Thursday, August 03, 2017

DJ Sliink & Skrillex Team Up With Wale on Saint Laurent

Is Jersey Club making a comeback? A few weeks back Marshmello paid homage to Bmore Club with his Mask Off remix and now we've got a DJ Sliink sighting this week. Saint Laurent is as energetic and chopped up as you'd expect from a Jersey Club track. It fits the stop and go, bass heavy vibe of many previous Skrillex tracks. I love that the beat reminded Wale of DC's Go-go style, building a bridge to his vocal contribution on the track. If you're used to the "usual" EDM sound, you'll enjoy the novelty of this one. Credit to the three superstars getting together to do something fresh that you wouldn't expect from any of the individually...#SaintLaurent

DJ Sliink + Skrillex + Wale - Saint Laurent


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