Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Tonight I Might Change My Life, All For You"

It's been a minute since I've felt like I'm on the same wavelength as Frank Ocean. I wasn't a huge fan of Biking, Chanel, or RAF, but I can zone out to his new one Provider. His buttery smooth vocals work really well over the simple, mellow beat. Frank is at his best when his soothing vocals match with the instrumental. There's beauty in simplicity and that's what he got right on Provider.

I really wish I could post the lyric video, but it's only available full screen via this link. If there's one thing I've learned about Frank, it's that he isn't afraid to do different and pick a path nobody else chose. Everything from the construction of the boombox to the bouncy Hello Kitty lyrics are quirky AF. But it makes for an entertaining watch while you're listening along. Cop this one on iTunes or Spotify and keep it locked for plenty more newness from Frank in the near future...#Provider

Frank Ocean - Provider


Embroidery Digitizing Services November 17, 2023 at 3:26 AM  

Tonight I might change my life, all for you." These words echo the profound sentiment of a pivotal moment, a decision teetering on the brink of transformation. It embodies the courage to embrace change, to embark on a journey fueled by passion or love, to take a leap of faith that could redefine one's existence. It encapsulates the power of choice, the exhilaration of possibilities waiting to unfold, and the willingness to surrender to the unknown for the sake of something or someone deeply cherished. It's a declaration of readiness, an ode to the exhilarating uncertainty of taking a step that might alter the course of life's narrative, all in pursuit of a profound and meaningful change.

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