Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Looking Pretty on My Arms What You Best at...PUSH!"

I still can't quite pin point why @pusha_T's style is undeniably likable. Maybe it's the calm, in control delivery or his effortless confidence on the mic. Either way dude is just plain dope. He's been dope since @THECLIPSE and is going to be even doper with the help of @kanyewest's guidance, being signed to G.O.O.D. Music label.

The G.O.O.D. news is Pusha is pushing out mad tracks of late and he's got plans on the works to release a lot of newness in 2011. In the next month, we're going to be blessed with the Fear of God 2 mixtape, which will be followed up by a studio debut that will feature production from the likes of The Neptunes, @RYANLESLIE, @ALEXDAKID, @mrbangladesh and of course @kanyewest. I'm not sure which to be more excited about, the production or getting to hear Pusha name dropping high class lifestyle designers like Hermes and lavish cars (Murcielagos).

This is like adding pumps to a negligee, it takes sexy to another level with @migmoney's original getting a top notch 16 from "I'm yo Pushaaaaa!" Feel free to press play and follow along at home with the lyics below...
"She my sure thing, my second only pure thing
It’s like heaven when I’m untying them bra strings
See I’m drawn to her, horse and carriage like
Day dreaming got me thinking what is marriage like?
She like Terrance Wright, I’m booking Paris Flights
The Hermes H bangles that I heard you like
Say the words and it’s there
You put up with the rumors and they blog what you wear
His and her everything, charge for the pair
Couldn’t let you cluster when I’m all solitaire’s
Share and share alike, I never fear the price
Top of my game, I hope you aint scared of heights
Roll a dice, you can bet that, never gotta sweat that
Pony hair, Louboutins let you pet that
Ferrari engine like the trunk got a jet pack
Looking pretty on my arms what you best at
PUSH! - @pusha_T"
Miguel feat Pusha T - Sure Thing (Remix)

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Don't Bathe, I Take Champagne Showers

Feelin' like goin HAM on Memorial Day? Can't think of a more energetic dance track to get the party started than @lmfao's new one with @NATALIAKILLS titled Champagne Showers. With all the yelling and madness that erupts from this track I'd have a hard time keepin' to myself on the dancefloor if this came on.

If you haven't heard of @redfoo & @Real_SkyBlu, their mix of Hip Hop with Dance through eletronica vaulted them on the scene two years ago when they released their debut album Party Rock. Yea, unfortunately Shots got overplayed to a point where I run and hide when it's played now, but I'm hoping their upcoming album Sorry for Party Rocking has a little less repetition and a little more substance like on the track below. Don't get it twisted, I'm a fan on chaos on a dance track, but don't tattoo into my cerebellum a word like shots to a point where I dislike the song.

Starting to take note of Natalia too, her Mirrors track was in heavy rotation for a minute on my cardio mixes. Put it this way, it'd be in your best interest to keep an eye out for both artists in their attempt to make us dance at the club...or at your location cook out tonight where everyone and they moms is gonna be eating cookout food...#DancingAtCookoutsWins

On a serious and somber note, keep @SEANKINGSTON in your prayers as he is in stable, but critical condition from crashing his jet ski into the Palm Island bridge Sunday night...#prayforseankingston

LMFAO feat Natalia Kills - Champagne Showers

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"This...Right Here...is the Definition of Timeless"

Take an already stellar single by Ryan Tedder's crew @OneRepublic and add a few @bobatl verses...now we're talkin'. Best way to inject new life into a pop single that is nearing it's expiration date is to remix it with Hip Hop flavor. The success formula is being used all too often from the Katy Perry's to the Ke$ha's of the world (and here too)...it's so easy nowadays to cut and paste a verse onto a track remotely that you'd be stupid not to try and maximize your profit by adding a little Hip Hop cool hwip to top it off.

A little food for thought though, does anyone dislike where Pop music is heading? Or for that matter the way Hip Hop and Dance are getting grouped into Pop so easily now that it's hard to tell them apart? From someone who (generally) dislikes what ends up on the radio because of how songs end up getting bastardized, I can't really hate on some Hip Hop artists for finding their way (monetarily) since Hip Hop (as a whole) has evolved into a sought genre to collaborate with. Think about it, if someone told you to drop two half verses to improve profitability of a track and make a buck, would you? #OhHellYesIWould

Additionally, the fact that Hip Hop music is so easily disseminated on the internet (compared to other genres) has to make it that much harder for artists to get the lions $hare for their own music. Can you really hate on them for dipping into Pop (iTune$$$) every now and again? I'd enjoy a counterpoint or some discussion on the topic if anyone wants to pitch in their 2 cents below...

Either way, live it up this weekend, June doesn't have any long weekends, so make the best of it...#3DayWeekendsWin

One Republic feat B.O.B. - Good Life (Remix)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"I’m Not Your Clone, But I AM Still Ahead of You"

In case you didn't get my first warning, take heed because the @NEWBOYZ new album Too Cool to Care is as tough front to back as the @imadeitinc beat below. It has the ferocity of this Eminem track and the guitar riff sample has the same feel as this Slaughterhouse track.

To be honest, it was a toss up between Tough Kids (below) and the @KANEBEATZ produced Zonin for my favorite track on the album. I literally had to flip a coin on what to post and since DJ Khalil beats are a little more few and far between than seeing Kane in the building, I went with this one. Can't go wrong with either though as Kane's beat was just as dope and would make a catchy single choice with the repeatability and attitude the lyrics give off.

Shouts out to Sabi of @THEBANGZ for killin' the hook too. The track should make some sort of all underrated and under-appreciated list. That is after it makes it onto your playlist...go and cop the whole disc below, I'm tellin' you, one of the more overlooked efforts this year so far...#Truth

New Boyz feat Sabi - Tough Kids (prod by DJ Khalil)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Videos of the Week

Shouts out to @DEREKPIKE for the space age production on the @djdrama video. The fast forward to the next scene at the beginning when introducing the rappers on the track is DOPE! Honorable mention goes to @FredoTovar & Scott Fleishman on the @kendrick_lamar video...
DJ Drama feat Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous & Roscoe Dash - Oh My (Video)

Kendrick Lamar - Hiii Power (prod by J Cole) (Video)

(Below is the disclaimer at the beginning of the video...interestingly abstract)
Drake Appears on Episode 7 of The Lebrons

Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg and Lady Gaga - 3 Way Skit on SNL

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mike Posner's Major in College Was Science

Wasn't sure whether to file this as a Sample Justice piece or a Who Rocked it Better?, but after a quick thought, there's probably no chance anyone would pick the cover version over the original because this was the track that put @COLDPLAY on the map. Check the video below for a refresh on the classic track...

Yea they did that, but don't discount the way @MIKEPOSNER took the track and flipped it into his own. It's a little abstract in that I didn't recognize the track at all until I heard the "Nobody said it'd be eeeeasssaaayy." Until that point, the slow steady beat and tantalizing electro rhythms dominate the track, allowing Mike Posner to deliver his silky smooth vocals over the intriguing beat.

Huge fan of this cover, it's one of the rare covers that actually do justice to the original (classic) song....#Enjoy...

Mike Posner - The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Dreams Money Can Buy, They Told Me It’s Like a High, And It Wasnt a Lie"

After more than a few months off, @drakkardnoir is back on the grind, eager to share with the world a new track off his upcoming album Take Care. I'll be pleasantly surprised if his sophomore album drops by the end of the year, but if this leak turns out to be official, it may be coming more sooner than later. Between this track and his lengthy cameo on Khaled's new laid back summer anthem, it's like going from not seeing a long lost friend for months to seeing them twice in a week.

The same, simple winning formula is applied to the track as @OVO40 drops a harmonic beat that allows Drake to remind everyone he's still on top and enjoying the luxuries that fame and money are affording his lifestyle. On first listen this sounded a little well rounded for a loosie, which is why it wouldn't be surprising if it landed on his next album as a non-single. Just enough to keep us wanting more, but still only a crumb of what's yet to come with his new album that will be admittedly less rushed and more well thought out. So much for lowering the expectations, if Thank Me Later was rushed then maybe rushed is the way to go?

Time will tell, but until then I'll be chanting silently in my head "Don't f with me, Don't f with me..."

Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy (prod by Noah "40" Shebib)*

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Is Racks on Racks on Racks?

It's rare for a completely unheard of artist to come out of the blue with a track that makes Hip Hop as a whole stop walking and acknowledge it's presence. It's rare, but not impossible, especially if you're name is @1YUNGCHRIS and you managed to entice fifteen (@cyhidaprynce, @YOUNGJEEZY, @BUNBTRILLOG, @twistagmg, @Doseworld, @bobatl, @BIGSEAN, @CORYMOMUSIC, @corygunz, @nelly_mo, @TRAEABN, @wakaflockabsm, @Wale, @RealWizKhalifa and @YOGOTTIKOM) noteworthy Hip Hop artists to join the cause on the extended remix. IDGAF what Hip Hop track I'm listenin' to, if it has a very simple beat and lyrics that aren't thought provoking in the least, it's just too much. It's like going to Coldstone and getting a Gotta Have It size, you feel me? I damn near had to delete half my hard drive to clear space for this monstrous 29.3 MB track and even more alarming, I managed to run about a mile and a half just to this remix. I exaggerate, but sill, unless it's a techno/dance track, it shouldn't be half as long as 12 mins 47 sec.

Needless to say, if I wasn't thoroughly annoyed with this track from hearing it everywhere I go, I was at the end of the extended remix. For all you folks who Googled this and are wondering what the hell "racks on racks racks on racks" means, they are referring to bundles of money in thousand dollar amounts. In other words, 1 rack is $1000, so racks on racks refers to this picture of YC below with the stacks of $1000 on top of each other...
I'll admit though, on first listen, I fully understood why the track blew up. It's a simple pleasure, even for the most sophisticated Hip Hop fan. The bouncy beat,  non-stop repeatability, creates a fun, dumbed down feel that keeps it simple, which can be good sometimes. Shoot even the producer on the track, @SONNYDIGITAL was completely unknown to most of Hip Hop until this track. Time will tell if this turns into a one hit wonder effort, but I'd rather be a has been then a never was. Peep the video, which managed to top @106andpark today...

As a bonus, check out @BEIMAEJOR's piano version of the track below...

The original track is off of the @DJGREGSTREET hosted Got Racks mixtape that dropped back in early April. Universal Records liked Yung Chris enough to sign him, so maybe there's more heat to come. Time will tell, til then feel free to catch up on all that is racks below...

Yung Chris feat Future - Racks on Racks (Original)

Ace Hood feat YC - Racks on Racks (Remix)

YC feat. CyHi Da Prynce, Young Jeezy, Bun B, Twista, Young Dose , B.o.B., Big Sean, Cory Mo, Cory Gunz, Nelly, Trae The Truth, Waka Flocka, Wale, Wiz Khalifa & Yo Gotti - Racks on Racks (Remix)

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Understand That What Goes Around, Comes Around"

With every leak I'm getting more and more pumped for @BIGSEAN's upcoming album, Finally Famous: The Album. The albums is set to drop on June 21st and it'll be released via @defjammusic through the @G_O_O_D_Music label. Better take note of the production by @dionpnoid too, dude is absolutely a beast for being such an unheralded producer. You're gonna feel foolish when you check out those production credits and realize he's been @kanyewest's right hand man when it comes to great beats.

Sticking with the vindictive tone this week, Big Sean spares no hater by saying, "It’s also dedicated to everybody who be talkin’ shit behind my back, And then when I see y’all, y’all act like “Awww, I’m so happy for you.” Nobody likes a fake friend and sadly most haters are disguised as friends, which is why a man with a lot of friends is not a smart man. Shouting out your two exes on a track when you've made it to be Finally Famous has to feel good too.

All in all a feel G.O.O.D. track that'll put a smile on your face when you end up thinkin' of all them haters you've passed along the way that never made it to where you're at now...#JealousyTastesSour

Big Sean - What Goes Around (prod by No I.D.)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Walk a Thousand Miles Just to See Her Smile Again"

It's not always a good thing to hear a different side of an artist, especially when a Hip Hop artist goes R&B. In this case though, we've already gotten R&B glimpses from @Tyga on songs like Deuces or (my personal favorite) Press 7 (below)...

Press 7 alone put Tyga on the map for me, definitely maybe because of the vindictive lyrics. Nothin' better than getting wronged by someone, then having them come crawling back and being able to press 7 at the end of the voicemail...#kickRocks

The track below is on a more sentimental tip, with the lyrics taking on more of an "I did my baby wrong" tone. With help from @imchrisrich, the harmony matches the vibe well and gives the track a shot of emotion. Being a member of YMCMB, I'll continue to be on the look out for his upcoming album Careless World. Tentatively set to drop this year at some point, it'll feature the likes of Chris Brown, Mario, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Game, Pharrell, J. Cole and Young Money artists like Drizzy Drake and Lil Wayne. Even better, it'll be primarily produced by @COOLANDDRE, who are the new resident beatmakers for Cash Money Records.

Still buying in the stock of Young Money if you can't tell, but can anybody give me a reason why that's a bad decision? Carter 4 is coming soon...#Beware

Tyga - Far Away

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bout Time Y'all Heard About Clams Casino

Known more as the right hand man for @LILBTHEBASEDGOD's when it comes to production, @clammyclams is starting to make a name for himself. I say that because he just dropped a highly acclaimed Instrumental Mixtape a few months back that really caught peoples' attention with out of this world, weird beats. As a sample, check out the fan made video for his Gorilla beat below...

Kinda trippy and mellow, which is a great intro to his mix of @xtothev's track Swervin. Clam's beat takes the track to another level as it manages to fit the lyrics and tempo much better than the original. No idea why the mellow remixes are in this week, but I'm a fan. And you should be too...

XV - Swervin (Clams Casino Remix)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Videos of the Week

Couple noteworthy videos of the week. Mixed in a lil sexy, couple interesting and ended with some funny. Give 'em a look and have a good weekend y'all...
Beyonce - Run the World (Girls) Video

Fabolous vs Skip Bayless On ESPN First Take

Yelawolf, Chamillionaire and CyHi Da Prynce in Studio

Kendrick Lamar Impersonating Wiz Khalifa

Boi-1da Speaks on Drake, Forever and More

The Lonely Island feat Rihanna - Ronnie & Clyde Video

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cudder's Flo Mixed Into A Symphony

What do you get when you piece together a @WIZARDCUD verse from a @dan__black track (Symphonies)blended with @flo_tweet track (Cosmic Love)? Other than a whole mess of styles and Indie flavors, you get a complete 180, mellowed out, dreamy blend of soothing sounds. All this is brought to you by Boulder, CO native R3K or Riley Keating. If you're unfamiliar with the angelic Florence and the Machine track, check the original below.

Wherever you are dude, you need a twitter account so I can shout you out and you can reel in some credit for this niiiice mix. Zone the f word out to this one folks...

Kid Cudi - Falling Star (R3K Remix)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who Rocked it Better Chris Brown vs Tinie Tempah - Love Suicide

Tough call on this one as @chrisbrown first demo'd this track almost exactly a year ago. I wasn't very shy about my affinity for the track as I raved about it, going as far as making outlandish predictions like it could be regarded as the duet of the year. As the year went along, the duet never surfaced and I felt pretty privileged that I had gotten so much out of a track that never saw the light of day.

Fast forward a year where the UK's hottest US import, @TINIETEMPAH used CB's blueprint demo and stepped in alongside @esterdean to deliver a noteworthy final version of the Stargate produced track Love Suicide. The song surfaced on Tinie's latest release Disc-Overy that ended up going two times platinum in the UK.

If you held a gun to my head I'd give the nod to the original. I like the duet style hook over the solo hook by Ester Dean. The beat is a lot simpler on the demo version, which allows the vocals to shine, rather than listening to Tinie compete with the slightly faster paced beat with added percussion. Both solid renditions and you can call me soft for favoring the duet, but I gotta go with the original. You be the judge, Who Rocked it Better?

Ester Dean feat Chris Brown - Love Suicide (prod by Stargate)

Tinie Tempah feat Ester Dean - Love Suicide (prod by Stargate)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Should Visit The Wizard of Iz

File this one between tremendously slept on and completely under-appreciated. I say that because (no disrespect at all by this) Mac Miller can get a half a million downloads of his newest mixtape on datpiff, yet less than 100 people in the world sampled @izzakizza's latest mixtape The Wizard of Iz. Much respect to Mac for building an army of followers, but I'd argue that Izza's talent and creativity are different but equally as worthy of merit. Listening to this mixtape makes me feel like Hip Hop fans are either out of touch or afraid of different. It can't be the latter, though, because everyone is riding @fucktyler right now and I'm still wondering where the appeal is coming from in his shock value lyrics and just plain strange music.

Regardless, if you're missing Andre 3000 style eccentricity in Hip Hop, Izza Kizza is a suitable substitute. What you need to know is that he was signed to @Timbaland's Mosley Music Group and has since left (on good terms) the group to do his own thing. On the tape you'll find cameos from Lil Wayne, Birdman, Colin Monroe, David Banner and plenty of top @NOTTZRAW production. Below is his most noteworthy track, They're Everywhere, which was also produced by Timbaland and was featured on NBA 2K10 and the 5th season of So You Think You Can Dance?...

Feel free to peruse Izza's Soundcloud page, which is chalked full of solid tracks that would make a potential future album happy. Oh and STOP nappin' on this dude, he's weird, but weird is a synonym for interesting ...#StopListeninToTheSameShitOnTheRadio

Izza Kizza - It's the Charm (prod by Timbaland)

Feel free to stream the whole mixtape below or download here if you're feelin' it and want to add it to your own iTunes library at the cost of fresh air...

Monday, May 16, 2011

"I Should Dust Something, Y'all Are On the Bench, Like the Bus Coming"

It's been a few minutes now since @drakkardnoir and @liltunchi have spit on the same track together. Sure I would have preferred a Carter 4 track (due out June 21), but I'll settle for one of @therealdjkhaled's crowded cameo tracks over an @ovo40 & @producertminus beat. This is the newest single off Khaled's upcoming album We the Best Forever, due to hit shelves June 28th.

The track isn't a "Wow!" track, more of a way for three of the best to drop a verse alongside each other and contribute to an album that will have more collabos than Lady Gaga has outfits. Sure it's not their best work, but any Drake and Weezy track deserves a few laps, I don't care what anybody says.

As an aside, R.I.P to M-Bone of Cali Swag District who was murdered today in Inglewood, CA. Dude was only 22 years old...smh...chalk up another wasted life to pointless violence...

DJ Khaled feat Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne - I'm On One (prod by T-Minus and 40)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Who's Gonna Save the World Tonight?"

I'll admit, I've been digging this track for a month or two now and it just so happened to find it's way onto iTunes on Friday for your listening pleasure. Reminiscing back two months ago when I first saw the video below of @swedishousemfia performing their new single Save the World Tonight at Masquerade Motel in Miami, watching it again just got me excited enough to give into my concert purchase addiction by purchasing @deadmau5 tickets for late September at Festival Pier...#Pumped
If watching the energy build up to the beat dropping on the video above doesn't do something for you, then you're probably just Googled my page for an image and did a right-click Save As rather than coming for the musical content. With help on the hook from fellow Swede, John Martin, there's nothing to get in the way of this becoming a top dance hit worldwide. As an aside, I'm not sure what makes dance/techno music more "worldly" than your average genre, but this one has a bring everyone together in harmony type of feel to it, which should translate well into iTune$. My guess is that rhythm knows no language and when there is limited or no spoken words on the track, the beat becomes the focal point, which as a selling point in itself, is appealing to anyone who likes to dance...#JustSayin

Please come tour in the US. If you can sell out all of your UK dates with ease, as well as your only US date when you headline Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas, you need to tour more cities.


Swedish House Mafia feat John Martin- Save the World Tonight

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"You’re a Dime, So Beautiful Top of the Line, So Unusual"

I'll admit, after the first @NEWBOYZ album, Skinny Jeanz And a Mic, I took notice of them, but wouldn't have taken the time to hype them much. I'll admit, their dance floor anthem You're a Jerk had everyone poppin' and lockin', but as a whole it was more of a novelty Hip Hop album.

Fast forward now to 2011, where their second release Too Cool To Care is about to drop in a few days on May 17th. Now this album is somethin' to write home about. With production coming from all angles with two @KANEBEATZ tracks, one from @imadeitinc, @DIPLO, @BEIMAEJOR, and 3 tracks by @thecataracs, the disk is oozing with nothin' but top notch beats. Maybe it's because they match up best stylistically, but The Cataracs tracks on their album stand out the most to me. Well hold up, the track with @BIGSEAN amd Kane Beatz is hands down the top track, but it seems like @THALEGACY and @IMBENJBRO shine the most when David and Niles are behind the boards.

Case in point the track below, where they narrowly avoid insult in letting the ladies know that they look better with the lights off. Having put all the Rihanna drama (mostly) behind him, you can chalk this up to another successful @CHRISBROWN hook as he's now running away with the title of Most Sought Out Feature for 2011.

New Boyz feat Chris Brown - Better With the Lights Off (prod by The Cataracs)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Videos of the Week

Below are some of the notable videos that dropped this week. Oh and thanks again for that damn near 24 hour outage Blogger...#Weaksauce
The Game feat Lil Wayne - Red Nation (video)
Pitbull - Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer (video)
Boldy James - Jimbo (prod by Chuck Inglish) (video)
Karmin Music Performs Look at Me Now (Live on Ellen)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"It's a Shame How it Plays Out, Left Me Naked Took the T and Let the Pain Out"

Residing somewhere between mainstream obscurity and being a solid bet to become a household name in 2011, @gilbereforte is part of a group of upcoming MCs that make interesting music. I say interesting because the breadth and variety of Hip Hop he is capable of creating can only be matched by the likes of @bobatl or @chiddybang. He can go hard and spit bar for bar like on Born in 87, he can pull off the dance sound with Kanye like on the Alors on Dance (Remix), but what sets him apart for average rapper are his covers of Indie tracks. Simply put they are a a template for how to weave a well known, beautifully creative song into a Hip hop sample. From his remix of Adele's Set Fire to the Rain to his sample of Florence and the Machine's Dog Days Are Over, he is a master at translating Indie likability to Hip Hop success.

With all that being said, he takes on more of an R&B stance with the track below, Die For You, off his @doncannon hosted mixtape Eyes of Veritas. The mixtape was released in early Feb and I'm still not exactly sure why less than 2,500 people have downloaded the tape of datpiff. Kind of a head scratcher because I would have willingly copped it just to listen to the track below that features the production of everybody (including me)'s favorite beatsmith @SmokedOutLuger.

Even more notable, Gilbere released a video for the track today that is more of an Asian mafia style short film directed by @jwhi...
The slow, methodic way Gilbere steadily attacks the track lyrically fits well with the cinematography. I'm always a fan of cohesiveness and when it can be achieved by telling a story visually that fits the similar message that his lyrics are trying to convey, you deserve dap. Well done @gilbereforte and @jwhi, I can appreciate different and that's what you pulled off with the video...#LugerBeatWasIcingOnTheCake

Bonus: Don't sleep on that new mixtape Gilbere dropped last week titled Philadelphia Freshman...

Gilbere Forte - Die For You (prod by Lex Luger)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Can I Just Watch You, If You Don't Mind"

Ah yes, a nice mid-week shot of European club music from everyone's favorite Italian beat artist, @bennybenassi. Not sure really where @CLINTONSPARKS fits in on this one, but I'd assume he was behind the boards with Benny crafting the rugged, upbeat synthesizers. I relish in the fact that so little is required vocally on a track like this because it'll always be played in an extremely loud place, so enjoy it for what it is, a great dance track that you'll find at your local club this summer.

Out of curiosity, y'all remember Benny?  I know y'all remember Satisfaction, but I betcha didn't know Benny did the beat on @chrisbrown's single Beautiful People, did you? Or what about that track he did with @TPAIN, Electroman? I've been pretty hard on American pop music in the past, but this movement to infuse American pop culture with the best of European club/house/techno, whatever you wanna call it, was a great decision. Can't go wrong with upbeat, especially when it comes to imported music from overseas that isn't afraid to run shoulders with a collection of Hip Hop & R&B's best.

Benny Benassi feat Clinton Sparks - Watch You

Monday, May 09, 2011

"The Last Thing on My Mind is Goin' Home"

Sophomore slumps are as predictable as follow up albums that end up being successful. You never really know what to expect, so when I heard @jasonderulo was set to release a new single this week, I was cautiously hopeful. Then I was all like, nah he didn't just sample two completely different classic tracks from two polar opposite music genres! Yea that's right, with the help of @thefliptones (not @jonathanrotem suprisingly), the track manages to sample both Harry Belafonte's Day-O (Banana Boat) and Robin S.'s 90's dance classic Show Me Love. Sidebar: WTF is up with everyone sampling Day-O all within a few months? #PickADifferentClassicSample. If you need a little refresh on the Robin S. track, press play below...
Yea I'd say this lead single will suffice in generating the hype needed to further the success he garnered with his self titled debut album. It's hard to believe his debut album didn't end up goin' Gold in the US after the three heavyweight singles he dropped. Past album aside, Don't Wanna Go Home will get more tread on the radio than the average Black Eyed Peas song this summer, you can take that to the bank and cash it...#BETDAT

I'll leave you with a pretty cool video with the lyrics to the song. Stay tuned for album number 2, titled Future History, due out later on in 2011...

Jason Derulo - Don't Wanna Go Home (prod by The Fliptones)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Mixtape Worth More Than a Few Zeroes

A week later I'm feeling like I didn't quite give the dap I should have when I spoke on @xtothev's newest mixtape Zero Heroes. A few months ago, XV came across my radar with the @JColeNC produced track Smallville, which was a noteworthy effort...or at least enough for a mental note to be made that I should look out for more of his material (peep the track below).

Add the track above to the song I wrote about last week, Last Hero with @patrickstump and my two new favorites off the mixtape and you've got a pretty damn solid release. It's not even a stretch to say that if he would have released this as a debut album, it would have been just as well received as @RealWizKhalifa's Rolling Papers...#BetDat

What ended up being the track that stood out most for me was the joyful, uplifting track That's Just Me. You better believe @SWIFFD provides a perfect canvas for XV to deliver his characteristically creative and pop culture reference laden verses. Case in point...
"You Kobe number 8, she no longer wants your number
Bummer dude
Been this way since I was thunder cat underroo's
Banging like a hummer with 22 inch suberwoofs"
XV - That's Just Me (prod by Swiff D)

On his first mixtape trailer, XV picked a great lead in track with When We're Done. The first minute or so, the beat does the job bulding energy as @seventracks samples @utadahikaru's song Santuary. Creative sample to say the least and a good representation of the type of instrumental diversity on beats you can come to expect from the Wichita Kansas native. Watching Seven and XV vibe off each other in studio when creating the track was really cool to watch. Shouts out to @JustBlaze in the video too, it definitely can't hurt to have one of the best ever helping put it all together.

Makes me even more pissed off that the fools down at Theater of the Living Arts cut XV from the set list when he was supposed to open for Donnis and Travie McCoy. Next time when XV is headlining, that ish won't happen. Stay tuned though, much more to come in the form of a debut album from @xtothev...

XV - When We're Done (prod by Seven)

Friday, May 06, 2011

"My Slow Flow is Euphoric, it’s Like I Rap Endorphins"

The once good friends under the same label, turned distant acquaintances by mutual friends/enemies are back to making great records together. I don't need to go into the whole history between @Eminem and @therealroyce59, but it bordered around D12 and most notably group leader Proof, which was a good friend of Eminems. In 2006, Proof was shot and killed in a Detroit club, which was particularly rough on Eminem since they were friends from way back. To say that I was touched when I heard his and Obie Trice's tribute to Proof on Difficult (Dudey) would be a huge understatement...

*R.I.P. Proof*
Anyways, fast forward to now and the upcoming group effort by the duo who will release their EP under the name Bad Meets Evil. The track below, Fast Lane is off their upcoming EP, which will be released under Interscope and feature collaborations from Bruno Mars, Slaughterhouse and production from Mr. Porter and Bangladesh.

#FACT: If the EP is filled with heat rocks like the one below, it could turn out to be one of the better reunion Hip Hop albums ever...#HowsThatForHype?

Eminem & Royce da 5'9" - Fast Lane

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Attack the Block Soundtrack Will Be Worth Buying

It all started with the Oscar award winning soundtrack to Social Network that @NINEINCHNAILS lead man @trent_reznor co-produced. The at times dark, electronic sound of the score subtly did wonders for a movie that gained so much media acclaim by portraying Mark Zuckerburg as a wildly independent genius. I doubt it was a cause and effect premise that caused Disney to make the decision to reactively give @daftpunk the nod in creating a musical number to Tron (since they came out two weeks apart and were filmed in the same time period), but nonetheless, the sweet trend of giving electronic/dance artists the ability to craft the sound of a movie continued. Sure, if Captain Obvious were to swoop in and hear me say, "Movies are significantly better when the music is used as a tool for shaping emotional scenes and putting exclamations on exciting parts", he would probably call me out.
What you may not know is that following Tron, @chembros were given the opportunity to craft the theme for the movie Hanna. Below is the theme song to the movie, an extremely well done, electronic hymn, Hanna's Theme...

That brings us to the next movie, Attack the Block, brough to you by the creators of Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. Starring Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul) and sans-Simon Pegg (for a change), the film lacks and other noticeably famous names, but was a huge hit at SXSW back in March. The film is marked by heavy British accents and is being marketed as a battle versus otherworldly aliens, but has garnered the most praise for being a high suspense, chase film, rather than a comedy like the previous releases by Big Talk Productions. Peep the trailer below...

The movie opens next Wednesday, May 11th and features a score produced by @TheBasementJaxx. In case you haven't heard of them, they've done some pretty dope tracks like Take Me Back to Your House and a remix to Vampire Weekends track White Sky. What has me excited enough to share all this with you is the track below, which is being used as a promo song to hype the upcoming release of the movie. The track, The Ends, is a haunting, big-synth masterpiece that starts out at a slow drudging pace, but picks up the pace around the 1:30 mark init more of a haunting jog or march if you will.
Supposedly this is the track that ends the movie, which is almost a waste and kinda sucks you have to wait the whole movie to hear it, but maybe it'll be the icing on the cake of the low profile, British, fly under the radar alien invasion flick. Between the music and the rave reviews, I'd by some stock in this flick and make a point to check it out the next few weeks...

Basement Jaxx - The Ends

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"Coley Cole, Fresh as a Four Week Old"

After some serious prolonged silence, both music and twitter wise, we've now got a pulse from @JColeNC. Prior to his show last night at Delaware U (Blue Hens Stand Up! #BestMascotName), Cole unleashed a rampage of twitter hype surrounding the track below and his album. Evidently, the album is a wrap, singles and all, due out for a summer release presumably. Why else would he call Disgusting the B-side single for the summer?
Sure hype is fun and this track is nothing more than a reason to talk more about his upcoming album, acting as a subtle reminder that he still intends to fully assault Hip Hop with his debut that has been blessed by God Hov himself. Ok Cole, we remember you and your talents as a rapper and producer...now what are you gonna do with it? #HypeIsLikePotential

Tentatively titled, Cole World, is due out this summer. Heads up for that second single feat @treysongz...

J Cole - Disgusting (prod by J Cole)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"We're Only Young and Naive Still, We Require Certain Skills"

If you would have blind folded me and made me listen to the song below, I would have told first off it has to be @passionpit. If you'd then give me a second guess, I'd probably question you then say if it's not them, then it's gotta be MGMT. After denying my second guess and telling me it's this new group, The Naked and Famous, I'd probably say WTF! followed by #GTFOH. Then I'd go research them and find more of their music...

Which brings me to this post where I get to tell you about this new group from New Zealand called @TNAF, which consists of five members David Beadle (bassist), Thom Powers (singer-guitarist), Aaron Short (synth player), Jesse Wood (drums), Alisa Xayalith (co-vocalist/keyboardist). Their debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You was released about 8 months ago in September and managed to climb atop the New Zealand charts. As far as the name of their band, it came from the song Kid by Tricky with the lyrics "Everyone wants to be naked and famous." When asked to elaborate on the group title, band members Aaron Short elaborated saying:
"We were all just really big fans of Tricky around the time of the band forming - Thom, Alisa and I - and thought it was really fitting for the way we were looking at things at the time and it was something that stuck with us. There’s a bit of irony there, for so many people there’s a lot of stuff attached to the music industry and musicians in terms of everyone wants to be a big famous rockstar and all that kind of stuff. At the time of us starting the band out it’s always remained a big principle for us, it’s never been what we’ve been about. Stuff like getting in the charts and the awards we’ve had it’s all really overwhelming and you can’t help be really pleased with the result, but at the same time it’s never been the absolute focus of why we’re putting music together and why we’re doing what we’re doing." - Source
Yea I agree, I'm a few months late on this track, but it's making my XM satellite radio subscription worthwhile since I found this gem from across the world on there. Check out the video for the track below...

The synthesizers sucked me in on first listen and perfectly augmented the upbeat, rolling beat. The MGMT and Passion Pit comparisons come from the childlike, carefree vibe their lyrics give off. The fun and dreamy vibe is infectious to me as I've had this in heavy circulation since finding it last night. You might ask, what could possibly make this track more likable?

Enter @chiddybang or more specifically @XaphoonJones, who is doing his absolute best to make me forget about @corybold with all these dope remixes he's pulling off of late with his partner in crime, @realchiddy. The sample is executed perfectly and flipped all Hip Hop like any self respecting Hip Hop fan would hope. The bubbly synths are where I draw the Cory Bold comparisons, but I need to be clear in saying that ya boy Xaphoon can absolutely hold his own producing a beat (PROOF).

Can't go wrong with either of these and I'm gonna keep the @TNAF original track on heavy repeat as I give their album a spin...#BetterLateThanNever

The Naked and Famous - Yonug Blood (Chiddy Bang remix)

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