Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"I'm Living High, Chasing All the Colors"

Pardon the cheesy pun, but color me excited about the collaboration below. About a month ago, I heard a live snippet of the track at Bill Graham in SF when Marshmello came to town. I've gotta say, it's as bubbly and hard hitting as it sounded live. Equipped with the Passion Pit-esque vocals from Noah Cyrus, it's every bit as quirky as you expected, chalked full of high pitched samples and bouncy funtime beats that both Marshmello and Ookay are known for. This one may be more of a niche favorite, but there's always room on my playlists for chill, bass heavy EDM...#ChasingColors

Marshmello & Ookay feat Noah Cyrus - Chasing Colors

Monday, February 27, 2017

Shape of You Gets Major Lazer'd

I fully understand you're probably sick of seeing me post every possible version of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You. Despite it's universal pop appeal, this is one track I bit on hardcore after the first listen. And of course, out of all the remixes and live performances I've shared, this one takes the cake for being most impressive.

I don't need to tell you how well Major Lazer's reggae trap vibe fits with the bubbly, dancehall sound of Shape of You. Then, you add in some stellar vocals from Nyla, which turn it into somewhat of a duet, and now we're talking. It's basically all the awesomeness of the original with more bass, some complimentary female vocals, and a sick drop. If you're not completely sick of the original by now, join me in heading on over to Spotify to do a couple laps around it...#ShapeOfYouRemix

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Major Lazer Remix feat Nyla & Kranium)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

"Do You Slide on All Your Nights Like This?"

Here we have a garden variety hype single that the internet has been collectively salivating over the past few weeks as a steady trickle of social media snippets began forecasting its release. Now don't get me wrong, everyone should be excited to hear Calvin Harris and Frank Ocean collaborating on a track together. Ridiculous talent ceiling aside, Slide didn't live up to my lofty expectations. It's more of a middling, mid-tempo, chill pop track than a chart topping must listen. Interestingly enough, the verses from Migos found a way to fit in seamlessly and give the track some much needed energy. Considering how hot Migos is right now and the sheer name power of the two marquee names, this one is about to be force fed to you, so consider this a warning. Me? I'm gonna continue to wait patiently for that other new material from Calvin Harris that is guaranteed to live up to expectations...#Slide

Calvin Harris feat Frank Ocean & Migos - Slide

Saturday, February 25, 2017

"Why Don't You Just Pull the Trigger?"

Without Flux Pavilion, I don't know where I'd satisfy my drum and bass cravings. On his new one featuring the vocals of Cammie Robinson, he toes the line between heavy and melodic. In between the melodies and gentle, wobbly chords, there are some serious bass hits that remind you Pull the Trigger isn't as much of a ballad as you thought it was. The smooth drum and bass layered over stellar vocals provide a perfect example of how hard hitting bass can actually be relaxing if done right. I'm about five laps deep on this one on and see no end in sight. For the paying crowd, check it on iTunes, otherwise feel free and hit up Spotify for unlimited, almost free listening...#PullTheTrigger

Flux Pavilion feat Cammie Robinson - Pull the Trigger

Friday, February 24, 2017

Videos of the Week February 24th

Despite not being as jam packed with excellence as previous weeks, there were a few gems in this week's top five thanks to our friends from across the pond. In case you missed it, which you probably did, The Brits were this week. Normally that wouldn't be of huge interest to folks in North America, but The Chainsmokers and Coldplay performed their new single live for the first time and Ed Sheeran debuted his upcoming remix of Shape of You with Stormzy. Both were as stellar as you'd hope for when hearing a track performed live for the first time.

Moving along with Migos performance of their latest viral hit Bad and Boujee on Ellen. Maybe I'm late to the party, but I'm having a tough time getting on board with Migos. Totally grateful for Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset delivering us the Dab a few years back, but I'm still not sure why they're a "thing." One talent I'll never second guess is Snoop Dogg. He could take years off, jump back into rapping like riding a bike. Like for example his latest collaboration with Adidas on Original is Never Finished. Hot af, you can't question he's still got it. And last, but maybe least, I'd be remiss if I didn't give some sort of heads up that the Oscars are coming this weekend. In preparation for that, the Screen Junkies put together quite the montage of Honest Trailers to make sure you're up to date on all the movies that are up for nomination. Needless to say, hilarity ensues...#HonestTrailers
The Chainsmokers & Coldplay Performing Something Just Like This (Live at The Brits)

Ed Sheeran Performs Shape of You Remix with Stormzy (Live at The Brits)

Migos - Bad and Boujee (Live on Ellen)

Snoop Dogg - Original is Never Finished (Adidas Collabo)

Honest Trailers Pokes Fun at Oscar Nominated Films

Photo Credit - YouTube

Thursday, February 23, 2017

"It's Enough To Be Young and In Love"

Yep, it's about that time I zig when you guys think I'm about to zag. Normally this is the home for up and coming Hip Hop and EDM, but I wouldn't be staying true to my own tastes in music if I didn't post the occasional ballad. This week it just so happens to be Lana Del Rey's newest single, Love. Lana's steady, mellow harmony is distinct in that there's rarely ever any peaks and valleys in her vocals. Normally I'd find the lack of excitability boring as hell, but there's an undeniable soothingness that is mesmerizing. Her style would seemingly fit in better with the 1960s, but that's probably why she's able to stand out among the crowd of young and formulaic pop stars. Definitely be prepared to zone out and get in touch with your feelings on this dramatic ballad...#Love

Lana Del Rey - Love

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Somebody I Can Kiss, I Want Something Just Like This"

A few months back, Alex and Drew promised a Coldplay collabo. Today that promise finally came to fruition with the release of Something Just Like This. Given the styles of both groups, there isn't anything you're going to be surprised by when you press play below. You're getting the stalwart vocals of Chris Martin over a mellow Chainsmokers build up and gentle drop. Sure, there's a few guitar riffs mixes in, which pushes the boundaries of what you'd normally get from The Chainsmokers, but it all leads to what you'd expect from both sides of the equation.

Impressive collaboration aside, I did a double take today when I learned that The Chainsmokers upcoming album, Memories Do Not Open, is going to be filled with completely new songs. All the singles leading up to the album were just that...they were singles. My knee jerk reaction to that was, "wow that's risky, how in the hell are they going to be able to do better than their most recent singles?" Hell, they've been doubted all the way to the top, so who am I to question whether they can do it. At this point I'm not dumb enough to bet that their win streak won't continue, so I'm going to stay optimistic as new gems like the one below slowly unearth themselves...#SomethingJustLikeThis

The Chainsmokers feat Coldplay - Something Just Like This

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"I'm Holding On, Why is Everything So Heavy?"

There are few acts as dynamic as Linkin Park. Unwrapping a new single of theirs is always an adventure. When I say adventure, it's not like a hike in the woods versus hike along the beach differences in adventure. It's more like you're on a volcano or in the jungle or maybe in the desert types of varying adventures. On one Chester could be screaming his lungs out on a rock anthem or maybe they're falling back on Mike Shinoda's stellar rapping skills. Or, even better, they could be delivering an emotional duet like on Heavy.

To be clear, it's rare that they go the ballad route, but when they choose this type of adventure, they do it really really well. Credit to Kiiara on this one, she really stood out as the shining star on this one (side note - be sure to catch her on tour with The Chainsmokers this summer). It has just enough gentle rock drops and orchestration that you can hear the usual Linkin Park style bleeding through. Needless to say, the masses are going to have fun with this one as they ramp up for the release of their 7th studio album (One More Light) on May 19th. Don't hesitate on indulging in this one because it'll surely be run through the power wash of Top 40 soon enough...#Heavy

Linkin Park feat Kiiara - Heavy

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Aint' Nothing Like My Hometown Girl"

When I choose to write about a track it's generally because it made me feel something. Since I'm not one to spread negativity, you're used to me gushing positively about tracks. Whether it's excitement, happiness, or a sense of chill, there are plenty of ways to tug on my heart strings.

In ZHU's case on Hometown Girl, it's without a doubt nostalgia. Everyone had that certain high school sweet heart or summer vacation town chick (or dude) that they would always go to for comfort. Take comfort whatever direction you want, but there's something about ZHU's smooth vocals over deep house rhythms that amplify the memories for me. It's truly an ode to that steady person you have in your life who you grew up with and I'm here writing because it made me immediately think of that person and re-live those memories. Despite the fact that this song has been out since July and that likelihood that you've already done a few laps around Generationwhy, the lyric video was released this week, which is what prompted the post. While you're at it, iTunes or Spotify if you feel so inclined...#HometownGirl

ZHU - Hometown Girl

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beyonce & Jay Z Never Get Tired of All of This Winning

In case you haven't gotten your fill of DJ Khaled this weekend for the NBA All-Star game, here comes his new collabo with the Bonnie & Clyde of Hip Hop. To catch you up real quick on what he's been up to over the past 24 hours, here he was draining a 3 to raise money for Sager Strong...

And then here he is promoting his Snapchat brand while helping Deandre Jordan as a prop in the dunk contest...

Needless to say, Khaled it still hot and there's no denying the impact of his inspirational message every time he gets in front of a camera. What I'm most impressed with on Shining is his ability to bring out the best in both Beyonce and Jay Z. No lie, Beyonce may have stole the show on the track by both singing and rapping her ass off. Sure, Jiggaman's verse will get the most attention, but both of them showed out. I love how the "winning", "don't slow me down" message is a direct reflection of Khaled's persona. It fits together well and makes for a really smooth track. Give it spin on iTunes or Spotify...#Shining

DJ Khaled feat Beyonce & Jay Z - Shining

Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Ball Like a Champion, Fall Like a Champion"

Keeping it 100, I complain a lot about Hip Hop having lost a step. A big reason for that is because as a whole it doesn't bring the same energy it used to. Like all blanket statements, there are exceptions and Desiigner is just that. His music has that "it" element to his much and it's 100% due to his relentlessness on the mic. Shoot, I can't even understand what he's saying 90% of the time, but he commands respect and his flow on the mic is undeniable.

Want to know what I mean? Fast forward on the track to 2:50 on his new one Outlet and listen to him spit wrecklessly for 30 seconds straight. Again whatever he's saying is incomprehensible, but dammit you have you to respect his vigorous diction. Back in the day I used to openly question why G.O.O.D. Music made such a big investment in him, but now I get it. Between this one and Timmy Turner, I'm sold and hopping on the train of non-stop energy that Sidney Selby brings every time he jumps on a mic. Hop on iTunes or Spotify and wild out with me as I take another spin...#Outlet

Desiigner - Outlet

Friday, February 17, 2017

Videos of the Week February 17th

Man, I'm not sure what the deal is with 2017, but it's been one stellar week of videos after another. This week I legitimately had about 15 videos that I had to narrow down to a top five, which proved to be a thankless task. It was a tough decision, but if I didn't include Melissa McCarthy's latest SNL skit where she roasts Sean Spicer, I wouldn't be doing this list any justice. Maybe our political system is a bit messy right now, but it's creating such an onslaught of comedy gold that we've got more than enough to be distracted with. Similarly, I probably could have created an entire post dedicated to The Grammys, but instead I've been sprinkling the videos across posts this week. I particularly enjoyed Weeknd's performance of I Feel It Coming with Daft Punk, though.

In the world of regular videos, The Weeknd made sure to keep his name circulating with visuals for Reminder. In the video you may see Drake, Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky partaking in the expensive cars and private jet with Abel. Must be nice to have so many friends in high places. In case you forgot about Alex and Drew for a minute, they got back in the limelight with their new video for Paris. Man they really meant that "if we go down, then we go down together" line because there was a lot of falling from heights in their new one. Luckily there was a soft landing, sort of like the couch in NxWorries performance of What More Can I Say on Fallon (see what I did there?). Who says you can't perform on stage in your jammies? I know Anderson .Paak doesn't care and neither should you...#NxWorries
The Weeknd and Daft Punk Perform Star Boy and I Feel It Coming at The Grammys

Melissa McCarthy IS Sean Spicer on SNL

The Weeknd - Reminder (Video)

The Chainsmokers - Paris (Video)

NxWorries Perform What More Can I Say on Fallon

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Sipping Whiskey Neat, Highest Floor, The Bowery"

Over the past week it's been one snippet and teaser after another of Kygo and Selena's new single. Today, It Ain't Me was unchained and it wrecked about as much shop as you would expect from two meteoric talents. It's a truly beautiful Trop House ballad that has everything you'd hope for in a Kygo track plus Selena's dramatic vocals. There's the piano lead in, the gentle, but addictingly rhythmic drop and that chopped up vocal sample hook that sticks with you.

After the fourth or fifth full listen, it's really hard not to gush about it. There's this painfully nostalgic undercurrent that really amplifies the emotion of the track. Something about that whiskey neat and Bowery Ballroom reference that opens up a treasure trove of memories for me at least. Sure, it's tempting to try and read between the lines to figure out if there's some subliminal shots being directed toward Selena's former loves (Bieber or Zedd), but that's not for me to speculate on. What I can speculate on is Kygo's upcoming sophomore album and how this new one and his latest release off the 50 Shades Darker Soundtrack are doing everything possible to get me pumped for it's release. If it's anywhere close to as stacked as Cloud 9, then we have a lot of great music to look forward to...#ItAintMe

Kygo feat Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"For Her I Cut All My Players, Mess Up My Salary Cap"

Listening to Wale's remix of Ed Sheeran's new one makes me nostalgic. About a decade ago, you could count on at least one well known rapper to go in on every single catchy pop single. Now that EDM is eating up all the remix usage, hearing a hot 16 over an Ed Sheeran joint is a novelty.

One word of caution before pressing play below, it's basically the original track after Wale's verse. In other words, the remix basically ends at the 1:05, so feel free and carry on if you're not in the mood to hear Ed's infectious vocals. As a bonus here's his performance of the track at The Grammys last weekend. Needless to say he killed it when he built the beat from scratch and rocked it solo...#ShapeOfYou

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Wale Remix)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Cause Nobody Really Knows Me At All"

At this point, EDM has been twisted and pulled in every imaginable direction, pulling in influences from genres ranging from Hip Hop to Country. What I have yet to hear is a listenable EDM and Blues collaboration...until today. Thanks to Autograf's mix of quiet piano, somber vocals and synths that would make any Stranger Things fan cream their pants, I finally have a frame of reference.

Nobody Knows is a perfect rainy day song. If you're into depressing lyrics and soulful vocals that cut right to the bone, you'll dig this one as much as I dig. Rent or buy if you're seeing eye to eye on Autograf's new one...#NobodyKnows

Autograf feat WYNNE- Nobody Knows

Monday, February 13, 2017

Kygo Goes 50 Shades Darker on Cruise

It's safe to say, the majority of the female population on earth are sorely disappointed that the 50 Shades of Grey story isn't coming to fruition like it did in the series of books. The first movie received a robust 25% approval rating from critics and that somehow found a way to decrease to 10% on Fifty Shades Darker.

So what does the train wreck of a movie series have to do with music you ask? Well, if it weren't for the movies coming to life, we wouldn't have another star studded soundtrack to fawn over. In all honesty, the first soundtrack was average, but the Fifty Shades Darker is full of potential with new tracks from John Legend, Sia, The Dream, Halsey, and Tove Lo to name a few. That list of artists above doesn't even mention the one I'm most excited about, Kygo. His new one, Cruise, features some $20 bill vocals and a characteristically mellow Trop House vibe to boot. It's not going to be your favorite Kygo track by any means, but it fits in nicely with a lot of his other chill singles. At this rate, I'm really looking forward to the next 50 Shades movie because as the movies keep getting worse, the soundtracks keep getting better...https://twitter.com/hashtag/cruise?src=hash&lang=en

Kygo feat Andrew Jackson - Cruise

Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Coming After Tiny Fractures"

Despite my affinity for all things bouncy in EDM, I've got a soft spot for mellow electronic ballads too. Take for example Illenium's new one, Fractures. The track comes equipped with attention grabbing vocals from Nevve to go with a tranquil mix of whistles and soft chords. Somehow, some way, you'll find yourself whistling, humming, or singing along by the end of the track, you can bet that. The vibe of the track perfectly matches the cover art above. It's a soft, endearing, and delicately sunny track that seems ideal for closing out a weekend. iTunes or Spotify while you're watching the Grammys y'all...#Fractures

Illenium feat Nevve - Fractures

Saturday, February 11, 2017

"I Still Love You, Even Thought I Don't Like You Right Now"

If you frequent this palace of daily music on a frequent basis, you know how much I geek out over Hip Hop and EDM collaborations like the one below. Even though Hip Hop is being left in the dust as Pop music plows forward without looking back, I appreciate when talented EDM artists aren't afraid to reach out to do a song with a well-known rapper. In this case, it was the unlikely combination of Axwell Λ Ingrosso and Kid Ink. The love/hate centered track is destined to wreck shop on Top 40 radio and that's in a large part due to the different personalities sprinkled throughout the track. I Love You has the strings and deep house chords setting the tone, a few playful verses from Kid Ink, and a hook by an unknown vocalist to get everyone singing along. It's sugary-sweet, but a fun snack nonetheless if you've got room on your latest playlist for a new one...#ILoveYou

Axwell Λ Ingrosso feat Kid Ink - I Love You

Friday, February 10, 2017

Videos of the Week February 10th

Yet again this week, it was a thankless task narrowing down a top five videos. If there was one underlying theme this week it was the presence of soul. Starting with Chance the Rapper's video for Same Drugs where he delivers a duet with what can only be described as a muppet. Trippy video, but nonetheless, a stellar track. Then there was that time John Legend invited over Gallant so they could sings some songs acapella and answer questions with fans. Hate on Facebook live all you want, but if it leads to more intimate sessions like this, I'm all aboard.

Moving on with Run the Jewels who seemed to fill every nook and cranny of NPR's Tiny Desk space. You can't hate one bit on their ability to hold the crowd (regardless of size) in the palm of their hands, but I question whether the type of music they make is suited for the Tiny Desk setting. Don't get me wrong it was hella entertaining, but it was akin to watching two dudes practice rapping, which isn't the most interesting thing. The good news is, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver have all the interesting you need as they exchanged political humor and banter for a good ten minutes. And last, but certainly not fifth on the list, was Anderson .Paak's church choir fueled rendition of The Come Down. At this point it would be foolish to question how talented of a performer Anderson. Find me another artist in Hip Hop that can lead a choir while playing the drums and singing...#TheComeDown
Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Video)

John Legend and Gallant Perform Penthouse Floor and Overload on Facebook Live

Run the Jewels Tiny Desk Concert at NPR

Stephen Colbert Interviews John Oliver on The Late Show

Anderson .Paak Delivers a Gospel Performance of The Come Down

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Keys N Krates Deliver the Goods on New One, Right Here

If every week could end with a new Keys N Krates track to bang out over the weekend, we'd all be better off. Lucky for us, that came to fruition this week as they released a new single with KRANE titled Right Here. What you can expect is a bouncy, ball of energy packed with Keys usual high pitched vocal samples. It goes hard and doesn't dare look back, toeing the line between organized and chaotic, which is exactly what I expect out of one of my favorite Trap trios. Follow me on over to Spotify to earmark this one for many listens later...#RightHere

Keys N Krates x KRANE - Right Here

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

"My Heart is in the Right Places, But I'm Hard to Love"

It would be easy write Matthew Koma off as just another guy who sings hooks on EDM tracks, but not in this hood of the internet. Yes, he's been featured on a lot of high profile tracks, but his vocals are only the tip of the iceberg of what he brings to the table as an artist. For example, you may not know that he's also written tracks for Zedd, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Tiesto.

Now, he's taking it to the next level with a debut studio album on the way in 2017. The first single (below), Hard to Love, features a production assist from current GWDJ favorite Louis the Child. It's a catchy track that will have you singing along by the second time the hook comes around. And just in case it didn't grab you by the second hook, you'll surely get snagged by the Beck Loser sample toward the end of the track. It's a momentum building track that got me excited for what's to come the next few months...#HardToLove

Matthew Koma - Hard To Love (Co-Produced By Louis The Child)

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Slushii Goes In On Ariana's Side To Side

Last night it was Mat Kearney sounding identical to Chris Martin. Tonight, you'd be hard pressed convincing me the remix below wasn't created by marshmello. It's no secret that Slushii and marshmello have a knack for turning vocal samples into high pitched chord progressions, but this one in particular could have been a coin flip as to who created it. Like me, you're probably just as sick of Ariana's original version of Side to Side, so hearing a completely different take on it wasn't the worse thing in the world.

It's a solid remix, but I'll admit, it's not quite as exciting as hearing the teaser to Slushii's new collabo with Tiesto. Sure, it's a 10 sec clip, but there's no denying it goes hard. You know the drill, iTunes or Spotify if you've pressed play below more than once...#SideToSide

Ariana Grande - Side To Side (Slushii Remix)

Monday, February 06, 2017

"All My Life I've Waited For Something This Right"

Man...I forgot how much Mat Kearney's voice sounds like Chris Martin of Coldplay. Thanks to Filous, I got that reminder today on Goodbye. In short, chill doesn't begin to explain how mellow this track sounds. It's candlelight EDM at its finest, falling back on stellar vocals and soft rhythms. The more I listen to it, the sadder it gets as the lyrics soak in. It's not exactly the shot of life I like to post to set the tone for the week, but it's raining in the Bay area, so as I write this, it's sort of fitting. Key takeaway for me is that Filous may be super young (19 yrs old), but his mix of Indie, almost folk styles with electronics has my interest piqued...#Goodbye

Filous feat Mat Kearny - Goodbye

Sunday, February 05, 2017

"I Been Talking to God Like He My Therapist"

It's only fitting that on Super Bowl Sunday I write about a new track where Eminem rattles off a prolific four-bar Patriots assault...

"Surely I'm turning into the Aaron Hernandez of rap
State of emergency, the planet's having panic attacks
Brady's returning, matter of fact I may be deserving
Of a pat on the back, like a Patriots jersey" - Eminem

The track I'm talking about is off Big Sean's new I Decided album and appropriately titled No Favors. I say appropriately titled because the vibe of a track is a "no-holds barred" cypher. Sure, there's a hook that provides a margin between the verses, but it's all about the rhyme after rhyme, 100 mph storytelling.

Was anyone else wierded out by Eminem's gruff tone on the track? It almost sounded like he was trying to make fun of himself or play up a serial killer diction on the track. As soon as he hit his stride mid-verse he drifted back into the Eminem I'm used to hearing, but it the contrast was a bit odd. Interesting tone aside, it's cool to see the Detroit legends go in on a track together. It's also yet another reason to go and check out Big Sean's new album that dropped this week, so here are the obligatory iTunes and Spotify links to the now #1 album on iTunes...#NoFavors

Big Sean feat Eminem - No Favors

Saturday, February 04, 2017

"You Make Me a...You Make Me a...Believer!"

After taking a year to tour and get back to the studio, the Imagine Dragons are back. Their new single, Believer, is the first warning shot in preparation for their third studio album. The formula hasn't changed much on their new one as they lure you in with sing-songy vocals and then punch you in the face with a chorus of energy when the hook comes around. It skews a bit more on the rock side of things, but you can bet it'll fit in nicely with their mountain of repeatable, top 40 singles. In Alex Da Kid we trust, he's got KIDInaKORNER firing on all cylinders and it's Imagine Dragons turn to drive the bus for the first half of 2017...#Believer

Imagine Dragons - Believer

Friday, February 03, 2017

Videos of the Week February 3rd

If only every week could be as hype as this week's top five. Performances were the name of the game this week, front to back. Led by the Rockin' 1000 people who congregated in Cesena, Italy to form the largest rock band on earth to perform Nirvana's classic, Smells Like Teen Spirit. I'll admit, I thought it was going to sound like a catastrophe of sound, but it delivered the goods. If you don't get hype seeing all those people with drum sets and electric guitars then you weren't watching the same video that I was.

Then NPR hosted both D.R.A.M. and Gallant for a couple Tiny Desk concerts. Both were impactful performances as I gained more respective for D.R.A.M. and became more convinced that Gallant is far and away the most dynamic singer in music right now. Simply put, you need to watch both. And while you're at it, give MGK and Camila Cabello's rendition of Bad Things a quick watch. The mix of a nostalgic classic with updated vocals and rap verses made for one of the more noteworthy collaborations over the past year. And last, but never ever least, here's yet another example of why Jon Bellion's live show is must see. On Fallon he led off his performance with an unreleased verse “Hall & Oates” over a live rendition of a J Dilla beat as a tribute to one of his idols. I've seen him perform All Time Low maybe 10 times now and every time he does it slightly different and adds in a new unique element. There's so much more to come from Jon B in 2017 and a performance on Fallon is a strong indicator of how widely his talent begin to be regarded...#AllTimeLow

Rockin' 1000 Performs Smells Like Teen Spirit

D.R.A.M. Performs Five Songs From NPR's Tiny Desk

Gallant Performs at NPR's Tiny Desk

Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello Perform Bad Things on Ellen

Jon Bellion Performs J Dilla Tribute of All Time Low on Fallon
Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, February 02, 2017

"Only Luxury We Have is the Time"

Words can't explain how pumped I was to see the words "new Chiddy Bang track" today. Even better, they took the essence of Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness and transformed it into Full Speed Ahead. Shoot you could even convince me that Cudi was the one singing the hook. Helped with a production assist from Paul Couture, there's plenty of slow bangin' bass to compliment the spit fire bars from Chiddy. It's a cool mix of melodic, sing-songy, and heavy. This is the type of breath of fresh air Hip Hop needs more of as it continues to lack the energy as a genre it did a decade ago. After taking five years off, it's looking like Chiddy and Xaphoon haven't missed a step. If more music from them is on the horizon, 2017 may not be as devoid of quality Hip Hop as I thought...#FullSpeedAhead

Chiddy Bang - Full Speed Ahead (prod by Paul Couture)

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Alan Walker Goes After the Afterparty

There's heating up NBA Jam style and then there's whatever Alan Walker is after yet another stellar release. At this point on the verge of being convinced that I genuinely like his style of using high-pitched, whiny synths to capture your attention. I wasn't a huge fan of Charli XCX and Lil Yachty's original version of After the Afterparty, but you overlay an ethereal, calming beat and I'm all about the remix. For comparison, check out the video for the original below...

Side note - does anyone else hear Icona Pop when listening to Charli's vocals? Hard for me to distinguish, but they work just fine for a party starter like the one below.

Remix aside, I hope a full length album becomes a reality for Alan in 2017. He's been so consistent at churning out great music, it's about time he makes the leap to super stardom...#AfterTheAfterparty

Charli XCX Ft. Lil Yachty – After The Afterparty (Alan Walker Remix)

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