Monday, August 14, 2017

"I'm Goin' Bonnie and Clyde Without You"

As promised, here's another standout track from Avicii's new six song AVĪCI (01) EP. If you're an avid Avicii fan, you've probably been F5-ing the internet for the better part of a year as you impatiently waited for the studio version to drop. Featuring standout vocals from Sandro Cavazza, Without You will push and pull at your heart strings as you figure out whether to sing along or dance. It's dripped with jubilance and comes equipped with a potent combination of piano/acoustic guitar and uplifting chords. If you're like me you've missed the hell out of Avicii and this serves as yet another example of his unmatched potential to story tell musically. If you haven't done a few laps around his new album, you're nuts...but here are the iTunes and Spotify links if you're in search of a reprieve...#WithoutYou

Avicii feat Sandro Cavazza - Without You

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