Saturday, April 18, 2015

"All I Can Think About is Coming Over, Coming Over"

While much ado is being made about Bieber's shenanigans at Coachella, the biggest music related story has to be the miscommunication between Dillon Francis and Kygo. Apparently, the much-hyped collaboration below was willingly let loose into the wild by Kygo following his performance at Coachella. To be clear, there was nothing at all mischievous about how the song leaked, Kygo literally tossed flash drives into the crowd with the song on it. To which Dillon Francis responded via Twitter below...

Yikes! It sounds like a bit of a breakdown in communication if Dillon was that displeased by with the song being intentionally leaked. Nevertheless, we all benefit from it because we finally get to sink our teeth into the collaboration. It's every bit as chill as you'd expect, but less tropical sounding that usual for a Kygo track. James Hersey's vocals play really well over the slow synths and calmingly snappy beat. Judging by the tweet above, we now have a follow up Dillon Francis album to look forward to, which is also pretty awesome. I'm still insanely jealous of whoever is seeing Kygo close down Coachella tomorrow night...#Coachella2015

Dillon Francis & Kygo feat James Hersey - Coming Over


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