Wednesday, July 02, 2014

"Do It One More Time For This Girl"

No matter how successful their music ends up being, I'm always going to be tuned into the Stafford Brothers' music. They were the first EDM group signed to a Hip Hop label and they did so during a time when my tastes in music were waffling between the two genres. Sadly, there isn't much to be excited about in Hip Hop anymore, but that's also why collaborations like the one below are particularly interesting to me.

Is This Girl as catchy and addictive as Hello? Nope. Does T.I. sound strange on an EDM track? Yep. Is the track worth listening to? Yep, despite it sounding a bit forced, Eva Simons brought her A game game, which helped a lot. No word yet on whether this is a random single or a step toward a debut album, but I have high hopes for the Aussies to make a splash if/when that ever does happen...#ThisGirl

Stafford Brothers feat Eva Simmons & T.I. - This Girl


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