Sunday, August 20, 2017

"Not a Single Day Goes By That You Don't Cross My Mind"

With every new release I fall for A R I Z O N A a little bit more. It all started with Oceans Away, which led me to their debut album Gallery. If you head on over to Spotify, you'll learn that of the standout tracks on the album was Cross My Mind. Knowing that the track was such a slam dunk, A R I Z O N A went ahead and created a mini-mixtape with two alternate versions of the track, as well as a live version guessed it...the state of Arizona. How perfect!

But the real reason why you're reading this today is because Kiiara continued her vocal assault on pop music on Part 2 of the track. The vocals on the original are great in their own right, but her vocals give the new version a duet vibe that elevates it to new heights. I'm not a huge electro-pop guy, but I'm a fan of music that makes me feel something. I may have a tough time articulating what that means, but A R I Z O N A seems to have figured it out. Let's just say we're in the first quarter of posts you're likely to see in this neighborhood of the internet...#CrossMyMindPart2

A R I Z O N A feat Kiiara - Cross My Mind (Part 2)


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