Sunday, August 06, 2017

"Where'd You Go? Please. Does Anyone Know?"

Above and Beyond's newest single perfectly sums up how I felt this weekend. Laid back, relaxed, with a few moments of excitement. The excitement for me was watching a rare comeback Giants win vs the Nats last night, but the prevailing chill has conquered all the stress from the previous week. If only I had Marty Longstaff's tranquil vocals sprinkled throughout the work week to maintain the chill vibe that Tightrope embodied.

The track is already on Spotify/iTunes, but if you're more of a longform fan, you can catch a club mix of Tightrope on Above & Beyond's new Group Therapy 243 mix. It's rare that albums are actually mixed together for one cohesive, DJ narrated experience, but that's what you get when you unwrap a ABGT mix. Truly a choose your own adventure on this one, but we're lucky to be able to unpack an abundance of chill from the English trance trio...#Tightrope

Above & Beyond feat Marty Longstaff - Tightrope


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