Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Nero's Innocence Gets a Homemade Refresh

I wonder why more artists don't release remixes of their own tracks. You'd think the modular approach that many artists employ with samples couldn't be used more freely to create alternate versions of songs. Like for example, Nero's new, "Reopened" version of their classic Innocence. For full context, check out the original below..

Where the original was very heavily soaked in Dubstep, the new version embraces a much more thumping, progressive house vibe. Sure, the vocal samples are the same, but that's about it. You still get the dark, haunting chords mixed throughout, but the heavy, wobbly drops are nowhere to be found. In a lot of ways it shows how their sound as a group has evolved over time, which I can appreciate since it has coincided my ever changing EDM tastes. Join me aboard the hype train for their upcoming new album?...#Innocence

Nero - Innocence (Reopened)


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