Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring on the Buzzer"

Chance the Rapper is a rare artist that refuses to emit anything but positive vibes. I can say without hesitation that every time I've seen him on stage or holding a mic, he's worn that million dollar smile. It's as if his smile is as much of his routine as putting on underwear and socks everyday.

Want a recent example? Check him previewing new music via Instagram this week...

100% infectious. Sort of like the new unreleased track with his younger brother Taylor Bennett. Gimme a Call teeters between harmonious vocals and sharp barbed bars. The dash of playful piano mixed throughout provides a perfect backdrop for the Bennett brothers to show you exactly how much chemistry they have together. Unreleased tracks are great, but I can't wait to some more of his new reggae music, as well as his possible collabos with John Mayer and Bruno Mars...#GimmeACall

Chano X S.O.X Ft. Taylor Bennett - Gimmie A Call

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