Monday, February 29, 2016

"Every Time I Skip Town They Get a Little Sentimental"

DJ Snake's Middle has gotten a lot of love in this hood over the past year. First there was the original. Then came the head turning "twerk freestyle" by Lexi Panterra, which wouldn't be the worst visuals to have attached to your hit single if given a choice...

Now, thanks to Sammy Adams, we have a Hip Hop version to hang our hat on. It features the same booty shake worthy beat to compliment a couple fresh out the oven 16s. It may not be my favorite Sammy track, but I will say he did his thing weaving in and out of verses while also doing his own hook. He's always been able to flow no matter what beat he's on. Consider this "Wizzyflip" some much needed hype that will build some momentum leading into his upcoming album (The Long Way), due out on March 24th...#TheLongWay

Sammy Adams - The Middle (WizzyFlip)


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