Friday, February 26, 2016

Videos of the Week February 26th

Definitely a Hip Hop and R&B heavy week with a few unexpected quirks thrown in the mix. First and foremost, it would have been hard to not give love to Drake and Rihanna's new video for Work. Playing off their playful sexual chemistry, it makes for an interesting watch. In case you were wondering where Lauryn Hill went, she made an unexpected cameo with The Weeknd on Fallon. So great to see her back on stage doing what she does on the mic.

Speaking of Fallon, if you grew up in Big Ten country like me, you respond favorably to the familiar rat-a-tat-tat of the marching band's drum line. When you throw ?uestlove in the mix, it makes for a special minute of entertainment. In other news, if you've ever wondered what it took for DJ Khaled to become such a big deal on Snapchat, you'll find his interview on ABC's Nightline an interesting watch. So many catch phrases, I'm still in awe of how he became such a thing. At least he spits nothing but positivity, which the world could always use more of. And last but not least, Bart Simpson's Started From the Bottom montage was nothing short of epic. The whole slumlord, turning a dollar into baller status over the track was a thing of beauty...#StartedFromTheBottom
Rihanna feat Drake - Work (Video)

The Weeknd feat Lauryn Hill Performs Into the Night on Fallon
Questlove Plays With the USC Marching Band on Fallon (Video)
DJ Khaled Explains Snapchat Success on ABC's Nightline

Bart Simpsons Does Drake's Started From the Bottom

Photo Credit: YouTube


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