Saturday, February 13, 2016

"I Hit the Gym, All Chest No Legs"

As we all continue to wait with baited breath for Kanye's new album, The Life of Pablo, at least have a new track to chew on to pass the time. According to the latest news, the album is being mastered now and the track below will be song 14 on the official release...
30 Hours is an accessible track that relies on Kanye's penchant for storytelling. There are plenty of one liners sprinkled throughout that will garner a chuckle or two, which in a way, shows Ye's endearing side. It's a smooth addition to the tracklist that is evidently still a work in progress if you're believing the company line that it's now Chance the Rapper's fault for the delay. Let's all collectively hope that super villain wannabe Martin Shkreli's $10 million offer to buy his new album has nothing to do with the yellow light we seem to perpetually be stuck in as we wait for that iTunes link...#LifeOfPablo

Kanye West - 30 Hours


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