Friday, May 31, 2013

Videos of the Week May 31st

This week's top five videos run the gamut of emotion from depression to thoughtful to downright buckwild. The most real video by far come from J Cole who opened up in a very real and accessible way about depression and the impact it has had on him. Not many rappers would be caught dead keeping it that real about personal struggles, but the ones that do like Cole and Drake make the "hard" rappers look insecure. Kudos for keepin' it 100, I'm infinitely more excited for Born Sinner now that I know how rooted in emotion it will be.

I enjoyed B.O.B.'s characteristically tour clip heavy video for his hope filled track Chandelier with Lauriana Mae. Aside from the two aforementioned videos, it's all about partying and more specifically booty. Wild and Hello have a party feel to them, but the slightly NSFW video for Bubble Butt definitely wins the award for most booty per capita in a video this year. least we're back to accepting as a culture that curvy behinds are the preferred choice...#BubbleButt
Jessie J feat Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal - Wild (Video)

J.Cole - Born Sinner: From Depression To Happiness #OKNotToBeOK (Interview)

Stafford Brothers feat Lil Wayne & Christina Milian - Hello (Video)

B.O.B. feat Lauriana Mae - Chandelier (Video)

Major Lazer feat Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic - Bubble Butt (Video)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keys N Krates Will Treat You Right

I've written this before, but I'll continue to preach it until it truly becomes reality. Now that Hip Hop has asserted itself over the last decade as a mainstay in pop culture and electronic music is pop culture's new darling, it's only a matter of time before the genres make sweet love and create a beautiful baby. The closest to that baby has been Hudson Mohawke, but the Canadian trio Keys N Krates seem to have the right idea too. They're toying with the winning formula of drums, synths and turntables to create their own mixture of Hip House awesomeness.

Their newest one is a great indication of why I'm so high on them. Treat Me Right is like a slightly more Hip Hop, but equally addicting version of the Bingo Players' Cry (Just a Little). Where the Bingo Players turn left to house, Keys N Krates turns right to Hip Hop...feel me? Below is their storybooks come to life video for Treat Me Right...

I know what you're thinking, that's straight trap music due to it's repetitive nature. Call it what you want, I call it awesome and the only thing I'm going to apologize for is being about three months late on posting this track. Assist to Diplo's Endless Summer playlist for schooling me on Keys N Krates...#TreatMeRight

Keys N Krates - Treat Me Right

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Toro Y Moi Mixes Up Disclosure

A big reason why I write daily about music is to forecast what is coming in music so that I can somehow influence your opinion of new music that I enjoy. If I didn't have a vested interest in being right, I would probably post any old song that ended up in my mailbox daily. As a result, I pride myself on being on top of new stuff, but there are times when I'm like "man, I know this artist is dope, but I'm behind on his music." Case in point Toro Y Moi who has steadily developed an army of followers that I hope to soon join.

His latest creation is a remix of British electronic group Disclosure's track You & Me featuring Eliza Doolittle. For some context, below is the video for the original...

The original is probably more well suited for radio consumption, but if I was in the mood to cool out and listen to something that is smooth and relaxing, I'd go for the remix. If you aren't up on Toro y Moi, he's an graphic designer turned Indie/electropop singer, song-writer, producer who helped pioneer the Chillwave movement, which is more or less a proper name for looped synthpop. There are plenty of good reason why Toro was listed as one of the top 30 must see acts of 2013 SXSW. I know I'm going to be keeping tabs on him from here moving forward...#ToroYMoi

Disclosure feat Eliza Doolittle - You & Me (Toro y Moi remix)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ellie Presses Alt-J and Tesselates

One thing I really appreciate as a constant consumer of music is when an artist that I follow covers a song from an artist that I've never heard of. For example, I'll always have a special place in my heart for Kid Cudi who randomly sampled LCD Soundsystem's Dance Yrself Clean in his track All That Talk. Little did he or I know that his mash up would lead me to being a devout follower of LCD and a fateful night at Philly Cruise Terminal where I got to witness LCD in what I still regard as the most memorable concert I've ever attended.

I use that example to preface Ellie Goulding's recent cover of Alt-J (∆)'s track Tesselate. Prior to the cover I had no idea Alt-J (∆) existed and now I have an appreciation for the British Rock quartet. Below is the original version of their single that was released last summer...

The original is more of a mellow Indie track that Ellie managed to turn into an even mellower jazz cover. Between Ellie's angelic vocals and the saxophone interlude around the 1:30 mark, it's an extremely well done version. Feel free to cool out to this one or at the very least burn it on a cd for your parents because they'll appreciate that their kid doesn't just listen to noisy music with bad language...#Tesselate

Ellie Goulding - Tesselate (Alt-J (∆) Cover)

Monday, May 27, 2013

"How Can You Dance the Pain Away?"

On Memorial Day it's all about showing love to the men and women who have served our country over the years. There isn't much that is completely free in the world these days and that couldn't be more evident with the concept of freedom. Everything that is worthwhile comes with sacrifice, so tip of the cap to the service men and women of our country who do a lot of thankless things on a daily basis that don't get recognized.

In an effort to keep the feel good vibe going, below is a new potential summer anthem from two industry heavyweights, Benny Benassi and John Legend. For a quick visual, check out them debuting the track at Coachella about a month ago...

The track is an interesting mix of melancholy vocals and upbeat synth rhythms. The mainstream appeal is undeniable, but beyond that it's really cool to see two artists who are great in their own realm, do it together. Can't say for sure whether this will be on John's upcoming Love in the Future album due out on June 25th, but if I were a betting man I'd put money on it. Regardless, hope y'all have a relaxing day off today...#HappyMemorialDay

Benny Benassi feat. John Legend - Dance the Pain Away

Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Day You Can Mess With Me That Would Be Neveruary"

I dropped the ball about a month ago when Bobby Ray's newest single hit the internet while I was exploring Europe. Needless to say, the track is now on the radio, which is what reminded me to finally post it because the whistlin' Dixie style snap beat is addicting. Sure the lyrics are borderline trashy, but what did you expect with a 2 Chainz feature?

No firm release date on B.O.B.'s upcoming Underground Luxury album that is due out this summer. What I do know is that you will find the DJ Mustard produced track at your local gentleman's club. Not sure if the track below has anything to do with him calling his new album "the edgiest project to date", but if you take it for what it's worth, you won't be upset when you see some booties shakin' around you...#UndergroundLuxury

B.O.B. feat 2 Chainz - HeadBand (prod by DJ Mustard)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Julian Gets The Chainsmokers Treatment

It seems like there is an underlying secret relationship that electronic DJs are developing with Indie artists. I'm not talking a Facebook official type of relationship, it's more like electronic music calling Indie music when it needs a piece type of relationship. If I were to over-generalize it, I'd say that Indie music brings an element of unique and unabashed creativity, while electronic music brings energy mainstream radio appeal. It's a symbiotic relationship that usually works out because both sides serve to benefit from each others' strengths. Quick disclaimer - that's not to say that both genres can't find their way onto the radio by themselves or that either genre is more creative than the other, in a nutshell they just work well together like nutella and banana.

Supporting what I just said above, the The Chainsmokers just took a really unique, melodic and slightly haunting Indie track by the Swedish/Australian duo Say Lou Lou and took it to another level. Before you give the remix a listen, check out the original video for Julian below...

After listening to the original, I was left with the same feeling that I get when I listen to Lana Del Rey. There's something mystic and soothing about their vocals that makes it difficult to turn away. Still, after hearing the NYC duo's progressive house remix of the original, it's easy to understand why Indie music can benefit from a BPM spike. The best part about it, all they require is a like to their Facebook page to cop the track. You'll realize that after you listen below...#TeamYogaPants

Say Lou Lou - Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Videos of the Week May 24th

Decent mix of funny, entertaining and inspirational this week with The Lonely Island setting the humor bar high this week with Diaper Money. On the flip side, I got goosebumps watching third grader Asean Johnson of Chicago blast Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for threatening to close his school. The little dude might just be the rose that grew from concrete in a city that has become synonymous with Irag.

Sandwiched in between are some entertaining videos from a few usual suspects like Fat Joe, T.I. and Maroon 5. Although it was tempting to post all clips of Kanye's new videos being projected onto walls, I'm going to refrain from that business. Enjoy your long weekend y'all, see some of you at the Indy 500...#MemorialDay

The Lonely Island - Diaper Money (Video)

Fat Joe feat Wiz Khalifa & Teyana Taylor - Ballin' (Video)

T.I. feat Cee-lo - Hello (Video)

Maroon 5 - Love Somebody (Video)

Third Grader Asean Johnson Argues for Chicago Mayor to Not Close His School

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"I'm Headed to the Moon Cause the World Screwed Up"

Now more than ever, an important first step in making a name for yourself is an album quality debut mixtape. Nowadays, if you're a rising star in Hip Hop, it's not uncommon to have the industry clamoring for a mixtape as if it were a studio album. Enter Travis Scott, who has had Hip Hop heads eagerly anticipating his debut Owl Pharaoh mixtape for the past year. Aside from being named to XXL's Freshman Class of 2013, he has managed to get my attention by working with the likes of Chuck Inglish and of course being co-signed an an artist by T.I.'s Grand Hustle as well as producer for Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music label.

After one lap around his debut mixtape, I've got my thumbs behind my chips leaning forward to declare that I'm all in on him. It's abundantly clear that Travis is cut from the same cloth as Kanye and Cudi in that he has a knack for the aesthetics of production and a similar lyrical style and delivery. The mixtape as a whole is impressive, but no track caught my attention more than Dance on the Moon. Having now learned that Travis is from Houston, the track below is less of a surprise, but it's just as dope. Quick caveat, I've been on board with screwed and chopped music since Robert Davis was shaping Southern Hip Hop over two decades ago. Knowing that, you can understand why my jaw almost hit the floor around the 3:15 mark on the track below. The beat goes from 100 mph to like 45 mph in a matter of seconds and gives way to a flawless Paul Wall verse. Bottom line, it's in your best interests to go and cop his debut tape for free simply because of how well put together each and every beat is on it...#OwlPharoah

Travis Scott feat Theophilus London & Paul Wall - Dance On The Moon

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Calming, Effervescent Electronic Music

It's a Wednesday in late May, which means the majority of the world is either looking for a mid-week pick me up or another reason to cool out because school is almost out of summer. Keeping that in mind, Seven Lions' new one with Minnesota and Mimi Page fit the bill as an effervescent, but calming dubstep track. The calmness comes from Mimi's vocals and the effervescence comes from the unique soundscapes that Seven Lions and DJ Minnesota manage to blend together. The track heads in a progressive direction beyond dubstep with the unique combination of heavy bass and a trance-like sound. I'm all for pushing boundaries and it seems like Seven Lions does that on a pretty consistent basis, which is one of the reasons why I'm a fan...#Fevers

Seven Lions feat Minnesota & Mimi Page - Fevers

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Tell the Post to Leave Propaganda to Politicians"

If you've been a close follower of this blog you've sat front row as a witness to my love/hate relationship with Wale. Ironically, his new track LoveHate Thing epitomizes the vitality and storytelling that initially landed him in my top five favorite artists. Over the past year I've been unapologetically critical of the impact that signing with Mayback Music has had on his music. In my eyes, as soon as he started rubbing shoulders with Rick Ross, his tracks went from standing out to mainstream at best. Simply put, Wale's talents and unique style became watered down and I became less interested in his music.

With his third album, The Gifted, ready for a late June release, I'm starting to get more excited about his music. What changed? Well for starters he teamed up with Sam Dew over a Marvin Gaye's classic Inner City Blues (below)...

To their credit, they took the essence of the original and put their spin on it with a heavy dose of soulful vocals and live instrumentation. THIS is the type of upbeat, lyrically dense music that I came to appreciate from Wale. Keep it up homie, between this one and Bad, you're two for two on singles...#TheGifted

Wale feat Sam Dew - LoveHate Thing

Monday, May 20, 2013

"I'd Probably Roll the Constitution Up Into a Splif"

I appreciate it when Hip Hop artists do something unique to promote their music. For example, when Bobby Ray teamed up with filmmakers Ricardo de Montreuil and Eliz Eskeranli to combine his new Through My Head track with the visuals to their short movie The Raven. It's a six minute short movie that has a futuristic feel as a fugitive is chased by flying cop cars, only to find out he has some tricks up his sleeve...

Interesting short flick that had me wanting to see more, I'll admit. As far as the song is concerned, it's very political in the way it attacks things like the economy, cost of education and overall quality of living of Americans. The track is set to be on B.O.B.'s upcoming third studio album titles Underground Luxury. Even though it's a little out of character for him to drop political verses, I applaud him for bringing up things that matter. Based on his first two albums, I've got big expectations for #3...#UndergroundLuxury

B.O.B. - Through My Head

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Call the S.W.A.T Team

Electronic music has taken so many forms worldwide that every other day it seems like someone new has found a way to twist synthesizers in a new directions. Having said that, there's no mistaking that Kronic's new one featuring Melbourne's own Chardy is an in your face, electronic party starter. The Aussie duo managed to put together an upbeat club anthem in S.W.A.T. Team that takes you on a roller coaster ride of built ups and drops. The track hits it's sweet spot between the 2 and 3 minute marks with an array of buckwild synths that are sure to ignite a crowd.

If you're looking to cop it, head on over to Beatport and see if you can help keep it in the electronica top 30...#BombSquad

Chardy & Kronic - S.W.A.T Team (Original Mix)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

"This Bass Make Your Face Go Numb"

Those who know me well know the impact that 808 bass has had and continues to have on my life. Ya know how bugs must fly to the light when they see it, this is me when I hear 808 bass...
Knowing that, you could imagine the impact that Chuck Inglish's creative, throwback use of the best type of bass known to mankind has had on me. And I'm not the only one that is excited about the sub woofer potential of his upcoming free Droptops EP that he's releasing on May 23rd. The allure of his new one Tangerine, featuring Mini Van Dan and Kashflow, comes from the simplicity of the beat. Make no mistake about it, you will be bored with this track if you listen to it on laptop speakers. I'm serious, if you're going to play the song below on your laptop, iPad, iPhone or anything with less than 10", just do yourself a favor and punt for tomorrow when I get back on the EDM train...#Droptops

Chuck Inglish feat Aston Matthews & Kashflow - Tangerine

Friday, May 17, 2013

Videos of the Week May 17th

It's a shocker, this summer another Fast & Furious movie is being released! Surprising right? Sarcasm aside, this will be the finally one and I applaud them for getting back to what helped make the first movie above average soundtrack. They have Def Jam to thank for putting together a top notch soundtrack to Fast and Furious 6. I'll always maintain, Pov City Anthem from the original Fast & Furious soundtrack is a classic beat and it motivated me to find a way to create ringtones on my own.

In other news, Skylar Grey continues to make slightly disturbing, emotionally charged videos. Interesting that Kendrick went to church for the BDKMV video. Anytime J Lo and Pitbull or Kanye and Ben Affleck get together, it's going to be fun. Definitely tuning into SNL for the season finale...#SNL
2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa - We Own It (Fast & Furious Video)

Skylar Grey - Final Warning (Video)

Kendrick Lamar - B***h Don't Kill My Vibe (Video)

Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull - Live it Up (Video)

Kanye West & Ben Affleck SNL Promo

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"When the Music's on She Can Do No Wrong"

Awww yea, back to the grown and sexy vibes of Mayer Hawthorne today. With the help of Jessica Ware, Mayer just let loose a lead single off his upcoming album Where Does This Door Go. The funky, new school jazz sound to Her Favorite Song is as smooth as it is catchy. If there's a genre called jazz pop, you better believe your boy Mayer is leading the way on that movement. Feel free to latch onto the appropriately conceived hash tag...#YachtClubMusic

Mayer Hawthorne feat Jessica Ware - Her Favorite Song

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sub Focus and Alex Clare Release Endorphins

There are a handful of electronic artists that I will pause life to get momentarily excited about when I noticed they release a new track. Close to the top of that short list is dubstep extraordinaire Sub Focus, who recently let loose a new one featuring Alex Clare. Check the visuals below for a taste...
In a nutshell, what we've got here is a sandwich chalked full of British awesomeness. From the beat that mixes drum and bass tempo to perfection to the uplifting vocals, it's an overall good look. I maintain that when it comes to electronic music, nobody epitomizes my personal tastes as well as Sub Focus and Endorphins is further proof of that...#Endorphins

Sub Focus feat Alex Clare - Endorphins

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Tattoo Angels, Ain't Gotta Worry About a Thing"

I've always been a sucker for Flo Rida's consistently upbeat and catchy Pop-Hop singles. As much as I'm predisposed to be critical of any sort of lyrically simple Hip Hop music, I can't hate on Flo Rida one bit because he has a distinct sound that is so uplifting it's beyond reproach.

Case in point his lead single below off his upcoming yet-to-be-titled album Tell Me When You Ready. Call him a one trick pony if you want, but he does that one trick better than anyone in the game and he's got the commas in his bank account to prove it. I haven't been bashful in bashing Future, but I don't mind his contribution to the hook because it fits well with the sound of the track. Even more credit is due to Flo because he always manages to churn out tracks that have his sound despite having different producers laying down his beats. Shout out to Detail for the strip club worthy, booty shake inducing beat...#TellMeWhenYouReady

Flo Rida feat Future - Tell Me When You Ready (prod by Detail)

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Day Everyone Got Their RAM

Well now that Daft Punk's new album has finally leaked four days before the official release, Daft Punk did what they could do today by allowing everyone to stream the entire album on iTunes. All you need to do is go to iTunes and click View in iTunes and you can hear the entire album. Kudos to the music industry for adapting to the new culture of music on the internet and realizing that if there is a physical copy of the album somewhere on a truck, it has probably fallen off that trunk already, been ripped and made readily available to everyone on the internet.

After one full lap around the album, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the sound of the album. By new EDM standards, it's definitely not an electronic album. It's more of an intricately composed funk album with a bunch of electronically amplified vocals. It's way more mellow than it is exciting and it's packed to the brim with grown and sexiness. If you were to ask me to pick a quick favorite, I was most intrigued by DP's collaboration with Indie superstar and Animal Collective founder Panda Bear. The simplicity and funkiness of the track is addictive. Panda's vocals are a stark contrast to Daft's usual lyrics and the synth breakdown around the 2:30 mark is pretty cool too. Pretty fun track overall, but it's one man's opinion, go over and pick a favorite yourself on iTunes...#RAM

Daft Punk feat Panda Bear - Doin' it Right

Sunday, May 12, 2013

dBerrie Drops a Radioactive Remix

By this point everyone has a healthy appreciation for the Imagine Dragons. Their debut album, Night Visions, came out of nowhere and all but cemented my belief that Alex da Kid is one of the most talented producers in the music industry.

Below is a new progressive house remix by NY's own dBerrie. The remix has a great combination of tempos ranging from the original lyrics delivered by Dan Reynolds to the build ups and drops added by dBerrie. The remix embodies what all remixes should strive to be by taking the essence of the original and diverting it another direction stylistically. If you like the Imagine Dragons or EDM, you'll enjoy this one...#Radioactive

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (dBerrie Remix)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bassnectar's Dubstep is Never Too Late

I'm becoming a pretty big fan of just about everything Amba Shepherd touches. The Australian EDM vocalist seems to find her way on a lot of solid dance tracks, which are then flipped into even better remixes. This time Ultra Records own Bassnectar and Patric Reza took a stab at Amba and Tom Swoon's new one Not Too Late...
If you're in need of a whole lotta bass and wah wah this weekend then this one will hit the spot. Don't expect it to be very uptempo, but do expect it to be melodic...#Dubstep

Tom Swoon & Amba Shepherd – Not Too Late (Bassnectar & Patrick Reza Remix)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Videos of the Week May 10th

Run of the mill offering this week with a lot of Hip Hop and R&B. Evidently Lana Del Rey has become the icon for The Great Gatsby, which is fitting given her throwback style. Oh and this just in, Mariah Carey is still smokin' hot. Also, is it just me or are lyric videos now the new thing? I don't mean only lyrics as the video, I meant interaction style lyrics embedded into real videos like on T.I.'s Hello? Maybe it's the interaction designer in me, but I appreciate it...#UXMakesTheWorldGoRound

Mariah Carey feat Miguel - #Beautiful (Video)

T.I. feat Cee-Lo - Hello (Video)

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (Video)

DJ Felli Fel feat Ne-Yo, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa - Reason to Hate (BTS)

The Wanted - Walks Like Rihanna (Video)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Bingo Players Say No To Hair

I'm not usually one to post tagged tracks, but the new Bingo Players single Buzzcut is E-P-I-C. You wanna talk about some concrete heavy bass and massive drops...goodness! This is the type of track with the sound that can fill an arena. Peep the pulsating cover art on the video below for the full experience...

To anyone is reading this and was on the Hop on Hop off bus tour with me in Dublin, Ireland last week. THIS IS WHY I FLIPPED OUT WHEN I SAW THAT BINGO PLAYERS WERE PLAYING IN DUBLIN THAT NIGHT. Maybe next time, looking at me like I have eight heads and like strange music isn't always the right reaction? Buzzcut hits Beatport on May 20th, don't miss it like I missed seeing Bingo Players in concert last week...#Buzzcut
Bingo Players - Buzzcut

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

"Everything Reminds Me of You, I'm Losing My Mind"

I've waxed poetic multiple times about how much I enjoy the duo of Gilbere Forte and his producer extraordinaire Raak. Sort of the way Emile Haynie helped create Cudi's original sound, Raak has consistently delivered unique, attention grabbing instrumentals for Gilbere to shine on.

The track below immediately caught my attention because of the eerily somber and dramatic tone that the beat and Active Child's vocals created. There's plenty of vigor and frustration in Gilbere's delivery that eventually culminates with an eruption of honesty as he states his real feelings at the end of the track. Nolita will serve as the second single off his upcoming Pray album due out on May 15th. Shout out to Epic Records for signing Philly's most underrated artist to a record deal...#Nolita

Gilbere Forte feat Active Child - Nolita (prod by Raak)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Knife Party Just Dropped a New EP

There are a few EDM acts that I'm steady pressing F5 on the internet in hopes that they announce a tour date near my current location. Near the top of that list is Knife Party who released a new Haunted House EP to iTunes yesterday. The four song EP includes their massive hit Power Glove and their new hit LRAD.

The track isn't as fast, creepy or in-your-face as the majority of their tracks, but that doesn't mean it isn't still awesome. It has more of a traditional progressive house sound to it with the usual build ups leading to epic drops. If you're really impatient, fast forward to the 4:08 mark and don't be afraid to get all tribal with it...#HauntedHouse

Knife Party - LRAD (Original Mix)

Monday, May 06, 2013

Dizzee Reps H-Town to the Fullest

What better a time to post some UK Hip Hop than after getting home from a trip to Europe. In an effort to pay homage to the Land of Screw, Dizzee Rascal hooked up with some of H-Town's finest on the appropriately titled track below. For a little context, check the BTS footage of the video shoot...

H-Town was originally featured on Dizzee's The Mixtape Vol 2, which dropped around Christmas. My guess is that the track will surface on his upcoming fifth studio album, The Fifth. Either way, the British accent over an A-Trak produced southern Hip Hop track makes for an intriguing mix...#HTown

Dizzee Rascal feat Bun B & Trae The Truth - H Town (prod by A-Trak)

Sunday, May 05, 2013

It's About to be a Cole Summer

With Born Sinner on the horizon, the forecast for this summer just got a little bit Coler. Even though his newest track below isn't supposed to make the cut for his new album, it did surface on his latest mixtape, Yours Truly 2 EP. I wouldn't call the track single worthy, which is why it probably got cut, but nonetheless, it serves as a reminder of much more to come in the next month before Born Sinner drops on June 25th...#BornSinner

J Cole - Cole Summer

Saturday, May 04, 2013

"We Are Like Young Volcanoes"

After a few listens to Fall Out Boy's latest album, I'm now thoroughly impressed with the overall sound of the album. After every listen, I keep finding tracks that I like more and more, which is a telltale sign of a great album. I'm not sure if they've Saved Rock and Roll, but they have resurrected a fan base that has been hungry for new music for years.

This week's flavor of the week off the album is Young Volcanoes, which isn't quite as epic as their collabo with Elton John, but it's equally as catchy. Lines like, "tonight the foxes hunt the hounds" get back to the obscure symbolism they've always been known for as a group. Count me back into the FOB camp because they are officially over their two album funk...#SaveRockAndRoll

Fall Out Boy - Young Volcanoes

Friday, May 03, 2013

Videos of the Week May 3rd

Takinig a trip back to funny this week with the hilarious Dove Real Beauty parody done by AdHocVids. If you haven't seen the original Dove Real Beauty commercial, you should watch that one first to gain an appreciation for the humor. #Balls humor aside, Chris Brown released his weekly video, Sean Kingston is getting back in the mix, summer festival promos are still in season and Jay-Z's 100$ Bill track is gaining momentum as most sought after track on the internet. The question is now becoming, is the Great Gatsby Soundtrack one of the most well constructed soundtracks since the millennium (when soundtracks used to be cool)? #GatsbySoundtrack.
Dove Real Beauty: #Balls (Parody Video)

Chris Brown - I Can't Win (Video)

The Great Gatsby TV Trailer (feat Jay-Z's new 100$ Bill track)

Sean Kingston feat Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa- Beat It (Video)

Mad Decent Block Party Promo

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Great Gatsby Gets Greater

Usually I'd associate Sia with upbeat dance music, but it turns out she can do much more than that. She sounds more like Lana Del Rey on Kill and Run, which is a little strange, but impressive in the same way. At this point it might be time for Interscope Records to start getting some credit for helping construct a front to back quality soundtrack for one of the more anticipated movies this spring. Great Gatsby hits theaters starting on May 10th, while the soundtrack should start hitting shelves early next week...#Gatsby

Sia - Kill and Run

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Cudi is So Cold Blooded

Despite the fact that I anointed Red Eye as my favorite track off Indicud, Cold Blooded is a quickly rising up the playlist as I continue to take laps around the album. All the track needs are a few MJ screams and crotch grabs and Cudi would have fully channeled the late, great Thriller. If this doesn't find its way on some sort of movie soundtrack, Hollywood is sleepin'. You'll find yourself humming the swagger dripped hook to yourself, just give it some time. As a quick sidebar, I really hope he turns this into a single and makes a sweet video out of it. Even if it doesn't I'm content with it being a cult concert favorite...#ColdBlooded

Kid Cudi - Cold Blooded

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