Saturday, February 27, 2016

"I'm Killin' Dem, No Murda"

Usually when I think of jungle dance music, Major Lazer or Jack U come to mind. Seeing that Skrillex makes up half of Jack U, it should come as no surprise that his new collaboration with Wiwek and Elliphant sounds like something taken out of a tribal rave. The gentle reggae build up will lure you into thinking it's a chill dance track, but that goes out the door post-drop when the bass comes in like a hammer. The mix of soft vocals from Elliphant contrasting with the sharp synths and jagged samples are what ultimately make the track memorable. Those of you looking for that hype new dance track may want add this one to the weekend Spotify playlist for tonight's party...#Killa

Wiwek & Skrillex feat Elliphant - Killa


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