Monday, August 21, 2017

"Make Love to Me Like You Never Have"

It took me a few listens to wrap my head around the one below, but I've decided I'm a fan. Simply put it's different. I haven't heard more than a handful of songs from Oshi, but this concoction of 90s style R&B with heavy bass is a good look. It's as if R&B and Trap had a one night stand and the result is a sultry love child in Stay. Even better, he reps positivity above all else. Peep the message below...

"with all the negativity goin on in the mf world yall need to realise that the only thing that perpetuates is the selfishness behind everyone wanting to be right, when in actuality if u all just shut up and listen to each other it might just help.. in other news i think i came out as bi officially today, so go make love to ur partner or partners ( no one is judging ) to this < 3 ily all –Oshi"

It's not hard to get behind someone who is unafraid to be themself in a world that is trending toward a lack of acceptance. Much love Oshi, keep repping love and others will follow...#Stay

Oshi - Stay


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