Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Make Me Wanna Rent a Room Up in This Chateau"

There's a short list of slept on producers in Hip Hop that I really wish would get the respect they deserve. Near the top of that list sits the Blended Babies who always seem to bring together top notch lyrical talent to chip in verses over their beats. The latest example of such is a solid crew of Hip Hop talent led by Asher Roth and Sir Michael Rocks. He may not be a household name as a solo artist, but Like of Pac Div always packs a quality verse when given the opportunity.

The most interesting aspect of Shadows (below) is the presence of Jon B. Whatever happened to Jon B? I remember back in the day when They Don't Know was slow jam of the year back in 1998. It's good to hear his smooth vocals on a track a whopping 17 years later! Smooth Hip Hop is hard to come by these days, so enjoy this hidden gem y'all...#Shadows

Blended Babies feat Sir Michael Rocks, Asher Roth, Like (of Pac Div) & Jon B - Shadows


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