Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"Kiss Me With Your Eyes Open"

Saying that Whethan is on a roll doesn't do justice to the epic streak of recent singles he's put out. Savage, Love Gang, and Good Nights come to mind when thinking of flame-worthy singles. The best part about it? All three of them are distinctly different. The first one's a banger, the second is an edgy pop single, and the third is a quiet Indie track.

So what about the new one you ask? I'd characterize Sleepy Eyes as chill electronica. Elohim's vocals set the tone, but the bubbly drop is what will cause you to save it to your newest playlist. It's rare that a new artist can be so all over the place, but in good way. In baseball you'd call that effectively wild. In the music sense, it's more of an inability to predict what's next, which makes for plenty of anticipation before hitting play. What will Whethan do next? Guess we'll see, but it churning out a fifth stellar single in a row will be a tall task...#SleepyEyes

Elohim & Whethan - Sleepy Eyes


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