Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jon Bellion At His Best on Acoustic Version of All Time Low

Even though EDM is the usual subject in this hood of the internet, there's always room for multi-talented artists who simply make great music. When I think of said multi-talented artists, I think of the Ryan Tedders and Bruno Mars of the world. Those artists who are known for being amazing vocalists, but can also write and produce with the best of them.

In that vane, it might be time to start giving some love to Jon Bellion. Jack of all trades is a colloquialism that gets thrown around too much, but it's fitting for what Jon brings to the table. Yes, he's also the guy who has writing credits for the likes of Eminem, Jason Derulo, Zedd, B.O.B. and Cee Lo. Last year, he released The Definition to rave reviews and this week he's promising an "avalanche of new content" on the horizon. His song, All Time Low, isn't new, but it's one of his more noteworthy tracks of the past year. Check the original for reference...

Jon Bellion - All Time Low

The original was cool and all, but his group acapella style acoustic version truly showcases the limitless potential he brings as an artist. Honestly, the original version of the track is now sounding pretty mundane compared to his new, live version below. It's a fun watch, especially if you appreciate groups like Straight No Chaser. Even though this is the starting point for Jon's presence on this blog, you can expect to see a lot more of him in the future...#AllTimeLow

Photo Credit: YouTube


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