Sunday, April 12, 2015

Five Years Later, Ratatat is Back With a Vengeance

Yeaaaaa buddy! For the first time in five years, Ratatat is back with a new single. Cream on Chrome is a refreshing example of why Ratatat's brand of electro-rock is so uniquely awesome. As an added benefit they even tossed some funk into their new single. It's a bit more chill than you'd expect from the Brooklyn duo, but the sound represents an interesting evolution of their style. Adding a bit more live instrumentation is a welcome addition that will only improve their already stellar live show. Speaking of which, they debuted their new single at Coachella last night...
Man what I would have given to be at that set! No word on when their new album is going to his shelves, but don't fear, you'll hear plenty more new music from them on this site before a full album comes to fruition...#CreamOnChrome


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