Thursday, August 02, 2012

Afrojack Feels the Love

Might as well call this @djafrojack and @evasimons week with the love they've been getting on the blog of late. If you're like me, you're probably appreciating the timing of this track because the original was well past it's prime and it needed a second life. Afrojack provided that and then some with a little dubstep and a lot of club friendly tempo transitions.

As a quick aside, I am learning more an more to appreciate good cover art. You want to get me excited about featuring a song, then throw together a crisp png that will make the decision for me to post the song even easier. Case in point the cover above. It's pretty simple, but well thought out and screams high-res. I know I'm preaching to the A&R choir, but I design is a big part of the experience of visiting a web page, so if you want readers to associate a track with a positive visual experience, it matters...#CoverArtIsUnderrated

Will I Am feat Eva Simons - Feel the Love (Afrojack remix)


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