Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ocean Drives Gets a Bouncy Upgrade

When it comes to rhythmic Pop/House, Duke Dumont sets the standard. His latest single, Ocean Drive, is a perfect example of how to a simple beat and stellar vocals can translate to top 40 success. And now that it has reached those heights, it's a perfect candidate to be stretched and pulled every which way by other EDM artists.

One of those just happened to be up-and-comer Alison Wonderland. On the remix, she injected a whole lot of bounce and horns that reek of grandeur. It comes packing a boisterous sound capable of filling the most spacious arena. It's chill pop turnt up to put it bluntly as the kids would say it. Tip of the cap to Alison for changing the flavor of something I already liked, yet finding a way to keep it delicious...#OceanDrive

Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive (Alison Wonderland Remix)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"I Wish I Could Find My Taylor Swift"

Any track with the name Taylor Swift in it has to be pop, right? Well yea, actually it does. Two favorites of mine, The Knocks and Matthew Koma, proved that theory true this week when they released their new single I Wish (My Taylor Swift). You already know what to expect from Matthew Koma as a vocalist, but The Knocks showed out with their laid back house beat that would have made for a perfect summer anthem. In the Bay Area, it still feels like summer, so this one hit the spot. After one listen I was already singing along, which means this will be dangerous on radio. I'll be very surprised if this hasn't found it's way onto the majority of LA DJs playlists by the time I make my way down to Orange County in November. Feel free and cop it or join me in eagerly looking forward to The Knocks debut album 55...#MyTaylorSwift

The Knocks & Matthew Koma - I Wish (My Taylor Swift)

Monday, September 28, 2015

RL Grime Gives The Weeknd's Hills a Trap Treatment

Now that The Weeknd has officially become a household name, here come the onslaught of remixes from his latest album Beauty Behind the Madness. While everyone's favorite summer jam was Can't Feel My Face, The Hills has maintained a steady simmer over the past few months. The sappy R&B track was ripe for a Trap remix and it like a boss, RL Grime came through with a winner. Take the original vocals, throw in a sizeable amount of bass and a whole lot of slow clap and you've got the beauty below. If you're looking for a party starter, this won't help quench that thirst, but it's an underrated baby makin' track. Time and place matter, so queue this one up for the nightcap y'all...#TheHills

The Weeknd - The Hills (RL Grime Remix)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

"We're Living Limitless, I Refuse to Just Exist"

When it comes to melodic Dubstep, it's Adventure Club, then everyone else. Their new one, Limitless, has the huge, heavy drops you're accustomed to, but also heavily features the vocals of uber-talented Delaney Jane. There's a soothing quality to the track that fits well with the repeatable lyrics. It's not easy to pull off a track that is relaxing, but packed with energy, but they somehow did it. Tip of the cap to Adventure Club for not only the track, but also offering the download up for free. Don't mind if I do...#Limitless

Adventure Club feat Delaney Jane - Limitless

Saturday, September 26, 2015

marshmello Wants You to Bounce

I'm starting to figure why I like marshmello's music so much. Each release of his that I've listened to has been chalked full of high pitched synths that produce such an upbeat, happy vibe, it's hard not to like it. Even better, BoUnCE might be my favorite track he's released thus far. I'll admit, I didn't know what to think of the piano lead in, but the bouncy mix of bass and those characteristically high pitched synths work oh so well together. The beat breakdowns throughout the track are worthy of a slow clap after you finish nodding your head uncontrollably. Unlike others I'm not as bothered that we don't quite know his identity, but I'll hold out hope with the rest of y'all that we finally learn his identity when he performs over Halloween. Until then I'm building one HELL of a marshmello playlist, which should keep me occupied in the meantime...#mellogang

marshmello - BoUnCE (Original Mix)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Videos of the Week September 25th

A whole lot of randomness this week with a few late night highlights leading the way. First let me say thank you to Radio 1 for continuing to surprise us with interesting cover versions of tracks. First it was Sam Smith and Disclosure covering Drake, not Chvrches covering Bieber. Any time songs are able to be reimagined in a live setting by talented people, we all win. Speaking of we all win, how bout Bernie Sanders' prospects of being elected. We all wish he were getting more press, so I would have been remiss if I hadn't included Colbert's promo for his show this week (#FeelTheBern).

In other news, I appreciated the vibrant augmented reality style of Tiesto and Don Diablo's new video for Chemicals. I'm having a really hard time moving on from the track, which isn't a bad thing. Also, did anyone get a bit nostalgic with the Keenan and Kel Good Burger throwback skit? Yea, it was pretty stupid humor at the time, but it succeeded in making me reminisce. And last, but definitely not least, who else is pumped for the Angry Birds movie? As a recovered Angry Birds perfectionist, I'll admit to being skeptical of it being able to be translated into a movie. Then I noticed Danny McBride, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader and Key were all voices in the movie and excitement prevailed. Let's just hope the script lives up to the hype...#AngryBirdsMovie
Tiesto & Don Diablo - Chemicals (Video)

Keenan and Kel Reunite for Good Burger Sketch on Fallon

Chvrches Covers Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?”

Stephen Colbert Puts Everyone on Bern Notice

Angry Birds Movie Teaser Trailer

Image Credit: YouTube

Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Like a True Player Runnin' Out the Endzone"

Ah yes, the crown jewel of Big Grams' new EP finally made its way onto the internet and is currently wreaking havoc on speakers worldwide. If you thought you knew what heavy sounded like, I'd challenge you to rethink your definition after listening to the track below. Skrillex came correct with a rolling 808 bass line that will leave you wondering whether you have a whole pack of midgets in the backseat wraslin'. It sounds like Big Boi and Skrillex said, don't worry Phantogram, we've got this one and then proceeded to weave together a fierce three minutes and 47 seconds of loud bass and clangy percussion. It's only a seven song EP, but I'm fully bought into the genre bending rhythms that Big Grams has managed to put together...#DrumMachine

Big Grams feat Skrillex - Drum Machine

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Always Overstood, Never Undermined"

I must say, this whole Big Grams supergroup thing is really working well thus far. Their lead single Fell in the Sun was like a cool breath of fresh air on a day with no clouds. And now here comes the second salvo from ATL's finest in the form of Goldmine Junkie. Instead of it's heavy and funk filled predecessor, their newest track is more of a jazzy ballad. Check it out below...

When was the last time you hear Big Boi harmonize on a track? Tip of the cap to Sir Lucious for showing a wider range of skills. If these two tracks are any kid of indiction of what's to come, Big Grams' upcoming EP may be gaining steam for top release in 2015 when it finds its way onto the internet in two days. I certainly hope to validate that when I see them perform live at Treasure Island Music Festival in about a month...#BigGrams

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Granada I'm Falling Under Your Spell"

Maaaaan does this track have whip appeal! Are you kidding me? Game with Skrillex and Bangladesh on the same track?!?!? I feel like we all hit the lottery tonight as a result of this deck rattling banger of a collaboration.

After a few listens, I'm still trying to understand how Skrillex fits into this equation, but I'm far from complaining. Between the white hot fire verses from The Game, the horn sample and reverberating bass, this track has a lot of what I love about Hip Hop. With Game's new Documentary 2 a few weeks away from release, this was the perfect catalyst to generate hype for the upcoming album. Lord have mercy, it'll be at least a few weeks before I get sick of this one...#ElChapo

The Game feat Skrillex - El Chapo (prod By Bangladesh)

Monday, September 21, 2015

ODESZA Takes on Porter Robinson's Divinity

It seems like I'm posting a new ODESZA track every other day of late but I blame that on my inability to give them proper love over the past year. Their newest creation is a remixed version of Porter Robinson's Divinity. Check the original for reference...

Where the original track is much more up and down, taking the listener on a full six minute journey of synths, the remix is a bit more even keeled. There's less roller coaster tempo changes, but as a result, the vibe on the remix seems a bit more chill. If you're a fan of both artists, you'll appreciate the subtle differences between two. I'd be remiss if I didn't shout out Amy Millan for her vocal contribution on both versions. In case you missed it from all the other recent posts, ODESZA's deluxe version of In Return was released last week. I'm really liking the live versions of tracks they added to the original LP, which has given even more reason to keep their new release on steady repeat...#Divinity

Porter Robinson feat Amy Millan - Divinity (ODESZA Remix)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

"These After Hours Got Me Charged"

Man, imagine what would happen if you took the quirky bounciness of Troyboi's sound and put excellent vocals over the top. Oh yea, and add in a little tribal flavor from Diplo too, doesn't that sound tasty? You better believe it is, Afterhours is the result of a handful of talented people who came together to create a unified sound. In hindsight, the Diplo and TroyBoi Mad Decent driven collaboration is long overdue because of how much they have in common, but when was the last time you heard Nina Sky on a new track? Just because they haven't been featured a lot lately didn't reduce the amount of excitement I had when I saw them on the track. On the Trap scale, Troyboi skews more toward Hip Hop than electronic and to his credit, I think he's done it better than anyone else coming from the Hip Hop angle. I'm excited that he's now starting to get more opportunities to make music with other talented people. Feel free and grab this one digitally if you were as psyched about it as I was...#Afterhours

TroyBoi feat Diplo & Nina Sky - Afterhours

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Chainsmokers x Tritonal = A Dynamic Quartet

If I had taken the time to come up with a wish list of possible collaborations, this would have been near the top. I don't need to waste your time telling you how much I enjoy The Chainsmokers music, but I've admittedly not posted enough Tritonal music to adequately express how great they are. When I think of Tritonal a few adjectives come to mind: melodic and ethereal. Their mix of bubbly synths and consistently on point vocals are a big reason why I hold their music in high regard.

So what happens when you throw Alex and Drew into the mix? You get an happy electronic ballad like Until You Were Gone. Featuring the vocals of Emily Warren and led by a powerful chord progression, there's a lot of evidence that the collaboration lived up to the hype. The track succeeds in that it doesn't get too upbeat too quick, which makes the release after the job that much more jubilant. If you're nodding in agreement as I'm writing this, head on over to iTunes to add this one to library so that you can try and find it within the now ridiculously crowded Apple Music app...#UntilYouWereGone

The Chainsmokers & Tritonal feat Emily Warren - Until You Were Gone

Friday, September 18, 2015

Videos of the Week September 18th

If you're a fan of late night comedy and festival after movies, then this week is right up your alley. Between Tomorrowland and the Spring Awakening, this may as well be an advertisement for electronic music. One was in Belgium and one was in Chicago, but they both ratcheted up the energy in their own crazy ways. Being from the Midwest, Spring Awakening is without a doubt in the top five on my festival bucket list.

In other news, Ariana Grande might have a career in acting the way she can impersonate other pop divas on Fallon. On the other side of the late night able now sits Stephen Colbert who found a way to roast celebrity lifestyle brands by creating one of his own. Really pumped he's back on television and you can bet there will be plenty more snippets of his shows in the future. Rounding out the top five is Disclosure's new video for their latest single Jaded. It was cool to hear Howard Lawrence's vocal debut on the track over their typically awesome production. Caracal is a week away, color me excited as hell to listen to their album from front to back...#Caracal
Disclosure - Jaded (Video)

Tomorrowland Festival Aftermovie

Spring Awakening Festival Aftermovie

Ariana Grande Impersonates Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Celine Dion on Fallon

Stephen Colbert Goes to Town on Celebrity Lifestyle Brands (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sam Smith & Disclosure Cover Drake's Hotline Bling

I'm struggling with a bit of an existential crisis tonight as a result of the video below. By now you're all keenly aware of my affinity for both Drake and Sam Smith, so you're most likely nodding your head in empathy for what I'm going through right now. Then, you throw in a Disclosure cameo on the production just for good measure and the result is a more than a little tough to process.

I'll put it this way, it didn't matter what the end result was of Sam and Disclosure's cover of Hotline Bling, there's no possible way it was going to live up to my expectations. Full disclosure (no pun intended), I wasn't a huge fan of the original version of Hotline Bling, so the cover was already set up to fail. Given, it was a live cover, which requires a good amount of prep and thought, but the lounge feel on the instrumental was a bit vanilla. Sure, Sam brought his usual sweet vocals, but it was missing the punch and exclamation that he usually brings to songs. Let's just call this one interesting and move on, cool?...#HotlineBling

Photo Credit: YouTube

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"No One Can Love Me Like You Do, It's Automatic"

Just in case you weren't already intrigued by the mythical being that goes by the name of ZHU, here's a fresh new reason to pique your curiosity. The track already had enough hype leading up to its release, but having BBC Radio 1 premiere it tonight too the hype to another level. It helps that Automatic features UK's own AlunaGeorge, but in all honesty, it didn't need any hometown love to jettison the new single to success.

If you're a fan of ZHU's swanky, womp womp sound with sultry vocals, this will resonate with you. The low pitched vocal samples serve as a watermark on ZHU's sound and Aluna's soothing high-pitched vocals contrast well. My favorite part of the track was the beat break down around the three minute mark that was highlighted by a saxy ride out. Word has it this will be one of many tracks released by ZHU as part of his Genesis Series. It will feature the likes of Skrillex, Bone Thugs and A-Trak, so feel free and hop on the excited bus and keep F5ing the internet until a release date is posted...#Automatic

Zhu feat AlunaGeorge - Automatic

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Listen to Odesza Bloom in Front of Your Eyes

I love it when artists release live versions of tracks and they take on a life of their own. For example, when Odesza takes an already awesome single (Bloom) and chops it up right in front of thousands of people. In case Light wasn't enough reason to purchase the deluxe version of their recent album In Return, here's another. In case you missed it, the re-release will be available digitally on September 18th and you can jump on the pre-order bandwagon here. Better yet, grab a ticket or two to see them live like I did before they sell out. I honestly had no idea they were so in-demand that they warranted opening up multiple shows at some of their bigger shows. If you'll be attending the SF shows, holler atcha boy GWDJ...#InReturn

Odesza - Bloom (Live)

Monday, September 14, 2015

"We're All Chemicals, We Are"

This might sound like a stupid question, but is Tiesto on a roll lately? He proved with his last album that his music has worldwide appeal and lately he's been hammering home that point with a whole lot of catchy top 40 progressive house singles. I'm having a hard time quitting his recent single with The Chainsmokers and he's already on to the next one with Thomas Troelsen. Chemicals is about as fun and repeatable as it gets in EDM. The high pitched vocals lead the way and the bouncy synths set the hook after the drop. If you're itching to add this to your favorite playlist, you'll have to continue to wait patiently for another week. Until then, feel free to join me in keeping this in heavy rotation...#Chemicals

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Astronauts Etc and Chaz Make Rocket Man Their Own

What better way to cap off the week than a journey off the usual electronic path to revisit a classic. First and foremost, it should be stated that nobody can touch Elton John's original version of Rocket Man. That being said, I couldn't help but get excited to see Toro Y Moi's name associated with a cover version. Following the lead of Astronauts Etc, Chaz provided a much needed assist on a surprisingly throwback, heavily funk fortified rendition of Rocket Man.

Yes, the cool, jazzy vibe is addicting, but my favorite part of the track is the 45 second snippet around the 2:45 mark where the instrumental takes front stage. The strong, but steady bass line does an excellent job of being the north star, guiding the listener through the track. Given the monumental task of rethinking Elton's classic, I'd say they did a solid job of making it their own without stretching it too far from it's original sound...#RocketMan

Astronauts Etc feat Toro Y Moi - Rocket Man

Saturday, September 12, 2015

"I Knew That I Would Love You Til the Day I Died"

The words pop and MNEK didn't seem fitting to be included in the same sentence until this week. With the help of rising Swedish pop star Zara Larson, Uzo Emenike helped craft a head-turning collaboration into an upbeat duet. It's not a collaboration you would have been able to predict, but we're all better off now that it happened. Never Forget You is lyrically thoughtful and executed with stellar vocals. The bouncy house beat and gradual build ups are what save the track from being too formulaic and typical. If you're not familiar with either artist, here's a great snapshot of their potential...#NeverForgetYou

Friday, September 11, 2015

Videos of the Week September 11th

If you find The Chainsmokers entertaining then you're in luck this week. They pack a lot of personality and that was on full display as they coached Shaq up on DJ-ing to prepare him for his upcoming TomorrowWorld set. And then they playfully flipped out on Tiesto calling them out on Snapchat by kidnapping him, burying him and then paying for it when he comes back from the dead to harm them. I know, exactly what you were thinking their new video would be, right?

In non-Chainsmoker videos, there was plenty of Hip Hop on the docket. Led by late show performances from Kendrick Lamar on Colbert and Wiz Khalifa/Fall Out Boy on Fallon, there's plenty of live entertainment to take in. And if you're a fan of MPCs and/or Logic, you'll appreciate the quick promo he put together to get you all hyped up for his upcoming Incredible True Story album. I appreciated the comedic value of the end of video too for those of you who enjoy cutting out on videos before they end...#IncredibleTrueStory
The Chainsmokers & Tiesto - Split (Only U)

Kendrick Lamar Performs Three Songs on Colbert (Video)

Logic - The Incredible True Story Trailer

Wiz Khalifa & Fall Out Boy Perform Stayin' Out All Night on Fallon

The Chainsmokers Prepare Shaq for TomorrowWorld Set
Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Eyes on the Hourglass, As We Sink Into the Sand"

A few years back, you would have had to visit a swanky five star lounge to experience Deep House music. In my eyes, there type of music had become associated with an upgraded or exclusive experience. About a year ago, that perception was flipped on its head thanks to Disclosure. They took the vibrant, rhythmic essence of Deep House and morphed it into something much crisper and funkier than anything I had ever heard.

Thanks in large part to them leading the way, the genre has taken off in popularity and is spun with a lot more frequency in any club that plays dance music. And that's going to continue with their new album Caracal about two weeks away from release. I've had their collabo (Omen) with Sam Smith on repeat for the past month and now I've got another to add to it in the form of Hourglass. With the help of Lion Babe, an upbeat tempo and some well timed womp womp, you can chalk up another one for the good guys. There simple isn't another act who is capable of making this type of music as well as Disclosure...#Caracal

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

ATL STAND UP! Big Grams is in the Building

Nowadays it's hard to come out of nowhere with an album and legitimately surprise people. Despite the odds, a dynamic duo formed out of the ether today and moments ago dropped a lead single. The supergroup, known as Big Grams, is comprised of ATL's finest, Big Boi and Phantogram. Between them, they bring immense amounts of funk and Southern drawl that packing a slow and melodic punk. Press play before I get too effusive with my praise...

Everything from the slow, bass and horn heavy beat to the high pitched hook meshes so well together. It's the type of fresh Georgia Hip Hop that we knew and grew to love in the early 2000s. I'm not sure whether it's the nostalgia that got me tonight or whether fresh Hip Hop is becoming increasingly hard to come by, but Fell in the Sun is hands down one of my favorite tracks of 2015 thus far. Stay on the look out for Big Grams upcoming seven song EP (that will feature Skrillex and Run the Jewels) due out on September 25th...#FellInTheSun

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

"Can You Feel it in the Air?"

Remember that track from Hermitude about a month ago called The Buzz? Well, it seems to have gained some traction, garnering over a million Soundcloud plays over the past month. Today we got some icing on that cake in the form of a trap remix from fellow buzzy Aussie Alison Wonderland. After having witnessed her set in person a few months back, I feel a lot better pushing my chips all in on her. Her stage charisma is hard to explain, but it definitely adds to her ability to control a crowd. The remix features Hodgy Beats and adds a steady amount of horns and bass to the original version. It taps into that rare mix of loud, but chill that the future bass sub-genre is becoming known for. For those doubting that Australia is becoming a hotbed for EDM talent, feel free and take a seat on this little 💺...#TheBuzz

Hermitude – The Buzz (Alison Wonderland Remix feat Hodgy Beats)

Monday, September 07, 2015

"Maybe it Might Be Time, For a Better Day"

It's been a bit of a bumpy year for Avicii, filled with health scares and cancelled tour dates. We all hoped the time off would do the trick and get him on the path to recovering, but that recovery hit a snag this week. If you were hoping to see Avicii in 2015, you're going to have to postpone that thought until at least 2016. Yes, there's talk of an even bigger tour next year with the release of his upcoming album, but the cynic in me just hopes Tim can stay together long enough to allow us to hear more new music.

Speaking of more new music, Avicii just followed his tour cancellation announcement by releasing new videos for two new tracks. Between the two, I favor For A Better Day over Pure Grinding, which is why it is embedded below. Both are directed by Avicii and are more violent than you'd expect. Clearly there's an edgier side to him that I didn't know about. When you listen to the track below, you'll immediately know it's Avicii because of the piano lead that paves the way for another upbeat, swanky hit. Keep an eye out for Stories, it's now less than a month away...#ForABetterDay

Sunday, September 06, 2015

"Look Mama I Made it to Forbes"

Compared to yesterday's post from Tory Lanez and BenZel, today's Hip Hop and electronic fling is much more turnt up (as the kids say). If you're into dramatic, high intensity drops, then you'll enjoy what Borgore came up with in Forbes. With the help of cult favorite rapper/producer G-Easy, there's a celebratory feel that comes from the phrase "look mama I made it to Forbes." It's Trap to a T because without the drop, you could easily convince me that it's a Southern Hip Hop track. I'd be remiss not to shout out to Styles & Complete on the production assist too. I may be a Sunday, but there's plenty of weekend left to bang this one out...#IMadeItToForbes

Borgore Ft. G-Eazy - Forbes (prod by Borgore & Styles & Complete)

Saturday, September 05, 2015

"I Love the Way You Operate"

Wow...this confirms the excitement I initially felt about BenZel after hearing Waiting. What I didn't expect was a collaboration with Tory Lanez and a Kill Paris sample as icing on the cake. Initiation is a track that will remind you of Drake or Trey Songz stylistically. It's that thuggish sing-songy R&B with a slow, heavy beat. Using a sample from Operate, the track ebbs and flows between a soulful harmony and slow trap. Very chill, but plenty of of intrigue on the beat with this one...#FargoFridays

Tory Lanez x BenZel - Initiation

Friday, September 04, 2015

Videos of the Week September 4th

R&B is the recurring theme sprinkled throughout this week's top 5. Led by Majid Jordan and Drake's sultry duet My Love and Bieb's new one for What Do You Mean?, there was plenty of caressing and harmony at the top. If you were like many people and jumped on the T-Pain can't sing bandwagon, that wagon is starting to look more and more empty nowadays. Yes, Teddy Pain used the autotune to death, but that doesn't mean he isn't a talented vocalist. Feel free and watch his inspiring rendition of the national anthem if you don't know what I'm talking about.

In non-R&B news, the trailer for Concussion with Will Smith looks like an interesting upcoming film. Yes, it's a bummer that we learned how a lot of the plot was "shaped to the NFL's liking" thanks to the hacked Sony emails, but hopefully it will help continue to evolve the discussion around head injuries, especially in sports. Rounding out this week's top 5 is yet another trailer for an upcoming festival. TomorrowWorld's fairytale magic will be coming to Hotlanta later this month and you better believe the folks at GWDJ are more than a little excited about it...#TomorrowWorld
Concussion Trailer feat Will Smith

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?

Majid Jordan feat Drake - My Love (Video)

TomorrowWorld: The Key to Happiness (Trailer)

T-Pain Owns the National Anthem in LA

Photo Credit: YouTube

Thursday, September 03, 2015

"I'll Be Here For You, Here For You"

Remember back last February when Kygo unleashed a fresh new creation that served as the 2015 Ultra Music Festival anthem? Well, it seems the track is finally going to get it's time in the limelight thanks to a soulful vocal performance by Ella Henderson. If you aren't familiar with Ella, then you're clearly not one of the 67 million or so people who gave her debut single Ghost a listen. Yep, I agree, she's talented isn't she?

Needless to say, feel free and add Here For You to the growing list of quality singles that will presumably be on some type of official album for Kygo. It may be a bit of a retread instrumental wise, but it's a solid chaser to wash down the taste of Nothing Left. Considering the run that Kygo is on, he deserves a mulligan or two while he continues to blaze the trail of Trop House...#HereForYou
Kygo feat Ella Henderson - Here For You

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

"Move the Crowd When the Beat Goes Down"

Welp...I guess if there was anyone trying to say that The Chainsmokers weren't a big deal, they sort of lost that leg to stand on this week. I say that because a collaboration with Tiesto means you're officially no longer small potatoes. The best part about it you ask? It's that the song doesn't suck at all. In fact, it's one of those rare tracks that actually live up to the expectations and hype.

If you're like me, you listened to Split (Only U) and thought to yourself how incredibly familiar it sounded. That's because it is familiar...if you're an early 2000s R&B fan...

Shout out to 7 Aurelius for the original production that went much harder in the decks than your average R&B song. Who would have known a decade later it would be flipped into an EDM anthem and released by Tiesto's own record label, Musical Freedom? Enjoy this one at a high volume folks, there's no half steppin' on a track of this caliber...#Split

Tiƫsto & The Chainsmokers - Split (Only U)

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

"Tonight I Need Your Help Remembering Myself"

In a world filled with millions of people who think they are capable of making great music, uniqueness is a fleeting characteristic that many artists continue to chase like a ghost in the night. Especially in electronic music, you can only have so many formulaic build ups, drops and womp womp before a lot of music starts drifting toward the median. All that being said, Stephen managed to put together a track that I'd best describe as novel.

Where do I start with describing Remembering Myself. starts out like many other contemporary rock tracks with vocals over a mellow guitar riff. As the song progresses, there are blues and rock undertones that shine through, giving the track a personality that starts sounding distinctly different. Then, you get the electronic infusion on the hook, which makes you re-think everything you thought you were hearing. Toward the end, you start to appreciate the rock and a more distinct and edgy guitar riff takes the song to it's crescendo. In total, it's a really interesting track that I'm enjoying more and more with each listen.

If you're wondering who in the heck this Stephen Swartz guy is, feel free and read up on his latest "This is Me" post on his website. All in all a cool story and this isn't the first time he's lit up the internet with his music too. Those that remember Bullet Train have been waiting patiently for over two years for new material. Metaphorically speaking, I missed that train two years ago, but I have bought a first class ticket to this one....#RememberingMyself

Stephen - Remembering Myself

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