Monday, September 30, 2013

Calvin Harris x The Killers When You Were Young

It's safe to say whenever I see any sort of Calvin Harris remix fly across the radar, I'm going to post it. Shoot I'm even going to go as far as posting a 2 and a half minute preview of his new remix of The Killers' classic When We Were Young. Check the video below for a quick refresher on the original that was released back in 2009...

The synths combined with the all too familiar hook make this one memorable. Can't wait for the full version to find it's way onto the internet so we can all get the full experience of what it felt...#WhenYouWereYoung

The Killers - When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

"We Live in Cities You'll Never See On Screen"

As we all continue to be believers in the talents of rising star pop sensation Lorde, let's not lose focus that she's only 16 years old. If any of us looked in the mirror, we'd come to terms that it woulda been awesome to be half as gifted as she is when we started driving. It's actually a little ridiculous that we're going to have up and coming artists that never saw the 1990s. Man if that doesn't make you feel old, I'm not sure what will.

Anyways, Lorde's latest single off her debut album Pure Heroine that is going to hit iTunes in the next 24 hours. The beginning of the track has a dramatic, haunting feel to it that gives way to an impossible not to like beat. The repetition of "send the callout" leading up the beat kick is just plain dope. You wanna talk about drawing people in and grabbing their attention, that's how you do it. Then, the hook takes the track to 5th gear and removes any doubt that you had about it's uplifting potential. Yea, it's poppy, but when tracks are this feel good, I can't help but post them. Don't be afraid to help out the New Zealander on her ascension to super-stardom because there will be a time when we look back and say, remember when she only had like 193,000 followers on Twitter?...#PureHeroine

Lorde - Team

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Katy & Juicy Go to the Country Club

The weekend is for going out and having fun, which is why I try to post tracks that are high energy. This week's party favor just so happens to come from Brazil's own Country Club Martini Crew who flipped Katy Perry and Juicy J's new single Dark Horse into a nice uptempo mix. Don't expect the lyrics to be any different, but you can expect the beat to be much more dance worthy. Crank this one out tonight if you're in need of a party starter...#DarkHorse

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J) (Country Club Martini Crew Radio Remix)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Videos of the Week September 27th

Admittedly, this week was a little heavy on Hip Hop, but that's not away a bad thing. Despite the fact that Drake went on just about every major media outlet, I refrained from posting more than one video of his. I know, I'm proud of myself too. I thought his mini-skit/video for Hold on We're Going Home was well done, though. Didn't see the track evoking a ransom situation with a whole lotta guns and stuff. SPOILER ALERT: Drake ends up saving the day and getting the girl.

Aside from that I got some pop/EDM, R&B and plenty of a$$ thanks to Wale's Clappers video. Dare I say take notes Miley? Cause the Twerk Team is in fully effect...#QueensOfTwerk
Drake - Hold on We're Going Home (Video))

Zedd feat Hayley Williams - Stay the Night (Video)

Jason Derulo - Marry Me (Video)

Flo Rida - Laser Light Show (Video)

Wale feat The Twerk Team - Clappers (Video)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Like a Potluck, You Need to Come With It"

I still haven't listened to Nothing Was the Same enough to have an informed opinion on it, but I do know that after a few listens, I'm really digging Too Much. Maybe it's Sampha's unique vocals on the hook or the mad scientist Emile behind the emotion dripped instrumental. Whatever the case, Drake always seems to do his best work over beats that are piano driven. There are probably plenty of exceptions to that statement, but the ivory keys seem to be the backbone of his trademark "sound." In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard me mention it a million times already, Nothing Was the Same hit iTunes two days ago, which means it's probably a worthwhile investment to go check it out...#NWTS

Drake feat Sampha - Too Much (prod by Emile)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Aloe Blacc Wakes the World Up

Even though Avicii has gotten all of the credit for his genre bending marriage of bluegrass and electronic music on Wake Me Up, Aloe Blacc is the one who deserves the lion's share of that pie. Not only did he do his thing vocally with his ever so soulful vocals, he also wrote the track, creating the foundation for its success. Long story short, he's got an 4 song Wake Me Up EP that just hit iTunes yesterday. On it you can expect a toned down, more bluegrass-y version of Wake Me Up (bottom of the post) that gets at the roots of what made the one you hear on the radio awesome. There's some fiddle and a touch more piano on his version, producing a reduction of the electronically driven radio version you're familiar with.

For icing on the cake, he went in studio this week and did an acoustic version of Wake Me Up, which does a great job of showcasing his talents in a live setting...

Do your boy a solid and support Aloe out by copping his EP for $2.76 on iTunes so that he can finally get the scoop of success he helped Avicii earn through the success of his latest album, True...#WakeMeUp

Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (Album Version)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Girl if Sex is Contest Then You're Coming in First"

Now that JT's album has been made available for steaming on iTunes, it's time to take a dive into it. The track that stood out to me on first glance of the features/producers was Cabaret with Drake and Timbaland. I know big surprise right? Chalked full of Timbaland ad libs, a solid Drizzy verse, and characteristically playful verses and hook from Justin, it's got what you want in a future single. For those of you at home chomping at the bit, The 20/20 Experience Part 2 of 2 hits iTunes in a week. Simply put, combine the talents of JT with beats sprinkled in by Timbo and you've got yourself a release that is going to move some units and make a whole lotta people happy...#Cabaret

Justin Timberlake feat Drake - Cabaret (prod by Timbaland)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tonight The Chainsmokers Own the Night

As pop and EDM continue to be frequent bedfellows, remixes blending the two genres keep on comin'. The latest hook up between the two came in the form of The Chainsmokers' remix of The Wanted's Tonight We Own the Night. Below is the original video for the track if you haven't been privy to Top 40 radio of late...
It seems like a lifetime ago, but when I first began writing about music on a daily basis, I actually posted The Wanted's debut single back in 2010. If you've been with the blog for the long haul, you may remember me posting their debut single Heart Vacancy. I'd like to think my music tastes have evolved to a more Hip Hop and electronic centered vibe, but that doesn't mean I'm above a good boy band ballad every now and again. It's real easy to look down on the boy band culture, but it takes a real man to admit they sing like nobody's watching in the car to The Wanted.

As far as the remix is concerned, it's about as mellow and cooled out as you're gonna hear these days from a synth driven track. The sampled vocals from the original track remain in place, but the added chords elevate the track to a higher level. While the original is more of a slow sing along, the remix takes on a slightly more upbeat, harmonious tone. It's yet another great example of how Alex and Drew have a knack for steering a well-known song toward a different direction that makes the track likeable in a completely different way. Don't be afraid to support the dynamic duo by copping the remix on Beatport. Although they may be an up and coming boy band in their own right and undoubtedly pulling boy band ass, they don't have a world tour yet, so give 'em some love...#WeOwnTheNight

The Wanted - Tonight We Own the Night (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

"It's a Long Road to Hell Without No Soul"

Now that True has been on shelves for over a week, it's now safe to say Avicii's new one will be in the discussion for album of the year. If you were one of the many who purchased the album via iTunes, you've probably already heard Long Road to Hell. It's a swanky, piano driven beat that will catch your attention with the oddly addicting kazoo-like buzzing. Audra Mae's bluesy vocals fit well over the beat and you can bet you'll be chanting the "there's a long road to hell without no soul part of the hook. Folks may hate on Avicii for being too pop, but in my opinion, that's like saying "your music is liked by too many people." Pretty good problem to have, right?...#True

Avicii feat Audra Mae- Long Road to Hell

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Girl You Knock Me Out, With a TKO"

With the second part of Justin's 20/20 Experience on the horizon, it seems like the perfect time for a Timbaland produced single to ramp up the buzz. TKO is exactly what you'd expect from the duo with enough quirky percussion and smooth vocals to carry the track. Even better the hook finds a way to embed itself earworm style, so good luck shaking this one after a few listens.

Oh and if you're one of the many who are on board with JT's upcoming 20/20 Experience Tour, you'll be excited to preview the experience below...

Everybody has been through a bad breakup or two, so the track below should resonate with quite a few people. Nobody likes someone who swings after the bell and after the whistle blows...unless the end result is marrying Jessica Biel. Lucky bastard...#TKO

Justin Timberlake - TKO (prod by Timbaland)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Videos of the Week September 20th

Yea, there's a little somethin' for everyone on this week's videos. Although I was tempted to post all Drake videos this week since he's in all out media mode with Nothing Was the Same coming out soon, I opted for a more diverse spread. Most notably, Avicii's new one All My Life, which is more of a character drama than anything. I couldn't help but post Drake and ScarJo's charades act on Jimmy Fallon and J Cole's thoughtful Crooked Smile video. Not sure if you noticed, but I am posting anything and everything Skylar Grey touches, including the behind the scenes to her upcoming video for Back From the Dead. And for the whip cream, who can resist some Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs?...
Avicii - You Make Me (Video)

Drake & Scarlett Johanssen Play Charades on Jimmy Fallon

J Cole feat TLC - Crooked Smile (Video)

Dillon Francis feat TEED - Without You (Video)

Skylar Grey feat Big Sean - Back From the Dead (BTS Video)

Image Credit: YouTube

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Think I Work For Apple the Way I Mac Man"

Man the more I hear from Logic, the more I'm becoming a huge fan. His laid back, machine gun tongued verses that pack a witty punch are something that Hip Hop needs. Sure, the Twista comparisons are going to come after Two Kings, but judging by his barrage of mixtapes that he's put out, he's got a vested interest in tweaking and improving on his way to that magical debut album. No word yet on when that is going to drop, but with two solid singles to hang his hat on, it's only a matter of time.

Shout out to King Chip for the nice change of pace on the track too. His delivery is every bit as buttery smooth as Logic, but considerable slower. I think it's time to tip the cap to XXL because they definitely were on point in giving Logic a nod on their Freshman list this year...#RattPack

Logic feat King Chip - Two Kings

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"If the World Doesn't Change, We'll Never Get Dressed"

It's so rare that I come across a great R&B ballad these days that when I hear one, it's incredibly refreshing. Even better, the ballad below features two of my favorite artists you may not have a healthy enough appreciation for. I've waxed poetic a few times about the talents of Donald Glover, but you may not have gotten a solid dose of the extremely soothing vocals of Jhene Aiko. There's a complete calmness about her voice that sounds so soft on the ears. There's a great underlying message in Bed Peace that I hope you can fully take in too. It's extremely well written and thought provoking, so don't cut it short by simply vibing out to the mellow vibes the track produces. Word on the streets is that the track below is going to surface on her upcoming Sail Out EP that will be a precursor to her big studio debut Souled Out, which is scheduled for a 2014 release by Def Jam Records. You can bet that this won't be the last time you hear from her on this blog before that comes out...#BedPeace

Jhene Aiko feat Childish Gambino - Bed Peace

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"This Time I Realize, All You Need is Love"

Well, now that Avicii has officially released the electronic album of the year, it's time to comb over the various bonus tracks. Let's see here, we've got the Spotify bonus tracks (All You Need is Love, Canyons), the UK additional CD tracks (Long Road to Hell and Edom) and of course Europe Amazon Mp3 bonus track (Always on the Run). By my count that's another five extra tracks to his 10 track EP. Nothing says I have fans worldwide than releasing another half album through various retailers and music providers around the globe.

Some of you may recognize this as an unreleased track by the name of Tim that he released about a year ago. You'll notice, though, that the high pitched vocals take it to another level and make it a more memorable track in general. It's like putting sauce on a sandwich, without the vocals, it'd be good, but not a little harder to eat. Not sure about y'all, but I like my sammies with sauce, don't you?...#True

Avicii - All You Need is Love (Spotify Bonus Track)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Are You Ready for Stafford Brothers B-town?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Baby, Cash Money's CEO, signed an electronic act. In a world where you evolve or get passed up, it's looking like a good business decision so far. In my eyes, Stafford Brothers debut single Hello featuring Lil Wayne and Christina Milian officially put them on he map and since then I've been F5-ing the internet waiting for new tracks.

It just so happens a track landed in the Great White mailbox today in the form of Are You Ready. If you're impatient, give it a minute to hit it's stride, you won't be let down. It has a loud, club rocking progressive house feel to it with an extremely repeatable "Are you ready sample. Oh and don't sleep on that raging guitar riff around the 2:40 mark. I enjoy the fact that the build ups throughout the track have different personalities.

On a semi-related note, it just so happens the Stafford Brothers are holding down The Dunkirk this Thursday night. If you're curious what that experience might be like, feel free and check out their latest vlog from Indianapolis detailing their latest tour stops...

The only real question is, Btown...are you ready? #AussieInvasion

Stafford Brothers - Are You Ready

Sunday, September 15, 2013

"I Had Benzes Before You Had Braces"

"Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake,
500 million I got a pound cake"

Not surprisingly, Nothing Was the Same has started to trickle onto the net as it's September 24th release nears. And you better believe the leakers, they go for Jaws, they don't go for any ordinary Great White. They went straight for it with the red sharpie circled track on the album featuring Jiggaman titled Pound Cake.

I'll keep it real simple by saying if you enjoyed Drake and Jay Z's previous collaboration Light Up, then you'll like their new one. I can't say I like it as much as Light Up on first listen, but it's got enough complex carbs in the verses to keep my attention. In other words, after a few more listens, I'll probably have a greater appreciation for it because a cursory listen to the verses just doesn't do it justice. Add to that the intro is kinda cool and the scratched up remixed C.R.E.A.M. sample that Jigga keeps stuttering will get peoples' attention. All I gotta say is pick your favorite quotable...

Mine -->"My eyes bloodshot but my jet don't lag..."

Not sure what to do with Paris Morton Music Part II, though. I loved the first, but the second is more of an afterthought interlude. Oh well, next track, shout out to Boi-1da on the beat to Pound Cake. 9 days til it drops, get excited...#PoundCake

Drake feat Jay Z - Pound Cake (prod by Boi-1da, Jordan Evans & Matthew Burnett)/Paris Morton Music 2

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lorde Gets the Laserdisk Treatment

Now that Lorde's debut single has gotten the traction it deserves on top 40 radio, it's about time EDM starting twisting the track to their gain. Tip of the cap to Laserdisk for getting the ball rolling in the right right more synth driven direction. When I say right direction, it's almost like an 80s themed retro style or what folks might call Indie nowadays. Either way, it goes down so smooth in a way that gives it a reinvented sound. Big like button to this guy...#Laserdisk

Lorde - Royals (Laserdisk Remix)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Videos of the Week September 13th

While everyone was raving over the new Eminem Berzerk video featuring the legendary Rick Rubin (no he's not one of the Robertsons on Duck Dynasty, even though he looks like it), I'm steady getting excited about Drake's new album after his last two singles went back to his unique mix of singing and rapping. If you're not as excited about Drake, though, you'll be hard pressed to not smile when you watch 4 year old producer KJ. My comment to my friend Travis who shared it with me was, "Little man is like a mini-araabmuzik. Get the kid an MPC!" The icing on the cake for me this week was the Timberlake and Fallon late night skit showing the Evolution of Endzone Dancing. Anytime those two get on stage together, it's more than worth your time watching...#ThankYouNoteFriday
Eminem - Berzerk (Video)

Drake - Nothing Was the Same (Album Trailer)

Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon - The Evolution of Endzone Dancing

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - White Walls (Video)

KJ the 4 Year Old Producer

Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Yeah, This Ish Belong to Nobody, It's Yours"

When you've established a specific sound as an artist that people like, you set the bar high for yourself. That being said, I'm elated that Drake let loose a single with his home squeeze 40. In my eyes Noah Shebib is just as responsible for his meteoric rise, producing a smooth piano instrumental for Drake to go in on.

I wouldn't call it one of my favorite Drake tracks, but I really like it because Wu Tang Forever leans on his uncanny ability to switch gears between R&B and Hip Hop at the drop of a beat. His flow is methodical, mixing tempos until the 1:34 mark where he channels his inner Shaolin diction. It's a different angle for a Drake single, but a good one in my eyes. I'm betting the critics will have a field day with the song title because it is named after one of Wu-Tang's best albums, but it's one of his quasi love songs. We'll see how this fits into the bigger puzzle of Nothing Was the Same when it drops in a little less than two weeks...#WuTangForever

Drake - Wu-Tang Forever (prod by 40)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bassnectar Will Take You Down

Who's in the mood for some in your face, flossy electronic music? Good! That's what hump day should be about, a little in your face bass-filled trap music to get you into the latter part of the week. Thanks to Bassnectar, we all received a wake up call today that only a Redbull addict would appreciate.

Normally known for dubstep, Bassnec ventured into the land of trap on his new single Take You Down. The best part about it, he managed to swirl in a screwed and chopped sample into the madness. It's a fun composition of electronic personality that has more of an orchestrated feel to it than chaotic. No idea what makes this particular version of the track a "special edit", but whatever the case, I'll take this version. Take this one to the dome, I'll catch ya on the flip side of the week...#HumpDay

Bassnectar - Take You Down (Special Edit)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"I'm Fire Gasoline, Come Pour Yourself All Over Me"

As the colloquialism goes, it's best to strike while the iron is hot. If hot were to be measured in a practical way, it would be is reaching the top of the radio charts in the US. That's a feat that Zedd accomplished today with his latest single Clarity. Little do folks know that his latest single has been out for over a year now on his latest album appropriately titled Clarity.

For his new single, he hooked up with Paramore's own Hayley Williams. She plays the same role that Foxes played in Clarity, carrying the verses and building up to the drop. Check the teaser video below for visuals...

Given, it's about as bubblegum pop as it gets for EDM, but you might as well blow a few bubbles before it becomes ABC gum when the radio folks get a hold of it. I can't believe I just made an ABC gum reference...#YaBoyNeedsSleep

Zedd feat Hayley Williams - Stay the Night

Monday, September 09, 2013

"Let's Get Lost, I Don't Wanna Lose You Baby"

Regardless of genre, count me in on anything with a little bit of synthesizers and feel good vibes. Like for example, Scavenger Hunt's new one Lost. It's an easy listening, airy track that is driven by well-delivered vocals and playful percussion. I'll be first to admit, I know very little about Scavenger Hunt as a group, but I do know the duo is composed of vocalist Jill Lamoureux and producer Dan Mufson. Lucky for us, they were nice enough to offer up their debut single for free. Feel free to cop it below for your email address and heads up on their new album coming out soon...#Indie

Scavenger Hunt - Lost

Sunday, September 08, 2013

"My Bad if My Ex Try and Fight You"

With every production I hear from DJ Mustard, I become a bigger fan. In a year that has been relatively quiet for a lot of the industry heavyweights like The Runners, Danja, Lex Luger, Boi-1da, and 40, DJ Mustard has stepped his game up with attention grabbing beats that elevate artists to heights they wouldn't have achieved had he not given them something to go in on. His newest one with Kid Ink and Chris Brown samples Robin S's classic hit Show Me (below)...

If you're not up on Mustard's discography, he's the one who is behind B.O.B.'s Headband, Tyga's Rack City and Ludacris's Helluva Night to name a few. For me, it's a toss up between Headband and Show Me for my favorite beat of his to date. Real smooth cut below, give it a listen...#ShowMe

Kid Ink feat Chris Brown - Show Me (prod DJ Mustard)

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Coldplay Sets the Tone for the New Hunger Games

I'm not sure you can do any better than Coldplay when it comes to setting the tone for a movie soundtrack. As a band they're incapable of making anything but emotional music, which is usually a plus for getting people interested about a new flick. What's more exciting than the actual song is the lyric video that recently hit the interwebs. Check it below and don't be afraid to be amazed...

I'd argue that enough people are so gung-ho about the Hunger Games series that getting Coldplay to captain the soundtrack is merely icing on the cake. I say that because people are already talking about tickets going on sale for part 2, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, on October 1st. That wouldn't sound weird if I didn't tell you the movie is hitting theaters on November 22nd. Yea that's a little nuts, but I'd be lying if I wasn't a little excited for it and another Jennifer Lawrence movie...#CatchingFire

Coldplay - Atlas

Friday, September 06, 2013

Videos of the Week September 6th

And just when you thought Kenny Powers was gone for good, here he comes for Season 4 of Eastbound and Down. Honestly, I'm more than a little intrigued to see where the plot ventures off to now that Kenny seems to be done with baseball. As long as it involves Danny McBride being a complete as$hole, it'll find a way to be entertaining.

Not sure if you've caught it or not, but Drake interviews have been aplenty of late with Nothing Was the Same on the horizon. Just over two weeks left til it drops, which explains why he's saying things like "I aspire to be Marvin Gaye." It's nice to hear that he's not ever going to ever make a 100% Hip Hop album and stray away from what got him to the point he's at now. I still wish I coulda made it to the Made in America Festival last weekend. Ah, how I miss Philly! I've posted a few Decoded videos, but in general I'm a huge fan of the Life & Times series. Oh and Bone Thugs is back, which is good for Hip Hop in general...#BTNH
Eastbound and Down Season 4 Trailer

Made in America Festival Highlights - Jay Z Watching Deadmau5

Drake Aspires to be Marvin Gaye
Big Sean - First Chain (Decoded)

Bone Thugs feat Ty Dolla $ign - Everything 100 (Video)

Thursday, September 05, 2013

"I'm Warning You, Don't Turn on Me"'s always conspicuous when a song hits the internet, yet there is no official cover art for it. That's generally an indication that the song wasn't meant to be released. Kinda like Fiddy's new one featuring the KIDinaKorner all-stars Skylar Grey and Alex Da Kid. Check the confirmation tweet below from the man himself..
I'm not gung ho about the track like I usually am about just about everything Skylar and Alex touch. The beat is solid, Skylar's hook hits the spot, but I've never been a huge 50 fan lyrically. This song didn't necessarily change how I think, but it might be a different story for you if you're more of a fan than I am...#smsaudio

50 Cent feat Skylar Grey - Warning You (Don't Turn on Me) (prod by Alex Da Kid)

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Deadmau5 Loves Pets x 2

If you're like me, you wigged the f*ck out when you first heard deadmau5 play Strobe in concert. Played doesn't really do justice what he did to the song. On Philly's Festival Pier, he deconstructed and built the song from the bottom up, adding one layer at a time until it was a full musical composition. I had never heard an artist do that live in concert to give a symphony like experience with electronic music. After hearing that I gained a massive amount of respect for his talents as a musician.

I bring up Strobe because it reminded me a lot of both Pets 1 & 2. Taking it a step further, when put together as an entire ten minute song together as Pets 1 & 2 it comes close to approaching the awesomeness of Strobe. It's about as soothing as you can get with electronics, which is something not a lot of EDM artists can pull off. Tip of the cap Joel, your music is the gold standard for EDM for good reason...#Pets1

Deadmau5 - Pets 1 & 2

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Ellie Goulding Covers the Hell Out of Justin's Mirrors

Man just when you thought Justin Timberlake couldn't be topped at his own ballad, here comes Ellie Goulding outta nowhere. Whoever at BBC One was instrumental in making this happens deserves an extraordinary amount of dap. For added benefit, check the in-studio video below of the performance...oh and mind the three backup singers who helped it out...
The definition of a cover is taking a great song and making it your own. While I wouldn't say Ellie transformed it into something magical, she sure as hell put her stamp on his with her angelic voice. Now we get to wait for Justin to either react in admiration or call her up for a collabo. Selfishly I hope we get the latter...#Mirror

Found at

Ellie Goulding - Mirrors (Justin Timberlake cover)

Monday, September 02, 2013

Feel Good Dance Track for Labor Day

I'll admit, I've been sitting on this one for about a month now, but it's the type of smooth, feel good track that embodies what a day off should feel like. It's hard to ignore the saxophone's ability to inspire a crowd and De Hofnar showed exactly why that's the case on his new-ish track Vogelvlucht.

If you don't speak Dutch, according to the translated Wikipedia Vogelvlucht is "the collective term for the various ways in which birds move in flight." To put it succinctly, I bet you didn't think you'd a smooth jazz dance track having to do Ornithology on the blog today, did you? Just felt like keeping you on your toes today since Google tells me less people come to read on holidays. For those of you that do, I sincerely appreciate it and I hope you'll open your mind up to something inspirational and different today...#HappyLaborDay

De Hofnar - Vogelvlucht

Sunday, September 01, 2013

"Where the Sky is Blue Forever"

It's rare that I listen to a track and can't figure out on first listen why I like it. Usually there's some sort of long winded, overly adjective-d dramatic explanation that I can come up with to try and convey why I dig a track. Sometimes tracks like 's XXX 88 simply have an organic energy about them that is infectious and gives.

Maybe it's the horns and high octane vocals or the Diplo co-production that caught my eye. Either way, I'm a fan of the up and coming Danish artist that just so happens to be featured on Avicii's new album True. Evidently the track that was supposed to feature Lana Del Rey called Dance in the Water is actually going to be called Dear Boy and feature Karen Marie Ørsted or . I get how similar their voices are, but I would have thought there would have been some sort of clearly apparent correction that it wasn't Lana in the first place. Whatever the case, the fact that she's rubbing shoulders with some of the most talented DJs in the world should at the very least get your attention because it sure did mine...#XXX88 <---great song name to hashtag, take note artists

MØ - XXX 88 (prod by Diplo & Ronni Vindahl)

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