Monday, February 15, 2016

Marshmello & Slushii Wanted You 2 Have a Happy V-day

Sticking with the Valentines Day love for just one more day since there was so much love in the music world yesterday. It was near impossible topping Macklemore's stellar effort on Spoons, but since I'm partial to EDM, I feel the need to not entirely skip of Marshmello and Slushii's electronic slow jam version of WaNt U 2. If you're confused about the phrase electronic slow jam, that makes two of us because as I typed it I was thinking to myself "wtf is an electronic slow jam."

Well, I'll put it this way, I've never heard a slower, more exaggerated drop than what I witnessed below on the VIP edit. I haven't listened to much Slushii, but the high pitched sample and overall happy tone has Marshmello's style written all over it. It's the first time I've thought to myself, if a 90s slow jam were to made of entirely synths, this is what it would sound like. There's a nice, bouncy tempo leading up to the drop, but the drawn out, sappiness of the drop is somethin' special. It's a rare remix where I'm finding myself liking it more than the original version. In a an electronic world where it's becoming harder and harder to be different, this one sure threw more for a loop that I actually kind of like in a weird way...#WaNtU2

Marshmello x Slushii - WaNt U 2 (Valentines Day VIP Edit)


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