Thursday, August 31, 2017

"I Come Through, Bull in a China Shop"

I never thought I'd get to say this, but Ice Cube's brash delivery on the mic is perfect for Trap music. Thanks to Troyboi's new Left is Right album, we no longer have to use our imagination to wonder what a crossover between 90s rap and modern day Trap would sound like. Thinking about it a bit more, Troyboi's heavy, chopped up style is the perfect bus stop for Hip Hop to hitch onto the EDM movement.

In all honesty, it's a chicken or the egg scenario. Did Hop Hop lay the ground roots for modern Trap music to thrive? Or did EDM blaze it's own path and start incorporating more bass, which made it appeal more to the Hip Hop heads? Is it now Hip Hop's turn to hitch a ride back onto the more relevant, boundary pushing genre in a evolve or get passed up sort of way? It's all fun food for thought, but what I do know is that Troyboi is running ahead of all of us in an effort to create the bounciest, most type form of music imaginable. That description right there is fitting for his new full length album. It's loaded, front to back. You'll get a few past favorites like ili and O.G., but for the most part, there's a ton of great new music to dive into. Feel free to choose your own iTunes or Spotify or Soundcloud adventure, but whatever you do, DO NOT sleep on this album...#LeftIsRight

Troyboi feat Ice Cube - Look At Me


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