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix Will Set You Free

Chalk another one up from Dillon Francis in his attempt to release as many awesome singles as possible this fall. We caught a glimpse of Set Me Free with Martin Garrix last spring, but now we get the full meal in all it's glory. The high pitched vocal sample will find a way to embed itself in your cerebellum as you wild out to the bouncy synths. By my count this is now the fifth single worthy song on Dillon's upcoming Money Sucks, Friends Rule album due out at the end of the month. At this point, I see no reason why Dillon's name shouldn't be mentioned in the same conversation as EDM heavyweights like deadmau5 and Skrillex...#SetMeFree

Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix - Set Me Free

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Star Wars Rebels Just Got Fluxuated

Evidently Walt Disney has gotten the memo that electronic music is what the cool kids listen to. It turns out the whole deadmau5 Ghosts n' Stuff Re-mics debacle was only the tip of the iceberg. In order to give their new animated series Star Wars Rebels a shot in the arm, they hired Flux Pavilion to take a stab at remixing the Rebels Theme.

Oh you better believe he mixed the living hell out of it too. The remix still has a very clear video game sound to it with grandiose trumpets and all, but the bouncy chords mixed throughout provide all the Flux needed to garner intrigue. The Star Wars light saber and gun ship laser noises keep it real enough, but the mechanized synths blend it together nicely. It's a bummer that they killed Saturday cartoons because you better believe I'd be steering the kids toward this cartoon if they brought the thunder with this type of music...#RebelsTheme

Star Wars Rebels - Rebels Theme (Flux Pavilion The Ghost Remix)

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Drake Finds Your Lovin' in a Tropical House

Sometimes remixes are just too unique to pass up. Like for example, a tropical house version of Drake's Find Your Love. After a few double takes, play was pressed it and the result was surprisingly upbeat. I expected a prevailing chill tone, but instead got a quirky beat with plenty of bounce. The beat reminded me a bit of 1990s top 40 pop hit, which was an odd bedfellow with Find Your Love. After a few listens, it feels like the flavor of Drake gets a bit washed out in the mix, but I haven't heard Find Your Love in so long that the re-imagination was appreciated. At the very least, I appreciated the injection of xylophone and re-work of Kanye's original drum pattern by Tim Gunter to produce a new spin on a modern day classic...#FindYourLove

Drake - Find Your Love (Tim Gunter Remix)

Monday, October 06, 2014

"I Don't Know What You're Thinkin' Sugar"

Fresh is when one of your favorite artists takes a complete left turn to a place you had never imagined they could prior to listening. Like, for example, David Guetta's new one featuring the super-talented Sam Martin. You may recognize Sam as the guy whose vocals were featured on Lovers of the Sun, but he takes it to an entirely new awesome level on Dangerous.

From the piano lead in to the tantalizing synths throughout, it's a whole new pop, funk vibe from David Guetta. It's something Maroon 5 would be capable of, but hearing this type of funk from an unexpected source makes it that much more awesome. Leave the progressive house at the door, D Guetta is shooting for a whole new level on his new album Listen that is slated to hit stores on November 21...#Dangerous

David Guetta feat Sam Martin - Dangerous

Sunday, October 05, 2014

"We Can Never Come Back to Earth"

After listening to Steve Aoki and Fall Out Boy's Back to Earth, I'm left wanting to hear more Patrick Stump on EDM tracks. His unique blend of pop sass and high pitched, energetic delivery sound so perfect over an electronic beat. I've already posted a handful of tracks off of Steve Aoki's latest album Neon Future 1, but I can now say I have a new favorite. I spend a lot of time hyping up all of the Hip Hop and EDM collaborations, maybe I should be spending just as many words demanding more rock related collaborations. If you take away anything from this track, it should be that Steve Aoki is a great producer and Patrick Stump is one of the better vocalists that doesn't get the due he deserves...#BackToEarth

Steve Aoki feat Fall Out Boy - Back to Earth

Saturday, October 04, 2014

"I Don't Wanna Let You Fade Away"

As the energy and craziness continues to get ratcheted up more and more in EDM, I'm gaining an appreciation for the soothing dubstep rhythms of Adventure Club. What I like best about their style is that they usually lead with a chopped up vocal sample, but still find a way to deliver a post-drop exclamation point. Staying true to form, their new one featuring Zak Walters initially feels like an emotion soaked ballad, but fires on all cylinders around the one minute mark. The depth of the bass, high pitched synths and methodic tempo are what make Fade one of my favorite tracks I've heard in recent memory...#Fade

Adventure Club feat Zak Waters - Fade

Friday, October 03, 2014

Videos of the Week October 3rd

Quite the wide range of videos this week. The top five is filled with everything from interactive crosswalks to festival trailers to actual, new music videos. Whoever designed the crosswalk signal that shows people dancing real time gets five golden stars for experience design of the week. The lights abstract obscenity, which means people can go absolutely nuts without doing anything that would offend anyone. Definitely my favorite video of the week for a lot of reasons.

Snowglobe just might be the festival I've been looking for both lineup and distance wise. Never been to Tahoe, but there's something about people wilding out in wintertime to EDM that just sounds fun. Real music video wise, Pharrell's new one for It Girl is a fun mash up of cartoon and real life. Oh and Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are not afraid to get a little bloody in Maroon 5's new one Animals. Rounding out the top five is one of my favorite cross genre collaborations with Mayer Hawthorne and Kendrick Lamar teaming up for some visuals of their latest collabo...#MayerHawthorne
Dancing Crosswalks

Maroon 5 - Animals (Video)

Pharrell - It Girl (Video)

Snowglobe 2014 in Tahoe Concert Trailer

Mayer Hawthorne feat Kendrick Lamar - Crime (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, October 02, 2014

"These Are the Days We Won't Forget"

A few weeks back a version of Avicii's new single, The Days, leaked to the masses. Today, the polished version was finally let loose and it was as bubbly and acoustically driven as the first version seemed. Up until the 3:20 mark in the track, you might be thinking to yourself, other than the piano chords, how exactly did Avicii contribute to this track?

Well, that question was answered quite Avicii-like and rather emphatically with a bit of a "take 'em home" style burst of synth energy. It's an all-you-can eat buffet of top 40 goodness that you can bet will make it's rounds on (digital) airwaves throughout the US and Europe. I'll admit, it's been a while since I heard anything new from Robbie Williams, so there was a re-introduction along the way too. Hopefully all this new music Avicii has been putting out is an indication that he's back on the road to recovery from the various health issues. I'll maintain he's at the top of my concert bucket list, so a quick return to good health would only increase the chances that I can finally cross that item off the list...#TheDays

Avicii feat Robbie Williams - The Days

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

"Got the Club Jumpin' Like a Thousand Jumpin' Jacks"

Suffice to say, when done right, trap music can be like a shot of espresso straight to the bloodstream. Hype is a good starter adjective for the madness Yellow Claw, Diplo, LNY TNZ and Waka Flocka concocted on Techno. I'd liken it to the suicide drink the kids used to make when they mixed all the sodas together in one sugary elixir.

There's a bit of techno, a bit of trap, some Hip Hop flavor, a lot of yelling and plenty of bounce. If you're into moderation or even purity, this track is definitely not for you. If you're up for hearing a crazy mix of fun noises, then you're in for a treat...#TrapGoinTechno

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