Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coldplay Goes Full On EDM With Avicii's Help

There are very few collaborations nowadays that force me to get out of my chair due to sheer excitement. Chalk that type of response up to the collaboration below between Coldplay and Avicii. You've got the legendary band who crafts picturesque ballads in their sleep combining forces with the current trendsetter in EDM. Add to that the fact that Coldplay very rarely goes uptempo and you've got yourself an attention grabbing track. Press play before you listen to me wax poetic...

To put it simply, it's what you'd expect from Coldplay ballad wise, but this time you get a crisp, harmonious chord progression mixed together by Avicii. The track is every bit as triumphant and feel good as your favorite U2 track. While most epic collaborations usually fall short, this one hit the nail on the head and delivered exactly what I would have hoped. You better believe I'm adding this to any and every chill EDM mix I will be putting together in the near future. Oh and look out for that new Coldplay album, Ghost Stories, out May 19th...#SkyFullOfStars

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guy Sebastian's Like a Drum Gets Chainsmoked

Here's a rare one, The Chainsmokers remixing a Pop/R&B track. Staying true to form, they picked an artist that should be more well known in the US. I say that because the only exposure I've had to Guy Sebastian so far is on Lupe Fiasco's track Battle Scars. Long story short, Guy won Australian Idol back in 2003 and has since earned 46 platinum certifications spread across his seven top ten albums. He's a big deal down under, which is strange because he isn't a very big name in the US. Feel free and check out the original version of his latest single, Like a Drum (below)...

On first glance, the pairing of Guy with The Chainsmokers seems to be odd, but it ended up sounding pretty good. You better believe it's 100% pop, but the mix of R&B and uplifting sythns sound different. The chord progression is interesting and it sounds light compared to a lot of the deep and progressive house beats The Chainsmokers have put together. Maybe it sounds novel to me because R&B has taken such a back seat that it may as well be in the trunk now. Whatever the case, the remix is filled with happy rhythms and we'll forgive Alex and Drew for the typo on the cover art, so if you're in need of an early week pick me up, give it a listen...#LikeADrum

Guy Sebastian - Like A Drum (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Goddess Will Come in September

It's safe to say, I'm still smitten with BANKS. I have yet to fully understand why, but she's got an aura about her sound that is different and addicting. Her latest track, Goddess, is par for the course marked by her unique vocals. The beat put together by Lil Silva is something you would expect to hear on a Drake album. It's slow and measured with a deep enough back end to provide contrast with the high pitched background vocals.

It's a bummer we will have to wait until September to hear her debut album Goddess in it's entirety, but an 18 song tracklist is rare to see these days. Hopefully the whole quality before quantity still applies because the tracks she has released so far are stellar...#Goddess

BANKS - Goddess (prod by Lil Silva)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Everybody Wants Tomorrow Right Now"

Sometimes a simple piano beat is all it takes. The Roots have thrived off that sentiment for years, carving their own unique live sound into Hip Hop. With the help of Raheem DeVaughn's vocals, the legendary crew delivered a timeless dose of perspective on their latest single Tomorrow. As we rush about our days and filling them with work and responsibility, there's an anticipation for what's next that can all to frequently take over our present. Looking forward is necessary, but next time you find yourself wishing today was over, give this one a listen to adjust life back in focus...#Perspective

The Roots' upcoming album and then you shoot your cousin hits stores on May 13th.

The Roots feat Raheem DeVaughn – Tomorrow

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Bingo Players Come Back Swinging

It's good to see the legacy of the Bingo Players continuing to rage on after the tragic and sudden passing of Paul Bäumer. Now with Maarten Hoogstraten taking on the world as the solo DJ carrying on the torch for former duo, it's heartening to hear that the good music is continuing. The Bingo Players' new song Knock You Out is a calming melodic ballad that will resonate well with Top 40. It's not a party starter by any means, but if you're in the mood to cool out to some easy listening electronics, this will hit the spot...#KnockYouOut

Bingo Players - Knock You Out

Friday, April 25, 2014

Videos of the Week April 25th

Electro-heavy set list on the top 5 videos of the week. By far the most entertaining being the Hard Summer Trailer. Well-known EDM artists acting a fool is always a crowd pleaser, as if everyone needed to get more excited about of the better electronic festivals. If you haven't jumped on the Selfie bandwagon yet, here comes round 2 with the summer version from The Chainsmokers. It's getting a bit repetitive, bit I haven't entirely gotten sick of Duck Sauce's NRG. Can't deny it's catchy, though. Last but not least, Pharrell did his Monty hat on his new Marilyn Monroe video. Kind of a trippy video if you actually watch it...#MarilynMonroe
Pharrell - Marilyn Monroe (Video)

Hard Summer 2014 Official Trailer

Duck Sauce - NRG (Video)

The Chainsmokers - Summer Seflie (Video)

MNEK - Every Little Word (Video)

Photo Credit:YouTube

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vamos A La Playa With Milk N Cookies

No lie, I almost lost it tonight when I came across this remix. Long story short, there was a weekend a couple years back where all we listened to was Righeira's Vamos A La Playa from 1983. Despite being super dated, the track has the earworm element that embeds itself in your brain. Before you pass go, please press play below and succumb to the feel good rhythms...

Unbeknownst to me, Loona gave the original version a facelift a few years back. That is the track that Milk N Cookies remixed below with an EDM twist. I think the duo put it best by saying "listen to this when you are in warm weather with close friends getting hammered." Aye aye captain, I am picking up what you're putting down...#VamosALaPlaya

Loona - Vamos A La Playa (Milk N Cookies 2014 Remix)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Baby I'm Faded, All I Wanna Do is Take You Downtown"

Mysteriousness can be a cool thing when you're talented. I say that because It seems like the usual path to recognition for a musician these days is paved through lots of promotion$ and non-$top quality $ong$. A few weeks back I mentioned how much it grinds my gears that the top 1% of artists in the music industry make 77% of the profits. That's more broken that the distribution of wealth in the US, which is also a growing issue.

Needless to say, when someone comes out with a fresh, innovative track and doesn't even reveal their identity, that's something you've got to admire because it goes completely against the common path to success. Who knows maybe ZHU thought his remix of Ms Jackson would fall on deaf ears? Either way, he's got a new track out called Faded that resides somewhere between disco and house on the EDM spectrum. It's upbeat, deep and sultry vocals will reel you in like a helpless fish. Whoever ZHU is, I'm digging his style and he just released a debut Nightday EP on Sunday that I'll be checking out shortly...#ZHU

ZHU - Faded

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"I Like Us Better When We're Wasted"

It's not exactly Tropical House, but when Tiësto starts dabbling in calypso rhythms, you know the style has fully caught on. Early indications are that the term summer anthem will be bandied about across the interwebs when describing Wasted. It will because it's a fun dance track by an EDM mainstay with a hook by Matthew Koma proudly exclaiming, "I like us better when we're wasted." It doesn't get much more catchy and fun, perfectly suiting the tastes of the Millenials who are currently leading the charge for EDM.

Kudos to Tiësto for a couple things. 1) Proudly jumping in with two feet on this Indie rock flavored EDM movement even though he's never ever produced a track like it before and 2) Getting the track up ASAP on iTunes. I'm sure after a few months worth of college students forking over a buck to cop the track, it'll fetch a pretty penny. In his words, "Expect the unexpected"...#musicalFreedom

Tiësto feat Matthew Koma - Wasted

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lykke & Rocky No Rest For the Wicked

While most people are probably a bit unnerved when rappers find their way on chill pop tracks, I tend to gravitate toward those type of tracks. In my opinion, beauty can come from harsh contrast when it isn't too overdone. When I say contrast of chill and rap, think James Blake/Chance the Rapper's Life Round Here or Lana Del Rey/A$AP Rocky's Ridin. Before I get too ahead of myself, you need to hear the original to appreciate the contrast...

Ever since I heard Drake and Lykke's A Little Bit, I've been a big fan of her music. Feel free and add No Rest For the Wicked to my list of her favorites. Original aside, the real intrigue on the remix comes around the 2:45 mark, when the Hip Hop beat meshes with the original. That's when Lord Flacko goes to work and elevates his verse to another level. Sure, his verse is abrasive when contrasted with the original, but the remix added the right amount of wicked...#NoRestForTheWicked

Lykke Li feat A$AP Rocky - No Rest For the Wicked (Remix)

via Rapxclusive

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chill Harris Comes Through With Some Easter Funk

After an extremely successful debut EP, Kill Paris is back with a new single, The Walk. The track is scheduled to land on his upcoming Foreplay EP that will be released on Skrillex's OWSLA record label. There's a funky element to Chill Harris's style that I really like and it comes through in his new single. Add to that some live instrumentation and you've got yourself a unique EDM track that your parents might even enjoy on this beautiful Easter afternoon...#TheWalk

Kill Paris - The Walk

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baauer Rolls Up Some Flosstradamus

Staying true to the timeless trend of EDM DJs mixing other EDM DJs music, Baauer took a stab at Flosstradamus's recent single Roll Up. The track recently landed on Floss's new four song Wake & Bake EP. If you missed the original track, have no fear, it's also on the EP and you can appreciate the heavy bass below...

The remix is a bit more upbeat and bouncy than the original. In short, it's traptastic, repetitive and catchy as hell. Pro tip, get on over to and cop Floss's new EP before it stops being free in a week...#RollUp

Flosstradamus - Roll Up (Baauer Remix)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Videos of the Week April 18th

The top 5 this week is a bit Hip Hop heavy with Alicia Keys, Pharrell, and Kendrick Lamar leading the way. In general, I appreciate it when movie companies mix footage from movies with videos from the soundtrack, so tip of the cap to Sony and Columbia Pictures for making that happen. In other news, Eminem and Rihanna stole the show at the VMAs this week with their performance of The Monster, Asher Roth's music always deserves a spot on this blog and despite my dislike for Future, I don't mind his new track with Kanye. The whipped cream of this week came in the form of Jon Favreau's new movie The Chef, which stars Robert Downey Jr. Favreau usually comes through with quality comedies (Elf, Iron Man, I Love You Man, The Break Up), so take note of the mid-May release...#TheChefMovie
Alicia Keys feat Kendrick Lamar - It's On Again (Video)

Eminem & Rihanna Perform The Monster Live at 2014 VMAs
Asher Roth - The World is Not Enough (Video)

Future feat Kanye West - I Won (Video)

The Chef Trailer

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, April 17, 2014

World Cup 2014: The World is Ours

With the excitement gradually building for the World Cup, which is now 56 days away, more music from the One Love, One Rhythm: The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Album is starting to emerge. Last week I posted the inspirational anthem by Pitbull and J Lo and this week it's Aloe Blacc and David Correy stealing the show with The World is Ours. Before I say more, you need to watch Aloe Blacc in studio recording and reflecting on the track...
Whoever decided to recruit Aloe to remix the original version by David Correy deserves a lot of credit. The inspirational power ballad benefited from Aloe's soulful vocals. I'm pumped this makes the final tracklist because the world as a whole could use a lot more Aloe Blacc...#WorldCup2014

Aloe Blacc & David Correy - The World is Ours Remix

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Ooh Ooh You Got Me in the Mood"

Yet another great song made even greater by The Chainsmokers. In case you haven't heard Neon Trees' original version of Sleeping With a Friend, it's a delicious slice of sugary pop rock. Their lead singer, Tyler Glenn, has one of those voices that sticks with you hours after you hear it. I can't think of a better example than the track below whose hook will embed itself into your brain after a few listens...

Using a hefty bassline and their signature progressive house sound, The Chainsmokers took a track with great vocals and made it into an awesome EDM track. The best part about it all is the fun anecdote they added to their Soundcloud page describing what it may or may not feel like to sleep with a friend. Love or hate their music, you have to give them credit for their engaging sense of humor...#SWAF
"You know that best GF that finally spends the night over and you convince her its cool to spend the night in your bed and slowly you inch over to her to get into big spoon position trying to be ever so cool and smooth about it, and finally you get there, and youre thinking shit what now? and then you do the butt bump, and you wait what feels like forever for them to sorta push back thus initiating what will surely be hardcore sex.... no you dont know, thats funny we dont either..."

Neon Trees - Sleeping With A Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"I Get Jealous, But I'm Too Cool To Admit It"

I'll be the first to admit, I was not a big Chromeo fan until this year. Back when they established their cult following, I was kinda "meh" on what they brought to the table. Maybe it's because they have evolved their sound or I've evolved my own tastes? Shoot, it may even be that listenable funk is so hard to find these days that they stand out now. Whatever the case, I dig their smooth brand of new school funk.

Having said all that, Dillon Francis decided to take the their recent single Jealous up a few notches. It's no mistake that this track has been out four hours and there have been 40,000 streams on Soundcloud. What I like most about Dillon's remix is that he created two completely different post-drop chord progressions that are both equally dope in two different ways. I'm not even going to attempt to describe each, but pro tip, don't around too much because the whole mix is awesome...#Jealous

Chromeo - Jealous (Dillon Francis Remix)

Monday, April 14, 2014

"I'll Be Runnin', Til the Love Runs Out"

I've never been two feet in on contemporary bands, but I will always make an exception for One Republic. They consistently make soulfully powerful music led by one of my favorite vocalists on earth (Ryan Tedder). Evidently their new single, Love Runs Out, was supposed to be the lead single off their previous album Native. The problem was, they didn't have a finished chorus to the track, which meant releasing it as a single would have been like selling a car with no tires. So rather than selling us a car with no tires, they kept at it and finally finished the track.

For those getting super excited about a new album, cool out for a minute because the new single is being re-released as an addition to existing tracklist of Native. If you're a fan of piano driven ballads that have a penchant for getting people out of their chairs clapping and singing along, you're going to enjoy this one. Shoot I'd consider copping it simply because of the energy Tedder brings with his high powered vocals...#LoveRunsOut

One Republic - Love Runs Out

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Disclosure and Friend Within Spawn The Mechanism

Now that Disclosure has risen to becoming a household name thanks to their outstanding debut album Settle, excitement is at an all time high from fans wanting new music. Those people were rewarded this week when they got together with British producer Friend Within released The Machanism. It's every bit as swanky as you'd expect, but it's filled with extra house flavored womp-womp. While the five-star lounge type of house music will never be my favorite sub-genre of EDM, there's a subtle funk that's unmistakably fresh about the style. Let's hope there's much more of these fresh collabos in store for Disclosure in 2014...#TheMechanism

Disclosure x Friend Within - The Mechanism

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Seven Years Later, We Get to Blink Again

Back in 2007, the GWDJ blog was in it's infancy, manifesting itself as a monthly song list sent to a group of friends and acquaintances. Seven years ago, EDM represented a very small piece of what I considered to be the cutting edge music of at the time. Back then Hip Hop and R&B led the way for exciting, limit pushing genres. As a result, I completed missed John Dahlbäck's original version of Blink, which is regrettable. If you were like me and missed it, free and check out the original, which laid the foundation for the new version below...

Now fast forward to present day, where Dahlbäck teamed up with Benny Benassi on a revamped version of the original. You'll note, Blink Again sounds a lot like the Blink, but there's quite a bit more to the new version of the track. For starters, the brief trap breakdown toward the end of the track is a welcome change of pace. Also, the vocals are a lot sharper and the drops are much more aggressive and hard hitting than the original. Call it version 2.0 or a new school update, whatever the case, it's packed with plenty of juice that is capable of fueling any dance party, leaving us in anticipation for another week until it's April 18th release....#BlinkAgain

John Dahlbäck & Benny Benassi - Blink Again (Clip)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Videos of the Week April 11th

Solid mix of real videos and late night appearances on this week's list of top five videos. Leading the way is Avicii's animated video for his own remix of Hey Brother that features clips from the show Bravest Warriors. I can't say I've seen the cartoon, but it seems like it has a cult following based on some of the video comments on YouTube.

Also on the docket this week was the whole video of Foxes Holding Onto Heaven, which was a long time coming. Best comedic spot of the week came from Drake who dressed in disguise to interview people on the streets about himself. The questions could have been more provocative and answers more entertaining, but there were a couple of pretty hilarious interactions. Putting a nice bow on the week was Sam Smith's characteristically on point rendition of Money on My Mind on Jimmy Kimmel. There are very few artists who have the ability to captivate an audience and turn listeners collectively into deer looking at headlights like Sam Smith. He's still my pick for breakthrough artist of 2014...#InTheLonelyHour
Avicii - Hey Brother (Avicii Remix) (Video)

Calvin Harris - Summer (Video)

Foxes - Holding Onto Heaven (Video)

Drake Plays Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News

Sam Smith Performs Money on My Mind on Jimmy Kimmel

Image Credit: YouTube

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hardwell Makes Crisp, Excitable Dance Music

Now that electronic DJs are coming out of the woodwork on a daily basis, I'm finding it easier to appreciate quality EDM. Case in point Hardwell's new one Everybody Is In the Place. I didn't recognize it at the time, but evidently the vocals sampled on the track come from The Prodigy's Everybody In the Place, which was released about 22 years ago in 1992 on their first album Experience. Wait the 90s were two decades away? Man, that's how you know you're getting old. Check out the awesome non-HD visuals below...
I'd say Hardwell did the sample justice, as subtle as it may have been. At the very least, I appreciate that DJs are starting to sample more in electronic music. Maybe it's because I grew up on Hip Hop, but when someone can pull off a classic sample, it can really elevate a track. Regardless, Hardwell's crisp style packs a punch and needs to be added to your list of favorite EDM DJs...#EverybodyIsInThePlace

Hardwell - - Everybody Is In The Place (Original Mix)

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

2014 World Cup Theme Song Ole

With the World Cup quickly approaching in 63 days, it's only fitting that we start pumping out the theme song by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. The acoustic guitar led beat eventually turns into a full-fledged arena inducing hum that will fit perfectly with the rowdy vibe of the World Cup. Call me crazy, but I don't think there could have been two better people to craft a theme song for this year's World Cup. If you need a bit of excitement, look no further, press play below...

Now if the US could only use this track to help out their +1000 betting odds of winning the World Cup, all would be well stateside. To put things in perspective, Mexico and Greece are at +900 and Ghana is at +1200. Yessss! We have a better shot than Ghana to win...barely. Oh well, maybe we can pull off a miracle against Germany or Portugal and play spoiler, right?...#WorldCup2014

Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte - We Are One (OLE OLA)

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

HudMo Takes a Shot at Bringing the NRG

A few weeks back Skrillex and friends took a big swing at Duck Sauce's new single NRG. Now it's HudMo's turn to inject some chill synths and heavy bass.The harmonious synths stand out in Hudson's version. They remind me of what you'd hear in old school video games. The bassline at the end of the track puts a solid exclamation point on the remix, bringing a bit of a Hip Hop twist to the original. One thing is for sure, Duck Sauce crafted a pretty awesome track that is able to be stretched and pulled a whole bunch of different, but great directions...#NRG

Duck Sauce - NRG (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Monday, April 07, 2014

"This Love is a Baze I Saw Flames From the Side of the Stage"

Is it me or is acoustic funk making a resurgence? Whatever the case, it doesn't get more fresh than Ed Sheeran on the vocals and Pharrell guiding the way on the beat. Shoot, Ed even drops a few Hip Hop sounding bars for good measure on his new single Sing. I'd go as far to say, there's a Justin Timberlake vibe to the track below...

Word has it the funky little heat rock above is the first single off Ed's upcoming sophomore album x. Between his new one and Old School Love with Lupe Fiasco, you'd think he's starting to lean toward Hip Hop a bit with his new sound. Call me intrigued, I'm looking forward to hearing the whole thing when it drops in late June...#SING

Sunday, April 06, 2014

"Be Careful What You Wish For When You're Young"

I've always valued EDM artists that have the ability to expand my own boundaries of music. Nobody has been able to do it better than The Chainsmokers, who continually shove an up and coming Indie act into my face and say, "This new artist is awesome, you need to like them and here's why in a way that you will appreciate." Now, it seems that Thomas Jack is stepping up to the plate by providing me an introduction to Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Snowship is such a well put together acoustic/folk track. Give a listen to the original below...

Now that you have an appreciation for the acoutic/violin combo from the original, how about adding in some Tropical House flutes and some deep bass? Yessir, you can sign me up for that business and I will continue to trumpet the Tropical House movement until the cows come home. Also, while you're in the mood, you may want to check out Thomas Jack's Topical House Mixtape Volume 1. There are plenty of hidden gems in that mixtape and you'll be surprised how many artists there are making this type of EDM...#TropicalHouse

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Snowship (Thomas Jack Remix)

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Chainsmokers Remix Foxes Holding Onto Heaven

When I first caught wind of this remix, it was like a kid going to the zoo for the first time and seeing a giraffe. Like "nuh uh things don't get that big." But yes, in real life sometimes things actually do get THAT big.

Keeping those monumental expectations in mind and knowing full well that there was a very small chance I would like the remix as much as the original, I'd say the remix held it's own. For those of you who haven't heard the original by Foxes, check the BTS clip from the video that is probably a few days away from being released...

The remixed version by The Chainsmokers adds some value in that it's slightly more club-friendly, but the remix wasn't able to harness the unbridled soul of the original. Maybe going deep on the remix could have been a more successful route, but who am I to say being the armchair blogger. The Chainsmokers can do no wrong right now, so keep giving them love because they have an uncanny way of reaching people on a personal level that other artists should take notes on...#HoldingOntoHeaven

Foxes - Holding Onto Heaven (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Friday, April 04, 2014

Videos of the Week April 4th

It was tempting to post just about every live set from Ultra Music Festival for the top five videos this week. Instead, I settled for a fan favorite in Tiesto with the assumption that you all would click the video to view on YouTube if you wanted to see others like Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Nicky Romero, etc.

It was also tempting to not post both Sam Smith videos from his SNL performance last weekend. It was a coin toss whether I liked Stay With Me or Lay Me Down better, but I ended up going with the most recent single. Along the same lines, it will be interesting to see Pharrell perform this weekend on SNL. That hat has truly taken on a personality of it's own and become a pop culture icon.

It's been a while since I posted some new Pitbull, so check out his new one featuring up and comers GRL. Last but certainly not least, check out the trailer for Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman's new movie Lucy. Very Sci-Fi and X-men-ish with the whole common person injected with mysterious concoction that gives superpowers and makes into superhero. One thing is for sure, she is not afraid to get dirty and knock a whole lotta people out...#LucyMovie
Lucy Trailer

Pitbull - feat GRL - Wild Wild Love (Video)

Pharrell and Anna Kendrick SNL Promo

Tiesto's Set at Ultra Music Festival

Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Live on SNL)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Going on an Adventure with The Chainsmokers

Good things tend to happen when two great groups join forces. Unbeknownst to most of us, The Chainsmokers and Adventure Club have been friends for quite some time. The irony with that being until about a month ago, Adventure Club was the more well-known act among pop culture. That all changed in the past month when #Selfie went viral, thanks in some part to the timing of Ellen's widely shared record breaking selfie tweet from The Oscars.

Now, you may have even heard #Selfie being played during March Madne$$. Yea, exposure like that is pretty huge when CBS comes knocking. Blowing up aside, Alex and Drew did a heck of a job putting their spin on Adventure Club's most well known single Wonder. In true Chainsmokers fashion, they were able to steer the original version in a very easy-listening progressive house direction. Word has it the track will hit iTunes on April 29th, so until then, feel free to keep streaming below...#SelfieTour

Adventure Club - Wonder (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

"Johnny Manziel, 5 Years Later How Am I the Man Still"

Ah man, nothing like some hungry bars from Drake. It's been more than a few minutes since he's let off some steam on wax. Could it be a subtle response to the veiled shade that Jigga threw his way last week? Whatever the case, there's plenty of one liners and aggression that plays well over the heavy beat. How nice of Drizzy to let the beat ride a bit so near the end so that other inferior rappers could loop it and release their own version. Let's just hope all this mean talk plus rekindling with Rihanna doesn't lead to more violence with the angry ex...#DraftDay

Drake - Draft Day

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Martin Garrix & Dillon Francis Will Set You Free

Despite continuing to lament not being able to make it down to Ultra Music Festival last week, I am appreciating the vast amounts of awesome new music that was played at the festival. One of the most exciting of the bunch being Martin Garrix and Dillon Francis's new one Set Me Free. The track has a crisp intensity to it that I really dig. The vocal simple vocal sample reminds me of something Keys and Krates would put together. The live version for UMF is the best I've got for now, but you can bet there will be a re-post of this when the full studio version drops...#SetMeFree

Martin Garrix & Dillon Francis - Set Me Free

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