Sunday, February 21, 2016

"I'm Ridin' Round With My System Pumpin' LSD"

If you would have told someone did an acoustic cover an A$AP Rocky's track, it may have been difficult to hold back laughter. That being said, if the lyrics are interesting enough on any track and the artist covering it doesn't butcher the chords, it won't take a lot to transform anything into an acoustic cover. Before you rush to judgment, give a listen to the original version of A$AP's LSD...
Pretty trippy track and not as Hip Hop as you expected, right? Hence why Raury was able to get his foot in the door on the acoustic cover. If you haven't heard of Raury, he hails from the ATL and was on the highly acclaimed XXL Freshman class of 2015. Watching the live cover of the track will give you everything you need to understand why he's generating so much hype. He's got that Bobby Ray versatility and is very comfortable singing, rapping and rocking the guitar if you let him. At the ripe age of 19, there's no traffic on his highway to success...#Raury

Photo Credit: YouTube


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