Friday, April 24, 2015

Videos of the Week April 24th

Plenty of entertainment on tap this week with a focus on festivals. First and foremost, you must check out the HARD Summer trailer's hilarious. It features all of your favorite EDM acts straight up actin' a fool. If you're in LA in early August, it's definitely up there in terms of can't miss festivals.

In other news, Major Lazer released the first episode of their YouTube released animated series. If you're wondering what Major Lazer is like in real life, here's your chance to find out. The only actual music video of the week was contributed by Fall Out Boy who brought to life a text conversation in real life. For a taste of the late night scene, Big Sean and LL Cool J play Pictionary and hilarity ensues when LL starts drawing things. And last but not least, if there's anyone who experienced crappy weather this week, I'd invite you to watch the after movie for the Your Paradise festival in Fiji. It's a small music festival, but you can't beat the scenery. Word has it Alison Wonderland is performing, so color me intrigued in not just island concept, but also the music...#YourParadise
HARD Summer Trailer

Big Sean & LL Cool J Play Pictionary on Fallon

Major Lazer Season 1 Episode 1

Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman (Video)

Your Paradise Fiji Aftermovie

Photo Credit: YouTube


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