Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Make Me Wanna Rent a Room Up in This Chateau"

There's a short list of slept on producers in Hip Hop that I really wish would get the respect they deserve. Near the top of that list sits the Blended Babies who always seem to bring together top notch lyrical talent to chip in verses over their beats. The latest example of such is a solid crew of Hip Hop talent led by Asher Roth and Sir Michael Rocks. He may not be a household name as a solo artist, but Like of Pac Div always packs a quality verse when given the opportunity.

The most interesting aspect of Shadows (below) is the presence of Jon B. Whatever happened to Jon B? I remember back in the day when They Don't Know was slow jam of the year back in 1998. It's good to hear his smooth vocals on a track a whopping 17 years later! Smooth Hip Hop is hard to come by these days, so enjoy this hidden gem y'all...#Shadows

Blended Babies feat Sir Michael Rocks, Asher Roth, Like (of Pac Div) & Jon B - Shadows

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wiz Throws it Back With Some Sexual Healing

When it comes to flipping classic tracks into freestyles, you won't find many artists better than Wiz Khalifa. The biggest case in point I can think of off the top of my head is what he and Currensy did with Toto's classic Africa. After hearing their Huey Newton freestyle, you would have thought the beat was meant to be a Hip Hop track.

This week, Wiz was back at it freestyling over Marvin Gaye's classic, Sexual Healing. I was a little disappointed that he only dropped one verse over the instrumental and let the beat ride out for over a minute near the end. Still, if you're like me, freestyles like this remind you of why Wiz deserves a spot in your Live Starting Five...#SexualHealing

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Concert Review Hozier

I don't do it often enough, but after a recent concert experience, I had to give some love to my new favorite track. Before I start gushing about said track, let's take a trip down memory lane. To put it plainly, I have had a growing urge to see Hozier in concert. It started when a close friend of mine gave me the heads up on him a few years back. Then, he dropped Take Me to Church and my buddy suddenly became spot on with his prediction.

Fast forward to a few Tuesdays back when Hozier did a three night stop in San Francisco. Not being able to hold back my urge anymore, I quickly made the decision that out of the two nights I had tickets, I needed to go Tuesday because I had waited long enough. After a warm up act that left a bit to be desired, he hit the stage with a full band. From the onset, there wasn't any room for disappointment. He weaved in and out of his small, but growing list of songs, mixing in songs with a full band and a few solo/duet numbers. If it were up to me, I would have paid twice as much to hear him do a solo acoustic set because his folky-ness comes out in full force when he goes solo.

My absolute favorite track throughout the entire concert was the final encore song. I hadn't listened to Work Song many times prior to the concert, but hearing it live made a lasting impression on me. So much so that I didn't bother even recording a snippet of the track. It was one of those rare and unexpected exclamation points to end a concert. His new video for the track doesn't quite do the song justice, but it's the best I can do to share with you the unforgettable experience of seeing him live. Check the song below, as well as his debut album and whatever you do, don't ever pass up an opportunity to see him live...#Hozier

Monday, April 27, 2015

"I Just Wanna Drop My Jiggelin' Down to the Floor"

Until now, Eva Simons has been a great supporting piece on a few well known singles. Her tracks with Afrojack, Stafford Brothers and Nicky Romero come to mind as great examples of her talent as a vocalist. This week she let loose a brand spanking new single featuring Konshens. Policeman will remind you of Major Lazer as it combines the best of EDM and reggae into one big energy bomb. For those of you who had a case of the Mondays, feel free and add some spice to your playlist for the week with this shot of reggaeton...#Policeman

Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Dammit Baby Girl"

Who is in the mood for some loud and quirky Trap music? Despite the fact that I've only heard a handful of tracks from TroyBoi, his heavy, chopped up sound is growing on me. This time he hooked up with DJ Craze who blended in some signature scratches to the bouncy percussion that manifests itself in many different forms throughout the track. There's a clear middle-eastern influence on the track, but you'll notice some video game style synths in there to keep things interesting. If you're looking to cop it, DJ Craze's Baby Gurl EP is due out in less than a week, which is great news for all you crazy Nicaraguan and English Trap fans out there...#BabyGurl

DJ Craze & TroyBoi - Baby Gurl

Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Sometime I Feel Like I Never Slow Down"

Hearing quality, break-neck speed rapping is so rare nowadays that I can't help to get nostalgic when I hear a heat rock like Speedom (WWC2). Maybe it was because I grew up on Midwest Hip Hop and, subsequently, put Twista on pedestal as a modern day legend. I can still remember hearing his Padded Room freestyle for the first time and wigging out because it was like nothing I had ever heard before. Check it below if you've never heard it...

Speed-rapping nostalgia aside, hearing Tech N9ne and Eminem kick it into fifth gear is more than worth the price of admission. The track is going to land on Tech's upcoming album Special Effects, which will be his fifteenth full-length studio album. That album number is absolute craziness and speaks to his longevity both as an artist and businessman, as he was one of the first artists to shun major record labels. If you're in the mood to drive fast, this one needs to be added to your weekend riding playlist...#Speedom

Tech N9ne feat Eminem & Krizz Kaliko - Speedom (WWC2)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Videos of the Week April 24th

Plenty of entertainment on tap this week with a focus on festivals. First and foremost, you must check out the HARD Summer trailer's hilarious. It features all of your favorite EDM acts straight up actin' a fool. If you're in LA in early August, it's definitely up there in terms of can't miss festivals.

In other news, Major Lazer released the first episode of their YouTube released animated series. If you're wondering what Major Lazer is like in real life, here's your chance to find out. The only actual music video of the week was contributed by Fall Out Boy who brought to life a text conversation in real life. For a taste of the late night scene, Big Sean and LL Cool J play Pictionary and hilarity ensues when LL starts drawing things. And last but not least, if there's anyone who experienced crappy weather this week, I'd invite you to watch the after movie for the Your Paradise festival in Fiji. It's a small music festival, but you can't beat the scenery. Word has it Alison Wonderland is performing, so color me intrigued in not just island concept, but also the music...#YourParadise
HARD Summer Trailer

Big Sean & LL Cool J Play Pictionary on Fallon

Major Lazer Season 1 Episode 1

Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman (Video)

Your Paradise Fiji Aftermovie

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, April 23, 2015

"The Sun is Shining and So Are You"

Despite losing the legendary branding that surrounded the name Swedish House Mafia, Axwell Λ Ingrosso continue to make great music as a duo. They lit it up at Coachella this weekend and as a bit of icing on the cake, released a new video for their new single Sun is Shining. Check out the video which incorporates a bit of their Ultra Music Festival performance below...

I wouldn't say I enjoy their new one as much as I did On My Way, but that track has been a mainstay on playlists of mine for the better part a of month. I'd be splitting hairs trying to critique the track because the lyrics are inspirational and the overall vibe of the track is uplifting. You know I get excited about that type of stuff, so that shouldn't be a surprise. You'll have to wait another week and a half to cop this new one digitally, but that shouldn't prevent you from putting it on repeat until then...#SunIsShining

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jeremih & Flo Rida Bring Heat on "Tonight Belongs to U"

The trend of R&B artists dipping in the EDM pool is getting to be a real thing. Sure we've heard plenty of John Legend and Usher examples, but even the likes of Meajor and now Jeremih are utilizing synths as the lead blocker for their new singles. While I'd still call Jeremih's new one below with Flo Rida an R&B track, the electronic influences are hard to ignore...

As I was listening to Tonight Belongs to U! I found myself wondering when Flo Rida was going to hop on the mix and ignite the tempo. Sure as hell, around the 2:25 mark, Flo came through with his characteristically spitfire delivery. All in all it's a fun track and you can cop it when it hits iTunes in a few hours. Be on the look out for Jeremih's upcoming album Late Nights, which is scheduled to hit iTunes in about a week...#LateNights

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"You Don't Wanna Be High Like Me"

Before I dive into the track, let me first remind that I've always been a fan of Mike Posner's music. His vocals are what he gets the most credit for, but not many artists can successfully go acoustic, electronic, Hip Hop or R&B depending on what mood they're in. But Mike can and he has a long list of singles to validate his versatility.

Not mentioned in his skill set above is his humility. Before I go into it, open this lyrics genius link in another tab, press play and follow along...

If you followed directions above, you're probably wondering if the story he tells in I Took a Pill in Ibiza was a true story. According to his Huffington Post article, the details of the track did actually happen. It's an incredibly honest, look-in-the-mirror type of track that shines a direct light on being famous. Yes, it gets you access to cool experiences that not everyone is privy to, but it can also be destructive. It seems like Mike is done with the "coolness" of being rich and famous and has been humbled enough times that he's at a point where he can share his story. In my eyes, the stand out quote in the article that directly gets at his evolution as a person was,
"It’s not the job of the art to accommodate me and make me more money, make me more famous and get me more girls... I think for a period of time I did think art was there to serve me, but it took me a minute to reset."
More power to you Mikey P, I love that you had the courage to vent on wax so that the song could serve as a cautionary tale for others. I wish other artists could look themselves in the mirror the way that you did. If your goal was to get people excited about your new album, then mission accomplished...#TookAPillInIbiza

Monday, April 20, 2015

"Spread it Like Peanut Butter Jelly"

Is it me or is disco making a comeback disguised as EDM? With the help of Galantis that statement is starting to grow legs. I waxed poetic about my groupie like affinity for their latest single Gold Dust and now I'm starting to realize that I really just enjoy their music.

If you're expecting a remix to Peanut Butter Jelly Time, you're going to be momentarily disappointed at first. But then you'll find yourself getting sucked into this really catchy disco vibe that leans heavily on a computerized voice to carry the melody. The post-drop beat is everything your parents liked about the 70s with plenty of strings and horns. By my count, this is their third straight awesome single off their upcoming album, Pharmacy, due out in early June. I guess the only thing left to do is get them to come to the Bay Area to perform...#Pharmacy

Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sam Smith's Lay Me Down Gets the Tiesto Treatment

If this track weren't real, it would be a great click bait candidate for Buzzfeed. Fortunately for us, the track is legitimate and showcases an uncharacteristically mellow vibe for a Tiesto creation. As you'd anticipate, Sam's vocals carry the track, but the easy-listening house vibe of the beat creates a much different experience from the original. The remix is much closer in sound to the original than Flume's drastic departure, which can be good or bad depending what you're in the mood for. Either way, start studded cross-genre collaborations between two artists at the top of their respective mountains don't come along that frequently, so let's enjoy this one for what it is...#LayMeDown

Sam Smith & Tiesto - Lay Me Down

Saturday, April 18, 2015

"All I Can Think About is Coming Over, Coming Over"

While much ado is being made about Bieber's shenanigans at Coachella, the biggest music related story has to be the miscommunication between Dillon Francis and Kygo. Apparently, the much-hyped collaboration below was willingly let loose into the wild by Kygo following his performance at Coachella. To be clear, there was nothing at all mischievous about how the song leaked, Kygo literally tossed flash drives into the crowd with the song on it. To which Dillon Francis responded via Twitter below...

Yikes! It sounds like a bit of a breakdown in communication if Dillon was that displeased by with the song being intentionally leaked. Nevertheless, we all benefit from it because we finally get to sink our teeth into the collaboration. It's every bit as chill as you'd expect, but less tropical sounding that usual for a Kygo track. James Hersey's vocals play really well over the slow synths and calmingly snappy beat. Judging by the tweet above, we now have a follow up Dillon Francis album to look forward to, which is also pretty awesome. I'm still insanely jealous of whoever is seeing Kygo close down Coachella tomorrow night...#Coachella2015

Dillon Francis & Kygo feat James Hersey - Coming Over

Friday, April 17, 2015

Videos of the Week April 17th

Honestly, this entire post could have been composed of salacious Coachella videos. From the Bieber ejection, to the Kendall Jenner/Bieber story, to the Chanel West Coast entrance denial, to the Drake and Madonna make out...there was a lot of stuff that went down. I'm posting the Drizzy surprise kiss because, you know, Drake, but this is a Bieber-free zone for the most part, so feel free and find those other TMZ videos elsewhere.

In non-Coachella news, Rihanna dropped a provocative, highly politicized new video for American Oxygen. Similarly, Snoop and Lupe released videos for their latest singles So Many Pros and Adoration of the Magi, respectively. My favorite video of the week was young AJ, the two-year old prodigy who can hold down the 1's and 2's like a champ. It's easy to lose faith in humanity on a daily basis, but these young kids who do things we could have only dreamed are what find a way to restore it when we start to see the seams in life...#2YrOldDJ
Rihanna - American Oxygen (Video)

Snoop Dogg feat Pharrell - So Many Pros (Video)

DJ AJ the 2 Year Old DJ Prodigy

Lupe Fiasco - Adoration of the Magi (Video)

The Madonna/Drake Surprise Make Out at Coachella

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Steve Aoki & Linkin Park Make Great Music Together

So nice it had to be done twice! That's the only logical answer to another Steve Aoki and Linkin Park collaboration. In case you missed it, they released a track back in 2013 titled A Light That Never Comes. Press play below on the lyric video for a quick catch up...

Needless to say, the unstoppable collaboration set the bar extremely high for a sequel.

In case you missed it, their new track was debuted on Twitch earlier this week when Steve Aoki and Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park) battled in Mortal Kombat X. I wouldn't go as far as saying Darker Than Blood surpasses their first effort, but it's every bit as awesome. It follows the dark, electro-ballad style, but this time with a bit more Top 40 appeal than club appeal. The track is scheduled to land on Steve's upcoming album Neon Future II that will hit stores in about a month. I'm not sure about you, but I'm looking forward to the less poppy, darker style of the new album...#NeonFutureII

Steve Aoki feat Linkin Park - Darker Than Blood

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Porter Robinson Embraces The Thrill

From what I've heard, Coachella is an awesome festival to attend. Despite having the clear path toward a ticket this year and being within a few hundred miles of the venue, the festival still remains on my bucket list. Despite not being able to attend, I'm loving the immense amount of stories and new music that is coming from the festival. A few days back Ratatat debuted a new single and now we have ourselves a soothing, vibrant and bass heavy remix of Nero's The Thrill from Porter Robinson.

To put it bluntly, the remix doesn't sound at all like the original. Other than the vocals, Porter took the original and added a shot of pure electronic jubilation. The new version of the track takes on the thematic sound that most of Porter's music embodies. The high pitched synths are intense, but all in all I appreciate the different take on a track that was starting to grow on me. If you're heading to Coachella for the second weekend, do what you can to make it for Friday so you don't miss Porter's set...#Coachella2015

Nero - The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Finding the Right Fabric to Keep Your Family Knit"

Taking it to the underground Hip Hop scene tonight with a new collabo off Alchemist & Oh No's upcoming Welcome to Los Santos. If you're into funky, jazzy, enlightened Hip Hop, you'll be able to vibe out to Ab-Soul's Trouble. The rolling bassline and ethereal twinkle of the keys set the tone from the start. Aloe Blacc sweeps in for to deliver a soulful hook that serves as the R&B glue between verses. All in all, it's a breath of fresh Hip Hop that will take you back to the days of Slum Village and J Dilla where live instrumentation paved the way for true lyricism. Welcome to Lost Santos is due in about a week and it's chalked full of goodies featuring the likes of MNDR, Phantogram and E-40...#WelcomeToLosSantos

Monday, April 13, 2015

Yelawolf & Eminem Just Shut it Down With Best Friend

With Yelawolf's sophomore album about a week away from release, feel free to fully allow yourself to get excited. His last two singles are evidence that he's regained the momentum that landed him a Shady Records deal. It's not just me that thinks it either, he touched on "things changing for the better" in a recent interview he did with Complex. As it turns out, all he needed was to go back to Tennessee to regain that low-fi, analog sound...

As soon as I noticed that tracklist to Love Story was devoid of features, it became abundantly clear that Yelawolf wanted to get back on his feet without any help...except for one track on the album. That's when he enlisted the help of his boss to lay down yet another legendary verse on Best Friend. The track is a perfect canvas for Em to go in on. It has a mellow, acoustic vibe to it that sets the mood right for the 0-100 style of intensity that Em brings on the mic. I need not wax poetic, he's a legend, go cop Yelawolf's album next week, it's in the lead for album of the year in 2015...#BestFriend

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Five Years Later, Ratatat is Back With a Vengeance

Yeaaaaa buddy! For the first time in five years, Ratatat is back with a new single. Cream on Chrome is a refreshing example of why Ratatat's brand of electro-rock is so uniquely awesome. As an added benefit they even tossed some funk into their new single. It's a bit more chill than you'd expect from the Brooklyn duo, but the sound represents an interesting evolution of their style. Adding a bit more live instrumentation is a welcome addition that will only improve their already stellar live show. Speaking of which, they debuted their new single at Coachella last night...
Man what I would have given to be at that set! No word on when their new album is going to his shelves, but don't fear, you'll hear plenty more new music from them on this site before a full album comes to fruition...#CreamOnChrome

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Savoy & Sound Remedy Take Future Bass Higher

I'm still trying to figure out where Future Bass fits into the grand scheme of EDM. Generally, I associate Future Bass with a chill electronic sound with slow, melodic drops. Savoy and Sound Remedy's new track featuring the vocals of Jojee fits my mental model of Future Bass, but they take uplifting to another level.

The track reminds me a lot of Adventure Club because it's half Pure Moods, half ethereal electronics. The track gives off a bright vibe and it helps that the lyrics are motivational and catchy. It's another great reason why I'm looking forward to seeing Savoy and Sound Remedy at Red Rocks in a few weeks...#SavoyRRX

Savoy & Sound Remedy feat Jojee - Leaving You

Friday, April 10, 2015

Videos of the Week April 10th

The top five this week skewed heavy toward Hip Hop this week with three out of the five coming from the genre. Leading off is the third on the trilogy of Maddie Ziegler featured videos from Sia. Big Girls Cry is more of a demonstrative solo filled with plenty of provocative facial expressions and gestures. It's another stunning example of how hard it is to take your eyes of Maddie when she's performing.

In other news, Louis C.K. may have thrown a wrench in Jimmy Fallon's plan to star on the Dana Carvey's show. Hilarity ensues. Then, 2 Chainz and Diplo met up with a water sommelier who treated them to water that cost $100,000. Yes, there's so much wrong with the previous sentence that I'm not even going to touch on outlandish it is. Finally, Chuck Inglish gave us all a huge doss of bass with Damage and Yelawolf continues churn out top notch tracks that will make us forget about his last album. I absolutely can't wait to hear his album as a whole because so far it's been nothing but fire...#LoveStory
Sia feat Maddie Ziegler - Big Girls Cry (Video)

Louis C.K. on Jimmy Fallon

2 Chainz & Diplo Taste 100K Water

Chuck Inglish - Damage (Video)

Yelawolf - American You (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, April 09, 2015

More Hype Vomitstep From Snails

A couple of things to note about Snails new track below. 1) It's easy to tell why Skrillex signed Snails. He has a big sound that is different and has just the right amount of unbridled uniqueness. 2) Big Ali might as well be Fat Man Scoop. They have to be related. 3) Why is in the world would you release an acapella version of King is Back? Maybe the hype samples are adequate enough to copy and paste onto other beats, but there are huge chunks of the track without vocals. Without hearing it, I'm scratching my head a bit.

Strange circa-2000 CD-style-release, the track below goes hard. There's some reggae mixed in, plenty of dubstep bounce and a whole lot of crazy synths. If you're in the mood to wild out, give this one a few spins...#Vomitstep

SNAILS feat Big Ali - King is Back

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

"I'll Tell You All About it When I See You Again"

It's been a while since someone dropped a sincerely heartwarming Hip Hop tribute to someone who passed away. When I think of classic Hip Hop tribute tracks, Diddy's I'll Be Missing You and UGK's One Day come to mind as favorites. With those examples in mind, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth did a hell of a job commemorating the life of the late Paul Walker.

Anyone who has seen one of Paul's movies hurt a little bit when they heard the tragic news of his passing. The original Fast and the Furious will be how I remember Paul. The latest Fast and the Furious will be the last in the series that will feature Paul, but they made it to the seventh movie in large part because of his effort. Watching the video for the track below really hit me hard, but Wiz's verses and the Charlie's vocals did an excellent job of harnessing the sadness and channeling it in a positive direction. If you haven't already, check out the star studded soundtrack for Furious 7 and the movie that reached Certified Fresh status recently...#Furious7

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

"Don't Throw Fists, Throw Parties"

Another day, another crazy Trap/Hip Hop collaboration. This time Dillon Francis and DJ Snake hooked up with the Hip Hop duo who wake up hype and never stop being hype at any point during the day. You've probably been living under a rock if you haven't heard of Rae Sremmurd, but as a quick recap, you might want to check out No Type and No Flex Zone. Those two tracks are what got them on the map, but they continue to incite crowds every single place they go, including Highly Questionable.

In a nutshell, these guys are like what you'd picture Lil Jon at the age of 19. Knowing that, it's easy to understand why their energy fits so well with Trap music. Good call by DJ Snake and Dillon Francis for seeking out the duo for the remix because they are on a short list of Hip Hop acts that are capable of matching the energy of beat. If you're in need of something hype of the weekend playlist, feel free and head on over to iTunes to cop this on Dillon's newly released version of Money Sucks, Friends Rule...#SremmLife

Monday, April 06, 2015

Never Sleep on Kaskade

I generally associate Kaskade with vibrant chords and soothing vocals. His new single is in the same neighborhood as what I'd normally expect, but with a much more bubbly, future house vibe to it. Never Sleep Alone will draw you in close with the harmony, then coerce you to dance when the beat drops.

The seamless mix of radio-ready melody with driving synths was first debuted at Holy Ship and today it finally hit iTunes. He may not always get mentioned as one of the greats, but Kaskade can hang with all your favorite DJs and the song below is proof of that...#NeverSleepAlone

Kaskade - Never Sleep Alone

Sunday, April 05, 2015

"Whip Game on Bruce Wayne"

Suffice to say RL Grime isn't getting complacent and riding out the success of his debut studio album VOID. He's back at it in a supporting role, helping Tory Lanez with his new single In For It. The beat has RL's paw prints all over it, but the R&B vocals and verse continue to remind you that it's a heavy Hip Hop track. It's another shining example of how Trap and Hip Hop can make intriguing bedfellows when the two forces combine. If you're looking to cop it, you're going to wait for the new Tory Lanez EP to drop. Until then be on the look out for more from Argentina Fargo and continue livin'...#Swavey

Tory Lanez - In For It (prod by RL Grime)

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Kill Paris is Taking Future Funk to a New Level

Big bass and chill melody is what Kill Paris does best. Despite the somber tone of the vocals on You Don't Love Me No More, the jubilant synths and cool sax more than make up for it. There's a subtle computerized funk in the mix that might remind you a bit of Daft Punk, but the deep bass is what I'll remember about the track.

The single is the second off his upcoming debut studio album Galaxies Between Us. The best part about it is he's giving the track away for free via Soundcloud. He'll also be embarking on a 40 city tour this spring to promote his new music. I'm pumped to hear the entire album and I've got April 25th marked on my calendar...#GalaxiesBetweenUs

Kill Paris - You Don't Love Me No More

Friday, April 03, 2015

Videos of the Week April 3rd

It would have been extremely easy to post damn near every set from Ultra Music Festival, but for the sake of diversity, I only posted the festival ending set from Skrillex. If you haven't seen Sonny live, that's a shame, but here's your reprieve. The entire set is a great example of how music, performance, showmanship and raw energy can be transformed into something that can inspire thousands of people at the same time.

UMF aside, there were a few interesting music video releases this week. The most influential of the videos was Kendrick Lamar's square shaped visuals for King Kunta. Despite the odd shape, the video is very much so Compton, which was throwback as hell, but cool. Two less discussed videos were The Chainsmokers Let You Go and Life of Dillon's Overload. I'm still really digging the organic and downright happy vibe of Life of Dillon's lead single. Finally, the Legendary Roots Crew came through with a bit of novelty when they put together a one minute summary of Game of Thrones. The concision speaks for itself y'all...#TheRoots
Life of Dillon - Overload (Video)

The Chainsmokers feat Great Good Fine OK - Let You Go (Video)

The Roots Recap Game of Thrones in One Minute

Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta (Video)

Skrillex Ultra Music Festival Set

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Chainsmokers Are the Dirtiest of the Dirt

Just when you thought The Chainsmokers were nestling into a familiar groove, they smack you in the face with something new and bangin'. Alex and Drew took Steve Aoki's original version of Back to Earth with Fall Out Boy and gave it a bit more boom and bounce. Feel free to peruse the original below for comparison...
All in all, the two tracks are different types of cool. While the original is much more rock sounding with the various guitar riffs, the remix takes on a more bass heavy, trap vibe. The methodic clap on the remix is much more head nod worthy, providing a much more methodical take on an already great song. This track along with a few other mixes of the song should be arriving on iTunes any day now, so keep on F5-ing through the weekend if you so choose...#BackToEarth

Steve Aoki feat Fall Out Boy - Back To Earth (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

If You Love Trap, You'll Love Love Trap

Just what we all need, a new R&B twist to the slow bass of Trap music. Enter Australian DJ Alison Wonderland who recently teamed up with The Flaming Lips' lead singer Wayne Coyne on a bit of a heavy duet you could call it. Between his falsetto and her vocals, there's a moody, unstable under tone on U Don't Know that is perfectly captured in the video featuring McLovin below...

The original great in it's own right, but fellow Aussie producer Just a Gent took the essence of the original and amplified it tenfold. The melody is the same as the original, but there's a bit more depth to the remix and the drops are much more exciting and exaggerated. Is it me or has the quality music coming out of Australian increased a ton in the past year? Chalk this one up to another successful remix from another talented DJ across the pond...#UDontKnow

Alison Wonderland - U Don't Know (Just A Gent Remix)

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