Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jeremih & Flo Rida Bring Heat on "Tonight Belongs to U"

The trend of R&B artists dipping in the EDM pool is getting to be a real thing. Sure we've heard plenty of John Legend and Usher examples, but even the likes of Meajor and now Jeremih are utilizing synths as the lead blocker for their new singles. While I'd still call Jeremih's new one below with Flo Rida an R&B track, the electronic influences are hard to ignore...

As I was listening to Tonight Belongs to U! I found myself wondering when Flo Rida was going to hop on the mix and ignite the tempo. Sure as hell, around the 2:25 mark, Flo came through with his characteristically spitfire delivery. All in all it's a fun track and you can cop it when it hits iTunes in a few hours. Be on the look out for Jeremih's upcoming album Late Nights, which is scheduled to hit iTunes in about a week...#LateNights


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