Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Louis the Child Drop a Chano Mix and Announce Fall Tour

Despite their stylistic differences, I have a hard time distinguishing Louis Futon's music with Louis the Child. Given the amount of music I've written about for each of them, I'm clearly a fan of what they're both doing. Tonight it was the Child's turn to step into the limelight with a remix of Chance the Rapper's All Night. For the uninformed who haven't taken a few laps around Coloring Book, press play on the YouTube video below for context...

Let's just say Louis the Child took the smooth vibe of the original and cranked the energy level up a few notches. Where the original bobs along with a bubbly bass line, the remix takes a decidedly different percussion led angle. You'll immediately be able to feel the Louis the Child influence post-drop around the one minute mark. The vibrant, bouncy chords are a dead giveaway. Whatever you do, don't miss out on that dope beat break down around the 2:37 mark. The throwback video game synths unleashed at a breakneck pace are a good look. Speaking of a good look, don't miss out on seeing Louis the Child on the road in the coming months. Tour dates below and I'll see y'all in the East Bay in early December...#LastToLeaveTour

Chance the Rapper - All Night (Louis the Child Remix)


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