Friday, February 12, 2016

Videos of the Week February 12th

Was it me or did all the news this week in music center around Beyonce and Kanye? While it was tempting to post snippets of Kanye's Madison Square Garden album launch fashion show, it was much better consumed live. Instead, let's pivot to Beyonce who is hilariously being threatened to be banned from Canada. Anyone who saw the Super Bowl performance was probably inspired by the aggressive and controlled demeanor of Queen B. The same description could be given to her real video for Formation where she steams ahead, proudly proclaiming Black Pride.

It's hard to follow that type of video, but if you haven't heard of Parson James, here's another example why he's going to be a household name soon enough. The dude is such a talented vocalist, there's no denying it. Word it has it Zoolander 2 comes out this weekend and it's receiving sub-part reviews. Along the same silly comedy lines, Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson played egg roulette on Fallon. Anytime you can see Hall of Fame athletes making a fool of themselves, it's going to be a good time. Speaking of making a fool of yourself, Kevin Hart is legitimately scared of reptiles. Not just little lizards, but also big snakes. In his words, "Snakes are racist!" Yea lots of laughs this week for sure...#Ophidiophobia
Beyonce - Formation (Video)

Parson James Performs Temple on Late Night With Seth Myers
Zoolander 2 (Extended Trailer)

Egg Russian Roulette With Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson on Fallon

Kevin Hart is Afraid of Snakes...Hilarity Ensues

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