Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"You Don't Wanna Be High Like Me"

Before I dive into the track, let me first remind that I've always been a fan of Mike Posner's music. His vocals are what he gets the most credit for, but not many artists can successfully go acoustic, electronic, Hip Hop or R&B depending on what mood they're in. But Mike can and he has a long list of singles to validate his versatility.

Not mentioned in his skill set above is his humility. Before I go into it, open this lyrics genius link in another tab, press play and follow along...

If you followed directions above, you're probably wondering if the story he tells in I Took a Pill in Ibiza was a true story. According to his Huffington Post article, the details of the track did actually happen. It's an incredibly honest, look-in-the-mirror type of track that shines a direct light on being famous. Yes, it gets you access to cool experiences that not everyone is privy to, but it can also be destructive. It seems like Mike is done with the "coolness" of being rich and famous and has been humbled enough times that he's at a point where he can share his story. In my eyes, the stand out quote in the article that directly gets at his evolution as a person was,
"It’s not the job of the art to accommodate me and make me more money, make me more famous and get me more girls... I think for a period of time I did think art was there to serve me, but it took me a minute to reset."
More power to you Mikey P, I love that you had the courage to vent on wax so that the song could serve as a cautionary tale for others. I wish other artists could look themselves in the mirror the way that you did. If your goal was to get people excited about your new album, then mission accomplished...#TookAPillInIbiza


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