Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Let's Kiss and Then Take Off Our Clothes"

Another week, another Whethan heater. It's as if he's about to embark on a huge tour and he wants to keep a steady stream of his music on our recent playlists. Before I get too far, go ahead and take note when he's coming to a city near you...

As far as his new remix of Lorde's Perfect Places, it's out there, but in a good way. The same way you'll hear Baauer and RL Grime occasionally venture off the reservation, Whethan filled the remix with plenty of experimental samples. Between the pops, clacks, and clangs and vibrant synths, there's a whole lot of bass and sultry vocals. It's a fun, upbeat take on Lorde's original, playful pop track. You won't be able to track this one down on iTunes or Spotify, but if you're like me, you're all good with Soundcloud...#PerfectPlaces

Lorde - Perfect Places (Whethan Remix)


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