Sunday, August 27, 2017

Snakehips Flips Lana Del Rey's Summer Bummer

Generally speaking, I like Lana Del Rey's music. Her throwback vocals always seem to reel me in because of how distinct and melancholy they sound. Even better, when she collaborates with A$AP Rocky, good things usually happen. Knowing all that, it was probably a surprise that I didn't post their recent single, Summer Bummer. Check it below for reference...

My issue with the track was monotonous vibe. Even though Lana can do melancholy with the best of them, it's usually because there's an emotional component to the instrumental that allows her vocals to shine. That didn't happen on the original version, but it did on Snakehips' remix of the track. They added a bit more bounce to the beat and clap to the percussion that really elevated both the vocals and verses. At the heart of it, this is why I love remixes. When done well, like Snakehips did, it can clear a new pathway to a track that previously wasn't there...#SummerBummer

Lana Del Rey feat A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti - Summer Bummer (Snakehips Remix)


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