Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Haywyre Keeps It Rolling With Impulse

Now that I've had a minute to do a full swan dive into Haywyre's new Two Fold Pt. 2 EP, I think I've found a favorite track. Topping previous favorites like Do You Don't You and Endlessly was no small task, but Impulse proved to outlast them all. What I like most about it is the mix of slow, rhythmic bass and experimental samples sprinkled throughout. It takes about a minute or so to ramp up, but the beat that follows is worth the wait. When he brings in the middle eastern sounding horns around the 2:16 mark, I almost lost it. Just a cool all around track that is growing on me with each listen. Best part about, Haywyre is coming with Seven Lions to SF on Thursday. See y'all there?...#TwoFoldPt2

Haywyre - Impulse


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