Friday, August 18, 2017

Videos of the Week August 18th

Complete and udder randomness is what you can expect in this week's top five. Led by Gorillaz new augmented reality club video for Strobelite, the bar for creativity was set high from the start. But then it was quickly surpassed by Snapchat's new awe-inspiring Crowd Surf feature that debuted at Outside Lands last weekend. Basically through timestamps and such, they're able to splice together a whole lot of video and audio to create a seamless audio experience as the perspectives switch on the stories that are pieced together. It may seem like a small thing, but jumping from cut to cut of the same song is not a fun listen. Kudos to Snapchat for pioneering and Lorde for debuting.

Continuing the quirky, out of left field videos with Logic's animated cameo on the latest Rick and Morty episode. Definitely willing to cop to never having watched an episode before his cameo, but now I'm intrigued. Oh and did you ever wonder which of the Seven Dwarves Snoop wanted to punch in the face? Or how Snoop remembers passwords despite being high all the time? Well, luckily Jimmy Kimmel got some quality one-on-one with the Dogfather to ask him. And last, but one of the greatest closing videos of the week, we have the Kyrie and LeBron saga played to the tune of Eminem's Stan. The way it's able to creatively cut through the tension of the situation using Em's template is exemplary. Shout of to AOK for throwing that together. If you're at all familiar with the situation, you're going to be more than a little entertained by it...#Stan

Gorillaz - Strobelite (Video)

Snapchat Debuts New Crowd Surf Feature at Outside Lands

Logic's Cameo Spot on Rick & Morty

Kimmel Hosts Snoop Dogg for Three Ridiculous Questions

Kyrie and LeBron Parody Over Eminem's Stan

Photo Credit: YouTube

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