Thursday, February 18, 2016

"No One Wants to Fall Out of Heaven"

Initially, it seemed like Kanye was hell bent on keeping his new album on ice Tidal. Now it looks like he's continuing with that plan, but with a revamped version of his new album. First came the new version of Wolves and now there are rumors of tracks becoming longer. Whatever the case, I'm blindly guessing that the new track below is a leftover and won't be on the final version of the final album that may finally come later this week. Fall Out of Heaven showcases plenty of autotune from both Kanye and The Dream and is packed with plenty narcissism. It has a low key synth aided, slow jam vibe to it that is tempting to attribute to Bon Iver's influence on the track. There's not a whole lot that's unpredictable about this one, but in case you wanted an update on the debacle that is becoming Kanye's latest album release, then I hope you feel caught up...#FallOutOfHeaven

Kanye West feat The Dream & Bon Iver - Fall Out of Heaven


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