Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sam Smith's Lay Me Down Gets the Tiesto Treatment

If this track weren't real, it would be a great click bait candidate for Buzzfeed. Fortunately for us, the track is legitimate and showcases an uncharacteristically mellow vibe for a Tiesto creation. As you'd anticipate, Sam's vocals carry the track, but the easy-listening house vibe of the beat creates a much different experience from the original. The remix is much closer in sound to the original than Flume's drastic departure, which can be good or bad depending what you're in the mood for. Either way, start studded cross-genre collaborations between two artists at the top of their respective mountains don't come along that frequently, so let's enjoy this one for what it is...#LayMeDown

Sam Smith & Tiesto - Lay Me Down


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